Disc I Made With iDVD Will Not Play Back in DVD Player

I used iDVD to burn DVDs I made with iMovie. The DVDs play back without problem on my home DVD player, but when I try to play them on my Mac G5, the computer keeps ejecting the discs. How can this be? Sureley the discs are compatible with my system or they would not be burnable. Please help!

Hi r
No this is an often described problem.
To make a DVD playable to as many devices as possibly there are some alt ways
to go,.
1. From iMovie to iDVD: I don't use the Share/Export to iDVD from within iMovie.
I drop my movie project icon (with a Star on it) into the open window in iDVD.
2. After done necessary adjustments I go to File/Save as a Disk Image.
3. This disk image I burn with Roxio Toast™ but You can also use Apple Disk Util tool.
4. AT AN AS SLOW speed as possibly eg x1, x2 or x4 => Less errors in burn process.
5. I use Verbatim DVD-R. There are other High Quality brands - this I use.
DVD+R or +/- RW I don't use !!
This DVD should play on nearly all devices.
Yours Bengt W

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  • Disc burned with iDVD will not play in DVD player only on MAC

    I used iMovie to create a movie and then shared it with iDVD. I successfully burned the DVD through iDVD but it will not play on my DVD player. It plays fine on the iMac. It is in UDF format. After reading through posts, I saved the file as a disk image and then burned through Disk Utility. This plays fine but I would really rather burn the disc directly from iDVD. Any ideas why the DVD player says "This type of disc cannot be played"?

    Media quality affects the burn errors on a disc. Computer players tend to have better error correction (to preserve digital data) - set-top DVD players tend to have poorer error correction since the are designed to play commercial, stamped DVDs with low error rates.

  • I've burnt a slideshow of my photos onto a DVD disc but it will not play on my DVD player. It plays ok on my acer laptop. I burnt the same disc with slideshow from my old dell computer

    I've burnt a slideshow of my photos on my Apple Mac to a DVD+REW disc but it will not play on my DVD player or on a combined DVD/TV. However it will play on my wife's Acer laptop. I then erased the disc & burned another slideshow from my ancient Dell computer onto the same disc &it played just fine on everything. So it seems the problem ids somewhere in the Apple Mac process. Any ideas?
    Keith C

    Gary Scotland wrote:
    If you want to play material on a dedicated DVD Video hardware player, you must create a DVD video disc, and you must use a DVD authoring application.The software creates files that the DVD video player can play and will burn them to a recordable DVD disc. Examples of applications are:
    Roxio Toast and iSky DVD Creator
    Mac's used to be supplied with iDVD authoring software but Apple discontinued it in 2011.
    Thanks for that.  Will need to check iSkysoft out.  I am in the process of looking for a VisualHub replacement/backup.  Especially when it comes to ease of use.  Toast is ok.  Just looking for something along the lines of VH. 

  • I made a movie on iMovie and went to burn to DVD and of course I could not...contacted Apple and they said to download an app to help solve this problem...i did..so I could finally burn a DVD, but it will not play on my DVD player...HELP!!!

    I made a movie on IMovie and went to burn it to a DVD ...I could not do this so I contacted Apple..they had me download an App and then I could make a DVD...but it will not play on my DVD player...does anyone know how I can solve this problem.. I purchased this to make DVD's and now I can not do that!!

    This is a known issue.  It really comes down to two key factors - what type of DVD are you burning to + what type of DVD player you have.
    This article will help.  It's lengthy and can be technical in some parts but should shed some light on your problem.

  • I transferred photos from my camera to my computer and created a burn folder.  I recorded the burn folder on a DVD but it will not play on my DVD player.  What am I doing wrong?

    I transferred photos from my camera to  burn folder on my macbook Pro.  Made a DVD from the burn folder but it will not play on my DVD player.  What am I doing wrong?

    How did you do this burn? Did you use a program like iDVD?  A DVD player requires that the data on the DVD is recorded in the proper format: MPEG-2.  A program like iDVD will do this.  There are other programs available that can do the proper coding (Roxio 'Toast' for example), but iDVD has the most features and is easy to use.  It is no longer available from Apple, but if you search on Amazon, you can find 'iLife 11', a suite of programs including iDVD.  It will function properly on Apple's current operating system, but it cannot make a High-Definition (Blue-Ray) presentation.  It is Standard Definition only, as are all regular DVD's. One good way to present photos on a TV is to make a slidesow in iPhoto, then export that slideshow to iDVD, where it will be properly formatted for a DVD player.  Or, iDVD can make its own slideshow of up to 99 photos.  HTH.

  • Burned a dvd but, it will not play on my dvd player for tv

    I created a slideshow with itunes music added in iphoto.  I tried the recommended free "burn for mac" software download.  It burned a dvd but, this will not play on my dvd player for tv.  What software title can i purchase that will burn my iphoto slideshow to a dvd that will play on typical home dvd player for tv AND on a windows pc?

    some dvd players are very picky on what they will play some only
    play dvd+r some only dvd-r some can't play dvd+rw and or dvd-rw
    dvd burnable is a pretty fragmented std.

