Diabolical upload speed/customer service issues

Before Xmas I decided to switch to BT from Sky as I was hopeful that I would soon be able to get BT Infinity as my exchange (Radlett) was enabled last year. However the next day I phoned back as I had forgotten to check that the service included a static IP address. I was informed that BT do not offer static IP's to residential customers so I was given the option to cancel the switch and stay with BT. I confirmed that I wished to cancel the order and the operator told me that I did not need to take any further action.
On 13th January I received a BT Hub 4 and a text message saying that my BT broadband/phone had been activated! I called customer services and they confirmed that the cancellation request had not been implemented and apologised. They suggested that I use the BT service until I could switch back to Sky. However the speed that I have had with BT has been terrible. I have made numerous calls to report the problem and received conflicting information. I have been promised call backs that never happen. I have been given a "priority" SMS number to request a call back within 1 hour that never happens.
The problem I am having is that the ADSL service randomly drops out altogether (red light on Hub) but the whole time I have very very slow upload speeds. These range from 0.01mb to 0.03mb. This is completely unusable.
I have had numerous line tests and speedtests. The line tests results have come back with different results. Finally they accepted there was a fault and an engineer visited on 20/1/15. He found a faulty cable outside the property which he repaired and said that everything was now fine. However whilst the drop outs have been less frequent and the upload speed is consistently above 10mb, the download speed is still 0.01mb to 0.03mb.
The overseas call centre operators keep reading a scripted blurb about how BT do not give any upload speed guarantees. However when I reported the fault was still there on the evening of the engineer visit I was told that this would be because the line will take 24 hours to settle down and he guaranteed me that I would see a considerable improvement in upload the following day.
My upload speed with Sky was always above 1mb.

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if using a hub 4 locate these lines located in the hub logs
Lines should look like this
19:11:29, 07 Nov. (2290101.460000) DSL noise margin: 7.00 dB upstream, 6.10 dB downstream
19:11:29, 07 Nov. (2290101.390000) DSL line rate: 448 Kbps upstream, 288 Kbps downstream
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  • How do I contact Verizon corporate regarding customer service issues?

        I'm trying to escalate an issue that I have with customer service and just can't seem to find out how to contact corporate to discuss my issue.  I have talked to customer service supervisers and asked them to escalate my complaint.  After being told it would be 5-7 days to respond, I'm still waiting.  Any help in contacting the right department at corporate would be helpful.

    Hello asianguy1964,
    I am available to assist and address any concerns that you may have in reference to customer service issue! May I ask is your posting regarding a billing issue, wireless service issue, or a interaction with a representative? Also, were you provided a reference number to your complaint? If you have a reference number then I can check on the status of your concern. Prior to investigating your reference number, would you be kind as to share the details of the issue as I'm condifent that we can If I am unable to provide a solution for you then the additional information will help me forward your concern to the appropriate channel. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
    Thank you...
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  • Customer service issues

    I am having significant issues getting u-verse installed with the rate and equipment promised when I signed up (which have record of via chat).  One the day prior to installation I talked to an Esther in Customer Service in San Antonio who confirmed my appointment and guaranteed a 1TB DVR would be delivered with the installer for installation.  The installer (Tracy Pickett #TP8522, super polite) came to my house on 6/17 without the 1TB DVR I was promised and the service was provisioned for neighbor’s house.  That was going to double the time for installation, plus no 1TB DVR, so I told the installer I would reschedule.  That day I talked with a difficult character who told me he was in "Ghalla" (India?) named James who was difficult to understand and extremely rude, but he promised me a 1TB DVR, but could not get the agreed upon month rate correct (again guaranteed in writing via chat).  He told me it would be $25 more per month than agreement.  He then transferred me to a Kim in Retention in Jackson, MS who got the price right, but included a $49.95 install fee with 1TB DVR.  She said I was all ready and good to go, but she was going to talk to her supervisor about getting the installation fee waived and additional credits for my troubles that day and with James who she agreed was very difficult to deal with when she conversed with him.  She promised a return phone call from supervisor by end of the day…13 days later, No Call.  The following week I called Customer Service again and after going through several people ended up with rep named Princess in Retention in San Antonio.  She was not the friendliest character telling me AT&T did not even offer a 1TB DVR and that I would need to check with DirecTV since they are the only provider that offers such equipment.  I proceeded to tell her of my original chat, conversations with Esther, Kim and James as well as my installer, Tracy, all telling me a 1TB was available.  While talking on phone I googled it and found it was available, but she still continued to deny availability.  Finally she contacted technical support and told me it was available, but I would have to talk to the sales department.  I told her I was working with her, so she contacted sales which stated I would have to take a regular DVR and then “request” a 1TB DVR after installation.  I told her that was not going to happen since it was promised to me up front and what’s to say I was going to get it once service was ongoing and I was locked in.  She stated she would have her supervisor, Roland, call me within one hour...still No Call.  Essentially I want to switch to your product from a competitor, but your employees are making it extremely difficult.  I treat each one of them with the utmost respect, but obviously it’s not reciprocal.  This is my last effort to get service, if this doesn’t work out I am going to just cancel and stay with my current provider.  Please help!

