Default Posting Date KSU5

While running KSU5 , the default posting date is last day of period. We need to change the default posting date to current date.Please advise on any userexit/ solution if it has been implemented for same.
Thanks in advance.

the posting date in KSU5 is determined from the period you are executing KSU5.
So if KSU5 is executed for period 005 (and your fiscal year is calendar year) the posting date is the last of May.
You cant change it to another MONTH (eg June, posting date and period would be different) and i doubt that it makes sense to change it for example to the 20st of May.
Can you explain why you need this?
Best regards, Christian

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  • Default Posting date need to make fix

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement, In our system in every FI tcode we require default posting date should come as 31.12.2009. Even user can change it but it in first screen it should come as 31.12.2009.
    I appriciate if someone can suggest me, Is there any parameter that can be set for users or is there any way to achieve this.
    Please help.

    Go to SE93, put the transaction code in which you want the posting date to be defaulted. Here, in this screen click on change button then on down you have default values. Put name of the screen field as "BKPF-BUDAT" and the value which you require like 31.12.2009 save.
    Now go to that transaction code and check the default posting date.

  • Default posting date on first WD of month

    The posting date on first working day of the month was defaulted as last month's date. Eg. on first may, the default posting date was given as 30th april. why is this so.

    I am not sure for which transaction code you are making entry or it is general statement.
    generally, default date of posting is today's date as defined in own defult data with user ID

  • Default posting date as 'Today Date' while executing CAT5 to transfer hours

    Hi Experts,
    I want to schedule a job in background to execute CAT5 automatically but system should consider posting date as 'as on date'/ 'Current date' for transferring the all hours into project otherwise it throws an error 'Posting period is not open'.
    So please let me know, how can I configure the system so that it should consider posting date as 'Today Date' by default while executing CAT5 in both cases whether manually or automatically.
    Thanks in advance.
    With regards,
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    Try to take a look the setting of the following transaction,
    IMG> FA> AR & AP> Business Transactions> Incoming Payments> Manual Incoming Payments> Define Tolerances
    See what has been set for payment term for Residual Items.

  • ML81N - Default posting date in SES to release date

    Hi Experts
    Is there a configuration or BAPI to default the SES posting date to release date ?

    These are some BAPI's that can be used for service entry sheet.

  • MIGO. Goods receipt. Default posting date ??

    Hi All!
    My user wants to put restrictions on <b>posting date for goods receipt</b>. It should depend on fiscal year (FY) of document delivery date. There are 2 rules for this. One should works only if the current month is September.
    If FY of delivery date  < current FY then posting date = 8/31/prior FY.
    Else. Posting date = current date.
    The second rule should work only if current month is August.
    If FY of delivery date >  current FY then Error message “Cannot post…”
    During the rest of the year they want to have standard MIGO.
    Is it possible to realize it in SAP without modifications? If yes, what is the best way to do it?
    Thanks a lot.

      You can use this exit,
    Function module is,
    In the Changing part the structure ( AM07M ) is accessed as C_AM07M which has the posting date.
    <b>Reward points</b>

  • Default Posting date should not be changed / Field status in FB01

    Dear FI gurus,
    In Transactions like FB01, MIRO, FB60, FB70 posting date is appearing automatically. But this date can be changed by the users. We want that the posting date should be made "Display only". How this can be done. Kindly guide.
    thanks in advance.

    There is slight modification in the above mentioned answer:
    Company code = XXXX
    Posting Date (BKPF-BUDAT) <> Current Date (SYST-DATUM)
    Give the message number and E (Error)

  • About Billing - accounting document posting date

    Hi Experts,
    I do billing on 2010.10.30(SAT),but when i posted the document.
    Accounting document default posting date is 2010.11.01.
    How can i config the posting date as current date.

    Please check your factory calendar. Sunday may be decalred as non working day in your factory claendar. Kindly check what is the factory calendar assigned in your Company code, Plant and Sales Organisaions and change it. This will resolve your issue.

  • Posting date in KO88

    Dear Experts,
    In KO88, when we execute the Production order settlement, system by default takes the last day of the month as the posting date. Is it possible to make the default posting date as current date or system date instead of period end date?
    We can change the posting date manually using the menu option Extras but we want the system to propose the system date automatically.
    Ravi Kumar C.

    Dear BSR,
    What is the correct parameter to be used in user profile related to Posting date? Also what value is to be defaulted so that system picks up the system date. I dont think we can put the value as BKPF BUDAT in the date field. Please revert.
    Ravi Kumar C.

  • FB60: Posting Date/Currency Field clarify

    I have two doubts in FB60 screen:
    1) Is there any configuration to default the system date as the default posting date or is it defaulted by SAP itself?
    2) How to suppress the 'currency key' field in this screen?

