Determination of Packing Requirement

Where is the setting done to determine in which stage packing is allowed.
In outbound delivery OR when picking(creation of TO) OR during shipment document creation

I am not sure whether you can define it like that. However, in the item category of the deliveries, you can set whether packing is allowed, mandatory or not allowed. This cannot be done for shipments (if no packing is allowed, use screen variant and grey out packing icon).
For packing in TO, you have settings in the shipping control interface in WM:
SPRO/LE/WM/Interface/Shipping/ Shipping control per WHS number. Here you can set pick/pack allowed.
I've never used it but maybe you can use also use the user statuses?
What's the reason behind the question?

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    i am wondering if i can calculate the hardware requirements based on the services' payload ?
    what factors should i consider when to determine the hardware requirements?
    is there any documents related to my questions? ;)

    Payload size is not the only factor while determining size of the system (h/w). You need to consider number of services, nature of services (sync/async), payload size, frequency of messages (load), peak load value, security constraints, performance requirements etc..
    You may contact your local Oracle Sales Representative/ Oracle Support to get help in determining size of the system. They will provide you a sizing questionarre and on the basis of that they may suggest sizing as well (Oracle has an internal tool for proposing sizing)

  • Determination Of Packing Materials

    Hi Friends
    1.Could I request you to mention full fledged information step by step about determination of packing instructions.
    2.What are the master data need to be maintained for packing materials and what are the T codes  used for this .
    Thanks In Advance

    Here the steps :
    1st create you main material you want to pack.
    2nd create the packing material using VERP material type.
    3rd need to create packing instruction using t.code P0P1.
        Once you are in the creation screen just press enter without give anything, then select item P for packing material, give the created packing material here.
        Then give the main material and how much you want to pack.
         Save the changes you will see a number this is packing instruction number.
    4th then do packing determination using t.code P0F1.
      Here give the determination type.
      Then select the key combination on which you want to determine packing say material general level.
      Now give the material and packing instruction number as created above.
    Now if you create delivery the packing will take place automatically.
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  • Problems with sources of supply determination for external requirements.

    Hi gurus...
    My scenario is  SRM Classic Extended.
    We have a problems with sources of supply determination for external
    requirements comes from ECC. The shopping cart is created with successful
    based in the purchase requisition at ECC, but when i try to make the
    determination of sources of supply the system doesnt find any source of
    There are a lot sources of supply creates for these parameters. The
    contracts were already replicated to ECC.
    This problem only occurs with external requirements comes from ECC, if i
    created a shopping cart directly at SRM, using the same parameters, the
    system propose the sources of supply correctly.
    Is there something that we can do?? This is the normal comportment for the souces of supply?
    Gustavo Nogueira

    Hello Gustavo Nogueira
    Then it is an issue.
    How are you searching the source of supply in sourcing cockpit.
    Can you replicate the issue?
    Let me know step by step,
    as per standard SAP , source of supply data must be available for shopping carts so that buyer can assign the source of supply.
    please share what source of supply you have there .

  • Packing requirements assignments

    Hi SAP SD Guru's,
    After creating the packing requirement, 901 and 902,I have 2 delivery item categories which I have to assign to, please let me know where would we assign the delivery item categories the new requirements.

    Hi Amlan,
    As far as I know you can do in the following path which i gave the SCN thread reference in my earlier post.
    Menu Path
    SPRO-->IMG-->Logistics General-->Handling Unit Management-->Basics-->Delivery-->Define Requirements for packing in the delivery.
    Anyway, let us wait for experts to comment on this. May be i am wrong here.
    Regards, Sai Krishna.

  • Sevice packs required for KM & C

    I am new to the KM & C.
    What are the latest service packs required inorder to work with KM & C for the below three things:
    NWDS(Developer Studio):
    Enterprise Portal:
    Experts reply ASAP

    The latest Support package available is SP16.
    NWDS - SP15
    EP and WAS - SP16.
    For more information do check
    My running version for KM & C is : SP14 patch 2
    WAS, EP, NWDS - SP14 ....
    Hope this helps.

  • VAT Tax determination- question about "Requirement" for Table-Is mandatory?

