Designing Searchable drop downs in LC form designing

I want to design an eform which has a searchable drop down box. That
is as someone types in the required contents into the dropdown the
displayed contents of the drop down should shrink.It should have the
search feature  in google search(as we type in the result set keeps showing and we can choose from there). If someone knows how to
incorporate this searchable feature into the drop downs while
designing the form, please help. An example to show the way in which
it can be implemented would be really helpful.

Hi Sayoni,
This is just part of the xml file I uploaded but should give you enough to get the sample working.
Hope it helps
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<country id="AF" name="AFGHANISTAN" />
<country id="AX" name="ÅLAND ISLANDS" />
<country id="AL" name="ALBANIA" />
<country id="DZ" name="ALGERIA" />
<country id="AS" name="AMERICAN SAMOA" />
<country id="AD" name="ANDORRA" />
<country id="AO" name="ANGOLA" />
<country id="AI" name="ANGUILLA" />
<country id="AQ" name="ANTARCTICA" />
<country id="AG" name="ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA" />
<country id="AR" name="ARGENTINA" />
<country id="AM" name="ARMENIA" />
<country id="AW" name="ARUBA" />
<country id="AU" name="AUSTRALIA" />
<country id="AT" name="AUSTRIA" />
<country id="AZ" name="AZERBAIJAN" />
<country id="BS" name="BAHAMAS" />
<country id="BH" name="BAHRAIN" />
<country id="BD" name="BANGLADESH" />
<country id="BB" name="BARBADOS" />
<country id="BY" name="BELARUS" />
<country id="BE" name="BELGIUM" />
<country id="BZ" name="BELIZE" />
<country id="BJ" name="BENIN" />
<country id="BM" name="BERMUDA" />
<country id="BT" name="BHUTAN" />
<country id="BO" name="BOLIVIA, PLURINATIONAL STATE OF" />
<country id="BA" name="BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA" />
<country id="BW" name="BOTSWANA" />
<country id="BV" name="BOUVET ISLAND" />
<country id="BR" name="BRAZIL" />
<country id="BN" name="BRUNEI DARUSSALAM" />
<country id="BG" name="BULGARIA" />
<country id="BF" name="BURKINA FASO" />
<country id="BI" name="BURUNDI" />
<country id="KH" name="CAMBODIA" />
<country id="CM" name="CAMEROON" />
<country id="CA" name="CANADA" />
<country id="CV" name="CAPE VERDE" />
<country id="KY" name="CAYMAN ISLANDS" />
<country id="CF" name="CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC" />
<country id="TD" name="CHAD" />
<country id="CL" name="CHILE" />
<country id="CN" name="CHINA" />
<country id="CX" name="CHRISTMAS ISLAND" />
<country id="CC" name="COCOS (KEELING) ISLANDS" />
<country id="CO" name="COLOMBIA" />
<country id="KM" name="COMOROS" />
<country id="CG" name="CONGO" />
<country id="CK" name="COOK ISLANDS" />
<country id="CR" name="COSTA RICA" />
<country id="CI" name="CÔTE D'IVOIRE" />
<country id="HR" name="CROATIA" />
<country id="CU" name="CUBA" />
<country id="CY" name="CYPRUS" />
<country id="CZ" name="CZECH REPUBLIC" />
<country id="DK" name="DENMARK" />
<country id="DJ" name="DJIBOUTI" />
<country id="DM" name="DOMINICA" />
<country id="DO" name="DOMINICAN REPUBLIC" />

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    See go to LocalDictionary->Data Type-> SimpleType Right Click and create a Simple Type giving some Package Name
    Once u have created
    There u will see Enumeration Tab and give Key Value Pairs by pressing New Button
    Now Create a Context Attr and at Type property select that three dots
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    then select the Simple type u have created
    Then assign the context Attr to the UI Element
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  • Muse will not open any drop down menus while in design mode.Screen just flickers.