       That the exact problem w/chat, everything gets jumbled up.  ATT does have a 1TB DVR, but only for Gigapower users, no one else.
    Please NO SD stretch-o-vision or 480 SD HD Channels
    Need Help? PM ATT Uverse Care (all service problems)
    ATT Customer Care(all other problems)
    Your Results May Vary, In My Humble Opinion
    I Call It Like I See It, Simply a U-verse user, nothing more

  • Customer Service Issue Tyler Tx Best Buy

    I recently had the worst experience at the Tyler TX Best Buy. I sent an email via the website to the store manager.
    Below is what I sent.
    "I have been a loyal patron of the Tyler Best Buy ever since it opened and never have I been treated so poorly. I believe this needs to be brought your attention.
    Three or four days ago I came into your store and picked up a Nintendo Captain Falcon Amiibo figure. Upon check out I was told the item was put on the shelf by mistake and they WOULD NOT (was it necessary for the rude sales guy to emphasize "would not") sell it to me until it's release on 12/30/14. I asked him if there was anything that could be done, because it's not my fault your employees put it plainly on a peg for all the world to see. I was told there was absolutely nothing that could be done. The only option presented to me was to return today, on 12/30/14, and purchase the item then. I frustratingly agreed and went home and told my kid he would have to wait until the 30th. I have heard nothing but Captain Falcon from him since then.
    So I made sure I was the first person in the store today. I walked to the Amiibo section and, SURPRISE, there was no new products. I told the associate what I've written so far and he asked another guy who said to check the store room. I very patiently waited for him to return only to be told he could only find one of a different character. I explained again to him the situation and there was no way captain falcon had already sold out. I mean, I would assume the same practices are standard to each customer in the same situation, right? He asked me to wait a minute and I was soon met by a gentlemen in a black Best Buy shirt. (Great - they only send in the black shirts when some thing is wrong)
    He asked if I was the gentleman looking for the Amiibos and I nodded. He told me the character was spoken for already. I asked how that was possible and once again reiterated my story to him. I was met with a blank stare and a "yea." He told me, more than likely because he wasn't "too sure," that the item must have been placed back on the shelf and when somebody raised a big enough stink about it the manager let them put their name on it so they could return on the release date. Really? Street dated items are continually being put on the shelf? Needless to say I was floored. When I asked why these exceptions were made for others and not myself he told he didn't know. I said thank you and turned and marched out the store.
    Never have I been so disappointed and angry at the same time about customer service. When I asked if it was a possibility I was vehemently told no, yet other customers who complained got an edge up on a street dated item. I was going to elevate this situation to the district manager, but I will let you take care of that. I am extremely irate about this. Not to mention I had the explain the situation to the kid. I promise you I will NOT be returning to your store. This whole experience has left me with the most terrible impression of your customer service.
    I sincerely hope you take this opportunity to educate your subordinates on consistent customer service practices. "
    As of today I have yet to receive any kind of response. No we are sorry for wasting your time. Not even a simple acknowledgment of the complaint. This is truly infuriating. Will somebody please at least recognize the situation?
    Thanks for your help.

