Division line in middle of page?

trying to figure out why there's a thin grey division line on one of my pages.
more specifically, trying to figure out how to make it go away.
although it appears to be part of layout markings, it does show through when exported as PDF.
any ideas?
Pages '09 4.3 (1048)

Thanks for looking at the document.
I think you're right, it's corrupted.
In any case, I pulled up thumbnails view and deleted that page, plus the pages before and after, then copy/pasted prose back in and it's clean now.
One complication is that it's difficult (impossible as far as I can tell) to select only one page using thumbnails. I'm not sure why this is.
Anyway, problem solved. Thanks again for your help.

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  • How to have a line down middle of page betw 2 columns but...

    for some graphics, the graphics flow over the two columns. In setting up a template, how to make that line be flexible so that when there is a graphic that takes up more space, the graphic has an amount of white space around it..(would that be an object style). Ok, would you put the line on the master page?

    If you are referring to text wrap when you say outset, then it will push the text in the main frame out of the way, but it won't push the rule or leave a gap next to it. The only way to do that is to adjust the rule or hide it with something (like the [Paper] stroke).
    If the caption frame is going to be below the image, this gets more complicated, especially if the image isn't always at the top of the page. About the best you can do for that is to apply the same stroke to both the image and caption frame, and have them overlap or touch, which means you can have spacing between the two from the width of the stroke to twice the width, but not more. You'll also need to fill the caption frame with paper to knock out the rule.
    If the image group will always completely cover one end or the other of the rule you can pay with different width strokes for the two frames.
    It might be best to put a grouped image/caption frame in a library, already styled, or leave one on the pasteboard somewhere.


    I just subscribed; converted a pdf to docx.
    The circles on the original came out as half-circles and arcs.
    There is a large thick black line in the middle of the page.
    This is a form I purchased from Natural Forms.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you

    Hi suea64304779,
    I'm not familiar with Natural Forms, but it may be that the PDF isn't written to spec, which could explain the quality of the conversion. Please see Will Adobe ExportPDF convert both text and form... | Adobe Community. You may have better luck by turning off OCR as described in this document: How to disable Optical Character Recognition (O... | Adobe Community.

  • Vertical black lines down middle of page

    Hi folks,
    I have an LaserJet 4250n that's putting vertical light black smudges/lines down the center of my pages. It's all the way down, but it gets lighter at certain points and picks back up again. I've tried replacing the toner cartridge and cleaning the rollers, to no avail.
    Any ideas?
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    Hi James,
    I am a printer technician for HP in Australia and a full time employee. I look after many printers including this one.
    Lines down the page can be caused by a few things - depending on what the line looks like.
    If it is a smudged dirty streaky mark continously down the page, you migh have a dirty fuser - it may have been picking up toner and it has built up and then put it back down on the paper.
    A thin defined black line might be a scratched drum or developer - the laser might be refracting and drawing the defect onto the drum.
    Blank or white lines could be something stopping the toner from getting to the paper - transfer roller under the toner might have something stuck on it.
    A repeated mark or defect could also be a dirty fuser - glue or wax from envelopes and labels could do this.
    Try swapping the toner with another to test - borrow one if you can.
    Run 3 or 4 cleaning pages - in the menu, configure device, print quality menu, create/process cleaning page.
    Remove the fuser - back door comes off, little blue clips, pull it. out - rotate using the green knob and you might be able to gently remove something stuck in it.
    If you can get to another 4250 or 4350 you could borrow the fuser and find out.
    For this machine, I find worn out fusers and dirty printers are most commonly showing these symptoms.  Next common is low quality after market cartridges.
    Hope I can help you here
    Steve Hewitt
    HP Australia
    Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.

