Deleting a app that will not delete

I have a Facebook app and below it says waiting. Tried to delete it and no luck

Try deleting from here:
Settings>General>Usage>Storage>Look for app>Delete app

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  • I have an Ipad 2 and have about 20 apps that will not update, How can I delete these?

    I have some apps that will not update on my IPad 2.  They say they are installing, but Installing is grey..not black, and they have been like this for several weeks.  I cannot find out how to finish the updates or delete them.  Can someone suggest a solution?  Thanks, Ann

    You can only delete them one at a time on the iPad. If you have an IMAP email account, go to your email in on the server using a web browser and select as many as you can at a time and delete them that way. That action will be reflected on the iPad. In IMAP - whatever you do on one device syncs across all devices. If you have POP email - start deleting one at a time.

  • HT201272 I have a purchased app that will not show up in the cloud and is no longer in the app store. Is there a way to get it from my iPhone to my iPad?

    I have a purchased app that will not show up in the cloud and is no longer in the app store. Is there a way to get it from my iPhone to my iPad?

    You should be able to copy it from your iPhone to your computer's iTunes via File > Devices > Transfer Purchases, and if it's compatible with your iPad you can then sync it to it

  • TS1702 I recently purchased several apps that will not sync with iPod touch.  Of 5 apps, three won't sync.  Computer is authorized, I've reinstalled apps, nothing works. Any ideas?

    I recently purchased several apps that will not sync with iPod touch.  Of 5 apps, three would not sync.  I updated all software, checked authorizations, and reinstalled the apps -- no luck.  Any ideas?

    All the apps state they are compatible w/ my model iPod Touch.  No restrictions are set that would prevent syncing.  Seems like I might have had a similar problem a while back with one app but can't recall the solution -- it was something simple.

  • I recently purchased and downloaded an app that will not open.   Who do I contact for help with that?

    I recently purchased and downloaded an app that will not open.  Who do I contact or what do I do to fix this problem?

    On what device are you trying to open it? ipod touch? iphone? ipad?
    Did you try to restart the device? Reset it? Restore it?

  • I have apps that will not update that have been like that for a while.. why wont they updat?

    I have apps that will not update that have been like that for a while.... why will they not update???

    Yes apps are stuck on "waiting" one has been like that for a month and my other ones still wont download

  • I have songs in my iTunes App that will not play.  It keeps saying that this computer is not authorized to play would you like to authorize it.  I would but its asking me to authorize an account that was changed.  What do I do????

    I have songs in my iTunes Application that will not play.  I keeps saying that this computer is not authourized to play name of song would you like to authourize it.  The problem is its the old account I had and that has been changed.  How am I going to authorize these songs when this account no longer exists.

    I posted about this yesterday -- it happened to me, and the solution was incredibly simple. An Apple tech guy had me delete my SC Info Folder, located on my XP in Application Data.
    Here is my post:
    Here is the link about the SC Info Folder (4th down):
    It wasn't every song, just a few of them. A nightmare to figure out what to do, but it was solved upon reboot.

  • I have an app that will not delete;

    the app wobbles the  appears it confirms deletion but doesn't delete?

    Double tap Home button and delete the app from multitast-list.
    Do a
    Reset: Hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears. Note: You will not lose any data
    Try again.

  • I have a hung up app that will not update or delete that drains the battery. How do you fix this?

    I chose to update a app. It says waiting under the apps icon but will not update. I click on it to pause the update but it still drains the battery. I try to delete the app but it won't let me. What can I do?

    Try the power off. Press home button and the on/off button at the same time for a few seconds. Then slide the tab to power off.
    Then press the on/off again after a few seconds. Once it powers on fully, tap and hold on the application to see if it will start wobbling with a x on the corner, if yes, delete it.
    If no, wait for someone else to suggest a better idea.

  • I have a rogue contact on my Skype iPad app that will not delete.  Help please

    I have the Skype app for my iPad but have a rogue contact under iPad contcts thT will not delete.  have deleted app and reinstall
    ed three times but it is still there. help please.  has anyone else had this problem.

