DHCP Reservation Sync and DNS Host record sync etc shown in IPAM GUI

Hello all,
I am aware of the scripts in the TechNet script center to sync DHCP leases etc to IPAM, however my question is about something else -
If you highlight an IP address (IP address inventory->select an IP), You can see fields that say: "DHCP reservation sync", "DNS PTR record sync" and "DNS host record sync" as below:
I was curious as to what these are for. Is there some built-in sync functionality for these that I perhaps have not enabled? (Don't see such options any where..)

Hi  Ravi ,
The three columns tell us the information of the synchronization between IPAM server and DNS server (or DHCP server) .
Here is the detailed guide for using IPAM :
Using the IPAM Client Console :
IPAM can sync DNS and DHCP records .
The IPAM database is separate from DHCP and DNS servers on our network ,and full synchronization of hosts and IP addresses between IPAM and managed DNS or DHCP servers does not occur automatically
unless we have configured automated tasks to perform this synchronization .
For detailed information ,see
DNS and DHCP record synchronization chapter in the following link :
Multi-server Management :
Best Regards,
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    We are having an issue where DNS Host records seem to be missing, a user logs on and they don't get their group policies. They can logon again and get their group policies. However the DNS Host record is still not created on the DNS Servers.
    If we reboot the PC the DNS record is created. What is going on.
    We have 2 DC's running DNS, and one of them runs DHCP.

    According to your description, my understanding is that client does not registry record in DNS server when user logon. And the DNS record will be created after rebooting the client.
    DNS updates can be sent for any of the following reasons or events:
    1. An IP address is added, removed, or modified in the TCP/IP properties configuration for any one of the installed network connections.
    2. An IP address lease changes or renews with the DHCP server any one of the installed network connections. For example, when the computer is started or if the
    ipconfig /renew command is used.
    3. The ipconfig /registerdns command is used to manually force a refresh of the client name registration in DNS.
    4. At startup time, when the computer is turned on.
    5. A member server is promoted to a domain controller.
    A user logon behavior will not trigger DNS update/registry. You may Open CMD on client and type
    ipconfig /registerdns command to manually force a refresh of the client name registration in DNS. 
    If I have any misunderstanding about your question, please correct.                           
    Best Regards,
    Eve Wang
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    We are using EPM (Enterprise Project Management) in our organization.
    We have to provide access to it from three different subnets:
    The DNS already added the host record for the local IP. Ex.: srvepm
    Then we added two other host records for the other subnets.
    Ex.: srvepm
    We have an alias to that server: epm (that is related to the srvepm server)
    It works fine. But, some machines in our organization keeps getting the other IP addresses from the DNS and this is making the service unavailable for those machines.
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    But when the server was rebooted the three host records were erased and it keeps shuffling it to the machines.
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    Hope I was able to show my problem correctly.

    Since the app is not AD aware, it's using Netmask prioritization. Here's more on it below - and sorry for all the links. It's a heavy topic with lots of factors governing it. If the app was AD aware, then we would create AD Sites, and let AD handle it.
    DNS Subnet Priortization & DNS Round Robin
    Published by Ace Fekay, MCT, MVP DS on May 29, 2010 at 3:14 PM  794  0
    Technet Thread - "DNS issue : DHCP relay + VLANs + multiple AD Sites" 9/1/2011
    (Heavily discusses Active Directory SITES (not "web" sites), subnet priortization and subnet bits and how it uses the longest network bits first)
    Technet Thread: "How to achieve different DNS reddirection according to the NIC the request came" 2/10/2012
    Discusses the use of TMG/ISA/Proxy and multiple sites (not websites)
    Technet Thread: "DNS Netmask Ordering" 5/17/2011
    Discusses how Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 follow RFC 3484 for destination IP address selection, which does not honor DNS round robin by default. However, this can be changed by a registry entry, including a link to Microsoft KB968920 that further
    explains this.
    Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 DNS clients do not honor DNS round robin by default:
    DNS Round Robin and Destination IP address selection
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    We recently successfully decommissioned a child domain. However, we have found a non-domain system which was referenced in the child domain DNS as a host record - xyz.child.root.com
    Where can I add this host record in the root.com domain, so it can resolve to services contacting that name?  The child domain no longer exists.

