Delivery type

explain me the importance of this and the concept behind this
like for example delivery type EL assigned to the inbound delivery  in the confiormation control key in the backend

Dear Rahul,
Below use of delivery Type
Define Delivery Types
    In this menu option you define your delivery types which represent the
    different business transactions in shipping.
    You have the following possibilities:
    o   Change an existing delivery type.
    o   Copy an existing delivery type and adapt it according to your
    o   Create a new delivery type.
    In this menu option you do not make specifications concerning the
    following functions:
    o   Statistics
    o   Output
    o   Text determination
    o   Route determination
    o   Picking
    You will edit these functions later in the respective menu options.
    This means that the definition of a delivery type is only complete when
    you have edited all of these menu options.
In this menu you have to make or check the following specifications:
o   Delivery type
    -   Specify an alphanumeric key for a delivery type that can have up
        to 4 characters.
    -   Enter text to describe the key.
o   Document category
    With the document category you allocate a document type to a certain
    business transaction. This way, an SD document is clearly
    identifiable, for example, as a delivery or a free of charge
    Specify a single-digit alphanumeric key. The keys you may use can be
    found under "Possible entries".
o   Number assignment
    Specify a number range for internal or external number assignment.
    To define a common number assignment for different delivery types,
    you have to specify the same number range in each case.
    To do this, you must already have defined the number ranges. For
    more information on this subject, see the section "Define number
    ranges for delivery types".
o   Increment of item numbering
    Here you have to specify the increment of the item number
    assignment. Keep in mind that items you add when changing a delivery
    at a later date have to fit into the consecutive numbering system.
o   Sales order required
    Here you define whether a delivery with or without order reference
    is concerned.
o   Default order type
     Here you determine the dummy order type which is regarded as a
     default value if deliveries or delivery items do not have an order
     If you create delivery notes without order reference, you have to
     specify these control criteria for the system. In deliveries with
     reference to an order, the SAP System copies from from the document
     header of the sales document into the delivery header.
o   Requirements for an item independent of an order
     You can include items without reference to an order, that is, items
     independent of an order, into a delivery. You can, for example,
     enter packaging materials later.
     In the standard SAP R/3 System you can check for items independent
     of an order, whether goods issue and the billing document for a
     delivery have already been posted completely. If this is the case,
     you cannot include additional items in the delivery.
o   Transaction procedure
     You can define the transaction procedure for a sales document type
     -   Group screen sequence header
         Here you determine the screens which the SAP System should
         display for a certain transaction (for example, creating a
         delivery) and the sequence in which they are displayed.
     -   Amount of data displayed for items
         Here you determine the items to be displayed by the system
         during document processing, for example, you can limit the
         display to all selected items.
     -   FCODE overview screen
         Here you determine the overview screen which is to be displayed
          first during delivery processing after you have entered data on
          the initial screen.
      The keys which you can used can be displayed under "Possible
      entries". At present, you cannot change the keys in Customizing.
  SAP Recommendation
  o   If you define your own delivery types, the keys should start with
      the letter Z since SAP reserve this name convention in the standard
  o   If you define your own delivery types, you should copy similar
      delivery types defined by SAP and make the appropriate changes.
      In this case, all specifications in the existing delivery type are
      copied. In particular, data, for example, concerning partner
      determination, or document flow is copied, which you do not edit in
      this menu option. As a result, you can test your new delivery types
      with regard to defaults set here without having to edit the other
      menu options.
  o   When copying delivery types and item categories, the SAP System
      automatically creates a log with the copied data. Using the log, yo
      can check whether all the copied data applies to your delivery type
      or whether you have to make changes.
  o   If you only have to make insignificant changes to the existing
      delivery types, do so as appropriate.
      Insignificant changes include a changed description, a different
      number range or another increment for item numbering. They refer to
      parameters that are not used for controlling purposes.
  o   If you have to make further changes, define new delivery types. In
this case, you can, for example, define different output control
for different delivery types. Alternatively you can define a
separate delivery type for a new sales document type.
Hope above description will helps you

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  • Issue while posting using goods issue for delivery type NL

    Hello Experts,
    I have created an outbound delivery for an intra-company transfer (within same company code) between two plants. The delivery type in NL (replinishment delivery)
    When i am trying to post the goods issue from supplying plant, I am getting following error
    "Account type K is not defined for document type WL".
    Delivery type NL should not be used to issue stock to vendor but I am not issuing it to any external vendor , issuing the stokc only to a receiving plant.
    Please help to understand why i am getting this error.