  • My Mac will burn a DVD from iPhoto but the images and videos will not play on my DVD player. I am using DVD-R disks

    My Mac will burn a DVD from iPhoto but the images and videos will not play on my DVD player. I am using DVD-R disks

    Hi john, try Burn...

  • IPhoto show transfered and burned with iDVD will not play

    Using iLife 6 - I have 425 photos in iPhoto edited and set to run 3 seconds with dissolves. Transfered to iDVD and created menue and sound from iTunes. The show appears to run fine in preview. However, when I burn the disk it will not run on a DVD player. It runs for a while and then studders or stops. Will sometimes start back up and then stop again. I have tried the following:
    Have reduced all of the photos from origonal 4 to 5 MB down to 200 - 400 KB
    Have tried 3 different types of master media.
    Have tried 4 different DVD players. It plays best on my expensive Pioneer PRV
    9200 but still has some small problems and studdering.
    G5   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

    Is there any way to change the burn speed and settings in iDVD?
    If you create a disk image, you can use Toast to burn and control speed to 4X or slower.
    File/Save As Disc Image...
    This will isolate any encoding/burning issues you may encounter. Once the disc image is created, double-click the .img and burn the virtual disc that should appear on your desktop, using Toast to burn the DVD. Disk Utility to burn the .img file. Usually, you can select a burning speed in Disk Utility.
    There are variations to this process based on which OS X you are using...
    Open Disk Utility (in Utilities folder in Applications folder), click on the virtual disc (maybe the .img) in the left-hand window. Click the Burn icon. A new window should drop down and your SuperDrive tray will open after clicking the Burn icon. Insert a recordable DVD. (Verbatim DVD-R preferred by me.) Click the Close button. Wait. Select a burn speed. Then click the Burn button.
    -->If the virtual disk selection won't allow you to click the Burn icon, use the .img file instead. This may have changed in 10.3.9 and did change in Tiger.
    Also, you can use DVD Player to play the virtual disk to check your iDVD project before burning to DVD. Launch DVD Player. File/Open VIDEO_TS (Open DVD Media... in Player 4.6). Find the VIDEO_TS folder and open that. (The audio folder is for DVD-Audio disks.)

  • HT4718 After burning a slideshow from iPhoto export to a DVD, it will not play on my DVD player OS X 10.9.4

    iMac 27' OS X 10.9.4 I burned a slideshow from iPhoto export to a DVD and now it will not play back on anything. The player said Unknown disc. What can i do?

    I do find that using one of these programs will reduce the sharpness of the photos.
    Granted, I've never used iPhoto - I use Photo to Movie for slideshows and various versions of iMovie for videos, but my pics are excellent quality and my videos are shot in 1080p (better camera)  or 720p (small camera) and the results are superb on my TV using both iDVD and Toast. However, I do not encode in iDVD, I simply use it to add a theme and menus. The encoding is done by Photo to Movie, or iMovie 06 HD (the only version ever to process losslessly) and either/both are imported into iDVD as a complete .mov, or Toast.
    Since using those methods, I've never had a problem with the sharpness or crispness of my footage. My eyes cannot discern a difference between my "production" and true HD (unless of course I shook the camera while shooting, LOL).

  • My dvds that are made from iDVD will not play in a standard dvd player. Can anyone help me?*

    I am running iDVD v 7.1.2(1158).  I used to be able to make dvds that would play in a standard dvd player.  As of today I cannot.  I do not know what has changed and I do not know what needs to be updated.  Can someone assist me?
    The dvds that I can make will play from a disk image and they can play perfectly fine in a computer but not in a standard dvd player.  I am using an external dvd burner, (The same one  have always used) to create the dvds.  I am using iDVD to author them. 
    Here is a list of my hardware.
      Firmware Revision:          A102
      Interconnect:          USB
      Burn Support:          Yes (Generic Drive Support)
      Profile Path:          None
      Cache:          2048 KB
      Reads DVD:          Yes
      CD-Write:          -R, -RW
      DVD-Write:          -R, -RAM, -RW, +R, +R DL, +RW
      Write Strategies:          CD-TAO, CD-SAO, CD-Raw, DVD-DAO
      Media:          To show the available burn speeds, insert a disc and choose View > Refresh
      Version:          7.1.2
      Last Modified:          7/19/11 8:19 PM
      Kind:          Intel
      64-Bit (Intel):          No
      Get Info String:          iDVD 7.1.2, Copyright © 2001-2011 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
      Location:          /Applications/iDVD.app
    Can anyone help me?  The dvds are not even detected

