Discoverer and Visually Impaired Users

Does Discoverer offer any features to visually impaired and/or disabled users?

Discoverer is ADA compliant, so if you have a screenreader like JAWS, you can use it with Discoverer.
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  • Bugs in Snow Leopard for visually impaired users

    I'm new to Mac (MBP 17 inch 2011 model) coming to Mac for first time from Windows.  I am VERY impresseed with the accessibility options that are built into the OS.  However, I ahve found a few bugs that I feel should be addresed in the next release:
    1.  With magnifcation on, the screen will no scroll at all when the application switcher (pressing the Apple+TAB, i.e. ALT+TAB in Windows).  This makes it absolutely impossible to see which appplications are open and which one currently has the focus.  If VoiceOver is enables, it will speak it to you, but you can't scroll the screen to see for yourself.
    2.  In Safari, with maginfication on, if you try to scroll down a page (i.e. the two-finger scroll), you will IMMEDIATELY be taken back to the top of the page.  This makes it absolutely impossible to scroll down a page with magnifier on.  I really want to use Safari because of its tight integration with VoiceOver (you can highlight text, right click, select speach, and it will read it for you).  But, I really need the ability to scroll.  I use bother Magnifier and VoiceOver.  Firefox doesn't have this problem with scrolling, but it doesn't integrate with VoiceOver.
    I'll report more issues related to visually impaired users as I become more familiar with mac and Snow Leopard.  But, I will have to say that I am EXTREMELY impressed with the accessibility options already built into the OS.  In Windows, I would have to pay over $1K extra to get JAWS or $700 for ZoomText, both of which can bring Windows to its knees. 

    You should be aware that this forum is not answered by Apple employees; we're all users here, like you.
    To give feedback and ask for new features, go to
    If you think you've found a bug, try the bug reporter (you'll need to register, but it's free);

  • ADA Complaint pdf for the hearing and visually impaired

    I am working in Acrobat X on Mac OS 10.8.5. I need a tutorial on making pdf files ADA compliant for the hearing and vision impaired. Is there a movie available on Adobe TV?

    Is browse here:

  • Attention! For the visually impaired users of OS X!!!

    Just wanted to bring this to the attention of all users of Universal Access Zoom feature in OS X.
    There is a bug in OS 10.4.8 that basically defaults amount of magnification to "0" each time Zoom is switched On and Off. It can be quite a time waster to have to re-adjust amount of magnification each time you enable and disable the Zoom feature.
    This isn't at all a problem for people that use "rapid zoom' option of course. But since all of us have different needs and abilities using this option may not be a solution for everyone.
    I have already notified Apple Support.
    Hopefully things will return to the way they were in OS 10.4 - 10.4.7. However, I strongly encourage everyone who finds this bug a problem to also do the same and notify Apple Support either directly or by using the feedback form.

    The general icon sizes are kind of matched to the rest of the user interface. You can set the zoom preferences to follow the mouse around; you can also lower the screen resolution to get an overall increase in the size of screen objects.

  • Sign in problem for visually impaired user

    I am visualy impaired and have trouble signingbin Your scrambled lettering , Iam unable toread, Is there another way to sign in

    Hope THIS helps ..

  • Why does the default theme for firefox 4 only work with add-ons such as personas? It will allow me to preview an alternative theme with a persona but won't let me apply it without switching to the default. No option for disabled and visually impaired.

    Firefox 4 will no longer allow me to use a theme (other than the default) with a Persona. When I "try on" a skin, FF4 allows me to ''preview'' the theme with the persona but will not allow me to ''apply'' the persona without '''automatically''' switching my chosen theme (disorganizing my menu's, bookmarks, and tool-bars) back to the default. Firefox 4 also begins to load an all-default setting browser when it is first opened slowing my browsing start up. All issues were not experienced before the Mozilla Firefox 4.0 upgrade.
    *Windows Vista Home Basic
    *Google Toolbar
    *Shown Menu Bar

    Hi David,
    Thank you for your detailed question. It sounds like the real issue is pdf files. Are there any antivirus/firewalls that might be blocking this specific file type? or are there any preferences in your control panel that might be blocking this?
    Do you have any stored preferences for PDF files in Firefox?
    *[[Applications panel - Set how Firefox handles different types of files]]

