Depreciation for the year to be posted halfly

Hi Guys
In my implementation we have a scenrio, the depreciation for a particular depreciation area has to be done halfly i.e. only on period 06 & 12
I have done necessary configure for the weightage and for the relevant depreciation area
OAYL - i have clicked the check box for the relveant depreciation area
OA85 - i have given the weightage for the period 06 & 12 as 50% and for all the other period as 0
But when i run the depreciation AFAB - the deprecation is getting posted from the very first period
Did i missed any config guys
Thanks in advance
Warm Regards

Hi Bala,
When I look to your example you can use a nomal depreciation key like LINR. In the asset you have to say start at the middle of a year. Like on 01-07-XXXX.
In the period control from your depreciation key you can use start at the middle of the year. When the fiscal year is not the same as the calendar year you have to define that in the period controls.
When you create a posting then the depreciation keys looks to the period controle table and fill in automtatecly depreciation start date.
When this is in all the years you have to say
years month
0          6         0%
1                     50%
1          6         0%
2                     50%
It is then important that the depreciation start date is the first day of the fiscal year.
For tessting this you can better use the esset exploirer. There you can see the planed values by month for this year and the years tottals for the other year.

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    Please let me know the step by step configuration that need to be done for:
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    Thanks in advance. 
    Best Regards,

    Hi Sri,
    please check the OSS notes  1316999 and 1148489 in relation to your issue.                                                                    
    Please make sure the config is as per the note.                           
    Maybe the following links are useful:                                                                     
    regards Bernhard

  • How to reverse the Depreciation for the excess amount posted?

    Hi Gurus,
    We have uploaded the data last month from legacy system to SAP as below.
    The Fiscal year is Jan - Dec and gone live on June 28th 2009.
    Accumulated Depreciation was taken till Dec 2008.
    Ordinary Depreciation was taken from Jan 2009 to June 2009.
    But Ordinary depreciation is not up to date in SAP as the user miss out the 2 months depreciation for each Asset but this was already posted in legacy system. All the GL Balances have been uploaded as per the legacy system. Now system is taking the previous 2 months Depreciation along with the current month. If we run the Depreciation for the current month, the system will post excess amount as it includes previous 2 months Depreciation.
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    Early responses will be appreciated.
    Best Regards,

    Few clarifications-
    1. you have posted two months dep in legacy , have you transferred that dep amount wth the ordinary dep transferred from jan to june?
           If yes, that means your last posted dep month is june and accordingly you have to set the last period (6) in the SPRO for asset data transfer specifications, so system will start calculating dep from the 7th period only and will not recalculate dep for last two months.Check the last posted period mentioned in SPRO.
    2.If you have uploaded wrongly your ordinary dep for current year , then that means your Asset accounting opening balance (migrated balance ) is not matching with your Trial GL upload as well, so you need to correct your asset accounting opening balances.
         For this you need to reset your company code status from 0 to blank ( tset data always allowed for asset data transfer). And then correct the values for current year ordinary dep posted from jan to june, also check the last posted dep period as above.
    3.However you may post writeup ttype 700 to adjust the excess dep posted by any reason, you can extract last two months dep posted values asset wise from legacy system if already posted, and post the writeups for the same value in current period using LSMW.

  • Depreciation for the Financial Year 2007-08

    Dear All,
    How to run  the Depreciation for the Financial Year 2007-08, without disturbing the Depreciation of Financial Year 2006-07.
    kindlly send me details desprications

    Posting Depreciation is a periodic activity. Depreciation is posted every priod by AFAB by aseet accountants. However it is not necessory that you need to run AFAB when you are in the current period. You can run it any time; subjected your financial accounting is open for that period. In your case you need to run AFAB for every priod from 2006 to 2007. After each year is completed, you may need to run ASKBN for APC periodic posting and cose that FY in Asset account by AJAB open new FY by AJRW (Eg. 2008).

  • Getting error while Year end closing in asset accounting for the year ...

        i am getting error while doing Year end closing in asset accounting for the year 2004. It is giving few assets and saying that "Depreciation not posted completely"
    Can any body help in this reagards.
    With regards,

    Dear Shree,
    Do u have the list of all such assets for which no depreciation has been posted. If yes, then go to AFAB, upload the list all these assets & then select the radio button as 'repeat'.
    This will post you depreciation for all the assets. then close the year.

  • Asset Scrapping - Calculating Depreciation for entire year

    Hi guys
    We want to scrap an asset without revenue using ABAVN.
    Asset Details:
    The asset will be completely depreciated by the end of this year (December)
    We have smoothing indicator on.
    We wish to post the retirement and close out the asset balances in this month itself.
    (No depreciation should be pending for the remaining periods of the year)
    When we post the retirement transaction in test environment, it still shows the planned depreciation for the entire year.
    How do we avoid the planned depreciation posting for future periods ?

    Perhaps, the following might be a solution that can be implemented safely in a production setup:
    Objective: To post retirement related depreciation in a single period without smoothing over the remaining periods.
    Perform standard depreciation posting run for current period
    Turn Smoothing Indicator Off
    Write Off Asset
    Run Repeat Depreciation Posting Run (select Repeat Posting Run instead of planned and also input the retired asset number)
    Turn Smoothing Indicator back on
    This should post the complete depreciation in the current period for the retired asset and smooth out the depreciation for all remaining assets

  • Depreciation for the Dep Area 03 is positive for the month of december

    Dear All,
    My client has run the Deprecation for the month of Dec 2011 and for only one asset the value in the depreciation area 03 is become positive. Eg; for 11 months value is credit 1000 and in the month of December it has posted as Debit 1000. And the value of the asset has in the deprication 03 is same as 2011 value because dep. is zero.
    Please assit me in this case as I its financial year close.

