Delete message payload

I have a simple proxy to file interface, and since its  messages contains classified data, the message payload (or entire message) must be deleted (or encrypted). so it is not be available (for any user)  while using regular monitoring tools as sxmb_moni (ECC and PI), RWB-CC monitoring.
how can this be done?

Here are two potential solutions:
1.) Encrypt the payload so that it will be unintelligible when it is received in PI
2.) Restrict the access of the users as shown by Michal's blog:
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  • Problem in Edit Message Payload in AE

    Hi all,
    actually we have a problem with editing the message payload of a failed message in the adapter engine.
    Messages Editor shows "The version you want to edit is locked"
    Log in NWA shows "EditorDynPage: loadMessage()
    Thrown: VersionAlreadyLockedException in Method: AdapterFrameworkMonitoringBean: getTransferMessage( Query ). The version you want to edit is locked. Message: Version 1 of message 4eb86ecc-fb6b-0c10-e100-80000a93147c(INBOUND) is already locked for editing.; To-String: Version 1 of message 4eb86ecc-fb6b-0c10-e100-80000a93147c(INBOUND) is already locked for editing."
    How to delet te lock,  the nwa => problem management => locks shows no locks?
    regards Ralf

    In NWS, you should also have a tab "Database Locks". See detail in this [SAP help|].

  • Edit message payload object without remove queue table

    Hi, need ur help again,
    Known that if we want to modify a message payload attribute (add,edit or delete), we will fail to do so if the message payload is used by existing AQ's queue table.
    How to change the message payload object without remove the queue table?

    I answered this in Re: Replace message payload object without remove queue table forum.
    Cheers, APC

  • RV320 VPN Connection - ignoring Delete SA payload: PROTO_IPSEC_ESP SA

    I have RV320 (Serial Number: NKS17161863 Firmware Version: v1.1.1.19 (2014-12-01, 12:38:04)) 
    and Two RV130:
    RV130 #1 
    System Name: router8E6AAF
    Firmware Version:
    Serial Number: CCQ18391LCX
    RV130 # 2
    System Name: router8E6A58
    Firmware Version:
    Serial Number: CCQ18391LC4
    The VPN Server is RV320 and the setting is
    The Settings on RV130’s is:
    And Log is sending me errors 
    2015-04-03, 11:10:19 VPN Log [g2gips2] #361: [Tunnel Established] sent QI2, IPsec SA established {ESP=>0xd2c697fd < 0xc996e19a}
    2015-04-03, 11:12:34 VPN Log [g2gips0] #362: [Tunnel Established] ISAKMP SA established
    2015-04-03, 11:26:04 ALLOW UDP -> on eth2
    2015-04-03, 11:26:04 VPN Log [g2gips0] #363: [Tunnel Established] IPsec SA established {ESP=>0x33533382 < 0xc3fbe46e}
    2015-04-03, 11:26:04 VPN Log [g2gips0] #362: [Tunnel Authorize Fail] ignoring Delete SA payload: PROTO_IPSEC_ESP SA(0x96a8668e) not found (maybe expired)
    I thing the last Record is the problem. Can you help me?

    I found an answer.
    The message is informational in nature and is not the cause of any problems. the routers run Linux and use the open source codebase....
    "When an IPsec SA is about to expire *swan sends a delete SA notification
    to the peer. Since the same IPsec SA is also about to expire on the
    peer side, often the peer is a little faster and has already deleted
    the IPsec SA itself. Thus when the delete SA message arrives, the IPsec SA
    doesn't exist anymore and the warning below is issued in the log.
    If you want to study the SA renewal and deletion mechanism in detail
    you can do this by activating the following debug option
       ipsec whack --debug-lifecycle"
    In my case, the ISP is Comcast and they were filtering UDP packets, causing the issue. A call to their business tech support and an explanation of our need to use an IPSEC VPN  tunnel which uses UDP resolved the problem.
    The Cisco VPN routers (RV325 & RV320) work great and I haven't had any problems since. There is excellent tech support from Cisco, you just have to follow their procedures and register the serial numbers of your devices. They helped me even without a service contract, but I purchased one anyway. It's only $56 for a 3 year support agreement at CDW.
    Hope that helps.

  • How can I set up a new account without auto deleting messages on the server?

    Ive got accounts on COMCAST.NET (are those imap accounts?) and when I created a user account on Thunderbird for one of them the autocreate process immedaitely started downloading messages from my server before I was able to set the "keep messages on server" flag. (Its been a few months, forgive me if I am not using the exact right option text but you get the idea.)
    How can I create a Thunderbird account that will download all the message on my server ( and leave them all there?
    That's the only thing keeping me from switching to Thunderbird. Please help - comcast's online web client is not the most bug free thing in the world.
    (Note, I am setting up a new win7 system, had been using OE 6 on winXP. I assume I am better off trying this than running OE in XP in a virtual window - and even if I moved my old message bases from XP I still need to create an account that won't immediately start downloading/deleting messages from my server before I can configure it not to.)
    Any help appreciated.

