Default actions folder in Photoshop CS6

I installed Photoshop CS6 on my iMac and MacBook.  The MacBook has a "Default Actions" folder in the actions panel with 13 default actions.  This folder did not appear on my iMac following install.  However, my iMac has several image and text effect actions installed that did not install on my iMac.  Would like to have the Default Actions on my iMac and text and image effect actions on my MacBook.  Not sure how to do this.

I'm a PC user ther are some differences between PC and the Mac but not that much
Actions are savet in sets and han File name .atn extentsios thes can be saved and loaded from any folder on you system Photoshop install some action step in its install tree
..\presets\actions\  on windows 9 sets.  If you load and save actions from/to othe folders you photoshop setings will remenber the folders your default mad change presets\actions
Image Effects.atn
LAB - Black & White Technique.atn
Stars Trails.atn
Text Effects.atn
Video Actions.atn

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> Adobe Photoshop CS6 > Plug-Ins but that folder is missing. Any suggestion on how to find it?

    Thank you Hans,
    If I understand it correctly, way to install extensions/plugins on Mac is
    "Quit Photoshop, then copy the desired plug-ins (or extensions) to the
    following locations:
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       - Applications/Adobe Photoshop CC/Plug-ins folder
       - Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS6/Plug-ins folder"
    In my case it would be the last path, as I have CS6.
    However, my problem is that Plug-ins folder is missing
    2014-06-01 21:42 GMT+02:00 hans-g. <[email protected]>:
        Cannot find ”Plug-ins" folder for Photoshop CS6 on my Mac.  created
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  • How do you apply a vector mask to a folder in Photoshop CS6?

    The ways you apply vector masks in CS6 is different than in CS5.
    I knew how to apply a vector mask to a folder of layers in CS5.
    I cannot figure out how to do it in CS6.
    So my question is:
    How do you apply a vector mask to a folder in Photoshop CS6?
    And while we're at it, what are the best methods for applying vector masks to regular layers?

    thomasbricker wrote:
    Im back...
    The thing is, Im not usiing the pen tool to create the vector shape. Im using the vector box tool to create a rectangle [...]
    Yes and that's why I wrote the words "vector tool" and never mentioned a pen. (Although the instructions would be exactly the same for using the Pen Tool because the Pen Tool is a vector tool.)
    which I then want to turn into a layer group mask.
    And yes, this does not work the same way as it did in CS5.
    I wish it did. : |
    Adding a vector mask to a layer or group is exactly the same in CS5.1 and CS6 on my Mac. Maybe that's done differently in CS5 than in CS5.1, but it seems unlikely.
    You have the layer or group targeted. Now draw a rectangular path after making sure the Rectangle Tool is in Path mode, and not Shape mode and not Pixel mode. Then Cmd/Ctrl-click the Add Mask button at bottom of Layers panel.

  • Moved to CS6 and cant find Actions folder In Photoshop

    i'm on a Mac.  upgraded  from cs3 to cs6.  I opened a new  Photoshop file and went to do an action that I normally do with this type of file. (I have created my own action.) But Actions is no longer where it used to be — which I think was in the History area, but I'm not sure, I just go by feel. In any case, I can't find anything having to do with Actions. Where is it hiding?

    In the Actions Panel, which you can turn on from the Window menu in Photoshop.
    Don't be afraid to check the Help in Photoshop.

  • I keep having to load actions each time photoshop cs6 starts (pc).  How do I fix this so it will be there again on startup?

    anyone?? Help is appreciated..

    Both Apple and Microsoft like to hid thing one users. They think it for your own protection. They want us to use their OS with blinders on while they operate under the covers. Blinders just make important thing hard to deal with.  I have not use an Mac in over ten years only have an iPod for IMO he is no better MP3 player and it 3:2  high resolution display is great for showing snapshots.
    The first thing I do whenever I get a new Windows machine is to remove Microsoft Blinders.  If you us windows use its control Panel or File Explored Folder option and set the view options so you're not blinded.  You will be able to find file like your Photoshop Preferences ads Action Palette preferences.  Mac will also have some options the let finder do its job. Windows:

  • Actions keep canceling, Photoshop CS6, Windows

    I have an action that works, has worked for a long time. For some reason without the action being changed, it now will not run after a break.
    If I run the action and do a break before it is complete, I cannot run any actions again. This is true even if a close photoshop and then reopen it. When I try to run the action I have to restart the computer, then the actions will run.
    Please help.

    How are you breaking the action with the ESC key or some other way.  Useally when you stop an action it stops in some step that is highlighted in the action palette.  When you click on play execution continues from there unless you change the highlighted step in the actions palette. How are you breaking and playing the action again?  If you continue an action after doing some operations on the current document. The conditions or state of the document may not be what the action is dependant on.  Without any information to go on your question answer can only be guessed at.

