Display of aggregated data in a planning book

I am trying to display aggregated data for a characteristic value in the planning book even when i am on a detailed level. 
Example :
I have 3 products belonging to 1 material group.
I have 2 customers.
For customer A, i want to see the quantity of all detailed products.
For customer B, I want to see the quantity of the materialgroup (on aggregate level) even if I only select 1 product.
Help is more than welcome
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Hello Srinivas,
Here a more detailed explanation of what I want to achieve with the macro builder.
Three materials are beloging to the Material group 001 in this example. (FV_2 and FV_3)
My intention is to display the quantity of all the material group for the value POOL, and not only the qty for FV_1. Even when I only diplay FV_1, I want to see the total POOL qty for FV1, FV_2 and FV_3. 
Best regards,
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  • Purchase requisition date in SNP planning book and product view not in sync

    Hello Experts,
    We have an issue with display of purchase requisition date in SNP planning book.
    We are manually entering the PR's for a perticular week from Monday - Sunday(01.09.2014- 07.09.2014), when the last PR is entered on 07.09.2014, it does not appear on the same day in planning book(cell becomes empty) and moves to 06.09.2014, thus quantity on 06.09.2014 is the summation of the quantities present on 06th and 07th.
    The PR dates are appearing correct when we click on display details in planning book and they are correct in product view, MD04 as well.
    Additionally, this is the same date on which daylight saving time comes  into effect.
    Kindly advise if anyone has faced similar situation earlier.
    Many thanks,

    Hi Aditi,
    Check the time zone that you have in your location in ECC and APO.
    Also note it is recommended that you maintain the same system time zone in APO and in ECC. (check tcode STZAC in both systems).
    Different time zones should generate this kind of inconsistencies.
    Kind Regards,

  • Deletion of Total(Aggregated Sum) rows in planning book

    I want to get rid of 'Total(Aggregated Sum)' rows in planning book tables.
    'Total' line is useful but too many lines are uncomfortable for planners, so we're searching for the method not to use it.
    If you know how to configure or use macro for it, please let me know.
    Thank you,

    I can delete totals, but I can´t delete subtotals.
    Macro Delete Totals
    New condition
    Step 1 iterations
       ROW Ratio 1
          ROW_VISIBLE( 0 )
       ROW Ratio 2
          ROW_VISIBLE( 0 )
       ROW Ratio n
          ROW_VISIBLE( 0 )
    This macros works ok to deleting row totals.

  • Read data from SNP planning book

    Hi Frnds,
    We are faced with a situation in which we need to read certain key figures such as PIR's, Goods Issue from SNP Planning book.
    We tried using BAPI "BAPI_PBSRVAPS_GETDETAIL" to retreive data. But it seems that we are giving wrong input data to the BAPI. Could you please let us know what to be fed into the BAPI in simple terms? If there is any example code for the same , would be very much appreciable.
    Orelse if there is some other way to retreive this data kindly suggest us accordingly...
    Many thanks in advance.

    Hi Karthick,
    The parameters for calling BAPI_PBSRVAPS_GETDETAIL really depends on your Planning Area and Planning Book configurations. The planning book configuration will limit what Characteristics and Key Figures will you be able to read using BAPI_PBSRVAPS_GETDETAIL. Let me give you an example.
    Assumptions: The planning book is configured as follows:
    Name = ZPB1
    Data view  = DV1
    The DV1 data view contains the characteristics 9AMATNR and ZCNTRY and Key Figures ZKF1 and ZKF2.
    Assuming also that we have the following data currently in livecache:
    000001234-PH       - 143  - 567
    000007891-PH       - 245  - 782
    000007891-US       - 124  - 890
    Let's further assume that you want the data aggregated to country level (e.g. char ZCNTRY), you have 1 planning version 'ZPAV1' and you only want the data for Country=PH, then here are the parameters that you need to pass to  BAPI_PBSRVAPS_GETDETAIL:
    DATA_VIEW = 'DV1'
    Hope this helps. Please post again if you have any questions. I can give you sample code if you can post your email address.
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            Emmanuel Nepomuceno (added planning version to selection)