    If you are doing an STO Scenario, Check whether you have created the supplying plant as a vendor.
    The Vendor Account group should be plants.
    Also check whether you have given the plant in the vendor master Purchasing Data - Extras tab in the menu click on add purchasing data & check.
    If you haven't assigned this, do the same & create a fresh STO & check.
    Hope it will work.
    Thanks & Regards,

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    we are working on a delivery analysis report and we are in progress of fetching sales order number for deliveries with delivery type LP.
    How we are doing?
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    Then fetching the corresponding sales orders from the VMPA table for the wbs elements from PRHI table for the value of corresponding UP field is initial.
    So it is going through so many iteration to fetch the UP value again and again until it is initial.
    What we need?
    So if someone can suggest a FM or method to fetch the top level WBS element for the given WBS element from LIPS table will be of great help.

    Try FM

  • Using Different inbound delivery type?

    Dear experts,
    In the goods receipts process we currently are using the standard inbound delivery type "EL" with the standard item category ELN, which is not "Relevant for putaway".
    We are assessing the possibility of start using WM in one of our plants. So, I found out that the we should be using a item category (in the inbound delivery) with the field "Relevant for putaway" flagged. Like, for example, the standard WIDN (maybe together with the standard inbound delivery type WID). But only at those plants with WM!
    The issue is that as far as I know the inbound delivery type determination depends on the "Internal Confirmation Categories":
    So for the type "2 Shipping Notification" only one delivery type can be chosen, how are we suppose to do it plant dependent?
    It looks like a unique delivery type should be used in the client?
    Thanks in advanced,
    P.S.: I already read SAP notes 214604 & 201655 but they are not being helpful so far... Maybe I'm missing something.

    From your post I understand that the current plants are IM managed.
    So for these plants the put away relevancy will not have any effect so if you enable the put away relevancy for the EL delivery type there will be no impact on the IM plants and for the WM plant the put away will be relevant.
    Now the usage of the put away relevancy will also depend on which transaction you are using for posting a goods receipt. If you post via VL32N then you will first have to perform the put away step and then the GR posting. If you use the MIGO/MIGO_GR transaction then the goods receipt in WM will also be posted before the put away happens.

  • Delivery type determination in case of returns to vendor without return PO

    Hello Gurus,
    When we create Return PO, and when we want to created delivery for this PO , we assign delivery type RL to the PO in SPRO.
    Now when I return the material thorugh MIGO (without return PO) with delivery check box active, system determines different delivery type than RL. My question is that where do we assign this delivery type and how the system determines this delivery type in case of returns to vendor without return PO.

    Control parameters at movement type level determine the delivery type created. I guess you are using MvT 161. Try configuring delivery category for MvT 161 in OMJJ.
    Hope this helps.

  • Output type for Proforma Invoice for return delivery from delivery type RLN

    Client require Output type Proforma Invoice for return delivery to vendor. As such return item category is not relevant for pricing so from delivery to proforma invoice can not have with p-ricing. I got quantity correct but pricing is coming Zero.
    Client have ZPAC as packing list output type from delivery which shows quantity and pricing. So decided to use the same logic to pull pricing for proforma invoice from delivery.
    Here delivery has standard output ZPAC as packing list with access sequence Z002 as Delivery Type.
    I want to pop up output type for all return delivery so using access sequence with delivery type/vendor.
    Vendor filed does not exist in delivery output type so brought that firld LIFNR.
    It is assigned to procedure and maintained ZPRO output type for Proforma invoice. Asigned VV21 on front end.
    Problem Still automatic output type ZPRO is not poping up. What type of access sequence will help me to pop up or what in configuration am I miising?
    Appreciate help for solution at earliest.

    Hi Padamsree,
    I know Pricing & output very well.  I need profomra invoice to be printed with quantity & value for return goods to the vendor. Pricing is associated with Item category RLLN for delivery type RLL which is return type delivery.
    I need to have pricing in my Proforma invoice which is copied from delivery to billing document VTFL. Just check well how it is working in the system & if you know please answer so that it should be workable on the system. As theoretical answer may not be helpful. Appreciate for your time.

