Development of a SearchComponent - How to start?

I am trying to develop Search Component and I have few doubts.
1) finding jar files for development. I am using class locator to find them, but how do I include it? Should I add those jar copy in my par file? Or is the reference enough? Will be picked up from portal location during run time?
2) I am trying to dynamically change the search folder during search. Is this possible?
3) Can Search component be a simple java class or should it be a Portal Component/Service?

Hi Deepak,
> 1) finding jar files for development. I am using class locator to find them, but how do I include it?
At build time through the .classpath file, which ClassLocator does for you. At runtime through the (Private)SharingReference reference within portalapp.xml.
> Should I add those jar copy in my par file?
No, never!!!
> Or is the reference enough? Will be picked up from portal location during run time?
Yes. See and around.
> 2) I am trying to dynamically change the search folder during search. Is this possible?
I'm unsure what you mean exactly, but of course it is possible to define under which folder the search should start. Obviously, as you may allow the end user to pick up such a folder!
> 3) Can Search component be a simple java class or should it be a Portal Component/Service?
It is a class; nevertheless, you need a dummy service within your project which adds your classloader to the CrtClassloaderRegistry.
See for more details; the docu has some bugs, but should be helpful to understand how all things work together.
Hope it helps

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    HI, Welcome to OTN form,
    SHUTDOWN is not a SQL statement but a SQL*Plus command . You cannot use SHUTDOWN in PL/SQL.
    Check following link:
    More Information please check OTN discussion:
    Thank you

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    You use the Xcelsius Add-On Packager (comes with the SDK) to create custom add-ons. Within this tool you can define visual components, connections or functions that can be exported as add-ons.
    In order to define a visual component (the most used type) you need to first create two separate swf files. One contains your custom flex component, the other contains the interface (property sheet) the user will be using in Xcelsius to interact with the custom component. 
    1. Custom flex component (swf)
    Develop your custom flex component as you normally do in Flex, Xcelsius SDK is not involved in any way here. Define component styles and public properties that can be later be accessed via the property sheet.
    2. Property sheet (swf)
    It's the interface to your custom component. Here end users can change fonts, colors, bind cell values to component properties, etc. This is possible via the Xcelsius SDK. Using the SDK you get to populate the interface initial values values with the default custom component style and property values. You can also initiate bindings here between component properties and cell values.
    Under C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Xcelsius\SDK you can find both the full documentation and samples to get you started.
    Hope this helps,

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    But I don't know how to start. There is too much (poor) information. Until know I did not find concrete howto-guides with examples for "developing a service" (both ABAP and Java), "deploying and testing a service with XI". Could somebody give me some hints?
    I have access to the ABAP workbench, XI and the NWDS and have read all the theoretical stuff about SOA and SAP ESOA.
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    Hi Stefan,
    I might not be bang on target but nevertheless try going through the below links:
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    [Enterprise Services Design Guide|]
    [Enterprise Services Discovery and Design Guide|]
    [Enterprise Services Design Guide|]
    [Creating a Purchase Order Store Record Web Service|]
    Also see my article which explains the creation of a Web Service using EJB (so basically a java web service):
    [How to Create a Web Service using Enterprise JavaBeans|]

  • How to start working with a Development Component

    Hi Guys,
    Till now I was working with the local development of WD. I was the only one working so I created a local project and use to deploy to the J2EE Engine.
    Now we have got the full NWDI (Netweaver Dev Infrastructure).
    I want to know exactly how to start working and creating Projects now that the work is not local. I may need to use 1 DC inside another.
    A Development Component is to be created in the CMS and Checked into DTR. From the DTR I check in into my workspace. This is all i know
    Can someone tell me exact steps of how to start the work.
    Thanks for your support

    I believe you have already setup NWDI correctly and its running fine.
    So here is link of a step by step guide.
    If you want to migrate your existing WD Projects to DC Projects, here is a link for "how to" do the same.
    If you want to create an external utility library containing some jar files which you want to use in your DC, follow this excellent blog by Valery.
    Hope this is good enough for you to start with.