  • Icon in Data View in Planning Book

       For one of the requirements in our project in SCM 7.0, in the background SNP run we  select the option of "Location (Heuristic) + Take into account found components in planning run". When we want to run interactively in the Planning Book, we want an icon to replicate this selection combination of "Location (Heuristic) + Take into account found components in planning run".
    I am aware that I do not want to use "Multilevel Heuristics" icon in the Planning book because "Multilevel Heuristics" icon corresponds to "Network (Heuristic) + Take into account found components in planning run".
    I would appreciate if anyone could provide an insight.

    Hi Sam,
    What you are asking might be resolved with some enhancement. In this case, the location heuristic in interactive planning would take care of components as well.
    Is this what you are looking for?
    Also one opinion on this - unless this interactive planning is required very frequently, it's advisable not to touch the interactive planning. Your changes could be global (need to check this after finding out a Badi), meaning that whenever network heuristics is run, it would ALWAYS consider components for planning.
    PS: Having a different icon is only possible using a macro, which means you create a macro which runs heuristics and also takes care of component level planning. Might be possible, but I would advise against this, as you could possibly have many issues in trying to replicate the standard Heuristics scenario, plus your system performance also could go for a toss.
    Thanks - Pawan

  • Display Planning data (for demand planning) in another UoM

    Hi All,
    The Planning area UoM is in "L". We have products whose base UoM is KG and some in L. In BW we convert all to L and load into Planning area.
    The Product master is CIFed to APO and has the conversion between L and KG.
    we have a requirement to view the planning data in Kilo tons i.e 1,000,000 KG.
    Have maintained a Mass UoM called ZKT in CUNI transaction and maintained the conversion that 1ZKT = 1,000,000 KG. Also have defined an ISO code for the same.
    Now when we load the data in the planning book the default UoM is L. When we go to user setting and maintain alternate UoM as Tons "TO", the system converts the data to tons and displays it. no matter what is the criteria used in header selection.
    But when we try to display data as ZKT UoM get a error msg that conversion from L to ZKT is not possible as the conversion is not maintained in Product master.
    But when we select material code (SKU) as the show condition and also in the filter condition use material code (SKU) and make a selection, the system converts the planning data from L to ZKT.
    The question is when the system can convert L to TO at any character level as long as the product master has the L to KG conversion, why is not able to convert L to ZKT.
    Why is the system able to convert L to ZKT for individual SKU's and only when the show condition is Material code (SKU).
    Would appreciate your quick reply.

    Hi Nitin,
    We have same scenario right away in our system. Some of our material have a conversion in R/3 for example: 1Unit=10BULTOS, then CIFing into APO.
    The scenario is that, once we planned already in APO- we dont want to go back in r/3, any changes should be remained in APO. What we did is that we maintained the CIF user setup. Maybe you can try this as well without affecting other Uom.

  • Excel upload data to planning book not working

    Hello Gurus,
    i have checked the online resources first before posting this thread here as this is most old topic relating to upload of excel data to planning book key figures.
    Here is what i have done so far
    1) from the planning book, i chose a view and downloaded the file to desktop and saved it as CSV. i populated the key figure values and saved the csv file as-is back to desktop
    2) i had to remove the hdeader from the file as APO threw back an error that it could not interpret the period (header) as the number
    3) when i took out the header i simply pasted the values and the file was ok
    4) i went to planning book, loaded the file, checked the file and it said that the data was read and i clicked on upload the file
    5) everything was green, then but i do not see the values in the grid of the planning book
    what else i'm missing.
    can someone please help me

    Hello DB and Ada. Thank you for your valuable suggestions. I know i might be missing something silly here. If i keep the header that i downloaded from the planning book into csv file, i get an error while uploading the file back to planning book that unable to interpret 11/2014 as a number.
    P11/2014 is the header, Period 11/2014 is the fiscal period. we plan in fiscal periods.
    if i take out the header from the csv file and just populate the key figure values, then i do not get any error when i load the file back to planning book, but then the values do not show up in the planning book grid.
    i'm keeping the planning book in the change mode while uploading the file as i got that error saying that i need to keep the planning book in change mode for the file to load data properly to planning book.

