Display Totally paid items(cleared items), partial payments and residual pa

Hi Experts,
I am working on one requirement,
Requirement: Display Totally paid items(cleared items), partial payments and residual payments.
I am fetching data from BSAD table for Totally paid items, but I want to understand what are the fields to check when fetching data.
Partial payments: Please let me know the logic to get data for partial payments from BSID table.
Residual payments: what are the tables to check for residual payments and the logic.
What are the fields that i have check and what are the fields that I have to check and get.?
Please let me know what ever you know about this.

All types of Payments  either Totally paid items(cleared items) or  partial payments and residual payments the Document Number serious will b same.   Try to  extract by  Filtering Assignment Field .

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  • Difference between Partial payment and residual payment

    What is difference between partial payment and residual payment and what is the effect of this payment on Payment Terms and Customer aging analysis report?
    Can any body help me out.
    Thanks & Regards
    Amar Adam

    Hi ,
    We can take the example given by BSR
    For ex. an amount of Rs.100000 outstanding invoice (let say 2000 is the invoice number) in customer account which has payment terms as ZPTERM.
    you have recd Rs.25000/- while selecting the open items if you select partial payment the entry will be
    Bank a/c dr. 25000
    customer a/c cr. 25000
    Let us say the document posted is 1000 , which is a partial payment document.
    Now this document ages from the posting date, and the payment terms of the invoice are not inherited i.e. you cannot see the ZPTERM in the payment terms field for partial payment document.
    Both the Invoice(2000) and Partial Payment(1000) documents remain as open items.
    If you make a residual payment, you can see the payment terms ZPTERM in the residual document i.e. payment terms are inherited from the invoice.
    And the baseline date is same as invoice date. so ageing of residual document  is same as that of invoice.
    In this case the invoice document 2000 is cleared and a new open item is created. you can check after posting the residual document, the baseline date and payment terms will be same as that of Invoice.
    Hope this explanation will clear your doubts..

  • Part payment and residual payment

    hi sap gurus
    i need the diff between part payment and residual payment, and what is the part payment and what is residual payment

    Reply  for difference between partial Payment and residual payment
    Assumption: An expense of Rs.20000 is accounted.
    Example of partial Payment
    Step one. When the Vendor invoice posted
    Exp           Dr     20000
          Vendor      Cr     20000     
    2nd step: At the time of payment If Partial payment method adopted.
                   Vendor a/c              Dr  10000
            Bank Sub Account  Cr  10000
    Note :If you will  go for vendor balance  display , it will show both Debit and Credit balance  in the vendor account.
    (T Code FBL1n)
    Example of residual Payment   
    Step one: When the vendor invoice is posted
    Expenses A/c  Dr   20000
    Vendor    A/c  Cr   20000
    Step two: If residual payment method is applied
    Vendor A/c                Dr          20000
    Bank  Sub Account  Cr           10000
    Vendor A/c                Cr          10000
    Note: Here   the system will clear the original open item and create a new open item for balance amount which is not paid now. In this case it is difficult to know the reference of the original invoice. If you will go for vendor balance display it will show an open item of Rs.10000 only.
    Assign points if you find it useful for you

  • Automatic Clearing for Partial Payments

    Hi All,
    I have posted a partial payment with all the permutations and combinations and trying it to clear with F.13 but clearing is not happening.
    Can anyone advise how to go about it.

    check your clearing setting in below path
    >Financial Accounting (New)
    >General Ledger Accounting (New)
    >Business Transactions
    >Open Item Clearing
    >Open Item Processing
    >Prepare Automatic Clearing

  • FAGLL03   -  opne items & Cleared items

    We have an issue like below:
    Using FAGLL03 for GL 202222 in 1000 gives the following results:  
    When i select open items as on 31.10.2007
    Open items to 31.10.2007            36,475.94
    When i select all items as on 31.10.2007
    All items to 31.10.2007
      - open                                                   20,785.68   Should be the same as open items above
    - cleared                                                15,690.26                      Should be zero
    Total (open+cleared)                                 36,475.94
    If I am selecting All items to date (i.e 31-12-2007),
    Open items to 31.12.2007                                          37,425.28
    All items to 31.12.2007
                        - open                                                   37,425.28                     
                        - cleared                                                0                             0                                                                                Total                                                    37,725.284
    Can anybody explain me, why cleared items as on 31.10.2007 is showing some amount 15690.26. But cleared items as on 31.12.2007 is showing as zero.
    Thanks in advance

    we all will appreciate if you share the solution...
    Best Regards
    Ashish Jain

  • GL Tables for Open Items & Cleared Items

    HI ,
    Please Provide the GL Accounts
    Open Items Table
    Cleared Items Table

    KNA1 = Cutomer Master (General Data)
    LFA1 = Vendor Master (General Data)
    MARA = Material Master (General Data)
    SKB1 = G/L Account Master (Company Code)