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    Are you using Windows 8 or 8.1 ?
    The Muse 2014 release is incompatible with 125% Display scaling via the Windows Control Panel in Windows 8 and 8.1. The only workaround is to switch to 100% or 150% Display scaling.

  • Drop down menus showing in design mode... help!

    I maintain a Web site (designed by someone else) that has
    drop down menus. Most of the time the drop down menus do not show
    up when I am working on the page in DW design mode. However
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    Or supply a URL?
    Murray --- ICQ 71997575
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    (If you *MUST* email me, don't LAUGH when you do so!)
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    "PizzaGood" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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    > Could you copy/paste the code so we can take a look?
    > "sharkief" <[email protected]> wrote in
    > news:ejsjte$ggc$[email protected]..
    >>I maintain a Web site (designed by someone else) that
    has drop down menus.
    >> Most of the time the drop down menus do not show up
    when I am working on
    >> the
    >> page in DW design mode. However recently some of the
    pages started
    >> showing all
    >> the menus stacked going down the page above
    everything else. I can't
    >> figure
    >> out why this is happening and how to make them not
    show like they used
    >> to. It
    >> seems to be causing problems when I want to update
    the site via the
    >> template.
    >> Any ideas? Thanks.

  • Combo Prompt Design (with Drop down and Multi-select prompts)

    Hi folks,
    I have the following prompt design requirement in OBIEE dashboard:
    PromptA: should be a drop-down prompt
    PromptB: should be a multi-select prompt
    PromptB should list the values contained in either of two dimensions (lets say: Product Names and Product Group Names ). Lets define Product Names to be the names of individual products, while the Product Group Names is the names of a predefined collection of certain products.
    The string values that should appear in the PromptA then are: Product Names and Product Group Names. Consequent to the selection made in PromptA, values from one of these two dimensions should be dynamically displayed in PromptB. That is, if Product Names is selected from PromptA, then all product names from the Product Names dimension should be listed in PromptB. And if Product Group Names is selected from PromptA, then all product group names from the Product Group Names dimension should be listed in PromptB.
    Can anyone tell me how do I relate the above two prompts and have my reports to work accordingly?
    Edited by: Mahendra Varman on Jan 7, 2009 12:11 PM
    Edited by: Mahendra Varman on Jan 7, 2009 12:21 PM

    For this you have to do two dashboard prompt
    In promptA:
    select one dummy column,
    In control dropdown list select dropdown
    In show dropdown list select SQL Results
    In sql results write the following query
    Select case when 1=0 then tabelname.column else 'Tablename.ProductNames' end from subjectarea name
    Union all
    Select case when 1=0 then tablename.column else 'Tablename.ProductGroupName' end from subject are name
    In set variable ->set presentation variable called var1
    Saved it as PromptA
    In PromptB:
    Select one dummy column in that column forumla write @{var1}
    but problem with this approach it shows two Go buttons for two prompts to avoide this create custom Go button
    for creating custom Go button see this link
    Try this its not work let me know
    i tried for another solution

  • Dependend drop-down in PDF form

    I thought this would be easy, but the tutorial I'm following is way more complicated than what I'm building, so I'm getting lost.
    I'm making a form that has two dropdown lists, and the items in the second one need to depend on what was selected in the first one.
    My first dropdown has three selections, and I've written a list of dependent selections formatted like this:
    var TopicLink = {
                    ["Border planning"],["border_planning"],
                    ["Census issues"],["census_issues"],
                    ["Citizens Guide"],["citizens_guide"],
                    ["Congestion Management Process"],["congestion_management_process"],
                    ["Delta Region"],["delta_region"],
                    ["Economic Development"],["economic_development"],
    For each of the three items.
    I've pasted this into Other Tasks, Javascripts, Document Javascripts (Acrobat X), but when I right click on my second drop-down and pick the Actions Tab (On Focus, Run a Javascript), my JS doesn't appear on the list.
    This is my first time touching a PDF form other than to fill one out.  What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks George,
    While working on this, I stumbled across a copy of LiveCycle ES2 that I didn't know I had installed in this machine.  For some reason I was able to figure things out much more easily in this program, so I managed to get it working without much issue.
    Thanks for the reply!