  • Dynamic update of Planning Start Date in Planning Book

    Has anyone ever created a program to update the Planning Start Date of a Planning Book dynamically to the next Friday of the month for example?
    The help information available for this field mentions a PDATE userexit, but I can not find it. Has anyone ever used it and has some examples to share?
    Many thanks.
    Aline Passos

    Hi there,
    I have never done this earlier. However i know that planning start date is stored in table /SAPAPO/PBDVWHDR-TBID_START. I tried changing this entry in the table and it correctly updated the dataview plannig start date.
    So you may write a small program to update this field and it shall update the dataview.
    Please let me know if this helps you.

  • How Cost is displayed in planning book

    Sources 4001,4002 and destinations 3001,3002,3003 & 3004,After SNP optimizer run,the following results are displayed
    4001 to 3001 -------900MT is sourced from 4001 to 3001
    4001 to 3003--------1000MT is sources from 4001 to 3003
    How cost per MT is displayed along with quantities in the planning book after optimizer run

    After optimizer run the following allocation qty is displayed
    4001 to 3001 -------900MT is sourced from 4001 to 3001
    4001 to 3003--------1000MT is sources from 4001 to 3003
    after optimizer run  customer want Qty(900MT) & Cost per MT to be displayed for sourcing from 4001 to 3001(Refer above scenario)
    as you said if its not possible after optimizer  run is it possible to develop a customized report based on optimizer results displaying Qty(900MT) & cost incurred per MT
    Cost per MT(For sourcing from Qty(900MT) from 4001 to 3001)=procurement cost per MT+transportation cost per MT

  • APO Cube data is not showing in Planning Book

    Hi All,
              Please help me with the following issue.. We use to load the data to APO cube manually from Flat file by executing BW (Backlog, Historical) reports every week. (not a good practice). That time Planning book was working fine.. And now we automated this process by creating the data marts from BW ODS to APO Cube and the loads are successful with process chain.. But I don’t see cube data in Planning book.. In this process the existing info objects properties (Alpha has been removed) has been changed on APO side for mapping and loading purpose.. So when I load the data , the load is successful but I don’t see the data in the Planning book(Note : the cube was refreshed and I guess I need to generate CVCs and do some thing in TSCUBE).. Please explain me the details steps. I am BW consultant and don’t know much on APO.Present status i see the data in APO cube and not in Planning Book
    Thank you
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    Edited by: karan s on Apr 3, 2008 8:59 PM

    Hi karan
    have you loaded the data from APO cube into the Planning book with TSCUBE ? you can add this step in your process chain also.
    If you have made changes in the strcture of BW data mapping then you dont need to change CVCs.

  • Error in reading data from planning book

    Hi Guys,
    I am facing error in reading data from SNP planning book .
    When i try to read single product data for simulation version , it gets loaded correctly.
    However, when i try loading data for more than one product, then i get error "Product does not exist".
    I checked all products are assigned to model-version.
    I tried running consistency check as well and after it finished got message as "All inconsistencies can not be corrected".
    Please let me know if any one had faced this error.

    Consistency check should solve the problem in this case. Try running it specifically on the version you are using. It should work.
    Guru Charan.

  • Data available in RRP3 view but not coming in SNP planning book

    Hi All,
    I am facing an issue in SNP book. I can see forecasts in RRP3 view. But when I load the same data in SNP planning book, the forecasts are not coming there (forecast KF)
    I ran LC Cons check, PA cons check, OM17, but still the same result.
    Any pointer would be highly valuable.
    Manotosh Bhattacharya

    If you look at the standard Forecast KF 9ADFCST in your planning area, it is usually assigned the Category Group of DF1. This category group only contains the category FA for forecast. If you create Forecast in /SAPAPO/RRP3, this will create Additional Forecast or category group FC. Therefore any forecast generated this way will not appear against the standard planning book KF.
    So you have two choices, if your forecast is only FC category then use the KF 9AAFCST Forecast (Addittional) in your data view or create a new Category Group with both FA and FC assigned to it and then assign this Categotry Group to 9ADFCST in your planning area.

