Discounts on MIRO documents

Hi friends,
When User does MIRO they enter frieght cost in the gl account tab.
When we make the payments through automatical payment program system calculates discount on the freight also.
We do not want system to calculate the discounts on the amount entered in the GL account tab , how do we do that.
Please advise

I think it is not possible. Because, the discount calculation is purely based on the Vendor line item...when you do the posting with frieght, both material amount and frieght amount will be in different line items having only one vendor line item.

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  • Discount in MIRO

    can any one tell me, how to book discount in miro?? i.e I have PO without any discounts, then at the time of booking of Invoice through MIRO i want to book discount, how to do??
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    You shd enter the Discount in the PAYMENT tab of the invoice document...then it'll taken into consideration...but remember it will treated same as unplanned del. cost and will not be posted to the specific account but will get into stock/consumption account...or if the std. price control is used then if there is less stock coverage then will get posted to the PRD account...

  • Manually adjusted G/L and Material values in MIRO document

    Dear All,
    Can you please help me get the logic of capturing data from RBCO and RBMA for manually adjusted entries. I have a Purchase Register, which is completely based on the MIRO documents. The values are picked up from RSEG and RBKP. Header-wise and item-wise details are also displayed in the register.
    Since manual adjustments are done, the values are not saved in RSEG Table. The total value is reflected in the RBKP - Header table. How do I get the value bifurcation?
    The values are there in BSET table also. But I fetch the values with respect to the tax codes and condition types from BSET. Accounting values are fetched from BSET in the existing register.
    According to the current logic, the adjusted values are not populated to the Purchase Register.
    How to display the values in item-wise and header-wise?
    Please help me get a logic of getting the values from RBCO and RBMA or from BSET.
    I prefer to get the values populated from BSET, because we will get the tax values also.

    Hello , there are two tabs next to "Po reference" tab called "G/L Account" & "Material" tabs which can be used for G/L Accounts & material entering.
    if you don't have these tabs , please check for authorization.
    below screenshot for reference.

  • GR/IR from miro document and posting date.

    Hi experts,
    Is there any proper way to selecting data.
    My purpose is getting GR/IR on Miro Document and Posting date basis.
    TABLES : bkpf, rseg, bseg.
    DATA : BEGIN OF it_bkpf OCCURS 0.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE bkpf.
    DATA : bbelnr TYPE bkpf-belnr,
          bgjahr TYPE bkpf-gjahr.
    DATA : END OF it_bkpf.
    *data : it_bkpf like bkpf OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE.
    DATA : bbelnr TYPE bkpf-belnr.
    DATA : bgjahr TYPE bkpf-gjahr.
    DATA : bawkey TYPE bkpf-awkey.
    data : dmbtr1 type bseg-dmbtr.
    data : dmbtr2 type bseg-dmbtr.
    PARAMETERS : p_budat LIKE bkpf-budat.
      WHERE budat = p_budat
      AND blart = 'RE'.
    WRITE :/ bkpf-awkey(10).
    WRITE :/20 'I/R'.
    WRITE :/20 sy-uline(30).
    SELECT * FROM bseg
      WHERE belnr = bkpf-belnr
        AND gjahr = bkpf-gjahr.
      IF bseg-shkzg ='H'.
        bseg-dmbtr = bseg-dmbtr * -1.
        dmbtr1 = dmbtr1 + bseg-dmbtr.
      WRITE :/20 bseg-belnr, bseg-dmbtr.
    bbelnr = bkpf-awkey(10).
    bgjahr = bkpf-awkey+10(4).
      WHERE belnr = bbelnr
      AND gjahr = bgjahr.
    SKIP 2.
    CONCATENATE rseg-lfbnr rseg-lfgja INTO bawkey.
      WHERE awkey = bawkey.
    WRITE :/20 'G/R'.
    WRITE :/20 sy-uline(30).
    SELECT * FROM bseg
      WHERE belnr = bkpf-belnr
        AND gjahr = bkpf-gjahr.
      IF bseg-shkzg ='H'.
        bseg-dmbtr = bseg-dmbtr * -1.
        dmbtr2 = dmbtr2 + bseg-dmbtr.
      WRITE :/20 bseg-belnr, bseg-dmbtr.
    dmbtr1 = dmbtr1 - dmbtr2.
    skip 2.
    write :/ dmbtr1.

    self solved

  • One MIRO document with two different vendors for two different line items

    Can it possible to make MIRO for a PO which is having two conditions(Basic price+Freight) with two different vendors.
    MIRO document needs:
    GR/IR Clearing    Dr.
    Freight Clearing  Dr.
    Vendor RM(X)         Cr.
    Vendor Freight(Y)   Cr.
    Is it possible to post the above document at a time not individually for each condition.