    Dear Brawdon4,
    Before coming to work at the corporate level, I was a member of leadership in our stores for years. The teams I was a part of were always seeking the voice of our customers by utilizing the customer surveys listed on the bottom of our receipts and through face to face interactions with patrons shopping in our store. I am sorry if your concerns haven’t been treated with the same haste or care up until this point.
    Items that have a hard street date are not able to be sold before that date. This can permanently damage or sever our relationship with the respective vendor. Stores are typically very careful of ensuring these products aren’t prematurely merchandised on the sales floor. This would explain why the associate was unable to make an exception on your behalf. However, stores are also instructed to not make unpaid holds for products as they usually create issues somewhere down the line. Much like it did during your return visit upon the products release date.
    While we are all human and accidents can happen, your frustration is completely warranted as this situation could have been avoided entirely. I have personally shared your feedback with the general manager of the Tyler, TX (store 246) location to be addressed with his leadership team for coaching and training. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.
    Warmest regards,
    JD|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • Customer Service Issue

    I just finished speaking with your customer service department and have found myself MORE frustrated then when I called.  I have been a LONG standing Verizon customer (longer then the 2003 that I was told) and have always spoken quite highly about your services until now.
    Approximately three months ago we called to upgrade our home internet service and that started the frustration with your teams.  We were told that the service would be an additional $10 per month and we would see that charge after six months.  The first month the bill was wrong. We called and in theory it was straightened out.  We had to call the following month and again were told it was straightened out.  Month three I notice that my bill is astronomical and I call.  Yup straw that broke the camels back.  I call in and explain my frustrations with the first issues and now this HUGE overage in my cell phone bill.  I explain that when I took the phones I was told ANY Verizon phone was free; I was IMMEDIATELY corrected that Verizon land lines were never the case.  Well Verizon that has been your policy however a customers knowledge is usually what the person they signed up with has led them to believe.  If you review the bills you will see that the usage has gone up considerably.  So clearly this was only brought to my attention today since I was under the impression that the increase in my bills was due to the computer line.  Absolutely, my bad for not thoroughly reading the statements and it is my responsibility to review my statements.  Since the bills rarely fluctuate I am among the legions that don't review it. 
    This morning I went on line when I noticed that I received my bill and gasped.  How could my bill be so much?  It became clear to me when I reviewed it what the problem was.  I asked myself why didn't I receive a call from the company that I have bragged about for their outstanding service to say we noticed your habits have changed and we wanted to review your account with you?  Most companies do this....I work for a bank and we call our customers on a daily basis to touch base with those that have been flagged as changes in their normal habits.......wouldn't my cell phone company do this?
    So the first person that I spoke to kept quoting policy when I explained what I was looking for; I told her I was a long standing Verizon customer.  I was frustrated with the bill I just opened since I was under the impression from when I took the phones that Verizon to Verizon (including land lines) were part of the package and I thought my bill was ridiculous and I was looking to change plans and see if there was anything Verizon could do to help me.  While I am sure that the representative was not aware of how she was addressing me I felt as though I was an uneducated individual; policy, policy, policy.  I completely understand that every company has policies and procedures, I am completely aware that I have a responsibility to review my bill on a monthly basis but she truly inflamed me.  Does not the $325 dollars a month that I pay for land line, computer service and cell phones mean anything to Verizon?  Nope. 
    I asked to speak with a supervisor since I did not want to take my frustrations out on this service representative and I explained this to her.  I told her that while I was positive that she didn't realize it she made me feel as though I was being spoke down to and I didn't appreciate it.  Since I work in a highly regulated industry also (banking) I understand that ALL companies have policies but the truth in the matter was that no one cares to hear that word or not feel as though they've been heard.  I asked to speak with a supervisor.
    Audra was the supervisor that came on the line.  I explained to her my frustrations, said I was looking to see what could be done for again here was the litany of my frustrations.  I was told that the POLICY was she could give me $90 towards this overage but Verizon never allowed land lines to be included in their service.  Again I know that now and probably should have known it then and moving forward I'll be sure to ask so many questions that I have the person selling me the service wondering if the sale is really worth it.  I voiced my annoyance (I am annoyed) about policy and the $90; it's truly not the $90 it's how the word policy keeps creeping into the conversation.  It's as though that word can be used as a "shield" to stop a customer's annoyance; it doesn't.  I then asked for the termination without penalty; well if I'm terminating then as a matter of policy she would not give me the $90 credit.  Do you see where this is getting worse? 
    I then ask for the address to write a formal complaint to and the phone number; as a matter of policy you don't give it out?  Seriously, okay.  I then inform Audra that I will be contacting the FCC to file this complaint also; looking back customer service or the poor service truly isn't in their realm but not giving an address to your own company?  It's a matter of your policy? 
    I move along to the upgrade in my service and taking the $90 credit since I have two early termination fees; I'm all set.  I do need to go on line and register the 10 phone numbers that I want for friends and family.  I find this strange; you know which numbers I call most frequently; suggestion - with all of the technology that's out there I would think you could do an analysis and send an email to the users about this and ask if this works for them.  Simple customer service. 
    I say that given the size of the bill I would like to make  arrangements to pay this over two months; I'm told I'll have to call that number.  Really she couldn't transfer me? 
    So Verizon, we all know that a dissatisfied customer tells 10 people before there was internet and social networking sites.  I'd love a phone call to discuss this message so please feel free to contact me.
    Unhappy customer

