Dependent Values read only or all possible values

I have read the following instructions.
[How to Configure Predefined Properties with Dependent Values (NW7.0)]|]
I need this scenario in the Portal search.
So my question is:
Is it possible, if Country is empty, that the field City is read only.
In the How to guide you can see , if no city is selected the property city is a text field(not Dropdown) and you can enter a sting.
Or it is possible, if no country is selected that the field city shows all possible cities, not restricted by countries.
For example no country is selected and the field city shows all cities.
or no country is selected and the field city is read only.
The html code of dropdown list country is
<option value="&lt;empty&gt;"><option value="Germany">Germany<option value="France">France
Value of no selection
&lt;empty&gt = <empty>
If no country is selected the selected value is &lt;empty&gt or <empty>.
I tried this:
"dependon=Country,*=allcities,Germany=GermanyCity,France=FrenchCity" and so on.
"dependon=Country,<empty>=allcities,Germany=GermanyCity,France=FrenchCity" and so on.
"dependon=Country,&lt;empty&gt=allcities,Germany=GermanyCity,France=FrenchCity" and so on.
without success
Can some one help?
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Yes, it is possible to generate an excel file in SAP. You can use any of the following FM's for the same:
Hope it will help.

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    You should never try updating system table directly.  That will against supporting policy by SAP.

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    No, we cannot selectively lock down Wiki pages as read only unfortunately as we don't have access controls at the individual page level.
    However, what may be doable is for you to flag the page as non-changeable and to set up an RSS feed to the Wiki page and if anyone changes it you can go in an look at who did it and more importantly you can roll it back to the previous version as the change logs will be kept and can be backed out if required. There is an entry here: that shows how to set up specific RSS feeds.
    Not ideal but a possible way of catching any unauthorized change and correcting it + giving you the culprit :-)

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    Hi Vimal,
    As I understood you reformulate this question at this page. I will try to help you there.
    Kind regards, Aliaksandr.

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    Click on the item in the Finder's sidebar named Music, rename the iTunes folder inside, launch iTunes, and drag the iTunes folder into iTunes. This won't preserve playlists or other metadata.

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    Ah, I see. I'll clarify: you're supposed to set these permissions on the topmost folder
    where your users are supposed to create files:
    This folder and subfolders:
    Everyone - Read and Execute, Create files
    Files only:
    Everyone - Read and Execute
    CREATOR OWNER - Modify
    The end result is that users can create files in that folder and all its subfolders - they cannot create folders, but they can read everything. Now, when a user creates a
    file in this folder structure, that user and that user only will automatically get Modify on that particular file (the CREATOR OWNER permission is translated to that user account in the ACL).
    An example:
    Let's say your topmost folder is D:\Data\Users. You apply the above permissions to
    this folder. Then, a user with the account name YOURDOMAIN\User1 comes along and creates the file "MyTasks.txt" in this folder. That file will then have the following permissions:
    Everyone - Read & Execute
    YOURDOMAIN\User1 - Modify
    As you can see, there is no need for any special groups. Try it out!

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    Let me know if you need any more info.  Any help which can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

    Hyperion Planning and More...: Why My Data Form is Still Read Only...!!!
    See if any of the points mentioned here is any help.
    Rahul S.

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    Post your problem in the forum for LiveCycle Designer.

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    Here is the database configuration.
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    Database 2: has materialized views (read-only snapshot site)
    If DB1 becomes read-only, is it possible to refresh the materialized views in DB2? I was told that it is not possible because some m$log tables in DB1 need to be updated when the DB2 is refreshed . If it is DB1 is read-only, the meta data tables can not be updated so the refresh will fail.
    Does anybody have experience with a scenario like this?
    Thanks very much.

    Why do you need to put the database in read only mode anyway. Why not control "readability" through security, ie roles. Then it won't really matter.

  • Read only access for objects in application designer

    I want to apply read only access to all the objects in application designer. I would like to know how we can do this.
    Jayaprakash Tedla

    On 8.48 :
    1. Create a PERMISSION LIST
    1.1 leave empty the navigator homepage
    1.2 leave unchecked Can Start Application Server? and Allow Password to be Emailed?
    1.3 On Pages tab, leave it empty
    1.4 On PeopleTools tab, check Application Designer Access, then click on Definition Permissions, Tools Permissions Miscellaneous and Permissions, and put there the rights as well as you want. You can put Read Only on all component in one shot by clicking on the button, or one by one by choosing in the listbox for each type of components.
    1.5 leave all other tab blank
    2. Create a ROLE, and add the permission list created on step 1.
    3. Create the user, and give the role created on step 2.
    4. Open Application Designer, connect there with the new user, and enjoy on read-only access.
    Hope this help,

  • Read Only Permissions Error

    Hi Guys
    I have a major problem with file saving permissions
    Current setup:
    - 5 imac (10.6)
    - 1 mac book pro (10.6)
    - mac xserver
    - Direct attached Raid Array
    When user "A" creates new files and folders to the shared drive on the raid array it automatically defaults to read only for all other users, and any time they try to add/delete/create files or folders in the fold user "A" created they get a permissions error. Therefor everybody else cannot edit the files
    E.g. user A and user B quite often work on documents together and when user A stores it in the folder user A created then user B can only read it
    has anybody come across this error before?
    also i have tried changing permissions in get info as it defaults to read only soon as i change it to read and write and close the get info box it reverts back to read only ( the permissions group in called everybody)
    Any help would be much appreciated

    You can try propagating the permissions on the root of the share, new files should inherit permissions from the parent folder, if that doesn't help, maybe try something with the umask

  • How to make DFF Read Only ..