    Comcast only offers POP accounts, and one way to set up the account and enter all the settings before it connects to the mail server, might be to do it Offline:
    The server settings are given [ here], but the method is for Online account setup.

  • Why are deleted messages not going to deleted folder

    In Account settings > server settings I have set it to move deleted messages to a particular folder but thunderbird appears to be permanently deleting messages as I can't find them anywhere.
    This is with an IMAP account.

    What messages? iMessages? Mail?

  • Delete messages from server?

    Hi Guys,
    I have a question regarding mail management.
    Here is my situation:
    I have a GMX e-mail account; when I manage my e-mail on a computer (any computer), I always use the web-based e-mail straight from the website. I have this e-mail address configured in Mail on my iPad as an IMAP account. When I check my mail via iPad, it shows me my current inbox, but if I delete messages from iPad, it moves the message to trash, but does not reflect this on the server. So when I go to login to my account from a regular computer, any e-mail(s) that I have deleted through my iPad are still in my inbox at the GMX website.
    On my iPad, I have turned Push to Off and I have Fetch set to manual, whenever I launch Mail. I have tried hitting the refresh on my iPad after I move a message to Trash, and my iPad's Mail settings are set to move deleted items to the "Trash" folder on the GMX server. Sending and receiving e-mails are no problem.
    What am I doing wrong here? I am tired of deleting messages on my iPad (such as spam) and then having to go onto a computer and login to GMX and delete them again.
    Btw, same exact issue on my iPhone with exact same e-mail settings.

    Thanks for the tip, Ralph.
    I just went over to the GMX website and went to their support forum and apparently this is a known problem when accessing e-mail through an IMAP or POP3 e-mail client. A post was made at the end of August saying they are aware of the problem and are trying to fix it.
    I've had this issue with my GMX account since my first-generation iPhone and they've just realized it a month and a half ago. I wonder how long it's going to take for them to repair the issue, sheesh!
    I will mark this thread as resolved but since I just have to wait for GMX to fix the problem on their side. At least we got to the bottom of this, thanks for the help guys.
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  • Delete messages from server when deleted from iTouch doesn't work

    Hi everybody,
    Two questions really...
    One is that with my 2nd gen iTouch I was able to set IMAP settings and it would show all of the folders (other than Inbox) that I have created on my mail account. The 4th gen iTouch doesn't seem to let me see the sub-folders.
    The second is that I have my account set to delete messages from the server when they are deleted from my Inbox, but that simply doesn't work.
    This is withe the iTouch 4 and OS 4.1 (8B117)
    Any suggestions?

    Is it possible that I have the wrong Server Port entered? I didn't fill in that field at all. I think it was filled in automatically. I guess I would have to contact my hosting company's support team to know what the server port is.

  • "Delete messages from server" Mail iPhone 5

    Hi, I am trying to locate "delete messages from server" option in Mail Settings on iPhone 5 and can't find it. In iPhone 4 it was just in the Advanced settings but it is not there in iPhone 5. Help please? Thanks

    Not sure who your email provider is. Mine is hotmail. When you set up email with hotmail on an iPhone 4 the delete from server never is available. I just got an iPhone 5, i reset up my hot mail account and can't find that setting either. I set it up by using the hotmail button not "other" so meaning delete your hotmail account from your phone. Then re set it up. But when you do add email account, don't use the button that says hotmail. Use the bottom choice that says "other". I have no idea why this is different but if you do this it will set up hotmail just the same. But now that setting is there. The "delete from server" and you set it to "never". Now when you delete the emails from your hot mail account on the iPhone, it leaves that email on the hotmail server. So when you look at email on the computer it's there still. It's good this way if you share email with someone.

  • Cannot delete messages from inbox, cannot move messages out of inbox, message do not copy to "sent" or "draft"

    The following problems occur:
    - cannot delete messages,
    - cannot move messages out of inbox,
    - messages do not copy "sent"
    - messages cannot be saved to "draft"
    This applies to imap and to gmail accounts.
    The following has not helped:
    - compact trash and other folder
    - deinstall and reinstall TB 31.4.
    - archive profile with mozbackup and replace profile from archive after reinstall of TB.
    - deinstall and reinstall TB 31.3 downgraded
    - delete all folders and files with "trash*" in the file name (all IMAP)
    - delete all files of 1 mail account completely in the TB profile and resync from server (IMAP)
    This might coincide with these system changes:
    - upgrade to TB 31.4.
    - some of these email accounts were installed on ios8 iphone.
    Not sure if the problems had already started before these 2 occurrences.
    Any help is appreciated to solve this.