    I am totally guessing that you were calling a VZ landline thinking it was ok to call and not be billed. The literature is very clear it is Mobile 2 mobile or Verizon wireless customers to Verizon wireless customers that you can call without using minutes.
    As for Friends and Family. Be happy they are letting you have numbers to call for free. There is no need for them to give you the information. Lets say you have a family plan and they choose all your teenage kids friends and not anyone you want.

  • Customer service issue regarding a BT infinity ord...

    Approximately a week ago I noticed that BT infinity was finally available in my area so I placed an order to upgrade to infinity. When the BT home hub 4 was delivered it did not have our house number listed on the parcel and it had been delivered to one of our neighbours. We ended up receiving the parcel but we were worried about whether the engineer would turn up to the correct address. The engineer was scheduled to visit on Monday the 17th of June. We contacted BT customer support (at 0800 800 150) to check that they had the correct listed address and the person we spoke to said that they had to completely cancel the order as they were unable to amend the address on the system and they would contact us within the next 24 hours to rearrange the order.
    So, we waited 24 hours and we did not receive a phone call. After this time we contacted BT customer support once again. We first spoke to a man, he said he had to put us on hold while he checked some details. After some time, another person came onto the line, a different person to the person we had originally spoke to. We had to explain the situation again. Again, we were put on hold while the person spoke to his manager. Then we had to speak to the "manager" and explain the situation for the THIRD time. Again, we were put on hold. Finally we spoke to a FOURTH person, again, explaining the situation for the FOURTH time. They told us that there was some sort of error with our listed address and the problem would need to be fixed before we'd be able to rearrange our BT infinity upgrade. They told us that we would receive a phone call by 8pm on Monday the 17th.
    It is now Tuesday the 18th and we have still not been contacted. Quite frankly I am disgusted with the inaptitude of BT's customer service representatives and at this point we're really considering taking our business elsewhere. I can not understand how it takes you a week to amend a delivery address despite the fact that we have been with BT for years and you still manage to send our bills to the correct address. Nor do I understand why an order has to be completely cancelled in order to rectify such a simple issue. If you can not handle such a simple issue how can we possibly hope to receive quality service?
    How do we go about contacting someone who can actually help us with our issue? I'm also going to be posting this on BT's facebook in the hopes that we can be contacted by someone with some iota of competence.

    Still have not been contacted by anyone from BT despite the fact we've been told about four times over the past week that someone would be in touch. In total we've spoken to 6 different customer service representatives who have been completely unhelpful. The last person we spoke to, after having to call BT once again, told us that it would take another 5 working days to resolve the "issue". Firstly, why does it take you almost two weeks to add the number 9 to a street name and secondly, why do your staff tell customers they will be contacted within a certain time period repeatedly if you have no intentions in doing what you have stated?
    Rather conveniently the offer for upgrading to BT infinity online actually ends in 5 days meaning that assuming our "issue" is resolved in the time period that was last stated, despite the fact the previous two times we were told it would be fixed and we would be contacted that never happened, the offer will have ended. We will have to place a new order, thanks to your extremely helpful customer support staff who decided to completely cancel our order without even asking us if we wanted to cancel it when we only contacted you to check that you had the correct address, and the offer will no longer apply.
    Quite literally the worst customer service I've ever experienced and we'll be taking our business elsewhere if it isn't resolved soon.

