Display light dims after about 30 sec

No matter what I try, working with battery power or not, using the auto-brightness function or not, after about 30 sec my screen dims when I'm not touching any keys and/ or don't move the mouse....extremely annoying while reading a long article or watching pictures !!!!
is there anyway to disable this terrible automatic function?
It has nothing to do with auto-brightness, I turned that off in the system preferences option, but it hasn't changed anything.
My screensaver is set to start after 10 min, so that has nothing to do with it either.....
Thks for feedback
Macbook Pro 17" 2 G RAM 100 G 7200 rpm   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

I go into my Energy Saver preferences under "Options" and check "Automatically reduce the brightness of the display before display sleep." Then I uncheck it right away and it's fine until I reboot. Them I have to do it again.
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    Please read this whole message before doing anything.
    This procedure is a diagnostic test. It won’t solve your problem. Don’t be disappointed when you find that nothing has changed after you complete it.
    Third-party system modifications are a common cause of usability problems. By a “system modification,” I mean software that affects the operation of other software — potentially for the worse. The following procedure will help identify which such modifications you've installed. Don’t be alarmed by the complexity of these instructions — they’re easy to carry out and won’t change anything on your Mac.  
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    Note: If you have more than one user account, Step 2 must be taken as an administrator. Ordinarily that would be the user created automatically when you booted the system for the first time. The other steps should be taken as the user who has the problem, if different. Most personal Macs have only one user, and in that case this paragraph doesn’t apply. 
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    Note: If you don’t have a login password, you’ll need to set one before taking this step. If that’s not possible, skip to the next step. 
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  • Cannot prevent display from dimming after period of inactivity

    once again, another weird unexplainable problem that has been discussed on here but never quite solved. this has nothing to do with the ambient light sensor or the "pass your hand over the speaker grill" situation.
    the problem is that my screen dims after about 2 minutes of inactivity. I've got the "reduce screen brightness before sleep" UNchecked, and the "adjust brightness as ambient light changes" is also UNchecked. I've made these settings for both the power adapter and the battery. I don't see any reason why the screen should dim unless I've checked the option to make it do so.
    any ideas?

    I found this:
    http://www.technodaddy.com/wp/2005/07/24/mac-tip-how-to-stop-tiger-from-half-dim ming-your-screen/
    which I tried, and it worked. however, when I listed the current state (according to the directions) it was already at 0 (zero) but I did the command as directed and it doesn't dim any more.
    15" powerbook (new version) Mac OS X (10.4.3) 100 GB 7200 rpm hd

  • Cannot stay open after about 30 sec.  Win vista, Adobe 10.1

    HP Pavillian Elite, quard core, Window Vista, IE 8, Adobe Reader uninstalled previous version and
    installed lastest 10.1 ver. today.   After about 30 sec. of a text file opened with Adobe it stopps and a message pops up that Windows Vista is trying to resolve the problem, then suggestion is to "Close the Program".  Can not contiue to use Adobe.

    I think I have found the fix. Downloaded a Microsoft file. http://majorgeeks.com/download.php?det=4459. A Windows Installer cleanup utility 7.2. Ran the ute and rebooted. Installed Reader V9 and all is well. Not game to install V10!!.

  • I have created a slide show with music but when i view it or attempt to burn to a CD or even copy to hard drive after about 15 sec the program stops working and it shuts down

    Elements 10 was deactivated on desktop and installed on new laptop.  Have on
    y used it for photo editing until yesterday. Created a slide show with music but every time I try to burn to cd or move it to hard drive after about 15 sec, it says windows has encountered a problem with this program and must shut down.
    I Also can't sign in to adobe with the program. It simply spins and I had to force close the program.

    I am using photoshop Elements 10 under the create tab...slide show.
    Used it on my desktop several times. Deactivated it and installed on new lap top about 5 months ago.  Had not used it other than for photo editing until today.
    I can also not login in thru the program. It simply spins and I finally had to force close the program
    Toni V. Sloan
    Sent from my iPad
    On Jun 27, 2014, at 7:03 PM, Chris Cox <[email protected]>
    I have created a slide show with music but when i view it or attempt to burn to a CD or even copy to hard drive after about 15 sec the program stops working and it shuts down
    created by Chris Cox in Photoshop General Discussion - View the full discussion
    Photoshop doesn't do slideshows… What software are you using?
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  • Display keeps dimming after 30 seconds, randomly!

    After 30 seconds or so, the brightness will dim. I know this can be turned off (at least I think), but I can't figure out what is causing it. It also seems to be random, but that may just be my imagination.
    How can I keep my display from dimming after 30 seconds? Thanks.

    You might try to reset the SMC and/or PRAM.

  • My canon t3i dslr camera automatically stops recording after about 10 sec. using a class 10 card.

