Display a percentage sign in a Query formula

Hi Gurus. I have a question.
I created a Query that contains local fields. One of them is the division of Field A into Field B. The result is supposed to be a percentage value.
My question is, how can I display the '%' icon at the end of the field, so it is displayed as a true percentage field? Right now I'm only showing numbers.
Can this be done directly on the Complex calculation of the field? Or this is added somewhere else?
Please advice.

Simple way is
make the filed description as "% of some thing"
One more way is use a field which has a data type DEC which supports the % (you see the data type used in KKB_PROZABW). I think it is deficlut task.

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  • Need to display a percentage sign '%' in the query field

    hi all
    I know that this might be very simple..
    but it has bugged me for a while now..
    i need to display ''%" in a particular field alongwith the number in the query for
    1. when field is having a percentage calc of two KF.
    2. when field is a mixed containing amount type KF & i need to display it only for certain records not all .
    Please help me.
    best regards,

    1 - if you are using a percentage function in a CKF/Formula, it should by default come with a % sign in your report.
    2 - You can't mix and match (have '%' only for some rows) unless you want to use some vb macro or table interface class to do it.
    For any number that is a percentage but doesn't appear with %, you can always create another CKF ( = 100 % ckf_minus_perc ), or a variant of it and that should get you the same value with a % sign.

  • How to display a percentage sign ( % ) after a text box in a screen

    hi experts,
    Can anybody tell me how to display a percentage sign ( % ) after a text box in a screen.

    Hi Ajay,
    Try to use the  [Position|http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04/helpdata/EN/9f/dba7e235c111d1829f0000e829fbfe/frameset.htm] option of selection screen.
    By using this you can place the text as a comment at a desired position on the selection screen.
    The syntax would be like this :

  • How to Display the Percentage (%) Sign in Planning Form..???

    Hi All,
    How to display the percentage sign in the planning form in an account..?? I've an account that already set as the percentage for the data type.
    What I want is, when I type 50 in my cell, then in my form will be show 50%
    Now, I can't see the % sign on my form.
    Any Idea..??

    I know it's an obvious one but has caught me once or twice before when I've changed many properties numerous times in one day: Make sure you've deployed since you last set the properties!

  • How to display a percentage sign in calculated member column?

    Hello all,
    in my report I have a calculated member column whose value is determined by follwing value formula:
      if CurrentColumnIndex - 2 = 1 then 
            If GridValueAt(CurrentRowIndex, CurrentColumnIndex-3, CurrentSummaryIndex) = 0 then 
            (GridValueAt(CurrentRowIndex, CurrentColumnIndex-1, CurrentSummaryIndex)/ 
            GridValueAt(CurrentRowIndex, CurrentColumnIndex-3, CurrentSummaryIndex)) * 100 
            If GridValueAt(CurrentRowIndex, CurrentColumnIndex-5, CurrentSummaryIndex) = 0 then 
            (GridValueAt(CurrentRowIndex, CurrentColumnIndex-1, CurrentSummaryIndex)/ 
            GridValueAt(CurrentRowIndex, CurrentColumnIndex-5, CurrentSummaryIndex))*100 
    Returned is a numeric value and it is being correctly displayed in calculated member column. As the value should represent percentage, I need to display a % sign after every value.
    How would I achieve this? I have seen a thread here in the discussion where approach with a formula and DisplayString function is mentioned - but there are no details how this could be achieved....
    The crosstab in question looks like this:
    Calculated Member is based on "REV_TOTAL" group column.
    I also attached the .rpt file (renamed to .txt for upload)
    Many thanks in advance,

    Hello Raghavendra,
    thanks for the quick reply.
    Unfortunately it is not as easy at it seems - calculated member column is not showing in report designer and I can not apply the suggested approach with formatting toolbar...
    The column only shows here (right click on table ->  "Advanced Calculations" -> "Calculated Member...") and there is no possibility to format it directly:
    Any other suggestions?
    Many thanks,

  • Include Percentage Sign '%' in the query

    Hello Friends!
    I am calculating result Invoice/ Sales Ratio as:
    Invoice/ Sales Ratio = KF1 - KF2
    This result 'Invoice/Sales' I want to display as %.
    For example say; I/S = 100 - 30 = 70
    I need to display 70 as 70% in query.
    How to go about it...?