    Yes, It is possible to post Material and delivery cost in one document.where in material supplier is different than the Frieght vendor.
    Itm PK  BusA Acct no.   Description                    Tx     Amount in   USD   
    001 89       130001     Stock-Ingredients               244 0            880.00 
    002 96       320001     GR/IR Account - Ing.            244 0          1,200.00-
    003 86       520002     Ingredients - PPV               244 0          3,297.87 
    004 50       320008     GR/IR Account - Duty            244 0            797.87-
    005 50       320009     GR/IR Account - Fre.            244 0          2,180.00-

  • Error message while posting of miro document.

    Dear All
    While making posting of parked miro document following error msg coming u201CPlanned Delivery cost for PO u2013 7777777 , 00010 incorrectly defined. u201C
    Pls. solve this issue.
    Vishal Kr. Sharma

    This problebm is software problem.u send it to sap authorities they can send a software .u can implement it, to post the document.
    sap mm consultant

  • I am not able to post the MIRO Document with reference of PO

    Hello friends
    My user while posting the MIRO document TDS (service tax ) amount not appering in the MIRO screen
    But last month it was working fine.
    before that i have checked out  vendor master in that they given tax code properly.
    can any body please give me suggestion on the same
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    Hello friends
    Thanks For all my problem was resloved
    Solution is
    An message has been occuring like withhold tax has been refreshed.  it is just an information message not an error message.  this message will trigger when the trans. type is non project type activity.  No back end process has been disturbed due to this message. it just passing the information to the user.
    we changed the trans. type to manufacturing activity and it is working fine.
    I hope it ll help in future
    Thanks and Regards

  • Posting the MIRO Document with reference of PO

    Hello friends
    while user posting the MIRO Document with reference of PO , he is getting difference in balance
    Total amount is 31,237.00
    Posting amount is 28,320.05
    Balance amount is 2,916.95 this balance amount not getting post in MIRO
    Before that i have seen GR amount is 28,320.05 but In IR amount same 28,320.05 but withholding tax tab not appering withholding tax  amount
    Can any body please  help me on the same
    sudharshana vamsi
    Edited by: asuvamsi on Feb 24, 2010 1:43 PM

    Hello friends
    Thanks For all my problem was resloved
    Solution is
    An message has been occuring like withhold tax has been refreshed.  it is just an information message not an error message.  this message will trigger when the trans. type is non project type activity.  No back end process has been disturbed due to this message. it just passing the information to the user.
    we changed the trans. type to manufacturing activity and it is working fine.
    I hope it ll help in future
    Thanks and Regards

  • Trade discount in marketing document

    Dear SAP Prod. Dev.Col. Teams,
    Currently trade discount in marketing document is not posted to journal entry. The customer want it because they want to have the discount is applied in the marketing document rather than in the payment document.
    Manual journal entry is not acceptable since it will add new effort meanwhile the software like SAP B1 is intended to ease the daily working and make their working time efficient and effectively.
    Please give a concern to this request.
    Thanks and Rgds,

    I managed to solve it using WA

  • MIRO document no. not generated showing error.

    A document which was a cross company code transaction has been reversed through MIRO. now when we are going to do miro on same PO, system is showing new document no. and transaction is terminated in between and showing the message " document no. already exists.
    if any body have some idea of this problem.

    If you have reversed the MIRO document using MR8M,
    When you trying to do invoice please do it with reference to the PO no not Invoice document no(MIR7 generated no).
    If you are doing MIR7 the a new parked document no to be created and u can use invoice document no and post miro.
    Better post with ref to the PO No.

  • Payment release workflow for MIRO documents

    I have activated payment release function and successfully able to get workflow item for payment release for FI invoices posted through F-43 and FB60, but not on RE documents which are posted through MIRO,
    Can some body provide inputs on how to trigger a payment release workflow for MIRO documents.

    Hi Amanullah, How are you?
    Did you get an answer about this situation ? I am trying to do the same thing by FI or by MM and I'm worrying if we can to do by Standard SAP. In FI I'm trying to do via spro:
    SAP Customizing Implementation Guide=>Financial Accounting=>Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable=>Business Transactions=>Release for Payment
    Did you remember how can you get the solution?
    Thanks and regards,

  • Purchase Order / GR Document / MIRO Document in CJI3

    Hi All,
    Would like to ask why above document(Purchase Order / GR Document / MIRO Document in CJI3) not able show in the Report CJI3. 
    Check Point : My Purchase Order and GR Document is contain WBS Element that to Project ID.
    Thank in advance for the helping hand.