    Dear Friends,
    I have 3 segments in the Additional Personal Details DFF in HRMS. I want to make only the 2nd segment read-only not all the segments.How can we achieve this can any one pls let me know about this ...
    with regards

    Review the following documents and see if it helps.
    Note: 438215.1 - How To Make DFF Segments Read Only Using OAF Personalise
    Note: 750679.1 - How To Make Only Some Of The Segments Of A Descriptive Flexfield Read Only On OA Framework
    Note: 149452.1 - How do you make a descriptive flexfield display only?

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    i have a western digital passport 250gb hd with 3 partitions on it.
    it has one that i use for general files etc, one that is time machine backups and one that did have tiger on it but is currently empty (maybe its not a partition anymore just empty space??). theye are all formatted to mac os extended. i erased the tiger partition and tried to make the general one bigger. it gave me an error about the general drive so i verified the disk which then gave me an error about my time machine backups so i repaired he disk (the hard drive was selected in disk utility not any of the partitions) it fixed the general one but said time machine backups wasn't fixed and has limited functionality. i ejected the disk and plugged it back in and it took ages to appear. the general partition appeared but an error came up saying there was a problem with time machine backups and it has limited functionality and should be backed up and erased. so i tried to copy my backups folder onto my mac and nothing.
    i got info on the backup folder and it said i can only read, the same was for all sub folders and the drive itself (in the name and privilage section it says alex lyons (me) can read and write, unknown can read and write and everyone can read only, above all that it says you can only read). how can i fix this so i can keep my time machine backups and erase the partition??

    The only software I know that let's you do it is iPartition. It just came out with the Leopard Compatibility. It coast $50 though...
    The other thing you can do is, that's if you have enough HD space in your computer and time, copy the External HD image (via DiskUtility) into your HD, and erase the External completely and make it only 1 partition, and then copy back the image to the External HD.

  • Permissions on Android AT200 removable SD card set to read only

    Recently the removale SD card on my at200 has been set to read only for all but a few applications. This mean that when editing or trying to save, copy docs on the SD card I get the "not enough permissions" message. Any editing by these applications requires shifting files to onboard SD card and back again.
    Toshiba file manager is able to rw OK, but my other file manager fails, as does ezy PDF.
    Reading the attributes of the SD card show that it is set to rw for data.p (permissions XML). But looking at info from file manager shows sdcard directories and files set to dr- or -r-.
    Is there some way of getting this changed to allow access for all my installed apps? Or even some?

    Found this note from zc2 on the xda forum dealing with the same issue December 2011.
    "The owners of Honeycomb-powered tablets experience a problem writing to the external SD card, because since v3.2 the permissions for the files there were changed from sdcard_rw to media_rw.
    According the file /system/etc/permissions/platform.xml, any application with declared permission "android.permission.WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE" should be included to that media_rw group.
    But that won't happen.
    I made a test application to show the group membership (it just executes the "id" command), and according to its output, the application is not member of the media_rw group, despite the "android.permission.WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE" permission is mentioned in its manifest.xml"
    This is somewhat confirmed by a comment returned to me from the AntTek File Explorer developers on an interum work around for this problem (a common one since 3.2)
    "While waiting, the simple solution, if your device is rooted, is as follows:
    1. Using AntTek File Explorer, active Native mode from application preference.
    2. Navigate to /system/etc/permissions.
    3. Open platform.xml and find the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.
    4. Add an additional group definition for this permission: <group gid="media_rw" />. It will grant AntTek Explorer (and other applications) permission to writing to removable SD Card. After edited, it will look like:
    <permission name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE">
    <group gid="sdcard_rw" />
    <group gid="media_rw" />
    5. Save the changes to the file.
    6. Restart your tablet."
    My tablet is not rooted so this was not available to me, but it appears this is a major issue for Honeycomb, including the version on the AT200. Is there any plans to fix this bug do you think? Or is there a date for the promised update to ICS for the AT200, another prime selling point.

  • Setting IFS Windows share (O drive ) to read-only

    I was wondering what is required to make the Windows node (O drive) read only for all users when they access it from Windows Explorer.
    Is it just a question of, in IFS Manager, setting the Node(myserver:53141) to the ACL "Protected"?
    Any help will be most welcome.

    Is your host on a Windows machine or a Linux/Unix machine? If the later perhaps you could use SMB for your Windows mounts and map all users to an account that was restricted to read-only. This way users could use WebDAV for full priviledge access but the O:\ mounts (by Samba) would be read-only.
    If your server is Windows, I'm not sure how to fool Windows but perhaps some Windows guru can tell us.

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