  • Problem editing images in Photoshop CS6 with LR 4.1

    I have Photoshop CS6 with the latest version of Camera Raw, 7.1.
    However, when I attempt to open a file in Photoshop using the Edit > Open in Photoshop CS6 command, I get the following error message:
    This version of Lightroom may require the Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in version 7.1 for full compatibility.
    Why is this happening when I've already upgraded to Camera Raw 7.1?

    OS X 10.7.4
    I don't see a Camera Raw folder. I see a folder for Photoshop CS6, Extension Manager CS6 and Bridge CS6.
    I updated by going to the Help menu in Photoshop and selecting "Updates..."
    According to "System Info" in the Help menu, Camera Raw 7.1 is installed. It says:
       Camera Raw 7.1 (354), Copyright © 2012 Adobe Systems Incorporated - from the file “Camera Raw.plugin”

  • FAQ: How do I install my favorite plugins to Photoshop CS6?

    Photoshop has gone through considerable changes through the years and some older plug-ins are no longer compatible with Photoshop CS6.
    Plug-in Compatibility
    In general:
    3rd Party plug-ins that are compatible in Photoshop CS5 should be compatible in Photoshop CS6
    Adobe provided plug-ins, and additional plug-ins, for CS5 are not compatible in Photoshop CS6Photoshop CS5 Optional Plug-Ins (Mac/Win)
    TWAIN plug-in | Photoshop CS4, CS5
    OpenEXR Alpha plug-in | Photoshop CS5 Extended
    Installing plug-ins in Photoshop CS6
    Check the plug-in manufacturer's website for the latest version of your plug-in
    Use the manufacturer's plug-in installer to install their plug-ins
    Do not point Photoshop CS6's "Additional Plug-ins" preference (Preferences>Plug-Ins...) at a previous version of Photoshop's 'Plug-Ins' folder.
    Do not manually drag plug-ins from a previous version of Photoshop's plug-ins folder to Photoshop CS6's 'Plug-Ins' folder

    You can also get plug-ins for Photoshop CS6 with the Adobe Exchange Panel which alongside Extension Manager will help install them. Find all the products here:

  • Canon 5D Mark III profile not found in Lens correction filter in PhotoShop CS6

    I'm unable to find a profile for my Canon 5D Mark III within the PS CS6 lens correction filter.  In fact, Canon isn't even available as a camera make option within the Search Criteria box, nor are any canon lenses.  When I click the Search Online button, the prompt reads "No online profiles found".  Thankfully, I have no problem within Lightroom 4 (the Mark III and lenses are recognized)-- however, I'd really like to be able to use the new Adaptive Wide Angle Lens filter within CS6, which needs the camera's EXIF data to function correctly.  I'm using a new iMac OS X.7
    Thanks in advance for any help that you may have to offer.

    So that makes me wonder if Lightroom keeps its own Lens Correction folder and if so,perhaps you can copy its Canon folder to Photoshop CS6's lens correction folder.
    If you still cannot find it,you can create your own custom profile or download it if it's already been posted.
    This article should direct you to the profiler and downloader software. You will need to install Adobe Air to use the Adobe Lens Profile Downloader.

  • Does ScriptingListener work with Photoshop CS6 beta?

    We're working on building some scripts, but really need the help of the ScriptingListener plugin. Is it available for Photoshop CS6?

    Plug-in Compatibility
    In general:
    3rd Party plug-ins that are compatible in Photoshop CS5 should be compatible in Photoshop CS6 
    Adobe provided plug-ins, and additional plug-ins, for CS5 are not compatible in Photoshop CS6  Photoshop CS5 Optional Plug-Ins (Mac/Win)
    TWAIN plug-in | Photoshop CS4, CS5 
    OpenEXR Alpha plug-in | Photoshop CS5 Extended
    Check the plug-in manufacturer's website for the latest version of your plug-in 
    Use the manufacturer's plug-in installer to install their plug-ins
    Do not point Photoshop CS6's "Additional Plug-ins" preference (Preferences>Plug-Ins...) at a previous version of Photoshop's 'Plug-Ins' folder. 
    Do not manually drag plug-ins from a previous version of Photoshop's plug-ins folder to Photoshop CS6's 'Plug-Ins' folder
    that was posted in another, now locked thread.
    so it seem there are some issue.. thought to just copy the plugins seems to work fine for me.
    but if they say so.... be warned 
    in the end it is a beta .. don´t use it for critical work.
    of course you should not copy the plugins that come with CS5 over to CS6.
    the plugin folder structure from CS6 has changed.

