Disappearing Acrobat menu options in MS Word

I'm using Acrobat 8.1.6 with MS Word 2003. When I open Word for a new file, the two Acrobat menu options (Adobe PDF and Acrobat Comments) appear on the main menu. As soon as I open an MS Word document, the two menu options are removed. The Convert to Adobe PDF toolbar button remains. However, without the menu option, I cannot change the conversion settings which I need to do. It only happens for some documents, so there must be some setting in the document that is affecting this, but I have been unable to find it. When I try to do the conversion from within Acrobat, when I open the Bookmarks tab of the Settings dialog, the list of MS Word heading to convert to bookmarks is empty. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. My customer is waiting no so patiently!

Well, upon further investigation, I discovered that the menu options were removed when I applied a template to the Word document. I overlaid the template with another copy that I had saved elsewhere and that fixed the problem. Somehow, the template got corrupted in such a way that Distiller didn't like it. If anyone has a clue of what caused this, I would be more than intetested.

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    you are welcome! another option is to make a service using automator to import images to iphoto. it will be available in the right-click menu and might be useful for importing more than one file at a time. and of course you can always just drag the files to the iphoto icon in the dock.

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    I found the answer myself.
    REGSVR32 "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 9.0\Acrobat Elements\ContextMenu.dll"

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    uninstall acrobat, clean (Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool - Adobe Labs) and reinstall acrobat.

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    2. install OS X copy 1
    3. install OS X copy 3
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    5. Install Windows to the only partition its installer should see (confirm size), you'll need to format it NTFS first, and I suggest using the fast format option if available.

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    Hi Karen,
    Work through this and you should be able to get it back: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2026220

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    Never mind, found a posting indicating that I needed to go to Tools -> Templates and Add-Ins in Word. The TemplateBuilder.dot was unchecked.

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    This helped me - thank you so much - how it became hidden i will never know - thank you again

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    Dell XPS   Windows XP  

    There is a "Main Menu" option under Settings, that allows you to customize what does and does not appear on the main menu. Just go there and turn "Music" back on.

  • Acrobat 9 isn't recognizing Word 2008 structure for bookmarks

    Hi -- I posted the following on the Acrobat User Community Forums Sunday and got zero response.  I talked with Adobe tech support today and was encouraged to post it here.
    Limping to the finish line of my voluminous PhD dissertation, broke and with just Acrobat 7, I created pdfs then found that Acrobat wasn't recognizing my Word structure for bookmarks.  I immediately reasoned it was because I had had to upgrade to Office 2008 for Mac and that I must need Acrobat 9.  So I used the remaining balance on a credit card to purchase the Acrobat 9 download, upgraded it, made a pdf of my Part 1 literature review and -- ta, da -- Acrobat 9 does not recognize my Word structure.  That is, when I go to Bookmarks and select Options menu, the option "New bookmark from structure" is not available.  My Word docs are all set up with heading styles that allow for automatic table of contents in Word.  I thought that was how it's supposed to work for creating bookmarks in pdfs.  I had created bookmarks manually for my maps and tables but, as noted, my dissertation is voluminous and so are the tables of contents -- way too long to have to input manually unless there is simply no other way.  Already way in the hole at the end of my lengthy doctoral work, it currently seems my $159 for the Acrobat 9 upgrade was all for naught.  My last expert support contract is long expired and I suppose I will have to lay out more precious bucks I don't have to get professional support for this issue.  I will be so grateful if someone on this forum can advise.
    Version note:  After installing Acrobat 9 I did the upgrade that popped up, and thought it said 9.1.3.  Not prompted to, I even restarted after the upgrade, yet when I check "About Acrobat" it tells me I have version 9.0.0.
    After posting the above Sunday I discovered that when I save as Acrobat 9 pdf from Word doc files, I get a pdf with the first couple pages in a separate file from the rest -- possibly split at a new section.  I wondered whether it was due to some error I might have made in Distiller while attempting to follow the confusing (for me) instructions for setting up Acrobat 9 for Mac.  While talking with the tech support fellow I saved a pdf from a docx file and it made only one pdf file like you would expect, but as previously noted, those also do not recognize my built-in Word header style structure.  I have my numerous dissertation text files saved in doc format at request of a doctoral committee member and don't want to risk having to reformat after conversion to docx just so I can make pdfs -- I'd rather just go back to using Acrobat 7 if Acrobat 9 can't read my Word structure -- the whole reason I dropped the bucks on it now, since I hope to upgrade Creative Suite ASAP, but can't afford to right now.  The tech instructed me to uninstall Acrobat 7 in case this may be the source of the problems, but I don't want to do that in case I still need to use it.  He gave me some work-arounds, including new preferences and a new user account with administrative access to see if Acrobat 9 will work properly unencumbered by Acrobat 7 on my main account.  Also I can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Acrobat 9 upgrade.  But frankly, I'm very dissappointed at the prospect of being waylaid for many more hours trying to get a product to work that doesn't seem to be living up to its claims -- at a time when I expected to be (finally) done.  Has anyone out there successfully created bookmarks from a Word 2008 for Mac style hierarchy?  Considering the time I've spent so far, I might as well have stuck with Acrobat 7 and just input the bookmarks manually.  I'm reluctant to even put more time into trying to use Acrobat 9 if I don't know for certain it's going to work, given the time I will likely have to spend ion inputting bookmarks manually.  Unfortunately, after downloading Acrobat 9 I trashed all the pdfs I'd made with Acrobat 7 to avoid confusion, so I'll even have to re-do those.  Grrrrrrrrr!  Any insights welcome.