  • Need a Forum For Poor Customer Service Issues, Like Yelp For Verizon.

    Has the customer service been getting worse since there has been less competition for Verizon and because they have the backing of Google?  Are they getting swollen heads that make it hard to have any sort of common courtesy?  I felt like I was dealing with comcast the other day, not Verizon.  I have ONLY been with Verizon because of the customer service.  If that starts to disappear, at&t might be in my near future.  My dad has them and he has no problems with customer service.  I've never had problems with verizon ever. Until now.  I would love to be able to get the persons name and customer rep number and report on a forum somewhere about  my experience.  Just to see if it was me or if this person needs to be fired.  Does something like that exist? Oh and of course, vice-versa.

    Just hop on over to Google and try and find the names of some key players at VZW and search for their contact info.  It took me every bit of a minute to google and find the website people.  It has the name of some key folks and contact info...send them an email and voice your concerns.  Will it help...who knows...but at least you'll feel better knowing you tried...  Good luck with whatever issue you're having with VZW...
    Executive Biographies - Verizon

  • Question about how HP handles customer service issues

    I am the owner of three HP laptops.  Two of which are dead now due to the defective Nvidia chips they contained.  When I called HP to report this issue, I was told by numerous HP customer service reps that they were not aware of any issues with the Nvidia GPU or that there had not been a high number of recorded problems concerning this.  It has been proven in numerous documents made public recently that this defect was known about and there had been a high frequency of this issue.   I would like to know why I was told these falsehoods and treated the way I was?
    I subsequently decided to dismantle one of the computer to investigate the GPU.  Sure enough the epoxy that reinforces the BGA solder-joint was cracked in the chip was no longer making good electrical contact with the PCB.  What I found really perplexing was the 1/4" gap between the GPU and the copper heat-sink that was intended to provide cooling.  I would assume HP was responsible for the cooling and chassis design?  I would also assume it as HP who filled this GAP will thermal foam.  Please correct me if I am wrong.  

    The recall was for certain models, did you confirm that your model was one of them?
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  • Anybody else billing and customer service issues?

    I recently was charged $100+ over my usual monthly charge. When I asked for an explanation VW could not provide an explanation and they could not adjust the charge because there was no supervisor available at that time. They apologized because their policy is to solve all issues in one call and said I would receive a call back the next day. I never heard back from them, so I called VW 3 days later again and then they told me that I was charged for using my phone overseas, which I didn't (I have 2 phones, one from work with T-Mobile which I did use to avoid the overage charges on my VZ phone). Because I was not satisfied with their conflicting explanations (the first conversation with them they could not explain the overage charges) and I had to chase them around to get one, I refused to pay my bill until we could come to a satisfactory solution. I never heared from them again and now I am being charged late fees. I am so over VW. I feel they adjust their customer service level depending on if you are under contract or not and how long is left under the contract. Friends have already moved to T-Mobile and are very satisfied and so am I with my T-Mobile work phone (not to mention the $$ you save with T-Mobile). I think I'm ready for the switch after 10+ years VW.

    >>Duplicate post removed for cross-posting violation of the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service
        See I need help.  I don't understand this at all.  for original message<<
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  • Verizon does not answer customer service issues