  • Final total cannot appear when the last line item reached the page end

    Hi All,
    My report included 2 pages. Problem is the final total cannot appear when the last line item reached the page end. (page 2)
    final total will appear on the middle of last page (page 3) when i comment (type    = 'BOTTOM').
    Below is the program.
          device   = 'PRINTER'
          dialog   = 'X'
          form     = 'ZBOTM_VOUCHER'
          language = sy-langu.
      sort itab by vblnr.
      LOOP AT itab INTO wa_itab.
        move wa_itab-vblnr to reguh-vblnr.
        move wa_itab-lifnr to reguh-lifnr.
        move wa_itab-rbetr to reguh-rbetr.
        reguh-rbetr = reguh-rbetr * -1.
            window  = 'MAIN'
            element = 'DETAIL'.
        t_rbetr = reguh-rbetr + t_rbetr.
        AT LAST.
              window = 'LINE'.
              element = 'TOTAL'.
              type    = 'BOTTOM'
              WINDOW  = 'MAIN'.

    Where should I include the code for bottom?
    How to open text editor?
    Edited by: Alice8 on Feb 7, 2011 9:09 AM

  • I have a faded streak down middle of page when copying, scanning, faxing only

    When I copy or scan a document the copy or scanned page comes out with a faded streak verically down the middle of the page.  the faded area is approx 2 3/4 inches wide.  I can print from the computer fine, no streak appears on the printed copy.  This only happens in copy, scan and probably faxing.  I've done all troubleshooting for scanning, faxing and copying for this type of all in one printer.  Any suggestions.  

    Hi , Welcome to the HP Forums! I understand that you have a faded streak down middle of page when copying, scanning, faxing only, on your HP Officejet Pro 8620. I am happy to look into this for you!  Please, try the troubleshooting steps within this quality guide, Vertical Bands, Lines, or Streaks in Copies, Faxes, or Scans, and let me know what happens! Hope this resolves your issue!  “Please click the Thumbs up icon below to thank me for responding.”

  • In alv report , how to reserve 20 lines from beginning of page

    hi experts
    in alv report , how to reserve 20 lines from beginning of page.

    If by reserve you mean should not move on scrolling then make them KEY from fieldcatalog.
    But I think maximum of 10-12 can be handled by that.
    Reward all helpful replies.

  • How do I prevent Pages from pushing paragraphs to next page when they would otherwise begin on the last line of the previous page?

    I am writing papers for school which have strict page limits so I can't afford to be losing lines at the bottom of a page because Pages thinks it looks better to have a new paragraph start on the next page. It does this automatically and I have to go back and manually format to get the first line of the paragraph to start on the last line of the previous page. This then creates problems down the line when I am editing so I would really like to be able to turn the feature off.
    e.g. with Pages auto-formatting
    -----page 1-----
         Paragraph #1 blah blah
    blah blah blah
         Paragraph #2 blah blah
    blah blah blah
    -----page 2-----
         Paragraph #3 blah blah
    blah blah
    e.g. after manual formatting
    -----page 1-----
         Paragraph #1 blah blah
    blah blah blah
         Paragraph #2 blah blah
    blah blah blah
         Paragraph #3 blah blah
    -----page 2-----
    blah blah

    Change the keep with next rules in:
    Inspector > Text > More > Pagination & Break

  • How to display horizontal line in top-of-page by using object oriented ALV?

    How to display horizontal line in top-of-page by using object oriented ALV.
    I am created top-of-page in object oriented alv.
    But not be successes in showing horizontal line in it.
    Can any one pls give solution for this..
    Thanks and regards..

