One cannot currently edit the Windows 10 Tech Preview Start Menu, in the Windows 7 and earlier manner.  Desktop users need this ability back, pronto.
For example, one cannot right-click an empty folder in the Start Menu and choose to delete it.  To delete an empty folder from the start menu, one must navigate to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs,
then delete the offending folder or file, then LOGOUT and log back in for the changes to take effect.
We ALSO need the ability to organize the "metro-style" apps into a folder, sort them, drag-and-drop them, etc., etc., just like any other program.  Currently, on this PC I have over 70 "metro-style" apps installed.  In the "All
Apps" view of the Start Menu, I now have to scroll past 70 items just to get to the "regular" programs installed on the PC.  Not good.  Not good at all.
I hope the development team has this on their plate or, if not, is listening.  This one is very important to desktop users!!

I agree whole heartedly with Furry Panther poster but think the problem is more basic than that.  To address the concerns of LuisHMex, this variation on the start menu issue is very much an IT consern.  I've already documented this issue here Remote
Install Customize Start Menu but was asked to go to TechNet because the other site was too consumer oriented. 
This one issue more than any other has stopped us from deploying Windows 8 on our 14,000 computers and it seems to be continuing on to 10.  I have a software library of 200 titles that have to be installed remotely after imaging.  There seems
to be no way to publish these applications to the start menu via script and it is not feasible to have group policies for every subset of software.  Not only do they need to show up, but show up before the Metro style apps.  We'd get non stop calls
to the help desk if users had to scroll right to find an app they are looking for.  I'd love to have a start screen category called "desktop apps" where I could publish all the titles installed post imaging.
Going beyond that, has anyone ever installed Smart Notebook?  It installs 15 icons of different utilities.  I was hoping that the start screen would support folders like an Android or iPhone does.  While the start screen is friendly with one
button access, it is difficult to find the tile you want due to the sheer number of tiles available.  With this new hybrid start menu, perhaps all the desktop apps could go back to the Win7 style menu with folders and leave the Metro one for the start
screen style part.  It just needs a way to manage that separation. 

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  • Blackberry Desktop Software installed, but not on start menu or icons on desktop

    Blackberry Desktop Software installed, but not on start menu or icons on desktop
    I got a new laptop Windows 7.  I installed Blackberry Desktop apparently successfully.  However, doesn't appear on start menu nor desktop.

    Hey tgcraighead,
    Welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums.
    Thanks for the question.
    After the installation did you restart the computer?  If you go into Control Panel>Programs and Features do you see BlackBerry Desktop Software listed in the applications?
    Did you have a previous version of BlackBerry Desktop Software installed?
    I look forward to your reply.
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  • I just installed Lightroom 5. It will not open. I have clicked on the desktop icon as well as the start menu button with no results. What am I missing?

    I just installed Lightroom 5. It will not open. I have clicked on the desktop icon as well as the start menu button with no results. What am I missing?

    I had the same problem, and I believe it is caused by having the Creative Cloud application doing the updating of LR.  I "fixed" the problem by:
    1. Uninstall Lightroom
    2. Download the stand-alone LR 5.6 installer from Product updates
    3. Install LR 5.6 using the stand-alone installer, instead of using the Creative Cloud application.

  • Either need ability to edit PS layer style in FC or allow for update check to the .psd file

    There is not much control over look in FC of imported .psd file. So please allow for update import some how.

    I think if you poll users you will find Designers and Artists are most familiar and comfortable with Photoshop than Illustrator. That is one of the reasons I never upgraded or pushed to get the latest illustrator. Illustrator seems to not be as easy to use as Photoshop or AfterEffects. I am hoping that CS4 is identical to Photoshop for me to even consider to upgrading. I only use illustrator for the vector brush storkes it can do to paths, or to open a vector file and instantly copy and paste it as smart object into Photoshop.
    I also do not understand why every element in Photoshop can't behave like in AfterEffects. In AfterEffects every value is re-editable and stackable. Thus no need to come up with new workflow of converting to smart object as everything is smart.
    To me it seems like software development groups are siloed from each other at Adobe. I hope I am proved wrong and roundtriping become real for Photoshop as well as Illustrator. 