  • Filling Drop down in Adobe forms

    Hi experts,
      I am developing a new Adobe form.In that I am using a table,the table consist of three drop downs in each row.
    My requirements are
    1. I want to fill the three drop downs.Guide me in that..
    2. How to capture the value selected in first dropdown...
    2. Based on the value selected in first dropdown I want to set the remaining two dropdowns.
    I am using AdobeDesigner 7.1.
    Please help me to achive this ....

    Hi Mathi,
    Answers to your questions:
    1. To fill the drop down select the drop down you want to fill and go to the Object palette, choose field tab and there would be an option list item press the icon button and the value you want. Similarly use button to remove the values.
    2. To use the values outside the form bind the drop down to a attribute from the data source.
    3. To use inside to set values of the remaining drop downs use the following code at the exit event of the first drop down.
    if (a.rawValue == 'a' )
         b.rawValue = 'f';
         c.rawValue = 'h';
    here i have supposed that a, b, c are three dropdowns.
    a has values : a,b,c.
    and b has values : d,e,f.
    and c has values : g,h,i.
    To write this code in the exit event of the first drop down(a) select it and in the script editor choose exit event.
    To show script editor go to windows in the menu and choose script editor.
    I hope it will be helpful.
    Vaibhav Tiwari.

  • Reg: The Drop down in Adobe form

    Hi All,
           I am using a Adobe form [PDF] with 2 Drop Down's say DD1 [values:1,2,3] and DD2 [values a,b,c],
    Requirment is:
    When i select a value say "1" in DD1, DD2 should be "readOnly" and value should  be "a" only.
    When any value other then "1" is selected in DD1, DD2 should remain as Selectable to the user.
    Solution i tried: Using script i made DD2 as "readOnly" when DD1 is "1", which makes DD2 as i/p field - not editable, but the problem is if user selects the another value after selecting "1" in DD1, DD2 remains a i/p field and no values is shown to the user, even though i made it as "readWrite".
    Please help me.
    Thanks & regards

    Have a workaround to hide and display the fields like You should have two UI's for DD1 one is input field disabled with value "a" and the other is DropDown enabled, now what you do is when you select "1" in DD1 make the visibility of Input field true and when you select the other values in DD1 hide the Input field and make visible the Dropdown.

  • Muse drop down option in form widget

    Hi, I'm looking for help in the form widget. I've created a form and I need to provide a drop down option for one of the fields. Is there a way I can do it in Muse? Can anyone help me??

    With Native Muse form widget we cannot include drop downs but if using Business Catalyst you can insert the form with drop downs and then use in Muse.
    Please refer to this post :

  • Extracting values from drop down buttons html forms

    I would like to know how to obtain the values which is selected through the drop down box. Iam using Java Script as a client side scripting lang..
    Here is my code so let me know what to do further. Iam not getting the alert mesg which is sitting in the put() so let me know how the put method should work
    Thanks a lot
    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
    <!-- hide
    function put()
    choice = document.forms.Pri.list.optionsdocument.forms.Pri.list.selectedIndex]
    if (choice ="0")
    alert("enter state"+choice);
    function goto()
    Pri.list.options.value=" "
    //end -->
    <form name="Pri" method = "get" action="">
    State<SELECT NAME="list" onChange="put()">
    <input type="submit" Value="Submit">
    <input type=button name="Reset" value=Reset onClick=goto()>

    I'm not sure what you're talking about... if you don't select an option from the list, the onchange function isn't going to be called, so of course the the alert isn't working.
    You sound like you are complaining that when the form submits, the value for the select list is the first option (""). I fail to see why this is a problem. If the value is "", then you handle it like nothing was selected. In a single select list like that, an option is always selected. The whole point of having a blank option is to allow the user to pick it. Otherwise don't put a blank option.
    In general, you don't need to use a button to do reset, you use a reset button: input type="reset". And it'll reset on it's own.