    I have this exact same problem.  Did anyone ever answer you?

  • Remove damaged app that will not close?

    printer Pro desktop will not close, can't delete because it's open. Cannot open because it's damaged. How do I remove ir?

    I am going to assume you are referring to an iMac running OS X because this is the iMac forum. There are three methods to remove apps.
    1. Use the developers recommended method, i.e. contac the developer and request their adive.
    2. Use a third party app such as AppCleaner (Google it).
    3. Drag the app to the trash.

  • Ipod touch 2nd gen and have ios 4.2.1. apps that will not download, higher ios version needed

    I have an ipod touch 2nd gen and have ios 4.2.1. I recently tried to download some apps and received a message that said I need a higher ios version (like 4.3 or higher). I know there used to be apps that worked before but I deleted them. When I tried to re-download them again they say they won't work. Options?

    Import the older versions to the iTunes library from your computer or a backup of it, or buy a newer device, or give up.

  • I work with a web app that will not run on Firefox, so I changed my default browser back to IE but the URL link continues to open in Firefox. How can I get it to default to IE?

    After changing my default browser from Firefox back to IE, other URLs are defaulting to IE but I have one URL that continues to default to Firefox. This web app will only run in IE so the only way I can run it is to open IE first and then enter or select the URL. Is there a setting someplace that will change the default browser for this URL to be IE?

    You can make IE the default browser, that will reset some registry keys<br />
    Control Panel > Internet Options: Programs<br />
    Put a check in the box next to 'Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser'<br />
    Start IE and let IE make itself the default browser.
    Check the default settings in:<br />
    Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > "Set Program Access And Defaults" (on the left)<br />
    Open: Custom (click arrow on the right)<br />
    Select "Internet Explorer" under "Choose a default Web Browser"<br />
    Click OK

  • Remove crashed app that will not update?

    I tried to install an update to iOS Chrome app on my iPad 3. the download crashed and would not restart, and the original app would not launch.
    So I deleted it.
    Now it's gone, but I can't reinstall Chrome because the AppStore seems to think its already installed.
    How can I remove/reset to enable reinstall action?
    I have already restarted my iPad.
    Thanks in advance

    thanks for suggestion - but I cnnot get it to work. I can put Chrome where I want it in the iTunes interface, but it does not sync across to ipad

  • I've had a few (too many) apps that will not open, sometimes giving Error -1712. In one case it was TextEdit, the others are ones I've recently downloaded.

    I've done some basic troubleshooting: repair permissions; trash and reinstall app; restart the iMac. I recently had the Apple Store reinstall OS X 10.9.2 (after I couldn't get any installers to work). That fixed that problem, but now this.

    Hi Suzy Q,
    I can send and receive calls.
    I get "messaging stopped" when doing a lot of texts.
    Texts come up "ghosted" meaning they have the text on the bottom and a transparent one overlaid  on top. they then become one. But I get the ghosting most of the time when I go into a message from a contact to send a text.
    When I go to call logs or text logs, the numbers come up first, and then then the names pop up randomly, meaning not in order down the page, until they are all shown. lots of lag time.
    It runs slow.
    I have 5 apps on here. I should be able to have a  lot of apps on here, and play music, and have files, and...and....and.
    I can get online but doing a Google search, when the page with the choices comes up, it is blurred and I have to tap on the screen for it to become clear and readable.
    When online and scrolling, it hitches sometimes/lags/gets stuck then unstuck
    I get VZWAVS has stopped. (not sure if those are the right letters)
    The status bar that is supposed to be gray with the new update, goes back and forth between green--the old os--to gray. And I have found no continuity with when I get green or when I get gray.
    I get a black screen on occasion.
    sometimes the proximity sensor doesn't work.
    sometimes when I have my bluetooth on and have "hands free mode" on, I get the a text message read through the headset and also through the handset.
    I soft reboot often--turn it off wait a bit and

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