  • New User: Needs Help with getting started with the Z

    Hi, my son got a creative Zen for xmas, only getting round to getting it together now, and having some problems with the manual. All this is new to us -technology etc. We have managed to rip a CD but cant get any further! Downloading from internet sounds like such a good idea, but 'know-how-to do' seems light years away in this house! Is there an easy start manual or step by step directions that I've missed out on somewhere? the quick start manual is fine for learning how to use the player but doesn't give any info on ripping CDs and whatever comes after. Can any of you 'experts' bring yourselves back to the begining and explain what to do in simple english?
    Message Edited by Jeremy-CL on 02-0-2005 0:25 AM

    I moved and edited your message as your are more likely to get help out here. As far as suggestions go for downloading from the internet goes, there is not a lot of difference between getting it from CDs. The main difference is the process of actually getting the music.
    First off there are several music stores out there and some that are free. Here are a few suggestions (this is all personal knowledge, this is not an official endorsement of any of these):
    Napster - Integrates into Windows Media Player if you desire and can transfer directly to most Zens. Also allows a user to subscribe to an account that allows for streaming and computer only downloads of music (must purchase song to transfer to the player...usually around .99 a song) - Website interface that sells individual tracks and albums.
    Wallmart music store - Website interface that sells individual tracks and albums.
    There are others but these three are the mains ones (outside of itunes, which is designed for the Ipod).
    Basically once you download them, you go into MediaSource or Windows Media Player and add the files to the music library. Then you just transfer like you do with CDs.
    JeremyMessage Edited by Jeremy-CL on 02-0-2005 0:34 AM

  • Preventing changes to TaskBar & Start Menu Settings

    Please tell me how to "prevent" changes to TaskBar and Start Menu Settings.  Is this mean the same thing as "pin" to Start Menu, need to know how to"prevent" the change.

    Refer below link too midify all the policies belongs to Start menu and Taskbar. ( Restrict users to set Pin to start menu)
    Below link will guide you to how to restrict users to block start menu
    For Takbar-->
    \User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Start Menu & Taskbar
    Disable context menus for the taskbar
    Manjunath Sullad

  • Start Menu Folder Redirection In Windows Server 2008 R2 (Via GPO) For Windows 7 Professional

    I'm having the problem where a redirected start menu appears empty. Using
    server 2008 R2 and the clients are Windows 7 Professional; i am getting empty start menu.
    Note:- Same is working perfectly fine with Windows
    XP machines.
    I believe the policy is set up correctly.
    Setting: Basic (Redirect everyone's
    folder to the same location)
    Path: \\10.x.x.x\redirection\StartMenu
    Grant user exclusive rights to Start Menu - Disabled 
    Move the contents of Start Menu to the new location - Disabled 
    Also apply redirection policy to Windows 2000, Windows 2000 server, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 operating systems  - Enabled 
    Policy Removal Behavior - Leave contents
    Start Menu and Taskbar
    Clear history   of recently opened documents on exit
    Clear the   recent programs list for new users
    Do not keep   history of recently opened documents
    Do not search   for files
    Lock all   taskbar settings
    Lock the   Taskbar
    Prevent   changes to Taskbar and Start Menu Settings
    Remove access   to the context menus for the taskbar
    Remove All   Programs list from the Start menu
    Remove common   program groups from Start Menu
    Remove Default   Programs link from the Start menu.
    Remove   Documents icon from Start Menu
    Remove   Downloads link from Start Menu
    Remove   Favorites menu from Start Menu
    Remove   frequent programs list from the Start Menu
    Remove Games   link from Start Menu
    Remove Help   menu from Start Menu
    Remove   Homegroup link from Start Menu
    Remove links   and access to Windows Update
    Remove Music   icon from Start Menu
    Remove Network   Connections from Start Menu
    Remove Network   icon from Start Menu
    Remove   Pictures icon from Start Menu
    Remove   programs on Settings menu
    Remove Recent   Items menu from Start Menu
    Remove Run   menu from Start Menu
    Remove Search   Computer link
    Remove Search   link from Start Menu
    Remove See   More Results / Search Everywhere link
    Remove the   Action Center icon
    Remove user   folder link from Start Menu
    Remove user's   folders from the Start Menu
    Remove Videos   link from Start Menu
    Please help !
    Regards Zargar Muneer