    please try it with a formala e.g.
    'A' %A = 'B'
    use the following link for more information:
    Hope it helps.
    Best regards

  • How to conditionally put a percentage sign in a column in a report

    Background: In the past, our users have been provided with a spreadsheet of statistics that was created manually, by running a bunch of barely related queries, manually entering the data into the spreadsheet, adding formatting and headings, etc. They wanted this moved to APEX, and they wanted to be able to export it as one spreadsheet. The only way I could find to do this was to combine all the queries into one huge query.
    So I have a report of 22 unique queries unioned together. The third and fifth columns are percentages. I found Column format with percent ( % ) sign post that explained how to use the HTML Expression (under Column Attributes) to add a percentage sign (#COL03#%).
    This worked fine except for that in order to get the headings how they wanted them, I had to do something like:
    -statistical query-
    union all
    select '<b>HEADING ONE</b>', null, null, null, null from dual
    union all
    -statistical query-
    The problem now is that I don't actually want the percentage sign in the heading rows. Is there a way to change the HTML Expression so it's conditional, and it only appends the percentage sign if the value in that row is not null? Or alternately, is there a way to append the percentage sign in the actual select statement, so I could go through each of my 22 queries and append it only when I know it's needed? A simple example of one of these queries is:
    select ''New Enrollees'' as a,
    (count(case when extract(month from rdate) = :P45_MONTH_SELECT THEN 1 else NULL END)) as monthly,
    (((count(case when extract(month from rdate) = :P45_MONTH_SELECT THEN 1 else NULL END))/:P45_TOTAL_MON_SUBMISSIONS)*100) as m,
    (count(case when extract(month from rdate) <= :P45_MONTH_SELECT THEN 1 else NULL END)) as YTD,
    (((count(case when extract(month from rdate) <= :P45_MONTH_SELECT THEN 1 else NULL END))/:P45_TOTAL_SUBMISSIONS)*100) as y
    from main
    where extract(year from rdate) = :P45_YEAR_SELECT
    Thanks in advance for your help!
    Edited by: gaso on Feb 4, 2009 1:39 PM
    Edited by: gaso on Feb 9, 2009 4:39 AM

    why don't you add the percentage sign in the query itself, e.g. with a case statement to show it conditionally?

  • How to add a PERCENTAGE sign to the formula

    I was using %A in a fomula to calculate variance %age.
    Because %A is based on absolute value that eliminates the sign it wont work for us.
    I am planning to do direct calculation without %A to calculate pecent varaince but then I lose the % sign from the cell.
    I am sure you can help.
    I need to calculate %age and then also display % sign in the cell. For example the cell should show 20.00 % not just 20.00.
    If I get a prompt reply not only I will be thankful will also give full credit.

    Hi Ram,
    you can display the % sign in the query report
    In the formula select , instead of using percantage share , I think you can use either try with (%CT) or (%GT) and this will be available in percantage functions
    I have done for one my report and able to display % sign.
    kindly try with the above options if not able to achieve then let me know, I will provide the step by step doc.

  • Removing dollar sign in the Query

    Hi gurus,
    Can you please help me to remove dollar sign in the query when an amount is displayed...
    Thank you.

    Hi Bob
    "Display scaling factors" only worked for my 1-structure queries.  I have finance queries where the row is hardcoded with selections and formulas and the column are key figures and calculated key figures.  The "Display scaling factor" option doesn't remove the $ signs away from all cells.  Do you have any idea how I can get rid of them?

  • Basic functions (high) in query formula for highest # of days past due

    Hi All,
    I hope you can help.  I am trying to create a formula in a query for FIAR Line Item Cube (0fiar_c03).  I would like to calculate the hightest number of days past due for open line items.  There is an operator 'high' in basic functions within the query formula.  Is it possible to use this?
    Cheryl Adamonis

    There is a workaround usind conditions.That is you can try to filter the top 10 % or top 10 after calculating the no of days past.However this way you will not be displaying complete dataset

  • Query formulas

    Hi All
    Can anyone please give me a list of query formulas e.g. pulling current date to paste into delivery date then add one day to display tomorrows date.