    To defaulted the posting date to sap system date. Go to FB00,  go to the last tab "Cash Jrnl", in the "entry options" segment, marked the Set Posting Date and Document Date to System Date.
    Indicator: Set Posting Date to System Date?
    If you set this indicator, within the cash journal, the default value for the posting date and the document date are always set to the system date.
    If you do not set the indicator, for display periods in the past, the last day of the display period is defaulted for the posting and document date.
    Hope this help.

  • Default key date, Document date and posting date needs to be changed automa

    Hi Experts,
    The user wants to create a variant for Foreign currency valuation, wherein the default key date, Doc date and Posting date needs to be changed every month automatically. Is it possible?
    Please let me know your thoughts.
    Warm regards,
    Murukan Arunachalam

    Please follow this process.
    Only specify fields that should be changed
    Select these fields by entering an X in the checkboxes
    Enter a U in the UPDATEFLAG field
    Always specify key fields when changing the data, including in the checkboxes
    The configuration is an exception here. If this needs to be changed, you need to complete it again fully.
    Maintain quantities and dates in the schedule line data.
    1. Minimum entry:
    You must enter the order number in the SALESDOCUMENT structure.
    You must always enter key fields for changes.
    You must always specify the update indicator in the ORDER_HEADER_INX.
    2. Commit control:
    The BAPI does not run a database Commit, which means that the application must trigger the Commit so that the changes are read to the database. To do this, use the BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT BAPI.

  • Default due date , payment method when posting invoice with Special G/L

    Hi Gurus,
    I have a question is when I am posting an invocie to a vendor (FB60), Due On date, payment method  are automatically calculated based on the defaulted baseline date and the payment term in the vendor master. But when I am posting the invocie to the same vendor with Special G/L indicator, Due On date, payment method are not automatically calculated and system are expecting me to enter this date manually. Is there a way we can default this Due On date, payment thod based on payment term like it happens when posting to other invoices without Sp GL indicator ?
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    Dear Ngog,
    In general, special G/L transactions are used to map special processes
    to be stated separately in the balance sheet.So if you use special GL
    indicator, the fields relevant to payment terms (including baseline
    date) are not displayed. This is not controlled by field status.
    To make the fields You need ready for input for posting
    with special G/L indicator, the following Customizing setting is
    Financial Accounting -> Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
    ->Business Transactions -> Outgoing Payments -> Automatic Outgoing
    Payment-> Payment Method/Bank Selection -> Configure payment program ->
    All company codes -> double-click on corresponding company code -> under
    Vendor -> 'Sp. G/L transactions to be paid' you should enter the special
    G/L indicator A,B, etc.
    As explained in SAP note 4683, the only standard possibility to get the
    field payment terms on creating a posting with a special G/L indicator
    is by setting in the payment program configuration (trans. FBKP) for
    'All company codes' for customers/vendors 'Sp. G/L transaction to be

  • Inventory posting-default baseline date

    Hi Expert!
    i have opened a forum regarding invoice posting-how to set document date to be as the dafault baseline date in MIRO,FB60,FB65,FV60 and FV65.. I got the path given by prashant "SPRO=>FA=>Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable=>Business Transactions=>Incoming Invoices/Credit Memos=>Maintain Terms of Payment" but will it affected to all company codes?? I only want to set it up for 2 company codes only.. is it possible to do so?
    Then one more thing is, in the path i can see payment terms 0001, 0002 and 0003 but however they're different than payment terms which are being using currently..K160,K165... where can i check payment terms againts company code?
    Please advise..

    You use the standard terms of payment or customize terms as per your requirement with default baseline date controls.
    These are stored in table V_T052.  You can choose any of these terms as per your requirement.  If you use page up or down
    key, you go to the next page and see other terms or click positiion tab to view K160 or K165.  These terms of payments
    are either assigned during transaction or directly assigned to Vendor Master or Customer Master in Company Code data.
    If you want to see the terms of payment assigned to the vendors/customer in two of these company codes use SE16N
    and view through tables LFB1(vendors) KNB1(Customers).  You cannot make a specific assignment to the company code.

  • Asset Value Date & Posting Date as defaulte date

    Dear All,
    In CJ88,the posting date & value date is 31.10.2009 by default. The asset value date provided by us is 28.10.2009. The posting date & value date should be the actual date of entry (28.10.2009 in this case) by default.
    How can we do this.
    Do revert

    Regrettably to inform you that in R/3 standard, posting date is always 
    the last day of the period to settle as settlement is a period end     
    operation. The document date is the day when the operation is performed.
    Considering AuC is involved in this case, please check transaction CJ88,
    where you will find the field 'asset value date', where you can manually enter the asset value date you want to have.

  • "Posting Date" field blank by default

    Is there any way, in transactions FB60 and F-43, so that field "Posting Date" is displayed blank whenever the user executes them? By default, this field displays the current date.
    Thank you

    Hi Lucia,
    The SAP standard defaults the value of the posting date automatically and it is not possible to remove this default value in BUDAT.
    However, it may be possible to use a substitution to get your desired result. You can check note 42615 for information purposes.
    Best regards,

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