Diference between Price Purchase Order and Order Request

We are Working with ME51N  to Create purchase requisition , for example for items as "Cost freight", in USS Currency , the value it 's for example USS 1200
We Create Purchase Order with ME21N in USS too, and we are refering the Number of Requisition and position from (Orders Request), so the record is loaded and the price that shows us is 1227,81.. we can´t understand why its the cause of this difference, our Country Currency is ARS, but the operation it´s in USS
I hope your recomendation, about the mains records to review in SAP to solve this problem
Thaks for help us

The Solution Was create the EFB parameter to user assing with the document type of Purchase Requisition
and Then in my case , assing proposed value to field BPUEB 'Net Price'
So the Purchase order take the line value from Purchase Requisition.
see following link:

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  • Relation between a Purchase Organisation and Reference PORg

    Hi ,
    1) Can any one explain me what is the relation between a Purchase Organisation and Reference Purchase Organistion.
    2) I have removed the assignment of Purchase organisation 1000 to the Reference POrg 6666 . I want to do the testing in development server after making the above configuation change. Can any one let me know how to do the testing to see that this configuration change is taken place?.
    Thanks in advance.

    Ref. Pur Organisation is used when there is no centralized pur. organisation. You have to define 1 pur. organsation as refernce pur. organisation and link other pur orgnisations to this ref. pur. orgaisation. When you create a contract using this pur. organisation and this contract can be used by other pur orgasations which are linked to this ref. pur oganisation.
    Ref. Pur Organisation is basically used for better negotiation.
    Eg- You are having 2 plants (A & B) of 2 different company code(A & B).
    1. Pur org A is assigned to company code A & plant A
    2. Pur Orga B is assigned to company code B & plant B.
    3. Ref pur organisation C is created and linked to Pur organisation A and B.
    Scenario -
    Vendor A can supply Material A 1000 qty at Rs. 100 whereas more than 1000 qty at Rs. 90.
    But your requirement for Plant A is Rs. 800 and Plant B is Rs.700
    If you create a contract on plant basis to the Vendor A then you have to pay Rs. 100.
    But if you create a contract with ref pur organisation C for total requirement of Rs.1500 without plant basis then rate will be only Rs.90.
    Then this contract can referred by both the plant and can be converted to P.O at Rs.90.

  • What is the Difference between Price List , Modifier and Qualifier ?

    Hi All,
    What is the difference between Price List , Modifier and Qualifier ?
    What are tables affected and joins ?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Selva,
    If you look at the parameters,you can see more options in GRID.The following are those extra options which you cannot see in LIST.
    If the caller specifies an EXIT routine, this routine must have the following form:
    FORM top_of_page.
    Module REUSE_ALV_COMMENTARY_WRITE can then be called within the EXIT routine. This module is responsible for formatting the header information and also ensures online HTML formatting. In the print preview or in batch mode, the text passed is then output in the normal format.
    If module REUSE_ALV_COMMENTARY_WRITE cannot be used, you must use two parameters instead. In I_CALLBACK_TOP_OF_PAGE you pass the form routine that is responsible for normal formatting in batch mode or in the print preview mode. The form routine that is responsible for online formatting, is passed in parameter I_CALLBACK_HTML_TOP_OF_PAGE. If one of these parameters is not filled, top-of-page is not output in the respective mode.
    In function module documentation,if you click those parameters,you can see the explanation.
    If you need more information,get back.Otherwise,kindly close the thread by rewzarding points for useful replies.
    Mueksh Kumar

  • Difference between Price indicator V and S posted as consumption.

    I am facing a problem with price indicator.
    For halb material with price indicator S, the system post the difference between Price indicator V and S as consumption.
    If i have already maintained the price indicator as standard price why the system calculates the difference between the moving average price and standard price.
    please help.
    Sumit Jain

    Thank you for the responses Wonkanoby and Doctor Stu...
    Now i only have 3 questions left... #2 #3 #4
    #1) Are there any other differences between the boards apart from the fact that the K7N2GM-V is newer?
    Answer : There are no OCing options
    #2)  i noticed while browsing the Motherboard Comparison Chart that the K7N2GM-V is labeled as a "400" while the K7N2GM2-LSR is labeled as a "dual 400" under the "Memory Bus" section.  Can someone please explain what this means...
    #3) i noticed the K7N2GM-V is labeled as a NVIDIA nForce2 IGP 64 chipset while the K7N2GM2-LSR is labeled as a NVIDIA nForce2 IGP.  Could someone please explain what the difference is between the 2?
    #4) Where are the mobo manuals.. ive been all over the site and cant find any.. i could only find manuals on the www.msi.com.tw website and they didnt have the manual for the K7N2GM-V there..
    Thanks in Advance

