Developering ADF form in query mode (Oracle forms simulation)

we have a requirement for developing the existing Oracle form using Oracle ADF. The existing Oracle form displays the form in query mode by default. We can enter the search criteria in any of the text fields and then execute query to get the results. If the user does not enter any search criteria, then the form loads specific record based on default criteria into the form. Could you please help developing similar form using ADF.
At present I created the view object with one bind variable and dragged the view as ADF form to the jspx page. Then I am launching the form in query mode (executing the find method on the view object using operation binding at the time of loading the page). After entering the query criteria in the form, If I click on a button I am executing a method in the managed bean. In the managed bean I am executing the "Execute" operation on the view and it is working fine.
But my problem is if the user does not enter the search criteria I have to pass default parameters to the view object and return the default record in the form.
Can you please help in resolving the issue.
Thanks and Regards,
S R Prasad

Hi Frank,
Thank you for providing information. I created the query panel with the table by dragging all the named criteria. But this is not the look we are expecting for this form. As we have to deveop ADF form with the same behavior as oracle forms, the user must be in a position to edit the data in the same field as that of query field.
As an example, we have to design a form for Dept table. We have to display all the columns of the dept view in the form at the time of launching the form in query mode. Once the user enters any search criteria in the form, we have to perform search and display the record(s) matching the query criteria in the same columns displayed in the form. User should not see any changes in the form layout.
If the user does not enter any data in the form, then we have to display the record(s) in the form with the specific department id(This department id can be calculated based on the data in another table).
Can you please help us in resolving the issue.
Thanks and Regards,
S R Prasad

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  • Open form in query mode

    I want to be able to open a form in query mode - is there any way to set this?
    I am using Designer and Headstart.

    Hi Cathy,
    You can do this. See the help topic: About the startup query mode of generated forms.
    Oracle Designer Product Management

  • For Update Query from ORACLE Forms

    We are using Oracle Forms 10g running with 10g database We happend to see a query which is getting generated in AWR report like Select rowid, all_columns from TableName for Update of C1 Nowait. But no such query is really written in forms and we are aware that, Any query prefixed with rowid is definitely executing from Forms. But how the ForUpdate and Nowait clause is appended to the query.
    We have checked the following properties in the database Block
    *1) Locking Mode is set to Automatic*
    *2) Update Changed Columns only is set to YES*
    *3) Query all records is set to No (Though this particular property may not be relevant to the issue)*
    What is the property or setting which might trigger such a query from ORACLE Forms with ForUpdate and Nowait clause.
    Any ideas/suggestions on why such behaviour. Please have a healthy discussion on this. Thanks in advance.

    you can't dynamically add a query to the data model in reports.
    You should look into the XML based customization of Oracle Reports. This will enable you to define a report dynamically by creating a definition in XML.
    Also another option is to have the report with a query in it and use lexical parameters in reports to pass the query definition or just the where part of it.
    Look at the reports online help for both of these solutions.

  • Frm-40505:ORACLE error: unable to perform query in oracle forms 10g

    I get error frm-40505:ORACLE error: unable to perform query on oracle form in 10g environment, but the same form works properly in 6i.
    Please let me know what do i need to do to correct this problem.

    Hi everyone,
    I have block created on view V_LE_USID_1L (which gives the error frm-40505) . We don't need any updation on this block, so the property 'updateallowed' is set to 'NO'.
    To fix this error I modified 'Keymode' property, set it to 'updatable' from 'automatic'. This change solved the problem with frm-40505 but it leads one more problem.
    The datablock v_le_usid_1l allows user to enter the text (i.e. updated the field), when the data is saved, no message is shown. When the data is refreshed on the screen, the change done previously on the block will not be seen (this is because the block updateallowed is set to NO), how do we stop the fields of the block being editable?
    We don't want to go ahead with this solution as, we might find several similar screens nad its diff to modify each one of them individually. When they work properly in 6i, what it doesn't in 10g? does it require any registry setting?

  • How to display LOV on web in ENTER-QUERY mode with form or block query only.

    Hello all
    How can I display lov automatic on the web in from enter-query
    mode in form or block query only mode.

