Depreciation to WBS Element

Is it possible to post depreciation to WBS element. And also i want to know, whether it is possible to assign the asset to WBS element in time dependent tab in AS01.
Can any one guide me on this.

Yes this is possible as of release 4.7. Note 684659  - FAQs about account assignment objects as of Release 4.7 -  will provide you with all the detailed information.

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  • WBS element field to Depreciation Simulation Report  output display

    Hi SAP Experts,
    We need to Add the WBS element field to Depreciation Simulation Report  output display (S_ALR_87012936)
    Could please give your valuable inputs
    Hari Pothula

    HI Javed,
    We have capitalized with WBS element but not displaying in simulation report.
    All configurations done in in ACSET and activation Account assignment objects

  • Distribution of Depreciation of an asset to multiple wbs elements??

    Dear Members,
    our requirement is as follows.
    our cost centers are for 1) departments at head office level 2) Regional offices
    whenever depreciation is calculated it's posted to Head office cost center and the same asset will be used for multple projects.
    so here our requirement is the depreciation posted for a  particular asset is to be distributed to multple WBS elements or Regional offices (cost centers) ..
    please guide us to meet this requirement.
    sashi kanth

    Hi Sashi Kanth,
    In Asset Accounting Module, you can only assign one cost center to a master data, so all the depreciation posted will be accumulated only on one asset master / cost center. Though, you can settle the multiple WBSelements to a single asset you cannot apportion the depreciation cost per WBS element.
    To meet your requirement, you have to create separate Asset Master Records (AMR's) with the required Regional Office cost center, so you will get the depreciation cost regional office WBS element or cost center wise.

  • Monthly depreciation report (S_ALR_87012026) - WBS element empty

    When I run transaction S_ALR_87012026, the WBS element is all zeroes even if the asset  contains one.
    What could be the problem?
    What should I check?
    Thank you,

    Check this please:
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  • Settlement of Project through WBS Element

    I tried to execute the transaction code CJ8G for settlement of WBS Element i got the following error
    You cannot use this transaction type to post to this asset
    Message no. AA834
    The transaction type entered belongs to transaction type group 15. According to the specifications for this transaction type group, posting with transactions types belonging to this group are only allowed in specific asset classes (for example, asset classes for assets under construction).
    The asset to which you are posting belongs to class 440000 (chart of depreciation LILK). You cannot post to this class using the transaction type you have entered.
    Check the asset number entered. You may want to allow posting with this transaction type group for the asset class of the asset.
    Please advise the solution for the aforesaid error
    Thanks and Best Regards
    Shekhar Yecham
    Edited by: Shekhar Yecham on Sep 16, 2008 7:45 PM

    Hi Shekhar
    In order to settle project to Asset you have to ensure that you have an asset class  which has a tick for investment measure.  once you create an asset class which manages investment measure , you should be able to that particular asset class. you can then further settle asset from this asset class to any other asset class.
    hope this help you

  • How to change WBS Element in FI Entry for Asset

    Hi all,
    I have a scenario where an asset has been capitalized with  WBS element 1. After several months we realized that it has to go to WBS element 2.
    We update the Asset Master Data with a new WBS Element 2.
    Depreciation from this date onwards is posted to WBS Element 2 (this is expected), but in FI the asset acquisition cost is still in WBS element 1.
    Does anyone know how to rectify the FI document with correct WBS element i.e  WBS Element 2
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
    Pramod Saraswat

    Hi Pramod,
    In posted document you cant change the WBS element.
    In order to post on WBS 2 , you have to reverse the acquisation entry posted on WBS1. Then update correct one in  asset master then post acquisation.

  • How to use WBS element in Asset master data upload

    Dear All
    Does any body know how to treat field WBS element in Asset master during upload.
    Field POSNR in table ANLA is of 8 characters, but WBS element which is entered in asst master is more than 8 char.
    I vaguely remember tht with wbs system internally assign a different number.
    Has anybody come across this issue?
    Please help

    There are in the asset 2 fields for PS
    One is filled when you do an settlement from an WBS (is not possible to fill in)
    The other one you found in the the tab time dependend like cost center.
    This field is available when you have assign the possibilety to do depreciation to an WBS.

  • WBS element changed into an account assignment element

    Hi Gurus,
    Please let me know that how to get WBS element changed into an account assignment element.

    In what releation? For depreciation costs?