  • Set "Scale To Fit Media" as default in Photoshop CS6 print settings on OSX

    Quite frequently my boss will email 10 to 30 images to me to print from his camera. Is there a way to setup Photoshop CS6 print settings so that "Scale To Fit Media" is the default. I tried to create an action and then through Bridge select a folder and Batch send the files to Open-Print-Close. Since images are never received 8.5"x11" it would be convenient to have this as a default. Since the print settings revert, or aren't defaulting to "settings last used", my batch attempt was unsuccessful. I know I could edit my action to adjust image size to page dimensions, but thought a way to edit the Print settings default must be out there somewhere. (Using MacBook Pro OSX 10.8.4) Any Suggestions?

    Unfortunately "Scale to Fit Media" isn't a toggle. But let's try a workaround.
    You can create an Image Size action where you will scale the picture to either 8.5 inches wide or 11 inches high, whichever works best for you. First be sure "resampling" is turned off under Image > Image Size.
    You would open an iimage, then create an new action, title it "Letter 11 inches" and that's when the recording starts.
    Enter 11 inches as the Height, click OK and then stop recording.
    This is a quick and dirty action and assumes all pictures are portrait and not landscape. It may just work for you.
    You should be able to include it in your batch processing.

  • Photoshop CS6: Actions Keep Reappearing Even After I Delete Them

    I keep dragging actions that I want to delete to the actions trash icon. But they just reappear after an hour or so it seems like. I don't close Photoshop down very often and I'm always exporting large batches from Lightroom.
    Any ideas?

    Both Windows and Mac OS likt to hide thing on users. So depending the OS version your using yon need to change system settings so that Finder or Windows explorer can see an display files hidden by default.  I use a PC so windows and I use Windows XP and Windows 7.  With Windows 7 my user id Photoshop actions preference file full Path is "C:\Users\My User Id\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6\Adobe Photoshop CS6 Settings\Actions Palette.psp" Open finder or windows explorer display the folder its in. Then open Photoshop and delete a loaded action see if the file is updated. And if you delete a action from an action set be sure to save the action set so the action will be deleted from the action set saved on disk. If you delete an action set you may want to delete the set you have save to disk so it gone and can not be loaded in the future.

  • Creating Actions in Photoshop CS6...

    I am running Windows 7. I created an Action in Photoshop CS6 that includes placing a rectangle and a logo on the bottom right hand corner of my images and then centered in the middle of the rectangle is text of the event (Event name, Location, Date). After creating everything, I flatten the image, resize it down to a size reasonable for the web, then I save the image to a folder, close the document and click on the STOP button in the Actions panel.
    Afterwards, I go into File>Automate>Batch and choose the Action that I just created. In running the action, I notice that the text that I placed into the rectangle on my document is now scaling down to a considerably much smaller size than what I had it set to.
    Can you tell me why this is happening and how to correct it?
    Thank you,

    Are all the document you ran the action on the same size as the document you recorded the action on? If not did you scale the text so it would be scaled to the current document size and appear the be relatively the same size text that you added to the document you recorded the action on. You may want to have a look at my crafting actions package there is a sample watermarkinf action that handles size.
    Crafting Actions Package Contains
    Action Actions Palette Tips.txt
    Action Creation Guidelines.txt
    Action Dealing with Image Size.txt
    Action Enhanced via Scripted Photoshop Functions.txt
    CraftedActions.atn Sample Action set includes an example Watermarking action
    Sample Actions.txt Photoshop CraftedActions set saved as a text file.
    12 Scripts for actions

  • Actions ignoring modal control for layer renaming, Photoshop CS6

    Hey, everyone! I often run actions that have modal control for certain steps turned on, in particular, when I want to give a layer a custom name. Prior to CS6, I'd run my action, the window would open allowing me to rename my layer, and then it finishes my action. However, in CS6, it seems to ignore the modal control button selected, puts in whatever the default info is and continues on. This hoses quite a few of my actions that I've been using for years. Submit a bug report?

    Bruce it looks like you found yet an other bug in CS6 please report it at
    Set current Layer name fials to display its dialog when step is set to display dialog.

  • How to setting Adobe Photoshop CS6 to default again?

    Hello, I'm currently using Adobe Photoshop CS6 and last night I encounter some issue (after I scan my computer using some anti virus software).
    after running the scanning, my Photoshop work differently, like anytime I drag some pictures into it, it will keep notice me about scaling, every time I convert a layer to a smart object, then edit content it works really differently (usually I erase some part from the layer, and the parts that was deleted will be transparent because by default the background are transparent, but now when I try to erase some part of the picture, it will become white, as the background color are white). Then every time I put a new picture on a new layer, after put it in his position, I can't freely edit it size(resize) even if the layer wasn't locked.
    Can anyone tell me what happening? and how I can make my Photoshop working like usually(already tried to erase the .psp data from adobe photoshop CS6 setting folder, but the new default that it create will be the same)?

    Try either System Restore or a reinstall.

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