    If I understand correctly your explanation, your called form
    fails to activate the LOV in enter-query mode when it is deployed
    and test on the browser.
    So lets proceeed like this, to make it work in all environments,
    let us programetically activate the LOV.
    In the called form, write in the WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE TRIGGER
    at block level (if have more than one LOV)
    IF get_item_property(:system.cursor_item,lov_name) IN ('YOUR
    LOV1', 'LOV2' etc) THEN
    IF SHOW_LOV(get_item_property(:system.cursor_item,lov_name))
    END IF;
    END IF;
    END IF;
    The above code maybe tweak to suite your need and condition.
    This way, we explicitly make the LOV appear in ENTER-QUERY mode
    whenever the user clicks on an item with an attached LOV.
    Hope this helps.
    Mohammed R.Qurashi

  • How do I get and pass Master-Detail rowid to another form in query mode?

    I am trying to get the rowid of my master record passed to
    another form in query mode. This is necessary because, I need to
    have a way to show other detail tables for my master record. I
    have been successful in calling the other forms, but only if I
    hard code the rowid(or Primary Key).
    Ultimately a "Tabbed" HTML table for each supporting detail
    table that I have would be perfect. Any help would be greatly
    appreciated. Thanks.

    correct me if I am wrong, is this a 9iAS (Application Server)
    related question? This forum is for 9iAS only.

  • Can i use case in query in oracle form 6i

    sir can i use case in query in oracle form 6i
    such as
    select empno, case when deptno=10 then dptno end from emp;
    please gice me

    Does this code compile ?
    If not, I'm afraid that the PL/SQL engine of Forms6i does not recognize this syntax.

  • Put a form in QUERY mode

    how to put a form in QUERY mode ?
    Many thanks.

    It is F11, type your query, then Ctrl + F11
    Or, click on View > Query By Example > Enter, enter your query, then click on View > Query By Example > Run
    Get all shortcuts from Help > Keyboard Help

  • Convert sql form 3.0 to oracle form

    hi all
    if someone know how to convert oracle sql form 3.0 to oracle form
    best regards

    Hi Samer:
    The f45gen executable tha come with forms 4.5 can move your forms to 4.5 and then you can upgrade to forms 6i (or possibly 9i). Unfortunately I am writing this from home and I do not have Forms 4.5 her but I do have it at work. I'll sees if I can get you the correct syntax by tomorrow (if I have time). In the mean time if you have forms 4.5 you can try looking at the help for maybe f45gen or conversion, etc and you may get the syntax. Hope this helps.
    Thomas Morgan

  • Upgrade from Forms 3.0 to Oracle Forms 9i

    I have a requirement to upgrade Forms 3.0 to Oracle Forms 9i. Please suggest the best approach for the migration. It would of great help if you could provide some details on the following:
    1. Approach for migration (Whether to convert from 3.0 to 6i first and then from 6i to 9i (or) direct conversion )
    2. Common problems that may be encountered during the migration
    3. Performance of the migrated application against the original one.
    4. Effort that may be involved to convert an application containing around 300 forms.
    Thanks in advance for your help!!!

    A lot depends on the triggers in the form. If they are Version 2-style triggers, you are basically going to have to reinvent the logic using 9i triggers. I don't think 9i supports Version 2-style triggers at all. (I think 6.0 did and 6i might, but it was deprecated - and removed in 9i as I recall).
    This will be a fairly significant effort. I don't know if you're familiar with these early versions of Forms at all, but in Version 2 there was no such thing as PL/SQL so the triggers consisted of a series of steps on each event, and a macro-style language. Each step had a "True" branch and a "False" branch to handle flow when you tested conditions, and so on. So if you want to try to recover the code and create it in PL/SQL triggers, you'll need to have someone who can read it, or try to find the old doc and study up on it.
    In addition, later versions of Forms have added many triggering events - including all of the "When-" triggers. Much of the code that occured in a Post-Change trigger in v2 and v3 should now be done in a When-Validate-Item trigger, for example.
    So the trigger migration may be your biggest headache. You don't say whether the 9i forms will be run on the web, etc. But to me, laying out the fields on a canvas is the easy part - that you can easily do in a new form rather than trying to migrate. It's the trigger code you need to migrate, and that may be tough if they used V2-style triggers in the 3.0 Forms.
    Hope this helps.

  • F11(Query mode) and Execute Query in Oracle Forms

    Hi Experts,
    I am working with EBS11.5.10.2 and database 9i. I am working on forms, i am new to forms.
    Could somebody help me how to achieve F11(query mode) functionality in APPS forms.
    Thanks in advance.