    Hi Zargar,
    >>Using server 2008 R2 and the clients are Windows 7 Professional; i am getting empty start menu.
    This is normal, for we disabled the option
    Move the contents of Start Menu to the new location. This option is enabled by default and it will automatically move the existing content to the new location.
    At this moment, we can manually copy the files we want from the local locations.
    Best regards,
    Frank Shen

  • Windows 8.1 need help with Windows Updates and Start menu Or fix my old Windows Xp system

    My beloved windows Xp has gave up after many years of working well. It stopped working a few days ago after a lightening strike.
    I got this Windows 8.1 computer a few month ago  but it seems to have a problem. I stopped using it after could not get start menu to work and when back to my Windows XP system.
    First problem is the start menu is not there. I tried installing something and it says it will take control or something and screen goes black. I clicked canceled quickly in order not to get a virus.
    Where is the start menu?
    Second problem, Windows updates does not want to update because it needs Windows 8.1 update. This computer is already Windows 8.1. There I canceled it since it was mostly a virus. Now updates are not working.
    If those can not be fixed, how can i fix my Windows Xp to get it back. It does not turn on, I press button and nothing happens. Is this something easy to fix?

    Another user discovers that Windows 8.1 is not at all of what it should be.
    There is no Start Menu in Windows 8 or 8.1.  However, you can restore your desktop start menu with a very good freeware application: 
    Classic Shell
    Windows Update comes with Windows 8.1.  There is nothing special you have to do.
    It kind of sounds like you've been a bit too quick to download and run whatever you find on the Internet.  You should always research any software you're considering downloading/installing ahead of time.  Google it.  See what others say
    about it.  Ask on forums.  In order to use Windows effectively and safely you need to expand your knowledge and become a more sophisticated user.
    If you think your new system has become infected, you might want to consider Refreshing or Resetting it to a clean state, or at least visiting one of the anti-malware forums and getting some advice on cleaning it up.  But beware, a lot
    of "blind leading the blind" happens on forums.  Always try to read between the lines, and question what people say.
    You could consider leaving XP behind.  Its time has come and gone, and pretty much any newer version of Windows can actually give you better service than XP - once you get it tuned up.
    It's possible to make Windows 8.1 more functional than XP and about as functional as Windows 7, but it takes a fair bit of effort in reconfiguration and installation of some well-known 3rd party applications that are good (which, unfortunately, most
    on the internet are not).
    Good luck to you.
    Detailed how-to in my eBooks:  
    Configure The Windows 7 "To Work" Options
    Configure The Windows 8 "To Work" Options

  • How to pin a tile for both modern UI IE and standard desktop IE to start menu in Windows 8.1?

    When we deploy new applications to users we use the new GPO for Win 8.1 called "Pin Apps to Start". There we specify the path to the application and it automatically pins to users start menu on log on.
    But we want to have both the modern UI IE and the standard desktop IE on start menu also, the modern UI IE is already on the start menu by default, but when we add the IE shortcut to the GPO setting it doesn't appear on users start menu. tried the following
    path: c:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe
    anyone know how to do this in Windows 8.1?
    In Windows 8 it works, but since Microsoft blocked this feature to keep the start menu "clean", we need to use the Pin Apps to Start setting in a GPO.
    Kind regards, Magnus Lislevatn