  • Asset master to be distributed to WBS element

    Dear all,
    I have created a Asset and run the depreciation for the month. (Dep. key maintained for book accounts and cost accounts) it wll get posted to FI as well as Cost center. now i am using KSV1 actual distribution to distributed the cost center to WBS element based on percentage.
    after create and saving it the distribution have not been carried out. help is need

    when i checked t.code KSB1 for that cost center and cost element before distribution that was there in the report, after when i created KSV1 for distribution with this same cost center to WBS element the when i checked it in the same report after the distribution have been done the cost center and the cost element is not there. then when i checked CJI3 against the WBS element there also the cost center and cost element is not displaying.
    it simply says No objects were selected using the criteria entered
    cost element category - 22 external settlement is it ???

  • Fields copied to AUC from WBS Element (when WBS Element is released)

    I would like to know what are the fields that are copied to AUC from WBS element (when WBS Element is released).

    Hi Vivian,
    menu path: Asset Accounting / Valuation / Determine Depreciation Areas in the Asset Class
    Select there your asset under construction asset class.
    Here you can fill in default values. (when you click on the fields you get more fields)
    When you want to fill in other fields you can use a substitution ( Asset Accounting / Master Data / Define Substitution)
    In our case, i think standard
    The field description (WBS)
    Req cost center (WBS)
    Plant (WBS)
    BA  (WBS)

  • Rectifying WBS Element from FI - Acquisition Entry in Asset

    Hi all,
    I have a scenario where an asset has been capitalized with  WBS element 1. After several months we realized that it has to go to WBS element 2.
    We update the Asset Master Data with a new WBS Element 2.
    Depreciation from this date onwards is posted to WBS Element 2 (this is expected), but in FI the asset acquisition cost is still in WBS element 1.
    Does anyone know how to rectify the FI document with correct WBS element i.e  WBS Element 2 via asset module.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
    Pramod Saraswat

    Aquasition postings and depreciation postings are 2 compleet different things in SAP.
    You post an aquasition postings on a balance sheet account, as statistical information in the posting I think you give the WBS number.
    When you change the WBS for the depreciation cost then from that date the depreciation costs is posted on WBS 2.   For SAP there is nor reason to change the WBS from the aquasition costs.
    A WBS is not an organiasational unit in SAP like company code, profit center, BA. 
    For these objects you have to do a transfer,
    ABUMN - Transfer within Company Code
    ABT1N - Intercompany Asset Transfer

  • Sale order - Wbs element Report

    Is there any report for sale order wise wbs element report.
    In my sale order i will give wbs element and now i want to check "for one sale order , what are the wbs elements"

    You can check the WBS for a sales order from the table view of VBAP.
    The WBS field is PS_PSP_PNR.
    Goto SE16 and give VBAP.
    Enter your sales order number and execute. Look for your WBS elements in foeld PS_PSP_PNR for the different line items.
    You can also create a quick SAP query on this.

  • Return Order Credit Memo updation in WBS element

    I have an issue on the automatic updation of return order for WBS element, once the sales order is been assigned to the wbs and billing is done payment also made by the customer and wen the customer sends the return order stating that in those goods he wont require some goods than in sales cycle credit memo is done for the payment return to customer but is there any place where the wbs gets updated for the revenues deduction of the payment given back to customer where its has to be to do this
    Kindly help me doing this.
    Thanks and Regards
    Praveen B M

    Thanks for you reply and i just want to know that.
    If we assign the return order to the WBS element, the credit memo automatically has the WBS element assigned to it or do we have to manually assign the credit memo to a WBS element? if yes how?
    Thanks and Regards
    Praveen B M

  • WBS element is not getting populated in Excise entry in Project billing

    Hi SAP Guru's
    We have the case where we are doing the billing from manufacturing plant against Project. While billing WBS element is appearing in the invoice but in excise invoice entry same is not getting populated. This is affecting RR and P&L.
    Can you help me by providing the standard solution to meet this requirement or update if we can meet this requirement by some function module or through any exit.
    Surender Gupta

      In transaction" VTFA" and for your sales and billing type,select your item category and in the same scree,your pricing type should be "D".This will copy all the conditions from sales order item.
      Reward if this helps.

  • Vendor Payments Report with WBS Elements

    Dear Expert,
    I am looking a report for Vendor outgoing payment against WBS Elements.
    Is there any Vendor Payments report with WBS Elements in SAP? I have seen FBL1N but WBS Elements field is blank.

    You mentioned WBS Element is blank; so please check in any one sample payment documnet whetehr WBS is maintained and if yes find which field it is populated. For eg; sometimes people populate this information in the text or assignment field. If that is the case then change the layout accordingly in FBL1N.

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