  • Customizing to do billing using free of charge delivery type

    Hi Friends
        I have the following task to do in urgent.
    Usually in free of charge delivery, billing is not needed,
    but my task is I have to make customizations so that
    billing should be needed(have to do billing).when selcting free of charge delivery type.
    Flow is like this
       Free of charge delivery->delivery->billing
    Please let me know the customizing to do......
                 Thanks in advance...........

    Hi Sam
    Check the following links:-
    Hope the above links are useful.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Automatic determination of Delivery type and Billing type in a sales order

    I want to know that in a sales order cycle, how does automatic assignment of delivery type and billing type takes place after we create a sales order?
    For example,when I create an outbound delivery for a sales order of type normal (OR) then in that case how does the system knows that it has to create an outbound delivery of type LF.How does the system propses it automatically and same is the case of billing document.

    In customising the sales document type (Tcode VOV8) -
    specify the default Delivery type in the field DELIVERY TYPE in the 'Shipping' area of the sales document type customisation.
    Similarly you can specify the billing type in the BILLING area for both Delivery related billing and Order related billing.

  • Delivery Output determiantion using Delivery type & Item category

    Dear all,
    I am facing a problem while triggering output using Delivery type/Item Category access in access sequence xyz. I have maintained the condition record for this access and did all the necessary customization settings.
    When i maintain the condition record for other access in Access sequence xyz the out put is being triggered.
    After some analysis i found that the Delivery type/Item category is using different communication structures.
    ie. Delivery type is using KOMKBV2-LFART. where as Item Category is using KOMPBV2-PSTYV. The output is a header output.
    can any one explain the problem here in maintaining different comm structures for an access for generating header output.
    Thanks in advance for your inputs.
    Best Regards

    You mean to say its not triggering the output automatically.....
    If that is the case then goto the condition type in IMG and in tab "default values" make the dispatch time as "send immediately when saving the application" this will automatically triggers the output based on the condition records.....

  • Delivery type LR cannot be invoiced with billing type RE?

    I am refering below flow to create an return order, but face an error when creating credit billing document:
    ret sale order(RE)-ret delivery(LR)-post goods receipt(stock will be restored in corresponding storage loc)---credit for return(RE)
    Error msg: " Delivery type LR cannot be invoiced with billing type RE;
    Check the table entries for the copying control of billing
    documents and add the missing entries as necessary.
    Make the appropriate settings in Customizing if you have
    the authorization to do so."
    So i guess i might need maintain corresponding copying control for 'delivery document to billing document'...As the source order type is LR, and target order type is RE...I checked SPRO and found there are below inputs needed.  May i know what kind of data should be inputed normally??
    "Copying requirements
    Determ.export data
    Assignment Number
    Reference number"
    Thank you very much!!

      In standard SAP credit memo for sale returns with refrence to return order only. (RE). Thats why you are getting this error. If your requirement is to refer the delivery quantity for the credit memo then you can do any one of the following
    1. Change the copy control setting for Return order to Credit memo.
        Go to VTFA transaction and select your return order type (RE) and Credit memo type (RE) and go to item category level and select your returns item category (REN) and change the billing quantity to 'D' -Delivery quantity.
        Now create your credit note with reference to your returns sale order. (not delivery). Onlly delivered quantity will be copied to the credit memo.
    2. If you want to create return credit memo with reference to your return delivery then follow the first two guy's reply. Also you have to do one more setting at your return order document type (RE).
       Go to VOV8 and enter ur return order type and go to details then enter the return credit memo type in the delivery related billing field. (FKARV) in the billing section.