    Hi everybody,
    I am having problems to determine the appropriate VAT tax percent in some cases in Mexico.
    In Mexico for billing at the border with other countries the VAT tax percent is 11% and for billing inside the country the VAT tax percent is 16%. For determine the VAT tax percent the sequence access is MWST and is assigned to the condition type MWST.  For cover the border cases we create a table 989 with the fields: Distribution Channel/Plant and VK11 is fill out with this information. With these parameters is possible to determine successfully the VAT percent of 11% at border sales point.
    The problem that I have is related to the u201Crequirementu201D assigned to the table 989: Distribution Channel/Plant. This table has assigned a standard requirement number 7- Domestic Business and when billing to a customer with address of MX (Mexico) as LAND1 at general data section of customer master data, the VAT tax percent of 11% is obtained successfully, because all the fields of the table are filled. But when billing to a customer with address of US ( United States of America) as LAND1 at general data section of customer master data, is not possible to obtain the correct VAT tax percent of 11% even all the fields of the table are filled.
    I do not know if the problem is the requirement number 7- Domestic Business, but if I change for the requirement 8- Export Business then the opposite is occurring. For US customers the VAT tax percent is determinate successfully and for MX customers not, because the fields of the u201Crequirement u201Care not filled.  
    So, I am wondering if:
    1.     Would be necessary to create a new requirement for combine the 7- Domestic Business and 8- Export Business requirements or exist one like this? I do not need to conditioning anything
    2.     What happen if I left in blank the requirement field, I mean if I do not assign anything. I was doing testing for both customers and the VAT tax percent was determined correctly. But I do not know if is correct do not assign a u201Crequirementu201D to the table of the sequence of access MWST.
    Thank you in advance for your help!

    OK I think I understand but here is where I am at now. I originally created a regulation that requires a license when shipping to certain countries out of the EU. I set the regulation as an Export reg did all the necessary config and was able to assign licenses automatically where needed.
    Has I was testing the solution I could not find sales docs or deliveries for some of the materials and finally found out they are being moved on NB PO's.
    So I changed the reg to include imports etc., classified with import control class etc. but I am seeing a couple things that don't make sense and tells me my config isn't quite right.
    I finally do see that the system at least recognizes the new legal reg in the screening now. before this it had not. But it is still telling me it can't find any relevant country.
    The other thing the document itself only shows under Display Existing Export Documents even though in the log it says it's an import document and when I go to the Import log there is no data.
    Before I realized there was a note to change the Import to export on transfer I assigned the PO types to export orders and I am thinking that's why they are showing in the export list but I woul have tought that it would say it's an export doc which it doesn't.
    Any ideas?

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    Recently I am facing a problem with Adobe Reader 10.1. A font pack is required when opening a dynamic PDF generated from Adobe LiveCycle Designer. There is no other language than English is being designed to the PDF. This scenario is only happened when I am trying to open the PDF from Thailand localize Windows OS.
    Below is the font reference from the PDF.

    I don't know why this is happening.  The first thing I would try is to update Adobe Reader to 10.1.9 or 11.0.6.

  • 11g AMM - Diagnostic+Tuning Packs required?

    Am I required to purchase a license for the Diagnostic+Tuning packs in order to utilize Automatic Memory Management (AMM) in Oracle 11g?  I haven't been able to find any documentation online stating so.

    Oracle uses some features internally that you would have to pay for if you used them (even just accessing the tables).  But as long as you don't access them yourself, you are fine.  You can check the view DBA_FEATURE_USAGE_STATISTICS and the access is controlled by Options and Packs CONTROL_MANAGEMENT_PACK_ACCESS
    If you have access to MOS, this is explained in AWR Reporting - Licensing Requirements Clarification (Doc ID 1490798.1)
    Edit:  Oracle Database Comparisons | Oracle Database | Oracle search for "Automatic Memory" and it shows it is available for all editions, even though you can only even buy diagnostics on Enterprise.
    Edit2:  Of course, some things you can use:

  • How to determine which packs are installed on the Oracle Enterprise Edition

    IS there any way to determine which option packs have been installed on 10g oracle enterprise edition . i don't seem to have grid control installed ?
    Is there some easier way to determine this ?