    I filed a customer service report two months ago, and received a response stating that the issue was indeed a Verizon error, however I have yet to hear a follow-up.
    My issue is that the coverage map indicates I should have consistent voice and text service at my home address, however this is not the case. I have to drive more than a mile to make any calls and have my SMS inbox sync.
    I’m sorry to hear about the service problems you are having at your home. As a consumer, I certainly understand wanting to go with a company that can provide service in your area. My name is Donna and let’s investigate this.
    You are correct! I do show that our coverage map indicate that there should be signal in your area. Since there is not, I have taken the steps to open a trouble ticket with my Network Team to have them investigate this matter. Typically, the turn around time for a trouble ticket is 48-72 hours, so once a solution has been provided for this problem, you will hear back from me personally.
    In addition, you should have received a separate email with the ticket number, but if you didn't, the ticket number is XXXXXXX.
    I look forward to writing you with some good news, so we can retain your business.
    I have been attempting to communicate with live support, who assured me that the ticket would be looked into and they would email me the status of the ticket. Another week has passed and still no followup by Verizon.
    I can't not have service at my house, and Verizon has been entirely neglectful with handling this issue.
    Note to moderator: If this discussion is deleted, I will be cancelling my service and will strongly dissuade others from using the service. Thanks.

    >Duplicate post deleted. Follow this posters thread at the following link:<
    Phone is NOT delivered; my bill made it. (Imagine going to a restaurant not eating and being given a bill.)
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  • How does Verizon resolve customer Service issues?

    I've spent the last 4 hours having no service. Talked to different representatives on the phone and made 2 trips to the store to figure out what was wrong with my device and I keep getting different answers, none of them the same. How do they respond to major customer service complaints?

    Hi austinb,
    It's unfortunate that you were having issues with your service and that you received conflicting information without a resolution. I know your time is valuable and I  want you to enjoy your VZW experience despite the channel you select to communicate with us.  I would be happy to address your concerns and submit the necessary feedback regarding your recent customer service experience. At you leisure, please DM me the details of your concern and your wireless number.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thanks for your involvement in our community forums,
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  • Lenovo U460 Customer Service Issues

    Today I received my second U460, and for the second time the order was made incorrectly. Here is my story:
    On December 24th I placed an order for a U460 in black/purple hairline color. This was to be my college graduation gift. On January 4th the package arrived and I opened it, only to realize that the laptop was not black/purple hairline, but rather midnight plum (dark purple) in color. I immediately called Lenovo sales and discussed with them that the laptop sent to me was not the correct color. They checked my order number and confirmed that I had ordered black/purple hairline U460, and that I should not have received a midnight plum colored U460. As such, they sent me return information to have the laptop shipped back to Lenovo via UPS and placed another order for a U460 with black/purple hairline.
    Today I received my second order in the mail. Once again, I open the box to find that I had received yet another midnight plum U460. Again I call customer service and tell them that this is the second time this has happened, and that each time I ordered black/purple hairline and each time I received purple plum.
    So the representative does checks the order number and comes back to tell me that each of my orders were for midnight plum. Now, it is interesting to note that black/purple hairline is no longer available in the U460. The representative claims that the product number I ordered shows up on the website as midnight plum. However, it is entirely possible that Lenovo, when discontinuing (or running out of?) black/purple hairline changed the midnight plum U460 product number to that of the black/purple hairline number.
    In addition to waiting 3 weeks to receive the correct laptop, which is still not correct, Lenovo simply tells me that I have ordered midnight plum both times now. However, the first time they acknowledged  that they sent the wrong laptop and would correct the issue. It should be noted that both times when I ordered black/purple hairline was available to order online and the representative I talked to who made the second order claimed they specifically checked to ensure that the black/purple hairline U460 was available. When I bring up the fact that I would have never sent back my original order (and Lenovo would have charged me a restocking fee to return a correct order) if it was correct, the representative's answer is, "but the laptop is not available in black." There was no expalantion available for why it was able to be returned free of charge the original time.
    Finally, not that I'm going to get bent out of shape about $50, but the midnight plum color was $50 cheaper than the black/purple hairline color when I ordered the computer. I did not bring this up to the representative as I had already heard enough BS for one day.
    Anyways, is there any thing I can do to get ahold of someone to get something resolved on this issue? I am not very happy that I waited nearly three weeks to receive the wrong laptop twice, paid $50 more than the price of the laptop I actually received, and am getting run around by customer service on this issue.

    Also forgot to add, but it cannot be very hard for Lenovo to send me a black/purple hairline cover for the laptop. Surely they can be taken off and put on somewhat easily.