    Hi Jayraj,
    I assume that the DEP KEY might have been changed for the Area 31 to 0000 after running the dep update run for NOV period but before running the DEC dep update run in AFAB/AFABN.
    This could be the only reason, where the whole Dep for the year will get reversed.
    Ex: You might have created an addtional DEPRECIATION INTERVAL for Dep area 31, where the starting date for the the same could have set to FY start date.

  • Depreciation for the 1st month

    Dear all,
    In my client place, the go live happened on 01.04.2008. The asset transfer date is 31.03.2008. When I run afab, I am unable to calculate depreciation for the  1st month. The 1st month depreciation is getting added to the 2nd month. But i want the 1st month dep to be showed seperatly. Please suggest me how the issue can be solved.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi can you have a look in the folowing tables with SE16 and there you can see the values posted for the depreciation:
    tabel TABA, I think no values in
    tabel T083D, I think that there in is a values (I hoop not) what is this value?
    When you set AM and transport it and have already run a depreciation run it is possible that this value is transported.
    When it is only period 01 then pehaps you can take the decission to do an unplanned depreciation run in period 02 (values fromperiod 01 and 02). In all cases you can do this as a test run

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    As I mentioned above, I've already used my deauthorize all for the year and will not be able to use it again until Febuary 23, 2013.
    I cannot wait this long to reaccess my account just so I can save my files & back them up! Please, someone, I need some advice!
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    Open iTunes, select iTunes Store from the sidebar, click on the Support link under Quick Links. Post an email explaining the situation to seek assistance.

  • Customizing setting 'Recalculate depreciation for previous years'

    Dear Experts,
    I have requirement where for tax depreciation areas we want the system to recalculate the depreciation for previous years. For e.g.
    Asset acquired on 7/1/06 with value 10000
    Useful life: 5 years
    Take over date in asset accounting: 9/30/2008
    With the above example, I want the system to show me depreciaiton values for the years 2006 and 2007 also in transaction AW01N (Asset Explorer), apart from 2008.
    In FI-AA customizing, I have enabled the relevant depreciation areas for recalculation in the node 'Recalculate Depreciation for Previous Years' (Transaction OAYF).
    However, when I create the legacy asset and maintain the takeover values, the system just shows me depreciation for 2008 and onwards.
    Is there something I am missing? Please advice. I have searched the SAP help and SAP notes, but did not find anything.

    This is not possible.  When you takeover an asset using AS91, it is creating an ANLC entry for that year only.  2008 in your case.  Regardless of when the asset was originally acquired, SAP will only let you report on it back to 2008.
    This concept is no different than any other FI/CO legacy conversion.  If the customer is going live on Jan 1st 2008 but they want to do monthly comparison reporting in SAP (Jan 07 and Jan 08), then they need to convert 2007 data.  If they want 2006, they need to load that too.  Etc.
    For FI-AA, if the customer wants to view data back to 2006 you would have to change the takeover date to that year and adjust the data as well (accumulated depreciation).

  • APO-DP : Change in Fiscal Year Variant for the year 2008

    As per earlier Fiscal Year variant configuration, the data has been forecasted in APO system till the end of Year 2008. But recently the fiscal year variant configuration modified in R/3 which has been impacting APO-DP storage buckets which are not matching with that of earlier fiscal year variant. So, there is a mismatch in the storage bucket profile where in the data already stored in “Weekly, Monthly and Posting Period” based on the earlier Fiscal year 2008 configuration.
    Now the system is not allowing to do any Interactive Planning.
    The business would like to use the latest fiscal calendar and also not ready to loose the forecasted data for the year 2008. So, we are not in a position to deactivate and reactivation of Planning Area and also we are not using back-up infocubes functionality.
    Please update me if anybody experienced this type of situation or know the solution.

    I think your suggestion should work but it takes more resource time and need more database size.
    I am thinking to retain some important forecast keyfigures data in the following workaround method;
    1) Now the Planning Area Initialized for 2yrs historical + 1Yr forecast horizon
    2) Run first set of new macros to copy from year (say 2008) to year (say 2006)
    3) Re-initialize the Planning Area (Jan'2006 to Dec'2007)
    4) Re-build the New Fiscal Calendar from R/3
    5) Re-initialize the Planning Area for history and forecast horizon (ex: from Jan'2006 to Jan'2009)
    6) Run second set of new macros to copy back ( ex: from 2006 to Year 2008) and wipeout the duplicate records in 2006
    7) The above macros can be utilized to run every year end when ever the new fiscal calendar introduced
    Suggestions are welcome

  • Re-run depreciation for the month after creating new asset

    Hi Experts,
    I have run depreciation for 01.2009. I then created an asset with start life and acquisition posting date as 01.01.2009.
    In the asset's planned depreciation, the first planned depreciation period is 02. But the requirement is to re-run depreciation for the month and include the new asset in the run.
    Is this possible? How?

    When you have run the depreciation for period 01 and you create a new asset where the depreciation starts in period 01 you see that the planned depreciation (period 01 and 02) will be posted in period 02
    It is possible to do the repeat run and then it will be posted in period 01, you will see this then back in period 01 as posted depreciation.
    You can run this as test run and for only 1 asset!

  • Depreciation for the past 3 periods

    Hi SAP experts,
    Would you please share your experience on how we can run depreciation for the past periods. In our example depreciation was not run for the last 3 periods.
    The previous periods are of course closed.
    What is the best way to run it now?
    Thank you

    If possible open the previous periods and run the depreciation.
    If period open is not possible, then execute AFAB with unplanned posting run mode.
    Murali. N

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