Detailed Report on Unit Cost Planning.

Hi friends,
I am doing Unit Costing in my Project in Version 1.
Is there any standard report where I can get a display of all the Materials & services or (say) any Misc cost obtained thru Arithmatic Operation in the Unit Costing?
That is to say the detailed report of whatever is done in the Unit Cost Planning.
I am only getting the report of Planned Cost on Overall Basis.
Secondly, in Unit Costing if I do any arithmatic Operation on the total value or on a particular row, then the value obtained from the arithmatic operation is not getting displayed in the cost Planning report.
Thanks in advance.
Abhra Bose.

Hi Abhra,
UC Method is only to plan the project cost estimates. There is no such standard report to get the detailed plan report in terms of material, resources and Miscellaneous (tru Arithmatic calculations) except cost element report ( that to interms of cost only). 
As you said, you can only get the Overall Planned total in Hierarchical report (i.e like S_ALR_87013532 - Plan/Actual/Variance ) including arithmatic calculations. but If you check in Cost element report ( i.e like S_ALR_87013542 - Actual/Commitment/Total/Plan in CO Area Currency ) you can get all planned cost that is planned against specific cost element, since it is a cost elements based report only.) If you want the planned cost tru arithmatic calculations also, you need to specify a cost element against that line item either in BPO or at WBS level.
Hope this will help you some extent.
Appreciated for giving points.
Hari Krishna.K

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  • Unit Cost Planning (UCP) - Plan Integrated Object error.

    Dear All,
    Presently I am using Network Planning and have Plan Integrated Object Active. So that system does not allow to use UCP and gives following error.
    Error: Unit costing is not allowed in plan integrated objects
    My  question is how can system will allow to use unit costing in this setting and what will be effect after removing plan integrated object.
    Your inputs are appreaciated in advance.

    Hello Pal,
    Thanks for your kind and immediate response. If i remove the integrated planning ticked then my planning will be only for the sake of statistical purpose right and from that i cannot trigger any quotation.
    Could you please guide me on this
    Praveen B M

  • Report Painter - Use SKF to calc act/plan unit costs in CCtr report

    Hi Report Painter Gurus,
    I am an end user working with our Report Painter consultant and I have asked for a Cost Centre report with columns for Actual Costs, Actual Unit costs, Plan costs, Plan Unit costs for Month and Cumulative. I have seen this report in my previous business so I know it can be done but consultant says it's impossible.
    The report I previously used had the SKF values at the bottom of the cost centre report and then the unit costs columns (both actual and plan) referenced these SKF cells in the formula which divided Cost by SKF.
    We have created the SKF using KK01 and posted dummy amounts in KB31N but consultant says he cannot reference the SKF values in the formlas.
    If you can spell it out to me (I have dabbled in Report Painter myself), then I am sure I can explain it to consultant.
    Any help gratefully appreciated!

    I think it is quiet simple. When you add a column to the report painter report you can choose from the drop down menu for 'Basic Key figure' whether it is Costs, Activity quantity, Statistical quantities, etc.
    So if you have a column with Costs (X1) and one more column with quantities (X2), you can easily come up with another 'formula' column and use the equation (X1/X2).
    I think this should serve your purpose.
    Best regards,
    Vishal Thakur.
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  • Clarification on Cost planning version

    Hi Gurus,
    I need a clarification... as per the client's business requirements, cost planning is to be executed in various versions before it is finally approved. As of now it is decided to copy  this into zero version (approved version). What will happen if components & services are assigned to network when real execution starts ?
    Let me give an example, Unit cost planning is executed for $1000. This cost plan is copied into zero version. when the user start executing the project, they assigned components & service in the network amounting to $800. As system takes this planning directly to zero version, will the total planned cost will become  $1800 ? If so, should i not take the approved cost plan into zero version instead to copy into some other version and only use Plan 1/Plan 2/ Actual Report to see the comparison ?
    Whether my understanding is correct ?

    Hi Vinod,
    Goto OPSV ( Define Order Value Updating for Orders for Projects ), remove the Check box "addit" for Order category - 20.
    You can copy the Planned cost from other versions to active version - "0" but you can keep order settings to avoid appending planned cost to WBS Element Level. So, even though user do network costing, network planned cost not appended to WBS Element. Hence your initial approved planned cost remains same and you can see in all reports.
    Hope this clears you !!

  • Defaulting CO plan versions specific to cost plan method.