  • Numerous customer service issues from large purchase last night

    I purchased the Xbox One Assassin's Creed: Unity Bundle (SKU #8439032) on 11/10/2014 at store #1494. Before going to the store, I chatted with a Best Buy representative online, and he confirmed that I could in fact use both of the $50 vouchers toward the purchase. I then called a Best Buy store and asked them to confirm that, which they did.
    After this, I went to my local store and traded in two consoles (each earned a $100 gift card plus a voucher for $50 toward the purchase of the Xbox One), and two controllers (each earned a $10 gift card). At this point, I had $320 in credit toward the new purchase. However, only one of the $50 was applied. Additionally, a price match with Costco (which the employee told me was a valid price match) was not applied.
    After the purchase, I made several calls to Best Buy's customer service phone number. After 20 minutes, the first representative was locked out of her PC application and advised me to call back. Upon calling back, I was transfered to an employee at corporate, who was insultingly rude and abrupt with me, talking over me and being uncharacteristically unprofessional. I told her that I was shocked by this and I politely ended the call after 40 minutes. I called back again and spoke to a very nice representative, to whom I explained the pricing issues as well as the previous experience with the unprofessional representative. She talked to her manager and they agreed to transfer me to a gift card division (or something similar) so they could rectify the issue with a form of compensation; however, we too were disconnected during the transfer. I called back one final time, and after 30 minutes with another representative, I was disconnected yet again while being transfered to a supervisor.
    Please note that I was extremely polite and had a calm demeanor during every interaction. I know that there are people just like you and me on the other end of the phone, and I always treat them with respect. However, after spending that much time on the phone, experiencing an extrememly rude employee, and being subject to a pricing/promotional error, I must kindly ask for a rectification for the issues experienced.
    I have a varierty of documentation, including the unused $50 voucher, receipt, competitor's advertisement, and trade in receipts.
    Thank you for your time and prompt response.

    Hello Mr_MacPhisto,
    Welcome to the forum. Our trade in promotions are a great way to upgrade your gaming technology. I can understand you wanting to take advantage of the gift cards, coupons from the trade-in, along with a price match. I was disappointed to read about your poor customer service experience when you called our support line, and I truly apologize for the frustration this may have caused. 
    In order to take advantage of our promotions and Price Match Guarantee, there are certain conditions that must be met to qualify. According to the terms and conditions of the console trade-in promotion, there is a limit of 1 trade-in per person; therefore you would only be able use one coupon per transaction. I'm not sure why the store allowed 2 trade in consoles. Also, our Price Match Guarantee does not cover coupon offers, and because you were using the coupon from the trade-in promotion, they would not be able to apply the price match. 
    That being said, there is no excuse for the poor customer service you were offered when you called, and I'm very sorry for any frustration and wasted time you experienced. I assure you I will be documenting your comments for review. 
    I hope this helps clarify your concerns, and please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. 
    Maria|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
     Private Message

  • Customer service issues, no complaint department!

    Not sure I'm really asking a question here, just looking for a place to be heard!  Up to now my experience with Verizon has been good, however I've always been on the buying end, Verizon on the selling.  Recently though, I needed to cancel a line on my account.  Not a big deal, or so I thought!  First, there is absolutely no way that I can find to do this through the website, even though it is very easy to add a line through the website.  I live about an hour away from the nearest store and didn't want to make the drive just to get rid of the line.  So I looked up the phone number for the store via the website only to discover that even though each store shows a different number, your call is clearly routed to a universal call center in who-knows-where.  Furthermore the automated system is terrible!  I called 3 times on my cell phone and never got past the first set of options because it wouldn't recognize that I was hitting the numbers to respond.  The fourth time I called on a land line and got through the first and second level, but by the 3 level it was having trouble recognizing my keystrokes again and routed me back around to the 1st level only to start again.  Eventually I got to a human only to figure out that this was not my store that I was led to believe I was calling.  All that just to deal with some stranger who doesn't know me or my account, just reading info off a screen!  And, whose number one goal was not to just take care of my request, but rather sell me something, or in this case, do her best to talk me out of getting rid of the line!  Are you kidding me!  If I wanted high pressure sales personnel I would've chose that option two levels ago!!!  After finally convincing her that yes I do want to cancel the line, and no I do not want to keep it and use it for a different device, she puts me on hold "while she takes care of that".  Unbelievable!  Eventually, she came back and the deed was finally done.  By now I'm looking for an email address, or a complaint department, again not through the website, and there was no way I was calling again.  So this is all I got, and I have no confidence that this will generate any change.  Lesson learned:  1) Verizon is typical big business, only cares about making your purchasing experience easy and pleasurable, and creates as many road blocks as necessary to dissuade you from doing anything that lowers your bill or cost them income.  2) Even though its an hour away, any business I do with Verizon will require that I make the drive and deal with someone face-to-face, yes even in the most technologically advanced nation on the planet in 2014!  Did I mention I'm dealing with a cell phone company...the irony!
    To those who read this, whomever you may be, I apologize for the rant since you are probably not anyone that can actually do anything about it.

