Distribution of Depreciation of an asset to multiple wbs elements??

Dear Members,
our requirement is as follows.
our cost centers are for 1) departments at head office level 2) Regional offices
whenever depreciation is calculated it's posted to Head office cost center and the same asset will be used for multple projects.
so here our requirement is the depreciation posted for a  particular asset is to be distributed to multple WBS elements or Regional offices (cost centers) ..
please guide us to meet this requirement.
sashi kanth

Hi Sashi Kanth,
In Asset Accounting Module, you can only assign one cost center to a master data, so all the depreciation posted will be accumulated only on one asset master / cost center. Though, you can settle the multiple WBSelements to a single asset you cannot apportion the depreciation cost per WBS element.
To meet your requirement, you have to create separate Asset Master Records (AMR's) with the required Regional Office cost center, so you will get the depreciation cost regional office WBS element or cost center wise.

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    You can try two methods :-
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    Hi Markus,
    Thanks for your response.
    Even with the OSS note I am unable to find how to change the asset accounting transaction types allowed for statistical postings to WBS elements.
    I am aware of other steps in the configuration except this setting, could you please let me know if you have any idea on this setting specifically.
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    Hi to the best of my knowledge you can not assign more than one equipment to a WBS in standard SAP
    It would all depend on how you structure your project in the past I have seen
    Project with first level WBS and then folliowing on from there you can have multiple WBS elements below this one for each equipment. This would then allow for reporting etc at both levels of the WBS.
    If you can supply a little more information I will try and help further.

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    Are you referring to Asset master data screen layout...if yes then you can change it here
    SPROIMGFinancial Accounting -
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    Master Data -
    Screen Layout -
    Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data.
    Assign points if useful

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    you can use initial Mass copy and periodic mass copy once you have data in your coporate book.

  • Transfer Prior Year Asset to Multiple new assets

    Hello friends,
    We are required to breakdown one of our large Expansion Machinery Assets to multiple assets to reflect the main equipment purchased for the project.
    There is a transaction in SAP (ABUMN) Transfer with-in Company Code.  I think this transaction will work OK, EXCEPT for the following issue:
    The Old Asset currently has a book life of 8 years.  When we break this asset down, there are a few peices of equipment that we would like to depriciate at 12 years.
    If we use Transaction ABUMN (Transfer) the transation will automatically move the % of depr allocation to the $ transfered based on book life of the old asset (8 years).  What this will do is show the new asset (that has a book life of 12 years) as being over depriciated.
    When this project is completed and the assets have been changed, I would like to show an adjustment in Depriciation Expense.
    I am not sure as to which transaction ABAA or ABMA to be used to adjust the depreciation. Or is that I need to tackle this differently.
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    Dear Friends,
    Thank you for spending time on my request. As a solution. I have used write-up in Asset Accounting to adjust the additional depreciation which was generated  due to change in the useful life of Asset. I have still not done the changes in production system. Can anyone of you please confirm what I have done is correct. so that I can replicate this in our production system.

  • Stop depreciation for an Asset

    I understand when we create a asset master, the number of life years and the depreciation key are copied from the asset class it belongs to.
    However, the finance side requires to pause depreciation for a asset, or they could want to stop depreciation for this asset, and how do we go about doing it? The situation now is that this asset already have depreciation posted.
    I appreciate any help.

    You can use the asset shutdown functionality so you can pause the depreciation for a given period of time.
    AS02 > Time dependent tab , click the asset shutdown. In case asset shutdown is not available, check spro and customise fixed asset master data.
    Hope this helps.
    Robert Sayo

  • Where we have to create depreciation key in asset accounting for as02 ?

    Hi all
    where we have to create depreciation key in asset accounting for as02 ?

    AS02 is for Asset change..........here you can change only dpercaition keys.......
    You can define in AS93..........under Takeover values.
    Also u can check the value at AS02 under Deperciation area at initial tab ..you can see there at Menu Bar..

  • Error occured while doing depreciation for an asset

    I could running the depreciation for an asset in AFAB t-code.
    The msg is ""Testrun Completed successfully" and "No document were created for this run". I have purchased the asset for the month of April and wanted to run the depreciation for that month.
    Please Advice.

    Dear Bnoy,
    If you look at the message itself saying Testrun completed successfully. So mean you are runnning depreciation posting program in TEST RUN mode, so it is understood not to post any document in system in real time and if any error occurs must show in simulation mode.
    If you dont found any error in TEST RUN, next running time remove TEST RUN and execute the same again, here at this time system will post the document and asset explorer will get updated with posted values.
    I hope this will help you to understand depreciation posting functionality, and you will be able to overcome the facing issue.
    If you have any doubts feel free to share, you are welcome !
    Pankaj A Bhalerao.

  • Calculation of Depreciation for Group Asset

    Hi Experts,
    I am getting a problem while doing depreciation for group asset
    Ex:  80,000;  Rate 10%
    total depreiaiton p.a is Rs 8000/-
    as per the Indian standards if it is below 180 days it should take Rs 4000/-, but in my system it is showing Rs 3333.33
    my depreciation start date & capitlization date is 01.11.2007.
    Satya Vani.