    The problem is also with Acrobat Help, which does not say anything about this issue in the Help info for either Acrobat 7 or 9.  Had that info been in the Acrobat 7 Help text I would not have bothered to purchase the upgrade!!!!!!  I checked Help in both versions and all it says is that if the create "new bookmark from structure" option is unavailable, your document does not contain structure, or something to that effect.  Since my documents do contain structure, I had to assume from that Help text that there was some other problem.
    In short, there was no warning about this in either Help, nor in the system requirements info on the store page.  This appears to be false advertising to me.  You can see how I was fooled into purchasing the upgrade at a time when I was least able to afford it and now I'm not even using it.  I feel angry with Adobe -- not good customer relations.  Note that I live not far from their headquarters in Silicon Valley -- now I'll have to wince when I go past their headquarters in San Jose.  You think I won't forget this little sting at the end of a long doctoral process?  Makes me think again about those cheap alternatives to Creative Suite that I get notices about from Smith Micro. 

  • Acrobat 9 Pro: Links to Word TOC and cross references are lost

    I'm testing Acrobat 9 Pro and while it successfully creates a PDF from Word 2003 with bookmarks, all my TOC and internal page reference links are lost.
    I have triple checked the conversion settings from the Adobe PDF menu option in Word, and the "Convert cross-references and table of contents to links" check box is definitely selected.
    I used the same Word document on another machine with Acrobat 6 Pro installed - and the TOC and cross ref links were created successfully. As far as I can see the Adobe PDF settings in Word 2003 on both machines are the same - the only difference is that one uses Acrobat 6 Pro and the other uses Acrobat 9 Pro.
    The only setting in 9 Pro I turned off was the 'enable accessibility tagging' one; it's also turned off in 6 Pro. The remaining settings are the default.
    A clickable TOC and internal links is essential for my clients who often have 400+ page documents.
    Anybody have any suggestions? Or can anybody confirm that they do/don't get the same behavior in Acrobat 9 Pro?

    Thanks Abhigyan - your test PDF worked fine for me.
    This is what I've done today:
    1. Checked for all instances of pdfm*.dot files and removed any that were lurking in old Application Data and Microsoft Office folders.
    2. Deleted all Acrobat 5 and 6 folders and subfolders still lurking in Program Files.
    3. Used Add/Remove to delete Adobe Reader 8 and its updates. I figure I can always install Reader 9 if I need it as a separate app.
    4. Checked that everything was gone using the Windows Installer CleanUp utility (it was).
    5. Restarted my machine.
    6. Turned off my anti-virus software.
    7. Did a search for any pdfm*.dot files - found one only in the current Microsoft Office folder and left it there.
    8. Reinstalled Acrobat 9 Professional.
    9. Opened my test Word 2003 document.
    10. Checked all the Acrobat conversion settings and left them as the defaults.
    11. Converted the doc to PDF and checked for internal links. Yes! The TOC links worked! But my joy was short-lived as the page link didn't work...
    12. Tried various other conversion settings based on some suggestions from Lance in first level Adobe Support yesterday - still no page link. And I also lost the TOC links when I cleared the Enable Accessibility check box on the Settings tab of the conversion settings.
    13. Checked the Edit > Preferences > Convert To PDF settings for Word in Acrobat 9 - add bookmarks and add links are both selected (default).
    14. Used Acrobat 9 to create the PDF (File > Create > From File) hoping that this might might a difference. Nope. No TOC or page links.
    15. Changed conversion settings back to default via Word 2003, and created a PDF from a longer document. Again the TOC links worked, the URLs worked (they always did), the bookmarks worked (they always did too), but the none of the internal page cross-reference links worked.
    So my summary is this:
    * I can only create TOC links *if* Enable Accessibility is turned on, but I have always turned this off in earlier versions of Acrobat as I don't need it and it made the process of creating a PDF from a long document incredibly slow - I'm wary of using it!
    * I cannot get internal page links to work at all, no matter which method I use to create the PDF (from within Word or within Acrobat), and no matter which conversion settings I select.
    I really don't know what to try next. Manually creating links for what could be hundreds of cross-references in a single document is NOT an option, especially as I have many of these long documents.
    Any further suggestions?

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    For some reason, the Link > Framemaker document option was also greyed out when I created the project.  I had been having trouble with the .xpj file not being created by RH11 and reinstalled TCS5/RH11.  Then I created the project and was able to find and open the .xpj file.  Like I said, I found then that the  Link > Framemaker document option was greyed out and could only import the FM book.
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    Developers Guide http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B40089_10/current/acrobat/120devg.pdf has info on this, specifically the SPECIAL1 to SPECIAL45 triggers and section APP_SPECIAL: Menu and Toolbar Control.

  • New Mac, fresh install of Mountain Lion When I click to open a .Pdf from a web page,while in Safar, I get a black window Nothing opens in Preview or in Acrobat No option to download

    New Mac, fresh install of Mountain Lion
    When I click to open a .Pdf from a web page,while in Safar, I get a black window
    Nothing opens in Preview or in Acrobat
    No option to download

    Open the Finder. From the Finder menu bar click Go > Go to Folder
    Type of copy paste the following:
    /Library/Internet Plug-Ins
    Click Go. If you see this file:  AdobePDFViewer.plugin
    Drag it to the Trash, empty the Trash.
    Quit and relaunch Safari.

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