    What type of mail account is this (POP, IMAP, .Mac)? If POP, what are your Preferences > Accounts > Advanced > Remove copy from server settings?
    You may be able to get rid of those messages in Mail doing Edit > Cut (⌘X) (for best results do it with one message or just a few at a time), but you should remove them from the server first if they’re still there.
    Does this account allow web access? If not, you may find the Account Info window useful to solve this problem — choose Get Info (⌘I) from the Action menu (gear icon) located below the mailboxes list in the main Mail window.

  • Cannot delete message from Trash

    I have more than 10,000 deleted messages under Trash, in a folder named "on my mac".
    When I try to empty that folder o just empy the whole Trash, Mail crashes due to the high volume.
    I would like to delete those messages from the Finder, but I cannot find there the "on my mac" folder.
    Any ideas on how to get rid of the deleted messages?
    Thank you.

    The messages are .emlx files, but there is an index file that will still point to them unless they are deleted in mail.
    Try opening a few of the ( you say it's 60 000 now? it was 10 000 before ) messages - I hope you'll get a message saying they can't be displayed.
    If you do, go to the mail menu Mail-Mailbox-Rebuild . this should re-work the index so it reflects the true number of messages.
    Having said that - have you tried just deleting the mailbox, rather than trying to empty it? highlight the 'on my mac' trash mailbox & choose Mail-Mailbox-Delete.
    Failing all that - I'd be tempted to move your wanted messages to various new mailboxes, ( in modest numbers per mailbox - perhaps not numbered in the 10 000's?) make a copy somewhere safe of the entire Mail folder, then force Mail to start from scratch & import your old wanted messages into mail.
    To do this - after you've created your new mailboxes & moved the messages you want to keep into them; copied the Mail folder and Quit Mail
    In Finder locate home/library/mail/ & trash that folder.
    Then locate home/library/preferences/ & move it onto the desktop, just in case things go wrong. ( I mean Move, don't leave the original file in the Preferences folder )
    Open Mail again - you'll be asked for account details ( you wrote them down first?)
    Just in case you get asked "do you want to import..." at this stage - Don't do it.
    Then. from Mail, use Mail-File-Import Mailboxes & point it to the "mailboxes" folder inside the copy of the Mail folder you made.
    Choose only the new mailboxes that you made, & moved your wanted messages to . Import them & they should all be viewable in mail.
    Try the 'rebuild' or delete mailbox first though - & if any of the above isn't crystal clear - ask before you proceed.

  • Error while trying to delete messages

    Since updating to Mavericks OS 10.9.1, I've been getting a periodic error while attempting to delete messages in my Inbox.  I believe that it's always come up when deleting messages in my mailbox.  I've attached a copy of the error message about a server error: Error 9 during which the UID COPY (to Deleted) failed.
    After closing the error message and clicking again (usually once, occasionally twice) on the Delete button in the Toolbar, the message will successfully be deleted, but that shouldn't be necessary.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

    I have the same problem.

  • Iphone 5 - I am trying to delete message threads and once I do, I go to text someone else and it won't send. HELP? I just don't want those messages on my phone anymore.

    Iphone 5 - I am trying to delete message threads and once I do, I go to text someone else and it won't send. HELP? I just don't want those messages on my phone anymore. I have tried to restart my phone but when I do, the "deleted" threads show back up on my phone. I use iOS 7.1.

    Hello Makayla,
    It sounds like you're deleted message threads keep coming back after you restart the devie. I recommend starting by quitting all the running apps on your phone:
    iOS: Force an app to close
    Double-click the Home button.
    Swipe left or right until you have located the app you wish to close.
    Swipe the app up to close it. 
    When you have done that restart the device and test the issue again:
    iOS: Turning off and on (restarting) and resetting
    If the issue persists, backup your device to iTunes and then restore it as a new device and verify that it works. 
    How to erase your iOS device and then set it up as a new device or restore it from backups
    If it does, then restore your backup to either verify it still works and the software just needed reinstalled, or isolate the issue to the backup file itself. 
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.

  • In mail I am all of a sudden unable to fully delete messages.

    In Mail I am suddenly unable to delete messages. When I do the msg is replaced by another that is titled no sender / no subject / no content and has a date of 69-12-31.  To compound things there is seemingly no way to delete the new message.   Any suggestions? 

    Delete your Preference File
    Preference and other file locations in Lightroom 5

  • After upgrading to iOS 5 I have lost all my sent messages'all my deleted messages have returned ,2 of which I also can't delete!

    After upgrading to ios5 all my sent messages disappeared,my deleted messages returned,a couple of which I also cannot delete!Anyone any ideas?I am thinking I should have stayed with ios4,as ios5 seems to be pitched at iPad 2 users.

    Thanks for the clarification.    Yes, I do access my email from 2 different sources. 
    FYI, I use the POP mailserver as I need most of the information to be loaded onto my PC while on a plane / not connected to the interenet.
    The primary use of mail on my iPhone is to be available as much as possible - even when I'm away from my office.
    Thanks again for your help.   I'll start deleting them in segments of 100.......

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