Disappearing trash items

FIles I trash are disappearing from trash after a few seconds. I sometimes catch a glimpse of a rename to string of letters just as it goes. Only been happening since 10.8.2
Anyone else have this problem, or any ideas?

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  • IOS 6 - Mailbox - No Sent or Trash items

    Please Help – IOS 6. Hi, when I open my mail application on my iPhone ever since I upgraded to IOS6 I have not been able to view sent items or trash items on my mailboxes account. It mealy displays Inbox and VIP.
    Please assist?

    Have you tried deleting the email account from the handset and readding it back on again?
    What about reseting the device and restoring it from a back up?

  • Trash items

    Hi! Where do i find the trash items with Time Machine?
    What am i talking about: It appears i have deleted files that i do need again. So i started Time Machine and selected my last backup dating back to oct-23rd. while expected to find my files on desktop it appears i had already deleted them back then but probably at that time they were still in trash. So i searched the backup for the trash bin. But there is no trash bin.

    Harpo Marx wrote:
    Hi! Where do i find the trash items with Time Machine?
    Sorry, but you don't.
    Time Machine (like most other backup apps) does not back up trash. See *What’s excluded from backups* in #11 of [Time Machine - Frequently Asked Questions|http://web.me.com/pondini/Time_Machine/FAQ.html] (or use the link in *User Tips* at the top of this forum).
    You'll have to look at your desktop in older backups. If the files aren't there, they're gone.
    If you emptied the trash lately (with a normal empty, not a Secure Empty), and haven't used your Mac much since then, there's a chance the items can be recovered with +Data Recovery+ software. But if you emptied it some time ago, and/or have added/changed much since then, the files have likely been overwritten.
    See [Data Recovery|http://web.me.com/pondini/AppleTips/Recover.html].

  • Automator - Trashing Items (Error)

    I've setup a workflow that trashes items from a certain folder that contains many files. The problem is it won't work when there is a file that you must verify with a username and password window that appears. Any way to bypass this?

    Any suggestions? Please.

  • Important: Item Disappears form Item Dashboard when used in Initiative

    Hello All,
    I have one urgent question. I am seeing one strange thing. When a PPM Item is created and lets say this Item has a role A with 'Write' access on it. When I log in as Role A, I can see the PPM Item on the Item Dashboard. But the strange thing is when an Initiative is created by Role B ( this Initiative has both 'Write' access for roles B and role A) and the above PPM Item is added. Then when I log in as Role A, I cant see the PPM item on Item Dashboard. To see the PPM Item as Role A, I have to go to Initiative first and then see added items and there I can see the above PPM Item but not directly from Item Dashboard. Can someone throw some light as why PPM item disappears from Item dashboard for Role A, even when Role A has write access on the PPM Item, after item is used in a initiative.

    Hello Sachin,
    Implement SAP Note 1649142 and retest.

  • Trashed items remain visible in Smart Album

    When I delete an item from a smart album (with Cmd-Delete) it is supposed to be trashed. Indeed it appears in the trash, but also remains visible in the browser view of the smart album. Only when I empty the trash, the item disappears from the album.
    Is this behaviour by design (and if so, how can I avoid it), or is it a bug?
    Greetings from Holland,

    Put another way, you are only deleting the link here not a version or master. It is just the way Aperture works, to save space on your hard drive. You can make multiple "copies" hundreds in fact but they do not Reside on the hard drive, only a link to one master telling Aperture to show you the particular image in any of the hundred places you put them. So, delete one and there is nothing to see. You will only see an image in the trash, if it is a version or a master. Read my other Post carefully it is very important to understand how Aperture works, and a good workflow to follow for trashing your unwanted stuff.
    Hope thats better. Allan

  • Recovering trashed items

    How can I recover items that may have been trashed and then the trash was emptied. 
    My husband was cleaning his desktop and said he moved our son's school file off the desk top to the documents file.  It has completely disappeared.  We have tried searching for it to no avail.  I am afraid he trashed it unknowinly.  Any suggestions?  All our son's papers were in that file, along with his assignment that is due tomorrow!

    Try something like Data Rescue or other data retrieval app. Might not be possible to get the homework, so he might have to revert to pen and paper.
    FWIW, having separate accounts for each user would preclude this kind of tragedy. 

  • Disappearing Start Items

    I have a Start Button problem with a Windows 7 SP-1 computer.
    When I click Start / All Programs, the list of programs duly appears but when I then left-click on any folder in the resultant list (e.g. the "Microsoft Office" folder), although the folder correctly expands to show
    the short-cuts contained (Excel, Word etc in this example), they only stay in view fleetingly.  The whole thing disappears a split-second later, long before I can click on one of the short-cuts to run it.
    Right-clicking on the same folder works fine.  E.g., When I click Start / All Programs, right-click on the Microsoft Office folder and select "open", a Windows Explorer window correctly displays the contents of C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start
    Menu\Programs\Microsoft Office.  All of the Office shortcuts are there and I can double-click on them in the normal way.
    The above problem only happens with folders.  Items in the Start / All Programs list which are individual shortcuts (e.g. the shortcut to Internet Explorer) work just fine.