    Hi Dear,
    Please follow the following steps
    1) save this query in the Qry manager via Modules>Reports>Qry Wizard.
    then select any table>Next>select any row>next>next-->Finish then click on middle Pencil to edit the query..Paste the following qry..
    SELECT getdate() + 1
    then save this qry under any category.
    2) Apply the Formatted search by the saved query.
    Hope this wil hlp you...
    Warm Regards,

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    Can someone HELP? I'm afraid I might do something wrong

    What backups do you have?

  • Attempting to Display Total/Percentage in Answers when grouped by Attribute

    Hi all,
    I'm relatively new to BI and attempting the following setup. (I'm simplifying the model somewhat of course).
    I have a Fact called Job which has an attribute called Type ( along with others such as Create Date , Delivered Date , Length , Score etc ).
    What I need to display , is the following columns together in Answers.
    Type | Count of Type | Percentage of Total Number of Jobs.
    Count of Type is just the number of times the Type shows up for a specific type value.
    I can easily do a "Count of Type" as a Logical Column in the Business Model and Mapping for the Fact Table using a Default Aggregation Rule of Count.
    Percentage of Total Number of Jobs is supposed to be the Percentage that the specific Type Count is of the total number of jobs . i.e. Count of Type / Total number of all Jobs as %age.
    This is where I have my issue. I can create a logical column called Total Number of Jobs using default aggregation rule of count on Job ID and create a Percentage using Calculation Wizard just fine.
    But when I try to have this column in Answers against the first two columns I don't get the right result - I get 100% for every row in the third column - because of course it is grouping the results by Type so it is calculating the "Total Number of Jobs" and consequently the Percentage measure for each individual Type. Thus I get something like
    Type | Count of Type | Percentage of Total Number of Jobs
    1 | 5 | 100%
    2 | 5 | 100%
    When I really want to get
    Type | Count of Type | Percentage of Total Number of Jobs
    1 | 5 | 50%
    2 | 5 | 50%
    Is there any way I can "store" the total number of jobs in the Business Model and Mapping Layer as a logical column in the Job Fact so that it does not display the count aggregate for the grouping (Type) but instead just the total count ?
    I'll be glad to clarify if this sounds too fuzzy.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi ,
    Thanks for the reply , that is successful at getting past the issue of having 100% as the result in every row which would happen if we used a measure built in the Business Model and Mapping layer.
    I'm running into some other minor issues but I think they are data row count related .. I will update this if they are not.
    Additional clarification if it helps anyone else with similar issues.
    Basically Type is an attribute of the Job Detail Fact ( 0 to many rows per job ) . There is also a Job Fact that is at a higher level of granularity ( one row per job ).
    What I am trying to do is display the Percentage or even the Total Number of Jobs ( row count of Job Fact ) in each row along with the Type and Count of Type of Job Detail.
    This is of course made complex because not all Jobs have a Job Detail row and some have many.
    In my Job Detail logical table source , I have the Logical Table Job Detail mapped to both the Job and Job detail physical tables . ( I have tried connecting both via Inner and Left Outer joins) .
    So ideally I would see something like
    Type of Job Detail | Count of Type of Job Detail | Total Number of Jobs | Percentage of Total Number of Jobs
    1 | 5 | 50 | 10%
    2 | 5 | 50 | 10%
    Where the percentage and total are of Jobs and the total is less than 100% .

  • Display Currency field in Ad Hoc Query

    I done enhancment in Infotype 23 for Last Salary drawn as currency field and ref type as PA0015 WAERS in Ad Hoc Query.  But I am not able to display the same field with value.  Its always shows me blank.  Is there any settings to be done to display currency field in ad hoc query??  Pl. help me as this is very urgent.

    Hi Praveen,
    i have selected both value and text, still i'm not getting it.

  • How to display language key (0LANGU) in the query for BW report

    Can someone tell me how to display language key (0LANGU) in the query? I want to display which language (English or French) is used for material description in BW report. Thx.

    check if the infoobject is kept as lang dependent or not  for material text, else you need to create a masterdata attribute with text and lang keys and do corresponding mapping, so then it can be displayed in your report

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