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    After download and unzip it, just double-click the sqldeveloper icon, doesn't it?
    But after i double-click it, there is an icon on the bottom for a while, very soon. then it disappears.
    Any help will be highly apprecaited!!!

    I've got the same error starting SQL Developer 1.1.2 on mac os 10.4.9. In my case this was because I've had a blank in the path.
    I've initialy located my SQL Developer on a USB Stick with the name "no name" which was mounted on /Volumes/no name path to SQL Dev was /Volume/no name/oracle/sqldeveloper/......
    After changing the name of the stick to noname the path has changed to /Volume/noname/oracle/sqldeveloper/.....
    and then everything worked fine.
    An other hint, If you copy into sqldeveloper.command you may start the Developer with a double click.
    By the way, I'm using the multiplattform package of the SQL Developer and put it on a USB Stick. I'm now able to take one copy of SQL Developer and Configuration with me and start it on Mac OS and/or Windows.
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    Can any one help me that why the last entry is in RED and it that say that some error has occured or that entry is not started then how to start that?
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    Dear Daniel,
    I have checked the Visual Administrator's  JNDI Registry service entry in the ejbContexts node but there is no entry for the project which I have created.
    It get deployed while I right click on the project's ear file and click on "Deploy on J2EE Engine". But same as before while checking in Browserthe site gives the same error...
    503   Service Unavailable
    Application cannot be started!
    Details: Application cannot be started, because it has hard reference to resource CONFIG_DB with type javax.sql.DataSource, but it is not active on the server.
    Please help me, how to recover this error.

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    As a straight A student of Computer Science, I put my hands on database development of an information system project for our CS faculty this summer. JDeveloper is used as the IDE for such project.
    I have learnt Java 2 and something about Oracle database in my courses. Now, after reading the product introduction and a short online course outline in iDeveloper2001, I have a brief idea about it. But since I can not afford much, how to learn more about it? Could you offer me some advices?
    Thanks a lot!

    The online users guide and documentation is the best place to
    start to learn how to use JDeveloper.
    - PSW
    Ram Purushothaman (guest) wrote:
    : Hi,
    : I am new to this Jdeveloper. I need to develop a intranet
    : project. Basically, I have to get the employee details from the
    : HR like work-telephone, email-address, etc.
    : Can somebody let me know how to start with Jdeveloper.
    : I need to have a query screen (query by last_name or first_name
    : etc) and a result screen (results based on the query).
    : Any help is appreciated.
    : Thanks.
    : Ram.

  • How to start with Oracle Endeca tool

    Hi All,
    In my project, i got a chance to work on Endeca application support activities.
    I am basically Java and ADF developer. I am new to Oracle Endeca.
    Can someone guide me, how to start and where to start to learn Oracle Endeca searching  application.
    I appreciate if you can share docs or blog-spot or forums links.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Endeca has few different products. Find out which product which version you are using. Then start with 1. Endeca-Concepts Guide, 2. Endeca Getting Started Guide (of your product), 3. Endeca MDEX Engine Basis Developer Guide. After these 3 based on what your requirement is you will be able to figure out which next document to pick.

  • How to start with Oracle SOA

    Hi All,
    I want to learn Oracle SOA,Can anyone please help me how to start lerning Oracle SOA.
    I have worked one year as java programmer befor.
    Thanks and regards,

    A good way to start is SOADEMO tutorial shipped with SOA Suite. It has step by step instructions for developing BPEL and ESB applications.

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    Hi BNarendra;
    Here are some resources that can be useful, the first is an introduction to LabVIEW and the other ones are for LabVIEW FPGA.
    I hope the information is useful.
    Good Luck!
    Francisco Arellano
    National Instruments Mexico
    Field Systems Engineer - Energy Segment

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