    Did the issue occur recently, if is, you can try run system restore to the point when it work normal.
    Start>type system restore in the search box>choose system restore and follow the wizard to restore your computer.
    If not,  please first run Microsoft safety scanner to see if it is infected by virus.
    If it is not the issue, it is probably the issue that the related folders are hidden.
    go to control panel>folder options>click view >check the box show hidden files.
    go to c:\program data/microsoft/windows/start menu. if start menu folder is like clear. right click properties>general>uncheck hidden>ok.
    Or you can try the methods in the following link.
    Please note: since the website is not hosted by Microsoft, it may be changed without notice, Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of the information.
    If still not work, the user profile may have become corrupted. Create another profile for test.
    Ada Liu
    TechNet Community Support

  • [JS CS3] disappearing page items

    Now this is strange: I've written a script that does some imposition of a an image on a single sheet (page) and puts some special printers marks along the side. Now there's (as far as i am aware of) one instance where all the page items get placed on the page, but when you save, close and reopen the document, half of them are gone!
    When you drag the page items before saving they disappear right from under your cursor! I've tried putting a lot of save commands during the script, hoping that that would nail those items down, but with no luck.
    Has anybody had a similar experience and found a solution?

    You should send your script then we could have a try on our side.

  • Trashing items from external hard drive

    HI.  I have aMac OSX v10.5 Leopard--connected a G drive  mini500gb external hard drive to trash the backed up itunesmusic on the external hard drive. But the computer wont let me because it cantdelete backed up items. Please Help.

    Please explain exactly what you mean by "backed items".  What is the exact error message you saw?  What software did you use to back up the iTunes music?

  • How to securely trash items that are locked

    I am trying to securely trash the files in my trash but i get error message saying "There are some locked items in the Trash. Do you want to remove all the items, including the locked ones, or just the unlocked items?" and it stops me from deleting the files. what shall I do to overcome this problem.

    Select the item in the Finder, choose Get Info from the File menu, and uncheck the Locked checkbox.

  • Instantly Disappearing Collection Items?

    Hi, I'm in Bridge CS5 on a Mac Pro running 10.6.4.
    I built a collection of about 98 PSD, JPG and TIF images, which are located in many different folders across an external hard drive.
    The collection name was the default, "New Collection."  I renamed it, and suddenly noticed there were only 42 items in the collection!  Approximately 50+ items just suddenly disappeared, so now I have to start again, because I won't be able to work out exactly what's missing!  It appears the files were not deleted from their locations, they're just not in the collection anymore.
    Any thoughts?  Is there some shortcut to removing items from the collection that I might have hit accidentally?  I know I didn't click the button that's actually MARKED "Remove From Collection," certainly not for 50+ items...
    What happened here?
    Thanks in advance for any ideas, I don't want to have to rebuild this collection more than once again...

    Thanks in advance for any ideas, I don't want to have to rebuild this
    collection more than once again...
    Seems like a bug, tried it for testing and after having added several files
    from different locations and drives and then renamed the original 'new
    collection name to a custom one. After this it was indeed almost empty and
    most of the before added did disappear from the collection.
    No harm done for the originals but the collection was gone.
    The trick seems to be to rename the collection right after the first added
    files. They then stayed put and also after having added more files and then
    again renamed the collection name (added something at the end) the files
    stayed also.
    You might want to do some testing your own and also you might want to file a
    bug report for it (use the contact button at the top of the site), they
    don't always respond but usual are very keen on receiving bug reports
    Be aware of a tricky shortcut. If you use the back space key for deleting
    files from the collection this also delete the original files to the bin.
    Always use the 'Remove from collection' button at the top of the content
    window for this, this leaves the original untouched !!

  • Disappearing Calendar Items

    About 4 days ago all of the items in my iCloud Calendar started to disappear from my iPad and iPhone.  I have been using iCloud as my master calendar for my PC, iPad, and iPhone since iCloud was introduced.  Now all of a sudden things are starting to disappear from my calendar.  If i enter an event into my iphone, it will show up for a little while and then disappear.  It will never synch with my computer or iPad. Same goes if i put it in my Outlook, it will never get to my iphone or ipad and will just disappear totally from my computer.  My calendars are all set to iCloud.
    Please help!

    Not sure if your issue is related to this, but Microsoft says in a couple of their documents that both the principle and the delegate must accept all meeting requests, for a specific meeting even if the item has already been accepted by one or the other.  If one accepts, and the other deletes it from their inbox, the meeting will come off the calendar. We found this was one thing that would make accepted meetings vanish.  One way to fix this is to ensure that only the principle or the delegate or notified of the meeting, not both.  This becomes even more of a challenge when you have multiple instances of the Outlook inbox....iPhone, iPad, Outlook and delegate etc....all must be accepted. 

  • Disappear sub-items Va01 Va02 va03

    i have the next problem. We have a item in sales order that explode (BOM) subitems.
    Oue customer doesn`t want to see the subitems in sales overview or item overview. They only want to see in structure tab (and in gray status).
    Some body can help me.
    I don`t want to see sub-items in a sales order (it depends of the item category).
    We proved with USEREXIT_FIELD_MODIFICATION, but we don`t know how to disappear all the subitems.

    thanks for the information.
    But the problem is that i need BOM explode. But our customer doesn´t want to see the sub-items in the sales order items. But the problem is that there are sub-items with BOM again, so i have three levels in my sales order:
    Level 1      Main item
    Level 2          Sub-item
                        Main sub-item
    Level 3                    SUb Sub items
    They onlu need to see Main item and main sub-item. It depends of the category items.

  • Problems trashing items while viewing in cover flow

    While in a folder on my desktop I am viewing items as cover flow.  I have trashed quite a few but the image of what has been trashed still appears. the file name changes because the item has been trashed but the image of what has been trashed stays there instead of showing the image of what the file actually is.  Very confusing and creates a workflow problem.
    Thanks for any help.

    I have the same problem. looks like a bug.
    1. tracks are marked as compilation
    2. grouped together (same name used for album name and grouping for all tracks)
    3. in preferences i have also checked group compilations together.
    album art when sorting by album still shows art for each track seperately.
      Windows XP Pro  

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