  • Accessibility for the visually Impaired - food for thought

    Some food for thought:
    From a technical perspective, all I can imagine of as a solution to deliver accessible applications to visually impaired users of SAP, is an orchestrated screen design and cursor flow with complete keyboard navigability and minimum or zero click sensitivity.
    Have TTS/speech driven navigation or other alternatives been introduced in SAP already? If yes, what are the steps to be performed to harness the same in a typical SAP ERP Installation. Please enlighten me.
    Also, if you think this post is in the wrong forum, please let me know.
    Thanks in advance!

    Pls check below link.

  • I use Zoom Text as I am visually impaired and it is not compatable with Firefox 4. I need to go back to the earlier version of Firefox until this is handled by Zoom Text. How do I do that? Thanks, David

    I asked Zoom Text about this and this is what they had to say.
    "What is the specific version of ZoomText 9.1 you are using (In ZoomText click on Help -> About ZoomText -> Version)? Unfortunately the newer are supporting HTML5, Direct2D and other new hardware acceleration technologies designed to increase the speed and performance of web browsers. These new technologies bring new challenges for accessibility programs like ZoomText. More specifically, these technologies will have crippling adverse effects on ZoomText?s xFont, tracking and screen reading features.
    Therefore, at this time we are advising ZoomText users not to install or upgrade to Internet Explorer 9, as doing so will result in a loss of ZoomText functionality within Internet Explorer, and possibly a decrease in personal productivity. We do want to assure you that we are working on overcoming these problems and will provide a solution as quickly as possible.
    The other web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera we do not have support for. The Firefox 4 with ZoomText you should have decent support for but not full support for it but you do have to have the updated version of ZoomText 9.19.1 and do the following as well for Firefox 4.
    You are best to use IE 8 or 7 now or Firefox 3 or you can try 4. Thanks."
    I am running the latest version of Zoom Text abnd the latest version of Firefox. I have done the "fix" suggested here but it had short lived relief if any. My preferred solution is to go back to running Firefox 3 until Zoom Text works around your new software updates.
    Hint: You would make a whole lot of visually impaired folks on this planet real happy if you got together with the Zoom Text people and worked this out in a lickity-split fashion.

    You might try using the add-on 'NoSquint' which allows numerous zoom options specific to each page you visit & keeps your settings -
    If you want to go back to 3.6x, you will find it here:
    In most cases you can simply "upgrade" (meaning downgrade) directly from the installation. It would be a good idea to save your passwords & bookmarks just to be on the safe side.

  • Is there a way to switch back to the old color scheme for the keypad? The new black-on-white color scheme is more difficult to see and use for the visually impaired.

    Is there a way to switch back to the old color scheme for the keypad? After upgrading to ios 6, the keypad switched to a black-on-white color scheme.  I have a severe visual impairment and found the previous white-on-black color scheme much easier to see and use. 
    The inverted colors option doesn’t make things look all that better.    My dad, who does not have any serious vision problems, has put off upgrading his iphone because of the color scheme changes.    

    I have exactly the same concern. It seems it would be a simple fix for Apple to allow users to turn off the camera (and even the mic) while keeping FaceTime open -- especially now that it turns out FaceTime must remain open in order to send and receive iPhone calls on a Mac.
    I like to think this new functionality of FaceTime will be baked into a future release of Yosemite, as the current setup has that not-quite-finished feel of a work in progress. In the meantime, there's nothing like a little piece of Post-It stuck over the camera to keep the NSA from watching your face as you type a post to the Apple Support Communities.

  • Is there a way of connecting the ipad to the smart board in the classroom, so that the smartboard is the control, and the ipad is displaying what is on the smartboard? This is to help a visually impaired child see what is on the smartboard.,

    Is there a way of connecting the ipad to the smart board in the classroom, so that the smartboard is the control, and the ipad is displaying what is on the smartboard? This is to help a visually impaired child see what is on the smartboard.