    Hi Experts
    I wish to have dedicated CO plan versions as shown below:
    Z01: Overal planning
    Z02: Detailed planning
    Z03: Unit cost planning
    Z04: ECP
    For ECP,  the CO plan version can be defauled. Similarly is there any provision to default the specific CO plan versions for the remaining cost plan methods?
    This helps in preventing the selection of inappropriate version. And also provides clarity that the version it self indicates the cost plan method.
    Request experts to comment.
    warm regards

    Dear Prasad
    Thanks for prompt response, Is there any impact if we create new version ? Is there any SAP suggested documentation
    Kindly revert

  • Transfer cost planning to operative

    We r using CJ40 and unit costing where v r planning materials.
    i want to transfer these planned material to be transferred to projects ( networks). How?

    It is not possible to transfer material codes you have used for unit cost planning.  Actual material will have to be attached to network activities manually.  As of now i.e. in ECC 6.0 there is no facility to transfer the material codes used in unit cost planning to be used for procurement directly.  However, there is a facility called easy cost planning.  Material code used there can be converted as procurement item using easy execution services.

  • Personnel Cost Planning - Detail Planning

    I would like to ask you if some user in R3 system can handle the detail planning functionality of personnel cost planning component for all the plans-scenarios for all existing organizational units;
    how is it possible and through wich connection between the user and this role.
    (For example this user must be able to add or to increase cost items to the total sum of the company)
    thanks a lot

    Hello Andreas,
    Please review the note 736170 and make sure that the suggested support package is implemented in your system.
    And also please check if your cost plan has the 'Detail Planning Possible' date filled in, because it should be maintained.
    If Badi HRHCP00_RESP_OBJECTS activated, then did you try to regenerate the Badi definition for checking the
    resposible objects? (Se18)
    Is any other Badi activ instead of this one?
    In IMG - Cost Plan Runs - Badi Specify Authorizations & Objects in Area of Responsibility if badi is activated, see if you get this error if you deactivate it.
    Please check further the configuration for the BSP application. Is transaction PHCPDETLC called properly?
    See also the note 592085.
    Best Regards,

  • Help on few questions on Personnel Cost Planning Detail (tx. PHCPDETL)

    Hi Experts
    I have few questions on Personnel Cost Planning Detail (tx. PHCPDETL) :
    1. User authorizations can be restricted to Cost Item Level and/or Cost Center.?
    2. Is it advisable to use structural authorizations on Planners- Line Manager levels? Can budget personnel cost plan be posted incompleted?
    3. Can a cost item created for an Org Unit be populated through all Persons-Positions in your Plan?
    4. Can you have general guideliness check for each event that line managers apply to their personnel cost plan?5. Is there an automatic way to display (not using Insert Quota Feature not IT1019) the Vacants in your Organizational domain?
    6. Can I have by roles definition, Cost Items to be used by an specific planner through all plans?
    I appreciate any guidance you can give me.

    Pl check this <a href="">SAP Help</a> for more info on SSO.
    The check for SSO exists inside the std function module HR_HCP_DETAIL_START via the following Method Call
        CALL METHOD viewer->enable_sapsso EXPORTING enabled = 'X' EXCEPTIONS OTHERS = 99.
    You may have to copy the TCode & the subesequent function calls to eliminate this check.. I would suggest getting your BASIS to set up the SSO as a better option.

  • Unit cost report required for project system

    HI ALL
    i have entered the  planned unit cost of wbs element with cost element  from cj40 buth the line item report  of that planned cost does not show any data please
    tell me how it show the data.
    but any body can tell me the report to display the unit cost value and their quanity. for wbs element + cost element. i know one report i.e. cji4 but it does not show the data

    Hi Shabbir,
    Please refer the below report :
    S_ALR_87013619 Range: Assigned Orders/WBS Elements
    S_ALR_87013014 List: Cost Elements
    Pls assign points as way to say thanks

  • Personnel Cost Planning: creating cost item for Org unit

    Hi experts,
    I am trying to attach a cost item to an org unit by maintaing feature hcp02 but the somehow the cost item applies itself to both org unit and position. Could anyone please let me know the how this can be done?

    It is extremely difficult to answer your question without knowing all the details of your scenario.
    I can briefly explain the scenario I used:
    1. I have maintained IT1005 on job level to further distribute this information along the organization structure.
    2. First of all i had to run data collection on job level using method "Infotype planned compensation: 1005" and cost item that was a base for other items, e.g. basic salary. System creates records in infotype 5010 "Planning of Pers. Costs" for evaluated jobs.
    3. Then I collected cost items for positions using method "Data from related cost planning objects", calculation type A, basis that I previously set up, evaluation path O_O_S_C (I started from head org.unit) and object type source C. I did it for positions to have possibility to adjust cost items on position level using transaction PHCPDCUI - Edit Data, e.g. you can ask managers to review your defaults on position level before staring consolidation on org.unit level.
    4. Then you start data collection on org.unit level using cost items on position level. Process similar to step 3 but with different evaluation path and source object.
    5. When it's done you run cost planning (PHCPADMN - Manage) using special plan for planning based on OM data.
    There are plenty of other scenarios, so can't really give you exact answer on your question, as I don't which scenario you use.