    I want to know the detail GPO settings for the Internet Explorer, both Windows store and the desktop Internet Explorer, besides, does it work for Windows 7 system?
    The Windows store Internet Explorer is an app, it is not located in C:\Program Files, the desktop Internet Explorer is located at C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer.
    that’s why it doesn't appear on users start menu  when you add the IE shortcut to the GPO setting and tried the following path: c:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe
    The suggestion I provided for now is to check whether it just happened to one Windows 8.1 machine, if this happens to any other system, the group policy is responsible for this, posting the group policy setting will help analyze this.
    Wade Liu
    TechNet Community Support

  • I was running firefox beta 9,selected about firefox, which then updated to 10, and when opening 10, began to update to version 11. now the desktop icon is beta 9, start menu beta 10, and version 11 is installed. how do i correct this problem?

    after updating from beta 9, to 10, to11, my desktop icon still says beta 9. The start menue has beta 10, and will not allow me to select open file location, which when accessing through programs(x86) is listed as beta 9. When checking uninstall programs, beta 11, is listed.
    how do i remove references to beta 9 and 10?

    Mr. Willener,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I did un-install and then re-install per the Adobe recommendations which are what you listed in your reply.  The problem remained until I did a MS Windows restore to a restore point a month or so ago.  The IE problems vanished.  However, now I'm using an outdated and unsupported version that is lower than most of the web pages require for their sites, at least the ones I want to view (they all say I need to upgrade my Flash Player which, when I did, put me in this fix).
    As to:
    Pat Willener wrote:
    Usuallyexasperated wrote:
    it requires a...... 2.33 Ghz processor!
    You can safely ignore that requirement; it is simply not true.
    Why would Adobe post a system requirement of 2.33 Ghz for 11.2 if it simply were not true?
    Message was edited by: Usuallyexasperated

  • Better provisioning in Windows client: Remember templates for the Start Screen - like the need for categorization (taxonomy) in the Start Menu

    Better provisioning in Windows client: Remember templates for the Start Screen - like the need for categorization (taxonomy) in the Start Menu ...
    Like my previous suggestion about categories alike Linux to clean up the mess in the start menu:
    Please help new users to use the Start Screen in valuable way - demonstrate the value.
    You don't sell SharePoint with a completely unorded randomized site hierarchy - and without any templates.
    Not content - but abstract content like templates are everything when you need to learn to use ... i.e. a new product like the Start Screen. It gets you started right away. A like Word as well.
    Please bring order and form to the content. I.e. T E M P L A T E S parsing the layout of the tiles.
    Have context switching for virtualization working with the virtual desktop mode. So I only see those tiles that are in context with my actual workflow.
    Of course you would need a well-made taxonomy for apps - i.e. subclassed.

    Hello cor-el,
    Thanks for your help. The View > Zoom didn't work the first time, but I just tried it again on a couple of web pages and it works great!!
    Thanks again. Have a Great Day! You sure improved my attitude!
    You RocK!!!
    Best regards,

  • Edit gnome menu globaly (for all new users)?

    Is there some let say clean way to edit default gnome menu entries for new users?
    I know about alacarte, but it edits just users menu.
    What exactly I need, Im preparing a unified arch desktop fot a lot of computers in our office. And I will copy the prepared desktop to all the computers edit things that are host specific and create new user. But 95% users will use 30% of same menu entries, the rest entries are useless for them. I dont want to edit menu for each new single user. But there are let say few users that will use much of the entries, but it is not problem to enable that for few specific users (alse those understand what they are doing so they could do it themselves).
    I was thinking about that like gconf editor for global settings. 
    My workaround will be to copy to every new created user prepared ./.config/menus ./.local/share but I isnt so much elegant:(
    Or maybe there are same files somewhere global but I dont know where (I will replace them with the prepared one)
    Thats why Im asking.