  • Utilities - open items/cleared items enhancement with HKONT from DFKKOPK

    Hi friends,
    My client needs item level GL Acccount ( HKONT ) from DFKKOPK table for both Opne & Cleared Items. So i enhanced both Datasource( 0FC_OP_01 and 0FC_CI_01) with this new field HKONT which gets data from different table i.e., DFKKOPK. Now i have encountered one problem. The link between these talbes is only OPBEL(FICA doc no).By doing so we are getting item level records but we are not able to figure out the distribution of 'Contract(VTREF)' values across these records.
    For examle for doc no : 900000031212 there are 3 records at DFKKOP base table. But in DFKKOPK table it has 19 records with different sub G/L Accounts. After the execution of CMOD code, in RSA 3 , 3 records are replaced by these 19 records successfully with new sub G/L values but some fields like Contract , Division , cleareding reason etc..are showing only the first records values for all these 19 records. But this gives reports wiith wrong contract and dividion values.
    So my question is " how to bring these SUb G/L account(HKONT) values from DFKOPK table .
    Waiting for good replies,

    We had a requirement to retrieve "aging of receiveables" by customer. Basically, it goes thru each record and depending on the due date places the amounts in the following buckets (example). 0-30 day Overdue, 31-60 days Overdue, 61-90 days overdue, 30+ days overdue, 60+ days overdue) etc all the way to 6+ years overdue.
    There are also cooresponding buckets for coming due analysis. For example, what is: 0-30 days coming due, 31-60 days coming due, 30+ days coming due, etc...
    To do this, first I needed to be able be able to produce an open items statement at any given time in the past. Now, this seems impossible because of how the items go from open to cleared all the time. And an item that was open one month ago, may not be open anymore.
    What I did was first remove any selections on item status. Then compare the posting date with teh key date in the past, if the posting date is less than or equal to the key date, keep the record.
    Then compare the clearing date with the key date. First, keep all that are #. (This keeps all records still open from that posting date/key date)
    Then, add another check for all items that were cleared after the key date (GT Key Date). This gives you the open items on that date.
    Hope that makes sense. Let me know if you want clarification.

  • Customer clearing of partial payments

    we have a partial payment applied to one particular customer account, the documents are showing as all open.
    we need to clear them as the docs are not flowing into BI cube due to open status, please let me know any tcode to use inorder to bring them to clear status .

    F.13 can also be used
    Sanil Bhandari

  • Udm_specialist - Partial Payment (Not residual)

    Hi All,
    I have posted an invoice of $1000 (FB70) and posted partial payment (F-28) $400 for that invoice. I can see both line items as open items in FBL5N. Here my question is why the partial payment is not reflecting in Amount Paid column in Udm_specialist t.code.
    Please give inputs on this.

    Create dispute case: By selecting both debit and credit invoice in FBL5N and create Dispute case then make the payment(F-28).
    I tried the same and its working.

  • Partila Payment and Residual Payment,

    From my understanding is this applicable for both inocming and outgoing payments, How will we determine whether this is partial for residual payments.
    Please help me in understanding the concept.

    Hi Soumya,
    These two are conept and it depends on your company how they want to process claring.
    1. Partial Payment.
    Partial payment does not clear the document but it keeps both the payment invoice open till the entire payment for invoice is made. For e.g. there is document 1000 in customer ABCD which shows debit (invoice) of Rs. 50,000 and then you recieve a payment of Rs 35,000 against that invoice. Now, when you make partial payment for this document. You will see both payment and invoice document open in FBL5N.
    2. Residual Payment
    Residual Payment clear the original document and create a document for remaining amount. For e.g. there is document 1000 in customer ABCD which shows debit (invoice) of Rs. 50,000 and then you recieve a payment of Rs 35,000 against that invoice. Now, when you clear this document through residual clearing for this document. You will see only new document for Rs. 15,000 (50,000-35,000). So it clears both original invoice and payment document.
    Try this out in your system and decide which concept you want to adopt.
    Chintan Joshi.

  • Order related billing for partial payment and inconsistent amounts

    We are using billing plans with payment cards to capture payments before goods are delivered.  SAP doesn't seem to support credit cards for down payments, so we are entering the payment in the payment card and billing plan lines, then generating the F1 order-related billing.
    Sometimes, the dollar amount is prorated proportionately, sometimes, it is disproportionately.  For example, if we have 5 line items for $100, $200, $300, $400, $500 a total net value of $1500, and the customer makes a credit card payment of $500, we are seeing that sometimes this explodes to $33, 66, 99, 122, 155.  Sometimes, it explodes to $0, $0, $0, $0, $500 in the billing document.
    Where does SAP control the way the amounts are derived in the billing document?  This is milestone billing.
    Ideally, we would like this evenly applied across all conditions.  I really need to understand how SAP handles this.  The configuration indicates that the pricing is copied straight from the order.  I don't see anything custom in the document copy procedure here.
    I have had a difficult time finding anything in forums or on the internet in general, I've tried search terms such as "order related billing amount distribution" and "payment card amount allocation" as well as a few other terms but haven't found anything helpful.
    Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

    Have you check in copy control order to invoice
    At item level Pricing type  it should be - G

  • Partial payment in General Ledger Open item

    Anybody know how works partial payment in general ledger open item?
    For example:
    I post a General ledger open item  for 100 usd  document nº XXXX1 in a Bank account
    Then enter incoming payment F-06 transaction,  partial payment  50 USD
    When i acces to F-06 for a new partial payment selecting by document nº XXXX1, zerop amount appear in field "Partially paid". SAP can't link original open item with partial payment for g/l open item.
    For AP and AR open item, partial payment are linked to a original open item using REBZG field, but thsi field doen't exist in BSIS.
    There are any way that for g/l open item can use partial payment (partially paid amount appaera correctly linked)?
    Thanks. Best regards.