  • Link between Customer Purchase Order and Accounting Document Number

    Hello all,
    is there a table in SAP that contains the purchase order number of the customer and the Accounting Document Number (belnr)?
    thanks in advance

    Do this:
    SELECT awtyp awkey
      FROM bkpf
      WHERE bukrs = bsis-bukrs
        AND belnr = bsis-belnr
        AND gjahr = bsis-gjahr.
    This should give you SD billing document information.

  • Purchase Order Request: (Third party -- XI-- SRM)

    We have the following scenario:
    Purchase order is send from our application to XI and then from XI to SRM. This purchase order will have a unique ID (our application assigns the ID). We would like SRM to send back Purchase Order Confirmation, and this PO Confirmation to have a unique PO number generated by SRM as well as its associated request unique ID (the one our application assigned to it).
    1. First of all, is this scenario possible?
    2. If it is possible, do we have to create our own purchaseOrderRequest_In interface in XI or can we use the standared purchaseOrderRequest_In interface to send the request from XI to SRM?
    3. What do we need to do for PurchaseOrderConfirmaton to be sent from SRM to XI?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Hi Karma,
    This is standard scenario of SRM SUS(Supplier Self Service) .
    Where SAP sends Purchase Order to SRM SUS via XI through standard setting .
    In this, unique number is assigned in SRM SUS that  will be stamped while comming from SRM SUS to SAP Purchase Order's  tracking number field .
    Only we have to map in standard XI PurchaseOder_In Interface in XI .
    Sachin S M
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            Sachin S Murab

  • Smartform Driver Program for Purchase Order & Request For Quotation

    Hi All,
    We are in ECC 6.0 EHP 4
    I am unable to find Driver Program /SMB40/FM06P for Smartform
    Purchase order  = SMB40/MMPO_L.
    Request For Quoation = /SMB40/MMRFQ_L
    So can anyone help me how to get the Driver Program into my SAP system.

    We had a similar problem... The package /SMB40/ is not installed by default with the ECC 6.0 system, so your Basis team should install it now.
    See this thread for more information, I hope it can be useful for you.
    /SMB40 and /SMB11

  • Purchase Order Request as a pre process step.

    Dear Sir, Madam,
    We have many customers using SAP Business One 2007 SP00 and thus a lot of experience.
    In the current software these customers would like to be able to register a new documenttype called Inquiry Purchase Order document. Using this new type of document these customers will be able to register several quotations from different suppliers in SAP Business One and keep track.
    The document functionality to copy documents from one type to the other must be applied here aswell. So that the new document type eventually can be copied to a Purchase Order document which is a type which is already available.
    At this point these customers create the Inquiry Purchase Orders as Purchase Order documents. The major part of these documents need to be closed manually, because only one of the offerings will be accepted.
    Please advice if this extensible functionality will be made?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards,
    Martin Cerasuolo

    Please check this thread:
    Re: Purchase requisition addon
    Since there are add-ons there already, let your customer check if those add-on could meet their needs first.

  • Diference between filter Lens correction and Camera Raw Lens Correction

    Whats is the main diference between tools: filter lens corection and Camera Raw Lens Correction.
    I am using PhotoShop cs6, OS Windows 7
    I already asked support team in Poland, but they send my back message: "we dont support any longer PhotoShop sc6"

    Swila, were your "other images" previously edited in Camera Raw? I.e., do they already have saved image settings? The defaults that you save via the flyout menu will only apply to new images, or if you reset an existing image to the defaults. (e.g., choose "Camera Raw Defaults" from the flyout menu).