  • Consignment stock in the planning book

    Hi Experts
    I would like to display Consignent stock category CD in Planning Book.
    I am using PHYSICAL_STOCK( u2018productu2019 ; u2018locationu2019 ; version ; u2018categoryu2019 ; u2018categoryu2019 ; u2026) returns the stock of a location product of one or more categories.
    Based on the above macro fnction i can able to get Plant Stock but for consignment stock this function is not working.
    How to achieve this.Please suggest me if we have any other macro function to get consignent stock.
    Or i need to create a new fiunction for this.
    Please give your opinions on the above issue.

    I recommend that you use PHYS_STOCK_LOCPRODS instead of the PHYSICAL_STOCK function because the PHYSICAL_STOCK function doesn't show any value in the aggregated level.
    Here are the steps:
    1) Create a custom category group called ZCD.  You need to do this because the PHYS_STOCK_LOCPRODS function only takes category group as one of its parameters.
    2) Assign CD (consign stock category) to ZCD category group.
    3) Use this in your macro: PHYS_STOCK_LOCPRODS( 'ZCD' ; ACT_VERSION ; ACT_LOCATION_PRODUCTS( ) )
    P.S. Syntax-wise, make sure that you separate it into two lines and have all the spaces in the right place
    By the way, you cannot simply assign ZCD to a key figure in the planning area key figure details section and expect it to show up in the planning book.  You have to use the function to get the consignment stock value.

  • Flat File upload into Planning Book

    Hi all,
    I want to upload the data into the Planning Book through "Upload Data" in Interactive Demand Planning. While saving data it is saving perfectly in .CSV file. While i made some changes in the Csv file and i have tried to load the data again into the Planning Book, the values are not coming perfectly. The period values are distributing to other periods.
    For Ex:
                                                        01/2008    02/2008 
    Adjusted Statistical Forecast Qty   613,456     756,456
    I have saved the data in a .csv file and made changes to the values like 613,457 and 756,460 like that and saved the changes. But while coming into the Planning Book it is coming like this
    01/2008     02/2003  03/2008  04/2008
    613            456        756        456
    but i need to shoe the values as like as i uploaded data.
    Any one pl suggest me what are the changes/ prereuisites i have to take in this particular scenario.In the mean time it is very urgent.

    You mentioned that "I made some changes in the CSV file." in your first message.  What software did you use?  A text editor?  A spreadsheet program?  A database program?
    I usually inspect the downloaded file first using Microsoft Notepad or similar.  See what character is being used as the delimiter, and see what characters (if any) are being used to indicate a string field.  This format will probably be what SAP will expect during the upload.
    I usually edit CSV files in Microsoft Excel if they are not too big. 
    If you are using Excel, you should also heed the advice of Sean Mawhorter.  Make sure your version of Excel is using the proper delimiter when it exports to CSV.  Various versions commonly found  in Europe use "." as default.  For that matter, SAP may be expecting something other than a comma as a delimiter.  There is no universally accepted industry standard for CSV format.
    Once you have exported to CSV, again inspect the file to ensure that the format matches the downloaded format.  
    There is a basic primer on CSV files in Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comma-separated_values

  • Planning Book...

    Hi friends,
    I have a requirement in which i need to read data from the planning Book in Advanced Planning and Optimization System.
    Can anyone provide me the "Bapi for reading data of planning book".
    Useful replies will be rewarded.

    Hi Rahul,
    You can use BAPI 'BAPI_PBSRVAPS_REQUESTDETAIL' for reading the planning book.
    If you want to update the key figure of the planning book, use 'BAPI_PBSRVAPS_CHANGEKEYFIGVAL2 '.
    Hope it helps you.

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