    As per your scenarios, I think that you are maintaining Non Valuated Project Stock or No Project Stock.? Isn't it.?
    First of all you should understand under what situation which report will work. For this you should know the what exactly is commitment cost and what is actual cost.
    Commitment Cost: It is the cost of open PR/PO which has not been processed further or short closed. Means, PR cost will be commitment cost unless and until it has been processed further for PO. Similarly, the same goes with PO till it gets converted to GR. Anyhow, CJI5 provides you the option to opt for open items only or without open items only by a check box.
    Now, considering your scenario 1. There are few questions that I want to ask.?
    1. Which Account Assignment Category you are using while creating PO. ? I firmly believe that you should P,Q or N. Now, when you are using CJI5 to see the PO cost, just tick on Open Items check box only. You can also see the commitment cost in S_ALR_87013542.
    Now, considering your scenario 2. There are few questions that I want to ask.?
    1. Which movement type you are using while doing GR. I firmly believe that you should use 101 Q When you do the PO-GR, then there would not be any commitment cost. You should now see the actual cost. This cost will come under CJI3 and it will also reflect it in S_ALR_87013542 under actual cost.
    Now, considering your scenario 3.
    Go for reports like MB5S, ME2M, ME2L, ME2N. Also consult your FI and MM consultant.
    But if you want all these scenarios in a single report then I think you should go for custom report as suggested by Saurabh.

  • Tolerance limit for MIRO document

    Hi Gurus,
    We have 3 below scenarios on Tolerance limit in MIRO document and need a guidance to setup in SAP.
    1. If the amt is less than Tolerance limit -- The user should select a seperate GL account manually instead of system adjusting the variance amt automatically to PPV account.
    2. If the amt is greater than Tolerance limit --- We should be able to add a line item in PO and enter a GL account manual or add an item in IR.
    3. If there is a high difference then it should return to the Vendor.
    The quick guidance will be appreciated.

        u go to IMGpath - MM - inventory management and physical inventory - Goods receipts - Set Tolerance Limits, specify u copy to ur company code 0001 -B1, 0001 - B2, 0001 - VP,
    IMGpath - MM - logistices invoice verfication - incoming invoice -Configure vendor specific tolerance enter new entries,
    IMGpath - MM - logistices invoice verfication -invoice block - Set Tolerance Limits
    copy u specific c.code 0001 - BD, 0001 - VP enter and save
    after will go to check steps , get it output

  • MIRO  document still is in open status after F.13

    In  MIRO after F.13(Automatic GR/IR A/C Clearing) still MIRO Document is in opened.Please let me know the reason experts

    Hi Sachin,
    Could you please clarify what you mean as open status?  Are you looking at tcode FBL1n and the MIRO document is still open for payment?
    When I run F.13 for my GR and IR GL accounts (GR/IR account special process) that just clears those IRs with the GRs that match.  However this is just cleaning up the GL accounts - the main FI ledger, it does not clear AP's subledger for open invoices, which would be why it is still OPEN for payment.
    If you are running F.13 to maybe clear a MIRO's invoice and credit memo against one another that would be under the "select vendors" and the reference field of the invoice and credit memo need to match in order for F.13 to automatically pick it up.
    Have you tried running F.13, just for your MIRO's vendor in TEST RUN and you've selected all 3 Output Controls to view the log?  Then you should be able to see if that MIRO has an offsetting document to clear against.  In Test run, if there is an offsetting document, the two will be highlighted in green.  Otherwise you may want to check the error log of F.13.  Maybe one of the cost objects on the MIRO is locked (i.e. asset closed, cost center deactivated, grant closed).
    Good luck,

  • MIRO:  Document number is reference key

    Good Morning Gurus
    I am wondering when I post an invoice using MIRO it gives me a document number but I cannot find it.  I realized that even though it says document number NNNNNNN it is actually the Reference key number.  Why is this?  A problem with configuration?
    Thank you.

    reference KEy is the referene document no ur giving while doing MIRo (generally BILL NO
    and the MIRo document is the document no generated after posting
    there are two documents one is IV document and second is accounting document
    Generated view s RBKP_V
    Field name       BELNR
    Transparent tabl BKPF
    Field name       BELNR
    Transparent tabl BKPF
    Field name       XBLNR
    reference key can be change afterwards also in FB03

Maybe you are looking for