  • Order cost plan in report CN41N

    Hi Gurus,
    Would appreciate if any one of share what is  'Order Cost Plan" in report CN41N.
    Infact, the values displayed in Order cost plan column neither coincide with either Project Cost Plan nor Actual cost displayed.
    Looking forward to hear and thaks in advnace.

    Hi PSR,
    Order Cost Plan in CN41N is PM Order Plan Costs figure.
    If you create PM Order and assign WBS Element/Project Def in Additional Data Tab of PM Order after planning Material services system will consider WBSE as Costing object and Plan and Post cost on WBSE. It will appears in CN41N in Order Cost Plan column.
    Please check
    Hope this will help you.
    Swapnil Kharul.

  • How to add "Cost Plan Version" and "Planned Cost" into CNE5 report?

    I would like to display Cost Plan Version(VERSN) and Planned Cost in the CNE5 report.
    How to retrieve Planned Cost that based on the Cost Plan Version ?
    Appreciate helps. Thanks.
    See Mun

    Plan versions:   A plan version is created in accounting and stores different cost plans for a project, such as an "optimistic" and a "pessimistic" plan.
    Now coming to plan version 0 is verson where actaul cost is updated in your organisation.
    Plan version 1 is used for the planning...
    How to see the  same in CJE5 is suggested by Virendra..
    However there is no filed name planned cost  in report but the name of the filed is Proj.cost sched.000
    with which you can achieve your result.
    path is run txn CJE5>give your Project no.> F8> in new screen> F5-->in new Window scroll down in the  right side for the Proj.cost sched.000 filed > with select take the same to left side>Enter--> values will displyed for this field in your report.
    similarly you can use the other fields as well... take help of F4, to know the meaning of fileds.
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  • Report to display Mat Cost Planned Labour Cost and Over head cost

    Hi Abapers,
    Greetings of the day..
    I need a Report that Display Material Cost , Planned Labour Cost,Actual Labour Cost and Over head value
    where do i start from and what are the tables involving in this report..
    if already done this A code snippet is more helpful...
    Thanks In Advance...
    Thanks & Regards

    Assuming you are talking about Maintenance Order.
    Use table: PMCO.
    Here the line with field VORGA having value KPPS gives the Planned Costs of the Order in the field WRT01.
    Similarly, the line with field VORGA having value RKL gives the Actual Costs of the Order in the field WRT01.
    Also have a look at Tcode KKBC_ORD.
    Jogeswara Rao K

  • Cost planning : subsequent detailing.

    Hi experts
    Please suggest the best cost planning practice for the below scenario:
    My client is able to plan WBS's with idea of tentative costs for each package. He is unable to assign component at this stage since he will not have adequate master data.
    So, he will plan tentative costs for WBS (Manual planning)
    Later, he will keep adding components for the respective package, after gatting details and master data.
    At this time, how to ensure that the initial planned cost for the WBS is subtracted with the cost added up due to activity/component which has been just included.
    How this differentiation can be identified with help of CO versions.
    warm regards

    You do your high level planning in Version 1. Whe you start detailing out, do it in version 0.At any point of time you can compare the cost of version 0 and 1.Also you can copy the cost of version 0 in any other version using CJ9FS and then futher continue planning in that version. Note that actuals are only posted in version 0.
    Easy cost planning or WBS manaul planning can be used in Version1, where as you can use automatic network costing in version 0.
    The other option is to capture snap shot version (through project version profile) in the project each time, so that you can know the cost during different phases of the project.
    Hope this helps

  • Cost Planning Details not reflecting in new version

    Dear Experts,
                        .  We created the 'NEW' version . But we want to copy cost planning from u201C0u201D version to u201C1u201D version. For
    this we are executing u201CCJ9BSu201D t-code but after executing this, only cost
    are getting copied. Detail Planning is not getting copied.Kindly look into the matter and helpful solutions are

    Dear Experts,
    . We created the 'NEW' version . But we want to copy cost planning from u201C0u201D version to u201C1u201D version. For
    this we are executing u201CCJ9BSu201D t-code but after executing this, only cost
    are getting copied. Detail Planning is not getting copied.Kindly look into the matter and helpful solutions are.
    1 I planned material costs in .Cj40 > Primary Cost > Edit >Detailed Planning >Change
       Here we maintain material cost, service cost, BPO etc
    2.When we copy the version from '0' to new version which i have created copying the 1 version.Or say '0' version to '1' version then material cost is not reflecting in new version cost planning after CJ9BS.

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