    My canon t3i dslr camera stops recording automatically after about 10 sec. the manual said to use an SD card of class 6 or higher. I am using a class 10 and I have been able to record long videos in the past and all of a sudden the camera stops recording automatically after about 10 sec. Does anyone know why?  thanks

    Hi Rockinruby.
    We get this a lot here.  It turns out that even though the card is labeled as a Class 10 card, the most common problem when this occurs... is that it's still a defective card.
    Sandisk is a good company and they generally make solid products.  But there are two risks... (1) even Sandisk will occasionally have a bad card or a card that fails prematurely, and (2) it's exceptionally easy to create a forgery (if you peel the labels off these cards, they all look identical.)  
    When I buy cards (and I also buy Sandisk and/or Lexar cards), I'm careful to buy cards which well-exceed the specs necessary ... but I'm also careful to buy the cards only from reputable dealers.
    If you do a search, you'll find LOTS of articles about fake cards with tips on how to avoid them or how to spot them.
    But the bottom line ... at the end of the day you just want your problem solved.  If the card is bad, then there's nothing that you  would be able to do to the camera to make the problem away.  You would really need to replace that card.
    The issue that you are having is somewhat common... there are lots of threads on this.  But the majority of these are actually solved simply by replacing the card with a known good card and without making any changes to the camera.  
    It's not a guarantee that it's the card... but it's the most common cause.
    Tim Campbell
    5D II, 5D III, 60Da

  • Iphone 4s display light dim

    How do I fix the display light on my iphone4s which is very dim?

    The screen may have been crushed by pressure of front glass on underlying LCD Display. Reset, hold both home and power buttons for about 10 seconds until the iPhone restarts itself. See if better. If not, then Restore your iPhone with current iTunes on your computer. See if better. If not, make Genius reservation and take to Apple Store for evaluation. The Genius may be able to help.

  • Display automatically dims after a minute or so

    My display dims after a couple of minutes of inactivity which can be quite annoying if you are viewing a movie etc, I cant find the setting which controls this, any clues people

    Try System Preferences > Energy Saver.
    If 'System Preferences' is not in your Dock you should find it in /Applications.

  • After latest update iTunes cuts off all songs after about 3 secs.

    Just updated iTunes to version  Now when I attempt to play my music from the Cloud each song begins and then cuts out after about 3-5 secs.
    Same thing happens when I attempt to listen to previews in the iTunes store.
    Sure hope this isn't related to the problem discussed in an 18 month old thread I found here.

    Try a reset: Simultaneously hold down the Home and On buttons until the device shuts down. Ignore the off slider if it appears. Once shut down is complete, if it doesn't restart on it own, turn the device back on using the On button. In some cases it also helps to double click the Home button and close all apps BEFORE doing the reset.

  • TB will download 1, display 'not responding' for about 30 sec, then repeat.

    This has become a recurring problem. TB will behave normally, then begin this action. During the not responding, the hourglass will display and the window will be unresponsive to any action. Frequently, downloading will cease completely after several are received and will have to be restarted by clicking the get mail button.
    Although not definitely related, it has been noted that when closed both TB and FF will usually leave behind an open process that will have to be ended before the app can be restarted.
    Please help!!!

    look to your anti virus program. It is almost certainly implicated if not completely the cause.
    Start by disabling email scanning and see how that goes.

  • Bought a song on iTunes and after about 2 secs it will not play

    Yesterday I bought an album on iTunes every single song plays just write except one where it just plays for about 1sec or so.

    Hello IssyB7,
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    For more information, take a look at:
    How to report an issue with your iTunes Store, App Store, Mac App Store, or iBooks Store purchase
    Have a nice day,

  • How do i fix hp games they stop working after about 50 secs

    how do i fix my hp games so they won't go off after 40 seconds of playing

    You might be having a heat issue.
    Try this procedure:
    Unplug the PC and open it up. Clean out all the dust. Carefully remove and replace all the cables going to the motherboard one at a time. Do the same for the memory dimms and the video and sound cards if you have any.  You might want to buy a can of compressed air to blow the dust out of the CPU heat sink.  Plug your PC back in and give it a go.
    HP DV9700, t9300, Nvidia 8600, 4GB, Crucial C300 128GB SSD
    HP Photosmart Premium C309G, HP Photosmart 6520
    HP Touchpad, HP Chromebook 11
    Custom i7-4770k,Z-87, 8GB, Vertex 3 SSD, Samsung EVO SSD, Corsair HX650,GTX 760
    Custom i7-4790k,Z-97, 16GB, Vertex 3 SSD, Plextor M.2 SSD, Samsung EVO SSD, Corsair HX650, GTX 660TI
    Windows 7/8 UEFI/Legacy mode, MBR/GPT

  • When i try to watch a youtube video on it will not play automatically and if i press the play button it stops after about 3 secs. Can anyone help?

    It is an ios 5 ipod touch and is new. My previous ios 2 ipod worked fine on youtube so it is not the wi-fi.

    i have waited for several minutes sometimes but the white bar never moves and when i press play it still only plays for a few seconds

  • System freezes after about 90 sec.? - Help please

    Hi, I have seen others with a similar post and they all seem to be recent. My system froze up yesterday. I was not doing much on the CPU and it just froze. Since then I have run: Techtool, Discwarrior, Repaired permissions. Nothing has fixed the problem. Discwarrior did find some errors but repairs them and still the same problem. I deleted sys prefrences and disconnected the ethernet cable.
    I even went to boot from the Tiger disc and re-install the core system software. As it was getting ready to install the system froze up again. And this was booted from the disc not the internal system. I have never seen this one before and am hoping someone out there has a solution.
    What worries me is that I can't even boot from a sys disc and re-install the Sys software????
    Sys: Powermac G5 DP 2.5GHz, 4.5Gb RAM
    PowerMacG5 DP 2.5Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

    Disconnect all external devices except your monitor, kbd & mouse. Does it still freeze?
    Do a Safe boot. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=107392 Does it still freeze?
     Cheers, Tom

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