    To get through to a person on the  phone you simply need to continue to press 0. Works for me every time. Any rep, no matter in the store or on the phone, is tasked with trying to keep you from canceling any services. It is their job. You can't get mad at them for simply doing their job. How would you feel if someone got mad at you for the same thing. Let them do their jobs. It does stink that you have to repeatedly request the cancellation of service but their responsibility is to find another solution if possible.
    When you call a Verizon Wireless store and nobody answers your call gets routed to a national call center. Why? Because customer service. How would you feel if you called the store and it just kept ringing and nobody answered? Oh. The store is not allowed to access your account, let alone process a cancellation of services, without an authorized user in the store to show identification. So had you actually gotten someone in the store you would have been directed to visit the store making the hour drive that you clearly didn't want to make or call in. All of this during the busiest week of the year.
    We are not the most technologically advanced country on the planet. France has trains that travel 200MPH, China had a 21% growth in wind power capacity (in megawatts) while the US had 1% last year and also Quad HD displays have been available overseas for about 3 years now and are just hitting the US.
    Any representative of VZW will know your account just as well as the next. They do this by reading info off of a screen. That's what the screen is there for.

  • WATSON ROAD MO (Store 42) customer service issues

    I was at the Watson store in STL around 12:30 today. Looking forward to purchasing a Wii U, Mario Kart 8, and a couple accessories. I'm pretty versed in this stuff, but I had a couple questions about extra controllers and they kept the 'pro' controllers off the floor with a little sign that said ask for assistance to get one.
    I was in the gaming section casually looking through games waiting for an associate to come around since I didn't see any when I came to that part of the store. After a solid 15-20 minutes I started looking around for someone to help and all I really found were other customers searching the store. It's a bigger store and quite honestly there was just no one at all except for the far wall where the computers and geek squad are. 
    I headed that way and saw about 6 or so associates standing around carrying on. As I approached the employees, a customer actually stopped me to ask me a question because they couldn't find help. I decided at that time to take my business elsewhere since no one at that Best Buy was really interested in customer service. 
    There aren't any great deals on Wii U's or games right now at BB and my local Gamestop is more than willing to help me answer questions and provide a good shopping experience. I've had better experiences at the Brentwood location, but it is further away and is a smaller store in general. I'm a reasonable guy and I'm not terribly angry at the situation, but this kind of dissapointing visit really just drives me directly to your competitors.

    Good afternoon witebuddha,
    Thank you for taking the time to post to the forum about your recent visit to our Watson Road store.  I really don't think anyone could blame you for feeling disappointed, and to be honest with you, I feel disappointed after reading about your experience.  The associates are there to help answer questions our customers may have about the products we offer and it appears there were plenty of available associate, but you were still left waiting for more 20 minutes. 
    I do apologize for any inconvenience you experienced, as that is simply not the level of service that Best Buy strives to provide its customers.  If an associate is not helping a customer, then I would hope that they would actively look for a customer to help.  We care about our customers and should seize every opportunity to demonstrate that.  I greatly appreciate your feedback and will make sure the store managers at our Watson Road store are made aware, as this is not an experience we want to duplicate.
    I hope you have a great rest of your day, and let us know if there is any other way we can assist.
    Derek|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
     Private Message

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