  • Win32 - speaking on RECT: what is the diference between the PAINTSTRUCT hdc and memory HDC?

    see these code:
    RECT b={test.rcPaint.left+2, test.rcPaint.top, test.rcPaint.right-2, test.rcPaint.bottom};
    imglabel.DrawText(inst->strCaption, b);
    //DrawText() from my image class:
    void DrawText(string strText,RECT HDCrect)
    char *text=(char*)strText.c_str();
    what is the deference, speaking on RECT, between PAINTSTRUCT hdc and memory HDC?
    if i do top=1 or left=1, the Region reault is changed too :(

    i was getting  problems between the image size and bottom\right, with Regions.
    see these function on my image class:
    void DrawText(string strText,int PosX=0, int PosY=0)
    // geting the text rectangle
    RECT r = { 0, 0, 0, 0 };
    char *text=(char*)strText.c_str();
    ::DrawText(HBitmap, text, -1, &r, DT_CALCRECT);
    //change the position of the text
    //draw the text
    ::DrawText(HBitmap, text, -1,&r,DT_LEFT);
    and see how i use it:
    imglabel.DrawText(inst->strCaption);//inst my label object pointer
    //imglabel is my image object
    //draw the image
    TransparentBlt(test.hdc,0,0,imglabel.width(),imglabel.height(),imglabel,0,0, imglabel.width(),imglabel.height(), inst->clrBackColor);
    //destroy the region
    //Create and set them region
    inst->LabelRegion=RegionbyBitmap(imglabel, inst->clrBackColor);
    if i don't destroy the Region, before use the new Region, i get a size problem(less pixels).
    by some reason the text RECT can affect the Region size :(

  • Please help :( finding the diference between a table value and a count

    Ok... Pretty much, atm I am trying to make a view which is a capacity (specified by a table) minus a count(*) of all the tables, what I am doing is getting the capacity and atempting to take it away from a joined table which contains all of the people booked into a certain flight.. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm sure (surely hopeful) it will work..
    To sum my question up, how can I make a view which has one table minus a numerical result from a count(*)... If I can that is.
    I have made somthing which could be possibly ported into a function which returns the correct answer.. maybe is it better/possible to make the view somehow start a function?
    Edited by: 893357 on Oct 26, 2011 11:17 AM

    How about starting with this "design" (I came up with it in 20minutes so it can be refined further)
    (FLIGHT_NUMBER  VARCHAR2(6) primary key,
    (FLIGHT_ID     NUMBER primary key,
    (PNR          VARCHAR2(6) primary key,
    FLIGHT_ID    NUMBER foreign key references FLIGHT_DETAILS (FLIGHT_ID),
    (PASSSENGER_ID  NUMBER primary key,
    PNR          VARCHAR2(6) foreign key references FLIGHT_BOOKINGS (PNR),
    select fm.flight_number, fm.from_city, fd.flight_id, fd.scheduled_departure, fd.total_seats,
    fd.total_seats - fd.booked_seats available_seats
    from flight_master fm, flight_details fd
    where fm.flight_number='&flight'
    and fd.scheduled_departure = '&scheduled_date_time'
    and fm.flight_number=fd.flight_number
    -- whenever a new reservation is made (only if available_seats >= required_seats)
    select from flight_details for update of booked_seats where .....
    insert into flight_bookings ...
    insert into passenger_details ...
    ... store the number of seats in a variable :purchased_seats
    update flight_details set booked_seats = booked_seats + :purchased_seats
    commitHemant K Chitale

  • Diference between a batch file and jnlp file

    Dear all,
    I have a question that might sound simple, but excuse me, coz I am new to jnlp.
    I run my appliction using a simple batch file:
    set JAVA_HOME=C:\j2sdk1.4.2_05
    @set RUN=%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java.exe -Xms32m -Xmx128m -classpath .;myapp.jar pack.app.Main -connection jdbc:oracle:thin:@ -webroot
    The jnlp file I use to start the same application is:
    <jnlp codebase="">
    <j2se version="1.4+"/>
    <jar href="myapp.jar"/>
    <application-desc main-class="pack.app.Main ">
    I encountered two problems:
    1. The aplication hangs when I click certain buttons, which is not the case when I run it normally from the batch file.
    2. Some buttons do not even appear, where they appear normally using the batch file.
    I would appreciate any hints that could help.

    You could make a self extracting EXE with WinZip, and then do something like..  (You would create an application with source files to do this, with the below code being your 'install.bat')
    @echo off
    xcopy "AppFiles.exe" %WINDIR%\Temp
    RMDIR /S /Q %WINDIR%\Temp\AppFiles
    If you monitor the install and your satisfied its working correctly, you can modify the success return codes under the 'Option' tab, or just check the box 'Continue on Error' to keep the build rolling after this install is complete.  Additionally, you
    may find this works better as VBS script.