    You could take a look at: /usr/share/applications

  • Windows 2008 R2 Standard Group Policy to Add Device and Printer in start menu of Windows 7 Users

    i need to add for Device and printers option in start menu of windows 7 client log on system,how to assign the group policy enable?  

    Are you trying to put a software icon to start for easy of end user use? If so you can refer the following related third party article solution:
    The related third party article:
    How to Push Shortcuts to the Desktop With Group Policy
    Hope this helps.
    *** This response contains a reference to a third party World Wide Web site. Microsoft is providing this information as a convenience to you. Microsoft does not control these sites and has not tested any software or information found on these sites;
    therefore, Microsoft cannot make any representations regarding the quality, safety, or suitability of any software or information found there. There are inherent dangers in the use of any software found on the Internet, and Microsoft cautions you to make sure
    that you completely understand the risk before retrieving any software from the Internet. ***

  • Start Menu items/shotcuts and Start Menu search ability on multiple workstations

    2/13/2014 our IT department began to receive complaints of missing programs. After investigation of a few users we were able to determine that the programs existed but all shortcuts and items from the start menu had been completely removed. In addition the
    searching feature of the start menu was not functional. This happened to about 90% of our environment and the catalyst seemed to be Windows updates or at least occurred after the auto reboot initiated by Windows Updates.  The only items visible in start
    menu were items added after the fact, internet explorer, magnifier, command prompt, and notepad. All other items, folders, and the ability to search installed programs or folders were completely removed. However all programs are present in the program files
    folders. THe start menu folder in program data was empty except for the aforementioned items. Additionally properties of start menu had all necessary checks in boxes such as search program files and folders etc. Also show hidden items and folders is enabled
    for many users so the items were not hidden but gone. And the biggest kicker of all was after a full domain investigation into the issues we found that the majority of our windows server platforms, primarily 2008, were also affected and system restore is unavailable.
    This conflicts with our idea that Windows Updates caused this since our servers get their updates on a manual initiated basis by their admins which we have not performed as of yet for this month. This caused me to begin looking at SCCM SCEP as all systems
    have System Center Endpoint Protection and received definition updates. Also accessing different user profiles or even a new profile did not make a difference, issue still present.
    Due to the enormous inconvenience we sent out a company wide email asking users to perform system restores to get us in a stable state. A system restore to the day before Windows updates (second Wednesday of every month configured by SCCM SCUP) restored
    the start menu items.
    On a multitude of machines IT performed troubleshooting and system restores recording the changes removed and added. We then, on a healthy machine, started to apply the windows updates and SCEP (antivirus) definitions 1 by 1 with out success of replicating
    the issue. Next we performed a system wide antivirus full scan and did not find any viruses. This is obviously not a system criticle issue bringing us down but is a huge concern for us in IT as it happened company wide and caused a large flux of tickets and
    some down time for non-technical users. We most definitely want to know the cause and after several days of investigation and troubleshooting Im turning to the Microsoft community for help.
    I know I categorized this as a Windows 7 issue and its affecting windows server 2008, 2003, and 7, but I did not see a forum for all windows platforms. Since the majority of affected users are Windows 7 I opened it here.
    So to summarize in a bulleted format:
    Issue: Wide spread issue affecting around 60-70 users and servers, all profiles, were all start menu items save one or two system defaults were removed. Additionally the searching feature for the start menu looks to be broken as programs
    exist in program files and are unsearchable from start menu. IT was also affected and I remain affected until I find the cause.
    Investigation and Troubleshooting:
    Start menu properties: nothing has changed and search options are enabled.
    Missing items are not hidden, hiding and unhiding does nothing and folder options show hidden files is checked.
    Program data start menu location is indeed empty as well as user app data start menu location
    No group policy's are in place altering start menu items and no group policy changes were made as of recent
    No SCCM packages pushed company wide in last month or pushed individually
    Windows Updates occurred on windows 7 machines only before the issue occurred and computers restarted and the issue surfaced
    System Center Endpoint Protection Antivirus updates and definitions deployed just before the occurrence with windows updates. SCEP def updates happen on all windows boxes to include servers
    Paint.exe was completely missing from system32 folder for some users machines to include my own
    System restore to that morning before restarts or previous day fixes the issue for windows 7 users
    No windows updates were initiated on any servers
    Servers were also affected with windows 7 machines
    About half the users affected had corrupt Microsoft Office 2013 Pro Plus Click to Run installations and for some the system restore did not fix this and we had to re-install office for around 10 users
    SCEP antivirus did not catch any viruses that could cause this, I performed MBAM scans on a handful of machines and didn't find anything either.
    Re-creating start menu shortcuts works
    Happened to two of our companies locations NH and MA, all part of the same domain but different LANS of course. Companies are interconnected by MPLS connection.
    I combed through SCCM to see if anything deployed and found nothing. Currently I have SCUP updates and SCEP updates disabled. I will post a list of Windows Updates that occurred when the issue occurred as well as the SCEP updates. I have read all the threads
    about this types of issues and tried all steps without success. Googling the issue also did not rear results.