    Wrong forum. Ask the Personalization question in the dedicated E-Business Suite forum.

  • How to Create a ADF Form same like in Oracle Forms

    I need to create a Form in ADF where in on the top I have two text fields with LOV and one Text with out LOV and a button. Selecting values from the first two should populate the value of thid text
    and pressing the button should actually populate the fields below.
    Below I have several other fileds of which few are queried from the database and other are calculated fields (aka like control fields in Oracle Forms).
    Now I am a Forms Developer and know quite a few things in ADF as well, like creating Master Details Forms and some of the work flows. Some basic functionaliy.
    I want to make an attempt to create something like this which is created in Oracle Forms.
    What I have tried as of now is create a query and added LOV to first Text. Displayed all the fields as ADF form and on top I have put a ADF Query panel , using this I am able to populate few of the columns.
    Can someone tell me what is the best way to do the things which I have mentioned.

    If your need is to auto populate other employee fields of the page based on previous 2/3 fields like deptno, empno, loc, then you can achieve this with button action listener. You can add runtime bind variables to your view object and set them with user input values and execute query.
    for e.g, you can add below code in your AMImpl class and expose it to UI and invoke it from UI (from page, create a managed bean and call AM method)
    /***** Sample code only*****/
    public void refreshVO(Integer EmployeeNo, Integer DeptNo, Integer locNo)
    ViewObject vo = this.getEmployeeVO();
    //Adding empNO where clause
    vo.setWhereClause("employeeno = :empNum);
    vo.defineNamedWhereClauseParam("empNum", null, null);
    vo.setNamedWhereClauseParam("empNum", EmployeeNo);
    // similarly add logic for DeptNo, LocNo and you can additional check if they are null or not null
    Ravi Nuka

  • Opening multiple-record form in query mode

    I have two problems:
    1. I have a portlet form based on a table that I would like to open in query mode. I've tried this code:
    - in the "..before displaying the form" block :
    p_block_name => p_block_name ,
    p_object_name => p_object_name,
    p_instance => p_instance ,
    p_event_type => p_event_type ,
    p_user_args => p_user_args ,
    p_session => p_session );
    It brings back the first record successfully. But when I press the 'next' button, I get this error 'An unexpected error occurred:ORA-06502:PL/SQL:numeric or value error:NULL index table key value (WWV-16016)
    2. I would like to display this form as a multiple records form. But it will only display one record at a time. Has anyone been able to do this?
    I would appreciate any assistance in advance.

    Maybe this will help you:

  • Expert query mode in forms

    Hi all,
    Is there any way, that I can enable 'expert query mode' in oracle forms? Frankly, I don't know what does that mean. I got a call from our vendor finance consultant who does training about an application, that uses oracle forms. He says that other customers, that use the same application are able to enable 'expert query mode' and this feature is stored somewhere in oracle forms and not in the application.
    I wonder, if somebody could give a hint, how to enable it, as they are struggling to retrieve the data in a sorted mode..
    Thanks beforehand,

    Unfortunately, I don't know much about this...
    We are implementing Banner ERP system from SunGuard. He says that usually, he is able to use expert query within the Banner which is build on Oracle Application Form. They use Banner interface to navigate through the forms. I was told that it doesn't work in our case and wonders if I can enable it somewhere outside the Banner...
    I am sorry for the confused description, but that's all that I know.. Just thought that probably somebody knows something about it.
    Thanks for help anyway,

  • Index Usage from SQL query in Oracle Forms

    Would using LIKE/OR in where clause (of an indexed column) will force the the query to NOT use INDEX. We have these where clause in Oracle Forms Records Group.
    Below are two examples...
    1. If we have a where clause with LIKE would that NOT use the index?
    Example: ColumnName like :block.Column||%
    2. How about having an OR clause?
    Example: and (ColumnName = :block.column or :block.column is null)

    Answer 1: Where with like clause WOULD use the index.
    In this example index on ColumnName
    Answer 2: Write better where:
    Example: and (:block.column is null or ColumnName = :block.column)
    When :block column is null then statement after 'or' is not used. Index will not be used with RBO, i think.
    The best way to be sure is to look at explain plan on the original query.

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