    Hi Carlos,
    When you do F-06 for the second time
    select 2 documents
    - nº XXXX1 and
    - document posted first time with F-06
    Hope it helps
    May I know in what scenario, do you need partial payment for GL accounts ?
    also try to consider the use of residual payment.

  • Partial Payment Clearing in F-32

    Dear Gurus,
    it is with refernce to partial payment clearing process. i have made user setting in FB00 and selected  "include invoice reference"
    but as i am clearing Debit and credit entry in F-32, system is not assigning payment to Invoice. surprisingly in DEV server i tested this scenrio sucessfully what i find difference is that in production server, system is not carrying "Net amounts" values in Payment Amounts TAb
    kindly advice as our clearing procedure has been stuck up, my requirement as i repeat again is that in F-32,  partial payments are not getting assigned to INvopice while in FB00 , i have selected "Include Invoice reference"

    Hi Expert,
    This indicator controls whether items that are linked by means of an invoice reference are to be activated and deactivated together for processing open items. This prevents an invoice being paid but the clearing of the related credit memo forgotten.
    Once you have activated this indicator, partial payments for invoice-based items are no longer possible.
    Also, once you have activated this indicator, the display of the invoice-based items in open item processing changes:
    The invoice-based items (for example, partial payments, credit memos) are no longer displayed individually in open item processing; instead, the partial payment amount or credit memo amount is displayed with the relevant invoice.  Therefore, in addition to the specification of the net/gross amount of the item, the open item list also contains the specification of the partial payment amount and the resulting payment amount (= net amount - partial payment amount). If invoice-based items were selected for an item, in the status field the Expand icon is displayed and you can hide or display the invoice-based items by clicking on this icon.
    Special features for the display of invoice-based items:
    a) The new fields are not displayed in command mod or for G/L account clearing.
    b) The search in open item processing also considers the invoice-based items not displayed. In the display of the search results the items are no longer displayed summarized. The summarized view is recreated when you return to the basic list.

  • Turning Open items which are partially payed into Close items.. How?

    In our company we use partial payment to Vendors using transaction F-59 and also automatic paymant of full amounts. Everything is working correctly but since we use very offen partial way of paymant, on transaction FBL1N I have a lot of open items and most of the time I don't know exactly how much do I own to vendor(s).
    To explain it easier I will show one simple example:
    1. I own to one of my vendors amount Eur 10.000
    2. Using transaction F-59 (partial payment) I pay him Eur 3.000
    3. When I open transaction FBL1N for that vendor and if I choose to show only Open items
    total amount shows me that I own him Eur 10.000 instead of due amount 7.000
    I understand that total amount of Eur 10.000 instead of Eur 7.000 is shown because we use partial instead of residual way of paymant but I would like to know is there any way I could manually turn these Eur 3.000 into close item because they are already payed?
    Searching through Internet I found that transaction F-44 could be used for similar but I am not sure it can do exactly what I need: to turn all partial payed open items to close items so for each vendor then I could see exact amount I own them.
    I hope someone can help me with this because I must solve it ASAP and it's slowing me down at my workplace and it would be great if I could manually close some open items, because they are already payed.
    Moderator: Please, try searching before posting a new thread. Clearing issues are well described on these forums
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         Knocking off invoices against partial payments in F-44 is a standard procedure that is used to clear open item outstanding in Vendor ledger FBL1N. You should ideally clear partial payment in Residual Tab of F-44 and for remaining amount e.g 7 in your case you should double click in residual item column next to amount. By doing so system will also copy the original invoice reference to the partial document AB (with 7 amount) as per setting defined in OBA0 for residual item clearing.
    Line item 10 and its payment line item 3 are standing open in ledger because you did not apply them in F-44. You could have also directly apply them in F-59 of F-53. Partial document will be generated with document type as per setting you have defined in OBXH. Hope this will clear your understanding.

  • Open line item & cleared tem

    jst tell me what do you mean by open line item & cleared item in vendor display{ (fbl1)

    Hi Ashwin,
    Vendor Open Item means  - dues amount pay to vendor for that it shows red indicator. it means the comapny has to pay the vendor amount.
    Vise versa - clear item - when the vendor due are paid  then the green indicator display it means the payment are made to vendor which is known as clear item.
    Important T.code:
    Downpayment clearing - F-54
    Account Clearing - F-44
    If you are satisfied with this then Pls assign the point
    Dhananjay R

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    hi everybody, we are using classic scenario.System is unable to create a PO direcetly in the backend .it created a pr when the shopping cart is created in R3.i have done complete settings like define backend objects ,and in shopping cart i have enter

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