    • Material used: Video-Codec and Photo file format and Audio file format - matters too. I use
    - Video - StreamingDV .dv or AIC
    - Photos as .jpg (only)
    - Audio as .aiff 16bit 44.1kHz or 48kHz (ONLY - never .mp3 or directly from iTunes - all converted to .aiff first)
    With this I do not mean any setting in iDVD - BUT the raw material used in iMovie / FinalCut / Avid 100 / Adobe Premiere
    As this usually matters - later in iDVD
    How did You Export from Video-editing program used ? I prefer
    • iMovie HD6 - just drop the movie project icon (NOT iMovie Icon - the PROJECT one) over into iDVD big menu window (avoiding - drop-zones as they are for other tasks)
    • iMovie'08 to '11 - Share to MEDIA BROWSER - AND AS MEDIUM - not HD or other resolution as iDVD does a bad downscaling job.
    • iMovie'13 (version 10.0.x) - Share as 480p - Import this into iDVD
    • FinalCut (Pro or Express) - Export as QuickTime .mov - NO QUICKTIME CONVERSION - IMPORTANT
    • Adobe Premiere - I don't know - not tested Yet
    • Avid 100 - I don't know - not tested Yet
    Cleaning the DVD-burner - If it Burns DVDs OK then that's may be not the problem - But if it only burns CDs OK then either the DVD-burning-laser is dirty or broken.
    It is very easy to kill this DVD-laser as it over-heats if one burns several DVDs in a row. I only burn three at a time - then let it cool down for 30 minutes till next batch of three DVDs.
    Yours Bengt W

  • IDVD will not play my burned DVD lecture!!

    I have a DVD for a lecture that I'm supposed to view for work.  This is a burned DVD.  I am ABLE to play this DVD on my DVD player at home but I cannot watch this video on my Macbook Pro using iDVD.  It says "Not Permitted" in a grey screen when you press play.  Is there another DVD program that I can use to watch this DVD on?

    Does the DVD play in other players or on other computers?
    Try the following basic trouble shooting steps that are mentioned on many posts.
    Save as a disk image
    Burn disk image using Disk Utility at a slower speed (2x or 4x)
    Use DVD-R (not +/-RW or +R)
    Use Maxcell or Verbatim disks

  • HT1095 Media browser does not come up as an option I burnt to dvd on desktop but could not loop the movie and it will not play on tv dvd player, only on computer.

    I burnt my iMovie onto dvd but could not see how to make it looped. When completed it will only play on my computer not my tv dvd player. Please help.

    Thank you very much.
    My husband came home and remembered how to do it on dvd, all sorted.
    You can see it, its rather a slow 7 mins as I am drawing in real time, but you can hurry it by whooshing through if you like, you see the subject of the drawing towards the end to compare with the drawing.

  • Dvd not playing back on dvd player

    hiya,just done a dvd for training at work,it plays fine on computer ,but will not load on dvd player,have used these dual layer discs before so know they are fine.put just a few minutes of data on the disc. thanks in advance for any help

    hiya,to be honest im not sure what brand they are,ive used them before and my dvd player works fine with them,i used idvd to burn them like i always do.one point to make,ive put a very little amount of data on the disc ,idvd asked if i still wanted to go ahead and i clicked yes,second point on idvd,in the menu screen,i dragged some content into the section where it will automatically play when disc is inserted,i hope you understand what i mean by that,ive never done that before. third point,the disc plays straight away on my mac and its played on a pc after some kind of formatting by the pc.thanks for your reply earlier,as keen as i am on my mac i dont understand the ins and outs of it,hoping you can help.
    cheers phil

  • Not playing back in DVD player

    Hello all,
    I made a DVD in DVD Studio Pro, and it played back perfectly in the DVD player on my mac. Then I went to play it in 2 other DVD players, and it wouldn't recognize the media. I also couldn't play it on a PC player. I have no idea why. Any input is greatly appreciated.

    You can find your files by looking at it's rendering list. There will be a little magnifying glass next to the file name, click on it and the browser will open revealing the file for you.
    Actually DVD SP makes fine HD DVDs, you just can't play them much of anywhere. Compressor will make Blu-Ray DVDs in a couple of different ways, some of which are very limited but will work. You can get more extensive menuing by creating the Blu-Ray media in Compressor and using Encore, if you have it, to author the disc. But these methods are not as comprehensive as many of the other applications out there for BR authoring.

  • Why doesn't my slideshow burned to disc not play on my dvd player or game devices?

    Why doesn't my slideshow burned to disc not play on my dvd player or game devices?  I've created the slideshow using my Mac on OS X 10.6.8 & burned to both a CD-R & DVD disc.  The disc does work on my computer; however will not play on my dvd player, projectors or gaming devices.

    Did you use iDVD to create a video DVD or did you burn a Quicktime file version of your slideshow to a DVD disk via the Finder thus creating just a data disk?
    If you didn't use iDVD then that's the reason the disk won't play on those other devices.

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