    Install Splashtop2 on the PC and enable it to be controlled or ran from iPad or Reflection to simply allow iPad to serve as PC unwired monitor. With Splashtop and an Apple TV connected, you use the smartboard as usual, yet the PC and iPad can see the same content. The impaired child can even interact with the Smart Board via the iPad as if he were writing directly on the big screen. Erasing functions can be done by touching the Smart Board manual controls. Several variables are in play that cause this lack of functionality:
        Apple won't permit PC software that infringes its proprietary apps.
        Smart Board companies refuse to develop iPad apps because they feel threatened and are being replaced by iPads
        School districts think Apple TV is meant for copyright infringement and could expose them to safe harbor lawsuits
        Network administrators make it impossible to login Apple TVs because they don't want the streaming occurring
        Classrooms are not able to keep up with the technology of using the iPad
        Clicker companies refuse to play with iPad because they see it as a potential threat to their core business clients
        Apple is not working as hard as it could to exploit its capabilities in education, thus losing money in iPad sales
    The bottom line is that we educators and technology developers are hurting our childern with petty conflicts.

  • Is there a way to increase the icon size (and the text below) without using zoom?  I am trying to help out someone who has moderate visual impairment that does not want to use zoom just to see the icons and their labels.

    Is there a way to increase the icon size (and the text below) without using zoom in iOS 7?  I am trying to help out someone who has moderate visual impairment that does not want to use zoom just to see the icons and their labels.

    Hello Apple.
    It seems you have gone to great lengths to improve accessibility in many areas of the iPad. Why was this obvious problem with icon text size missed?  (It's not with the Mac.). And for so long too.
    Do you employ people with actual accessibility problems to help you do UI design?
    I think too, that some buttons are too close for people who might have motor control problems.
    I love my iPad but I fear as I age, the iPad might not keep up with me.

  • My iPhone seems to be in visual impaired mode, and the touch screen no longer works.  How do I get back to normal mode?

    My iPhone 4S seems to be in visual impaired mode, and the touch screen no longer works.  I have tried rebooting the phone without success.  How can I get back to normal mode?

    I solved my own problem by clicking the home button 3 times.

  • Does there exist in Belgium voiceover training for imac and ipad for the visually impaired?

    Does there exist in Belgium voiceover training for imac and ipad for the visually impaired?

    I think that everything that he wants to do is very doable. It would be quite a project for someone to take on for him. If it is a popular hymnbook it may well be a welcome blessing/gift of love for many others as well if made available. As I would envision the project it would require either the sacrifice of a copy of the hymnal or the availability of a loose leaf version of the hymnal, so that the individual pages could be taken apart and scanned. The scanned pages could then be assembled into a pdf document that is easily readable on many apps available for the iPad. Better still would be to research if the publishers of the hymnal have not already created an electronic version of the book in pdf format. If the publisher has not already crossed this bridge, then their permission would legally need to be secured before starting such a project of copying their compilation of hymns. Even though they may not own the rights to an old hymn which is now in the public domain, they hold the rights to the layout and composition of the printed pages of their hymnal.
    The Accessibilty settings in the iPad itself is capable of enlarging text for the visually impaired, as well as providing white text on a black background.

  • IPhone and the visually impaired

    I was/am considering buying an iPhone, but due to my severe visual impairment (I am technically registered blind) I thought I would 'try before I buy'. So when I was visiting my brother, we popped along to the Apple store in White City, London. The staff were less than helpful and either treated our close scrutiny of the iPhone with suspicion or else ignored our requests for help opting to deal with 'easier' customers. We left the store feeling useless.
    So I am hoping that those not employed by Apple will be a little more helpful.
    What accessability options exist, if any, for visually impaired people on the iPhone?
    Can text be enlarged, both for app names and in text messages?
    Can web pages be enlarged and scrolled?
    Is the iTunes interface easy to operate?
    Are there any other benefits that the iPhone can offer visually impaired people?
    I think these questions cover most of what I wanted to know, just hoped Apple would have a more favourable policy of dealing with those with disabilities.
    Thank you in advance for your responses. may be of help to you.

  • How do your turn off the "black and White" setting for the visually impaired?

    How do you turn off the "black and White" setting for the visually impaired?  Also known as the "tripple Click"

    Settings>General>Accessibilty>White on black--> Off

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