    What does a non-domain system record mean?
    This host record seems
    for a computer located in child domain. If this record is for a computer located in child domain, this record will not efficient.
    To add a host record to root domain, you can create a new host record in the root domain and input the corresponding IP and record name for the new record.
    Besides, after you decommissioned the child domain, you can run dcdiag /test:DNS to check the health of DNS.
    Best Regards,

  • OT: DNS Host record with an @ symbol

    I have switched to the DNS hosted by my domain registrar
    Solutions), and I am curious if these default "A" records are
    necessary to
    @ (None).domainname.org
    * (All Others) .domainnamename.org
    They are currently pointed to the same IP address as

    please see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2520155/en-us
    Best regards
    Meinolf Weber
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  • ICal won't sync to mobile me, iPhone, or iPad.  On my iMac I went to preferences, mobile me, set it to sync, and even did a sync-now.  It syncd everything else, contacts etc, but not iCal.  Went to calendar preferences and it won't let me sync at the bott

    Contacts etc sync fine.  Went to calendar preferences and it won't let me sync cuz it says:  Your mobileme suscr info is not correct or you did not turn on sync in mobile me prefs  - well, my mobile me subscription must be ok, I'm in and out of it easily enough, checked the acct fields, and my other stuff is working fine.  I did go to mobile me prefs and it is all set to sync, calendar is checked, it says the last sync was 15 min ago.  Ak!  What is up?  I did just upgrade the mobile me calendar.  Is that my problem?

    djb53 wrote:
    Can take some time.... how much time?
    There's no simple answer to that. My calendar goes back to 2004 and is moderately busy; it took around an hour. It's possible that you've hit a slow period on the server - it happens.
    In order for it to work, your calendars should show on the MobileMe site, they should be listed under your MobileMe login name in the calendar list in iCal (calendars listed under 'On My Mac' will not sync) and your MM account details have to be entered in iCal Preferences>Accounts (this should have happened by itself).
    If it's not working please see the page I linked to.

  • My ipad used to show up on the left side of my screen it would be named by my device, I could sync and control apps, movies, music etc. that control is gone. Now I can't sync or manage.

    When connecting my IPad to my MAC, on the right hand side of the screen, my device would show up and I could switch movies etc from my computer/ITunes back and forth. Now a days the device shows up on the top and is listed as devices, IPad and Iphone but I have no control or syncing control. Need help

    Did you enable your Menu and Sidebar?
    Ctrl+S to view Sidebar
    Ctrl+B to view Menu Bar

  • LR Mobile stopped syncing and still isn't syncing after recent updates! Please help!!

    Running LR 5.6 on my iMac and LR Mobile on my iPad and iPhone.
    The syncing worked for the most part... sometimes I had to delete the cache on my desktop to trigger syncing but nothing works to make the LR sync.
    I have created new collections in LR on desktop and marked them to sync with LR Mobile, at the same time I stopped syncing some other collections... My Web and iPad collections have not updated. They show the collections for which the syncing was turned off in LR Desktop. I can't get it to sync. Please help. My perfect photo workflow is broken now.
    And by the way, all my apps on iPhone and iPad are up to date.

    Could you please send me a LR Desktop diagnostig log  - best as a private message with a downloadable dropbox link.
    You can trigger the log via LR Desktop preferences -> Lightroom Mobile and when you hold down the alt key you will notice a generate diagnostic log button.

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    i was syncing my itunes and was updating my itunes which i minimized away, and then suddenly itunes crashed and itunes kept updating i closed the update and went back on and finished the sync but some apps i purchased werent there. i have since updated itunes thinking that would help but no luck there. how can i fix this?

    In iTunes, go to the App store and download the apps again.
    If you log in with the same account that they were purchased with, you will not have to pay for them again.
    Golden rule, do not try to update the itunes software at the same time syncing your phone.
    I would expect iTunes to want to shut its self down while updating and if you are syncing at the same time, then its very possible to loose all your info. You were probably lucky only to loose some Apps

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    Check the book's info. Some books are iPad only.