  • PCIE diferences between the NX6600GT VTD128E and TD128E

    Hello im going to buy an msi 6600gt-vtd128e or 6600gt-td128e PCIE.
    Wich one is best? i saw some info in the MSI site, however in other sites in the net i saw a lot of diverse information about this two graphic cards...like diferent Memory Clock Speed 500mhz for one 400 for another, vivo support (tv-out- in-hdtv) only for the vtd version etc..
    Whic one is the best buy? considering also the software bundle and the vivo-hdtv function if possible?
    Could someome enlighten me please
    thanks in advance
    sorry about the bad english 

    Quote from: McAfee on 22-April-05, 05:30:57
    Actually the old one has 2ns ram which should be 1000 mhz (ddr500)
    And this new card should be 1250mhz (ddr625)
    I dont understand why msi would underclock a card...
    It's not underclocked according to the default specifications for an AGP 6600GT according to nVidia. So they set it to run like the PCI Express version even though you can run it faster if the memory is rated faster.
    It's the same thing with the 2ns AGP verision which is down clocked to 900MHz, but technically 2ns is capable of 1000Mhz.
    There have been other video cards that have done the same thing. That's why you find out the exact specs for the memory chips to give some idea about their default speed which you have done.

  • Diferences between Sun Studio 8 And Netbeans

    When to use one and not the other

    - Sun Java Studio 8 and NetBeans 4.1
    SJS8 is based on NB4.1 and as such provides some additional modules over NB4.1.
    NB4.1 is sufficient if you are interested in building standalone java applications and web applications against Sun Java System Application Server 8.1
    You would use SJSE8 if you are interested in the additional functionality, like UML module, support for Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 etc.
    SJS8 is essentially a companion product to Sun Java Enterprise System (http://www.sun.com/software/javaenterprisesystem/index.xml) and therefore provides, in addition to the appserver support in NetBeans 4.1, support for:
    SJS webserver
    SJS portal server (for developing portals).
    btw, webserver is support is available for NB4.1 from the update center.
    - They are both older versions. JSE8.1 (now in beta, soon to be released) is based on NetBeans 5.0 and is a companion product to the next release of JES.
    You can use JSE8.1 for advanced features like UML and portletbuilder. (Webserver support is part of JSE8.1 but is available for NB5.0 from the update center).
    - If you are using NetBeans, consider moving to the latest version. 5.5:
    There are several packs available (enterprise pack for SOA support, mobility pack for developing mobile apps, c/c++ pack etc) that you can choose to install on top of NB5.5.

  • Which is the diference between the table RSBKDTP and RSBKDTPH?

    Hi, I need find the inactives DTP's in the system so I don't know in which table I will search.

    RSBKDTP  - BW: Data Transfer Process Header Data 
    RSBKDTPH  - DTP: Historic Versions 
    Not sure if following table will give you the list of Inactive DTPs. Please check.
    RSBKDTPSTAT  Status Information on Data Transfer Process

Maybe you are looking for

  • Configure Jabber for Mac with local CUCM and WebEx Connect

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has been able to configure the Jabber for Mac 8.6.2 client to use the WebEx Connect presence server with a local CUCM and Unity Connection servers. The preferences accounts tab does not show or allow the addition of the

  • Iphone contacts won't sync to mac

    Hi Very new to mac but have searched for this; too many answers with too much variance so I have to ask myself, sorry. I've had an iphone 4 for 2 years, always syncing contacts with outlook on my old PC. Everything worked fine until icloud; I then fo

  • BAPO_PO_CREATE1 giving errors while creating PO by uploading a file?

    Hi,   when i am creating Purchase Order using BAPO_PO_CREATE1 by uploading a File, it is giving below errors 1-> No instance of object type PurchaseOrder has been created. External reference: 2-> PO header data still faulty 3-> No master record exist

  • How to change Error Message into warning message

    Dear Friends, I am getting an error The qty stored that was entered is adjusted Message no. XU 040 at the time of GRN. I am maintaining batch specific Unit of Measure. Please tell me how to change this error message in to a warning message. Thanks Pr

  • How to make Lightroom the default photo program

    I don't seem to be able to push Aperture to one side. Nor will lightroom come up for selection when changing the screen display.