  • Delivery typ

    Dear SAPpers,
    there are different  delivery types in SAP System. For this reason i would like to know which type of functions in SAP does a delivery type control?
    Thanks for helping
    It will be rewarded

    Delivery type controls many important functions. Few of them, I have mentiond below.
    A Delivery type controls,
    - Whether an order reference is required to create the said Delivery or not.
    - In standard Storage location is determined in Delivery , but it is determined based on a rule (MALA, RETA & MARE in standard).
    Which rule will be used to determine Picking/Storage location is controlled in the Delivery type.
    - Whether Route will get redetermine during Delivery for the said Delivery Type or not (Route can be re-determined during delivery based on weight).
    - Whether rescheduling should take place during delivery or not.
    Delivery split by warehouse numbers. That means whether delivery should be splitted if the items are meant for different warehouse or not.
    - Beside these above control functions, you can also control what is the Output determination Procedure, Text determination Procedure and Partner determination Procedure will work for the said Delivery Type.
    Hope, it will be helpful to you.

  • Control delivery type for mvt type 313

    Regarding SLOC to SLOC transfer postings, I have a couple of questions:
    Using movement type 313 (unr. use stock SLOC to SLOC) in our SAP system automatically creates a delivery in the background. Where can I configure what delivery type I would like to use for this purpose? Also, is there any settings I can do for ATP checks for this? I believe this is standard SAP functionality so a IMG menu path would be very much appreciated.

    However, I am not sure that helped me very much.
    What we would like to do is to achieve a scenario where we move stock that is in QI and Blocked stock, in a similar way as with movement type 313. I am not even sure that is possible to do with a delivery? We use the deliery generated from movement type 313 to send with IDOC to one of our 3PL warehouses, managed by another company.
    When I look at it, I can find movement type 325 to move Blocked stock from one SLOC to another, but is it possible to do with a delivery (generated in the background)?

  • Control delivery type in VL31N

    I have created a new delivery type (ZEL) from the standard (EL)
    I want to affect this new type to the purchase order (NB)
    what do you suggest to me ?
    Thanks in advance

    as you are copying from EL I am assuming you are working with inbound delivery for order confirmation.
    Now as you have created ZEL please assign this in
    OLME->confirmation -> define internal confirmation -> here confirmation key LA (Shipping Notificat.) assign ZEL
    now you can use ZEL for inbound delivery for your PO
    It will serve your purpose

  • Assign pricing procedure to delivery type

    Hi All
    At the moment, my outbound delivery note doesn't contain the pricing condition in item level. what I am trying to do is to copy the pricing condition listed in Sale Order into the outbound delivery note automatically when I run the VL01N.
    The problem is that one of condition type in the pricing procedure is set to manual entry, therefore after I had assigned the pricing procedure to delivery type, only the manual entry pricing condition is not copied, I have to manually key in the price again.
    Does anyone know what can I do to copy overall pricing procedure listed in the SO into the outbound delivery note without manually entry.
    Thanks for your time

    Dear Lakshmipathi,
    As your suggested, I have 2 questions.
    1. The condition type is supposed to be set as manually entry, if I untick the Man. checkbox, would it create other problem in future.
    2. as you suggested, I did try to untick the three checkbox (Man. Mdt. Stat.) for the condition type. however, the rate of the conditoin type still can not be copied from Sale order to the delivery doc. Any idea?

  • How to create a Inbound delivery type for a special  purchase order type

    I try to create a special Inbound delivery type for a special purchase order type (a transfer purchase order).
    In SD module, I can créate a special outbound delivery and precise the sale order type, but I don't manage to do it for a Inbound delivery type.
    Do you know if i can do it without specifiq?

    Hi Roselyne,
    What you experienced is standard system behavior. Inbound delivery type is uniquely assigned to confirmation control key. You can only specify confirmation control key on item level in PO. The assignment of Delivery type can be seen in the following table:
    1        AB                      X
    2        LA        EL           X
    3        GW       EG
    The field T163D-IBTYP is checked in different programms. For example in programm RM06ENAB (TA: ME92F). If you insist to customize the determination of delivery type by PO type, I strongly suggest you discuss with the Application consultants before making the modifications to ensure it won't impact other areas.

  • Default billing type for delivery type

    Dear friends,
    I am doing STO scenario. After creation of purchase order and delivery I am creating proforma Invoice with reference to delivery document. By default it is taking F2 billing document type, but I want my own created proforma invoice ZF2 as default billing type for this delivery type. Is it possible? If so how?

    Dear Rama Rao
    Go to VTFL, select your delivery type and assign ZF2 billing type so that whenever you create billing for delivery, by default system will take zf2.
    G. Lakshmipathi

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