  • DHCP reservation BAD_Address and Mac Address changes.

    Ok.  I understand about Bad_Address and the things that can cause it.  That said, I am using Window 2003 and we are running DHCP.  Yesterday we had a series of short power outages.  Some were right after the other (1 or 2 seconds) others
    were 10 to 40 seconds in between.  The server (of course) has a UPS and so does most of our infrastructure (switches etc).
    But it seems that one type of Printer that we have, were all switched to bad_address and they could not pick up their reserved IP address.  Some of them seemed to remember their IP and are still functional, even though their reservation says bad_address. 
    I assume they will fail either at lease renewal or the next time they are power cycled.  What surprised me was that these bad_address entries' reservations were changed to have an invalid MAC address.
    All of them start with a 0 or a 1 and are only 8 characters long.  0401150a, 1701150a, 1901150a, hmmm.   i see a pattern forming.  They all have unique first 3 characters, but everything after that is 1150a.  That led me to figuring
    out what this number is.  It's an inverted hexadecimal representation of the ip address that is being complained about.  Why would the DHCP server replace the MAC with this convoluted string?   Is this covered in any manual?  
    I am pretty sure it's not in the DHCP RFC. 
    Not sure why it was having the problem, unless somehow the printers were powering and made the DHCP request then discovered that the old lease information was kept somehow (remember, some of the outages were very brief) after the request had gone out. 
    But that, and nothing else I can think of makes sense.  And it only happens on one model of our printer.  At least so far.  And this isn't the first time we've seen it happen this way. 
    Any ideas appreciated.

    Hi Chris,
    Firstly, it seems that the Unique ID of the DHCP Reservations are inverted to the IP addresses in hex. And, the most possible cause is IP conflict.
    For example:
    0401150a -> 04 01 15 0a (hex) -> 4 1 15 10 (decimal) -> (IP address)
    Meanwhile, I agree with the possible cause as you said, however, would you please kindly let us know the following:
    1. How many DHCP Servers do you have? Or, is the DHCP Server multihomed?
    2. Do the printers have multiple NICs?
    3. Are the printers both statically configured and have DHCP Reservations in the DHCP Server?
    4. DO other DHCP clients in the same scope have the same issue?
    5. Is there any trace in DHCP log?
    In addition, if Conflict detection is enabled in your DHCP Server, please disable it and see how it works.
    Also, please check if you can get some clues from this TechNet Thread:
    DHCP server bad address issue
    In addition, as the issue only occur with the same model of printers, it is worth to contact the vendor for their insight on it.
    Hope this helps.
    Jeremy Wu
    TechNet Community Support

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    I have a text file with the hostnames and IP addresses for a large group of new computers that should have a static host entries.
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    You can achieve this using Powershell 3.0 if you have Windows Server 2012. Or you can install Powershell 3.0 on your Windows Server 2008 and perform the task. More information on:
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    Mahdi Tehrani   |  
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  • About Primary Db's sync() and Secondary Db's sync().

    When I use Deferred write mode, and suppose I have 1 primaray Db and 3 secondary db.
    If I call the primary Db's sync(), do I need to explicitly also call the 3 secondary db's sync()? or Berkeley Db will automatically sync() to the secondary databases when I call to the primary db?

    You have to call sync for each Database explicitly, including SecondaryDatabases.

  • 2 iphones, one will sync and one will not sync to itunes

    My wife's iphone will sync, no problem. I plug my iphone in, doesn't recognize it. Tried everything, authorizing computer, disabling firewall, itunes latest version, and nothing seems to work. Help!

    Syncing your phones to the same iCloud account won't cause them to both ring all the time, it only puts the same contacts, calendars, and other synced data on the phone.  The phones will only ring with someone calls the number associated with the phone.
    If you want to stop using iCloud on one or both of the phones, go to Settings>iCloud, tap Delete Account, then choose Keep On My iPhone when prompted.  This will disconnect them from iCloud and keep a copy of the synced data on the phone.

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