    No orainventory directory found However, it's the best way to know what are the installed product against your ORACLE_HOME.
    You can run the OUI and look for the installed components if any.
    PS : you need to log on your server.

  • Determining future space requirements

    Hello, I have been tasked with determining a clients future space requirements. We want to add enough tablespace files for thenm so they will not require any more for the next 2 years.
    What queries can I run to determine their current tablespace usage that will geve me the most accurate indication of how much space is being used and how much space is remaining as wll as the maximum size for all tablespaces.
    What other reports can I run to help me determine what files to add.
    Thank you.

    If you dont have benchmark then you can start collecting it now. The following query (from orafaq) will give you total, used and free space of tablespaces then start benchmarking the growth of them and then use that benchmark to have an estimate growth for x amount of time.
    SELECT /*+ all_rows */ "Tablespace Name",
    nvl(Free_space, 0) Free_space,
    nvl(total_space-Free_space, 0) Used_space,
    (select tablespace_name, sum(bytes/1024/1024) Free_Space
    from sys.dba_free_space
    group by tablespace_name
    ) Free,
    (select, sum(bytes/1024/1024) TOTAL_SPACE
    from sys.v_$datafile a, sys.v_$tablespace B
    where a.ts# = b.ts#
    group by
    ) Total
    WHERE Free.Tablespace_name(+) =
    Daljit Singh

  • Cannot find Support Pack required to complete Language Install

    I am having an issue with locating a Support Pack in order to complete a language install. SAPK-200AIINAPPINT in NO where to be found. I have green lights to move forward with every single support pack but this one - are their any other sites to download .car files besides SAP Service Marketplace? Any help would be grateful!!

    Package SAPK-200AIINAPPINT               
    Short Description    SAP Exchange Infrastructure 2.0
    RFC Destination      PATCH_SYSTEM_YA2
    I can't find it on SAP Service Marketplace though.
    I can only see SAP Exchange Infrastructure 3.0 -> download -> support packages and patches ->
    Entry by Application Group -> SAP NetWeaver -> Technology components releases prior to SAP NetWeaver -> SAP EXCHANGE INFRASTRUCTURE ->
    I think that it may be out of maintenace (see note 52505)
    I would open a message to check this though.

  • N96 (UK) Russian Language pack required

    hi there i have a N96 with standard western European languages (dictionaries) and need to comminucate by SMS regularly with Russian colleagues - is there way I can add this to my phone?  Have updated to latest firmware but does not offer extra languages.  I also called a local Nokia Care Centre and they couldn't help.
    Thanks in advance. Mike

    I am surprised the Nokia Care Point said they couldn't help.
    The N96 comes with different language packs for the different regions. You can install a language pack which contains Russian on your phone. You can only have one language pack on your phone at a time but this should not be a problem as English is on all the language packs. 
    However, please note that the language pack on your phone will revert back to the default everytime you reinstall or update the firmware on your phone. 
    Language packs can only be installed by Nokia Care Points, so contact them again and tell them we told you so.  

  • 1Z0-204, 1Z0-215  study packs required!

    Hi Guys,
    does anybody have any study material for the following exams.... i cannot find any...

    Sharing OU training material is illegal, and the proper way to get the study material is by attending the class.
    Oracle E-Business Suite R12
    Practice Tests

  • Help determining minimum system requirements needed

    I plan to buy a used ibook and I am driving myself crazy try to figure out how much RAM I need and the CPU speed. I want to do basic things like internet browsing, to include video streaming (i.e. youtube), MS Office applications and Quickbooks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    You may find that the iBook can't stream YouTube videos smoothly anymore. You certainly wouldn't be able to watch them in HD.
    Depending on the iBook you get (and how lucky you are), your iBook might do alright with streaming.
    For reference: I have an iBook G4 with the 1.07 GHz processor & 768MB of RAM. It does alright with streaming video on Megavideo & YouTube, but the video is noticeably slower than what I see on my MacBook. did work, but I can't stream the videos from
    The last iBooks had a 1.33GHz (in the 12") or a 1.42 GHz (in the 14") processor, and have 512MB of RAM on the logic board. You could add up to 1GB to that. I'd say get the fastest one you can afford--and seriously consider getting a MacBook, if that's at all in your budget.

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