    Looking at your Questions let us take explanation for Group Assets :-
    1 ) We need to create new different asset class for Group Class in OAOA. Then permit the depreciation area for only Group Asset in OAYM as it is in your current scenario India  is Depreciation Area 15 Just select your company code in OAYM and check the Grp Asset field for respective area 15. Then go to OAAX here we have to maintain the assets classes particularly for Group Assets. So check your Group Asset classes for Group Assets. Cerate different Group asset classes for your said requirement.
    In these depreciation areas, it is then possible to make an assignment to a group asset.  You make this assignment in the specifications for the depreciation area in the asset master record.  When you post an acquisition to this kind of asset, the system duplicates the line items from this depreciation area on the given group asset.
    2 ) According to me you have to create different depreciation keys for Group Asset classes. Assign the Depreciation keys to your newly created Group Asset Classes in OAYZ and make sure you are deactivating 01 area which is Book Depreciation area.
    3 ) As far as I know this is the only functionality available to handle Group Assets. How ever SAP does not have any standard Group Assets functionality. SAP does not supply asset classes to be used solely for group assets. It is we have to determine as per varying Business Process.
    I hope this will clear your doubt makes you to understand. Please revert back for further clarification. Welcome you.
    Pankaj A Bhalerao.
    Edited by: pankaj_ab on Feb 3, 2010 8:26 AM

  • In oneasset class i have created 2 assets by using of aso1 after that i acquired one asset for that i run the depreciation for first 5 periods, it has been showing depreciation for those period but if i am trying to run the depreciation for second asset i

    in on asset class i have created 2 assets by using of aso1 after that i acquired one asset for that i run the depreciation for first 5 periods, it has been showing depreciation for those period but if i am trying to run the depreciation for second asset it is not showing first 5 periods why it is not showing? Is there any reason?

    Repeat run you can do only for the last depreciation period. For the asset which you are tryin to post depreciation from July to Jan, please check the asset value date which you have given while posting the transactions or in the asset master.
    If the asset value date is in July, then deprecaition from July - Jan will get posted in the current month depreciation in total. You will not be able to post depreciation individually month wise using AFAB.

  • Stop Depreciation of an Asset

    Hi Gurus,
    We have an asset that was capitalized last March 2011with useful life of 3years.  To be specific, the item is a television set.
    Goods receipt was transacted last March for this asset with ttype 120 with an entry of Dr. Asset and Cr. GR/IR Clearing Account.
    2 months of depreciation were already posted last April and May 2011.
    The problem is that the department head told our accounting dept that this item should not be treated as an asset and should be charged to a personal expense.
    Kindly advise on how we can stop the depreciation this month June and the succeeding months.  Pls advise also on how can we correct the previous postings that were already made on this asset (GR and depreciation) given that the books for the previous months were already closed.

              Please check if  reversal of the Past Depreciation(posted) is possible through Write-Up ABZU - Miscellaneous is the transaction used for Write-Up of past depreciation.
    Transaction effects will be like
    Accumulated Dep A/C Debit
    Deprecation exp a/c A/C Credit
    For more info please check link
    OASV can give credit to Acc dep posted for an asset class but not to a particular asset.

  • How to stop Depreciation for some assets & start again.

    Dear Friends,
    We have a requirement where we have to stop Depreciation for some assets as they are not in use and again post depreciation when they put in use.
    For ex: Asset Value is 10,000 and monthly Depreciation is 100. Asset has been depreciated for first 6 periods in year with 100 each in every month & we want to stop depreciation for coming 3 months and post depreciation when they put in use. Asset should not be depreciated when they are not in use and calculate regular 100 if we run depreciation again if we put in use. So total Depreciation of the asset for the year should be 900 (First 6 Months & last 3 months).
    Please explain step by step process to do this and your kind cooperation to solve this issue is highly appreciated.
    Points will be rewarded for sure if my problem solves.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Naveen Kumar.

    Go to AS03 Asset Master/Dep tab and observe the dep key
    Goto AFAMA and select that dep key and click on assignment of calculation methods
    You can see last row for shutdown field and select YES
    Go to asset master at AS02/Time dependent data and select shutdown check box and enter period
    If shutdown check box is not available goto as03 and goto menu environment-screen layout and master data and identify the screen layout number
    Go to SPRO-Financial Accounting (New)-Asset Accounting-Master Data-Screen Layout-Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data-Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data-
    Select your screen layout and click on logical field groups and select 3 (Time dependent data) and click on field group rules and make shutdown field as optional.
    This will allow you to change the shutdownfield asset master data.

  • What is the best way to stop the depreciation of an asset

    I had tried ticking the asset shutdown field, but it didn't works. I change the depreciation key , e.g. 0000-zero depreciation, it works, however i do not know what is the implication of doing this.
    What is the best option to stop depreciation of an asset?
    Best Regards,
    Roberto Sayo

    No depreciation for a period of time
    If you have an asset which would not be used for production purposes for next six months as the plant is being closed.
    Therefore you don't want to retire the asset and neither do you want depreciation to be carried out during these six months period.
    Once the plant is opened, from then on, you want to execute the depreciation run.
    You can utilize the Asset Shutdown feature on the Time-dependent tab of the asset master record.
    Select the Asset Shutdown checkbox - create a time interval - Save.
    If you cannot find the checkbox, it could be hidden :-
    In AS02 click Environment -> Screen Layout -> Master data
    Select the Screen Layout and click Logical Field groups
    Select 3 - Time-dependent and click Field group rules
    Tick Opt, Mnno and Sbno - Save
    you can set the Depreciation key in the Deprecation Area Tab.
    You can also change the depreciation key to '0000' (No depreciation and no interest) for each of your depreciation books. Just make sure you have run depreciation up through the current month before doing so. When you are ready to put the asset back into service, reset the keys to their original values. The system will calculate no depreciation during the months where you have the key set to '0000'.

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