  • Populating a Drop down menu JSP form

    How to go about populating a drop-down form from Oracle Database using JSP?
    I have the connecting to the Oracle Database running. I also can query forms, but i can't create a drop-down menu form.

    Start the dropdown box with the regular select tags "<select name=this>"
    Then open a JSP block and get a resutlset, loop through the resultset and and put the values from the resutlset into the <option> tags for the HTML.
    out.println("<option value=\"" + rs.getString(1) + "\">" + rs.getString(1) + ">");
    Then close the loop and that should populate a dropdown within the html form.

  • Security issue with page drop down on planning form

    I'll buy a round of Newcastles for anyone that can fix this issue.
    Planning a given user is given @idescendants write access to a cost center rollup that has shared members underneath. The stored members are in a primary rollup higher up in the hierarchy. The webform has the cost center selection on the page drop down. The first child in the rollup does not display. This occurs for every rollup, the first child member is not visible i nthe drop down. So for example, the outline looks like this:
    primary cost center hierarchy (stored)
    --ccxxx stored
    --ccyyy stored
    alternate hierarchy (shared members)
    rollup2 <--------------user has write access to @Idescendants of this rollup
    --ccxxx shared
    --ccyyy shared
    In the page drop down, only the ccyyy member shows. Not the ccxxx. Dev has the same access applied and both show correctly. I've tried refreshing security, pushing filters from plan to essbase (even though this is metadata security in planning) and nothing fixes. Webforms are identical. My next step is to restart the planning service when i get down time but was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue.Always the first child of the shared rollup that doesnt display.
    Edited by: EssbaseInAz on Nov 4, 2009 3:11 PM

    Exports are identical. In fact, prod security was cleared and reloaded using an export from dev. after the upload i re-exported prod and compared the export to what was loaded (export from dev). Security is identical. This only for users with security set on the alternate hierarchy rollups up. Admin members are fine. One test i did do was to give access to the first child that is not displaying up on the stored member. If i do that, the member will show. But that's not really feasible in this security setup and it does not explain why the exact same security works fine in dev.
    I thought about about the second issue you raise. it does seem to behave like that. but the part is tagged never share, not label. Same as in dev, which works. plus like you said, that situation only seems to arise when the members are on the row and even then, the member displays, it's just set to read only. I'm wondering if there's some flag set in the relational backend that's causing an issue or something like that. I've pushd the filters to essbase and using a test id setup i can replicate this issue, but with an excel retrieve i can obviously see the member (since metadata security isnt applied in excel) and i can also see the data for the missing cost center. So, its somewhere in planning where the metadata security is applied. I might poke around the planning tables and compare to dev to see if i can find any smoking guns. Really bizarre. Plus tomorrow i've got a window to restart the planning service to see if that helps.
    Thx for the response Jake and if you have any other suggestions i'm open. If i find a solution i'll let you know.

  • Does anyone know how to get one drop down populate multiple drop downs in adobe form not live cycle!

    I have one drop down that when value selected another drop down is filled with list of choices, and then one of those choices is made another drop down should be populated with some choices.

    Hi zach317,
    Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums.  As stated in the thread you have cited, the purpose of this forum is to give feedback or make suggestions on ways to improve the forums.  Should you have feedback on other issues, please contact HP directly using this link.  This is a user-to-user forum, so you'll have to use this link for direct assistance from HP.
    Many members of the community are extremely knowledgable. If you're having an issue you believe the other users in the community may be able to assist you with, please feel free to find the appropriate forum and post your question there. 
    Should you have any further questions or concerns, you can send a Private Message to me or another moderator or admin at any time.
    Thank you!
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