    I would like to suggest you try these steps to figure out what could be causing this problem.
    1. Run Troubleshooter
    Open the Search and Indexing troubleshooter
    2. Create a new library and include fewer folders for test purpose. Now search for a file from that folder. See if it works.
    Create a new library
    3. Try to rebuild search indexing. Refer the steps from the following article.
    Also you may use the System File Checker tool (SFC.exe) to check the issue. The sfc /scannow command scans all protected system files and replaces incorrect versions with correct Microsoft versions.
    How to use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted system files on Windows Vista or on Windows 7
    In addition, you may refer to the following Microsoft TechNet article for the Windows Search related Group Policies.
    Group Policy for Windows Search
    Hope it helps.
    Blair Deng
    Blair Deng
    TechNet Community Support

  • Give users ability to edit ONLY A SECTION of a web page

    I have a site that I maintain for a band. One page has their
    upcoming clubs dates. I want them to be able to update that section
    of the page only and nothing else anywhere on that page or the
    This is a DreamWeaver site, based on a template that defines
    everything about every page on the site... They do not know HTML
    and cannot have access to any part of the page except for their
    dates listing. I cannot allow the user access to edit any other
    part of the page or site except their upcoming club dates.
    If I understand, "Joomla" does something like this, but the
    page (or maybe the whole site) needs to be to Joomla so I guess I
    would lose my DreamWeaver template advantages.
    Maybe there is an appropriate piece of blog-style code I can
    drop into the page and give a user this ability without letting
    them do anything else?
    Hosting is Linux, if that matters.
    Thx folks!

    I think Cushy.cms is all you need for this project. But if
    you don't want
    to edit via their server pages, have a look at these.
    NanoCMS - Resides on your server. Simple to use. Requires PHP
    - no database
    Content Seed - Resides on your server. Available in ASP, PHP,
    versions - no database needed.
    --Nancy O.
    Alt-Web Design & Publishing
    "mudsharkymon" <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:gbptuo$8jc$[email protected]..
    > I have a site that I maintain for a band. One page has
    their upcoming
    > dates. I want them to be able to update that section of
    the page only and
    > nothing else anywhere on that page or the site.
    > This is a DreamWeaver site, based on a template that
    defines everything
    > every page on the site... They do not know HTML and
    cannot have access to
    > part of the page except for their dates listing. I
    cannot allow the user
    > to edit any other part of the page or site except their
    upcoming club
    > If I understand, "Joomla" does something like this, but
    the page (or
    maybe the
    > whole site) needs to be to Joomla so I guess I would
    lose my DreamWeaver
    > template advantages.
    > Maybe there is an appropriate piece of blog-style code I
    can drop into
    > page and give a user this ability without letting them
    do anything else?
    > Hosting is Linux, if that matters.
    > Thx folks!

Maybe you are looking for