    Try like this
    data: gt_list_top_of_page type slis_t_listheader. " Top of page text. 
    perform comment_build using gt_list_top_of_page[]. 
    form top_of_page. 
    * Note to self: the gif must be loaded into transaction OAOR with 
    * classname 'PICTURES' AND TYPE 'OT' to work with ALV GRID Functions. 
    * I Loaded NOVALOGO2 into system. 
    call function 'REUSE_ALV_COMMENTARY_WRITE' 
    * I_LOGO = 'NOVALOGO2' 
    * i_logo = 'ENJOYSAP_LOGO' 
             it_list_commentary = gt_list_top_of_page. 
    endform. " TOP_OF_PAGE 
    form comment_build using e04_lt_top_of_page type slis_t_listheader. 
    data: ls_line type slis_listheader. 
          clear ls_line. 
          ls_line-typ = 'A'. 
          ls_line-info = 'Special'(001). 
          fgrant = xgrant. 
          concatenate ls_line-info fgrant 
          'Stock Option Report to the board'(002) 
                 into ls_line-info separated by space. 
                        condense ls_line-info. 
          append ls_line to e04_lt_top_of_page. 
    endform. " COMMENT_BUILD
    Use following syntex for footer print in alv:
    * For End of Page
    form END_OF_PAGE.
      data: listwidth type i,
            ld_pagepos(10) type c,
            ld_page(10)    type c.
      write: sy-uline(50).
      write:/40 'Page:', sy-pagno .
    *  For End of Report
    form END_OF_LIST.
      data: listwidth type i,
            ld_pagepos(10) type c,
            ld_page(10)    type c.
      write:/40 'Page:', sy-pagno .
    check this link
    Changing width of a custom container dynamically
    Display Page numbers in ALV
    Insert picture in selection screen.
    Logo in OO ALV Grid
    Reward all helpfull answers

  • Print Apps won't print with C510a eStation. Prints thin line at top of page.

    My C510a eStation printer will not print using the Print Apps.  It just prints a thin line at top of page.  Everything works fine until I print.
    All other print functions work.  It prints from computer via WiFi.  It prints when I send an email to it.  It copies via the Zeen.  It just won't print using the Print Apps.
    Does anyone else have this problem?  What is the solution?
    12/23/2010 3:00PM.  I just got off the phone with an HP engineer.  She said that the eStation is still in the TESTING phase and to call to report problems so they can improve the product.  (I would have thought the product would have been fully tested before being released to the public!)
    She had me reset the Zeen display by holding down the volume keys while powering up.  This erased everything that had been done on the Zeen by me and resulted in no HOME screens, which will have to be set up by me.  The only app at the bottom of the blank home page was Yahoo!.  Even the printer app was missing.  I had to move it from the app tray to the home page.  Now, I have to spend hours, again, setting up the Zeen.
    After the reset, the printer apps seem to work now.  The Zeen will copy using the printer app.  My computer still seems able to print and scan to/from the eStation.
    The eStation C510a eStation printer and Zeen display are very exciting.  However, they are not for someone not willing to spend the time to get it to work properly.  If you have a cell phone, be prepared to use up a lot of minutes while on support.
    The HP engineer said that it will soon have a new release of Android operating on the Zeen which will allow it to be faster.
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    I have decided to return this printer to the store as it just has too many problems.  HP has essentially told me they will not issue updates to solve the problems.  I hate this, as I really loved the product.

  • "Stuttered​" printing in middle of page on psc 2175 all in one

    I have been very happy with my 2175 for several years.
    Then today I have experienced all kinds of problems.
    A lot of noises, best described as Grinding.  Also, the msg "Open door, clear carriage jam then press enter, -- following which I would get a msg to the effect of "Close cartridge Door, etc."
    I have went through the procedures (several times) found on the website for trouble shooting the problems including doing the "cleaning procedures", (including cartridges and  paper rollers/wheels doing a through search for any paper jams etc . (none found),doing all the power off- power on -- cycling suggestions.
    Right now, I have been able to print without strange noises, But I have "stuttered" printing in the middle of page of any printed document -- a MS Word Letter, or a printed webpage for example .  By "Stuttered" I mean a slight shift and reprint of characters.
    The shift is much less than a standard character width on some documents consisting of only 2 or 3 characters.   By middle of page,  I mean the stuttering is confined to about 10 per cent of the page width - and right in the middle.  The Left and right  sides of the printed document appear fine.
    Is it time for a new printer?  I hope not.
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    Gently clean the encoder strip as described here.  Heed the warnings, the strip is fragile and can be damaged by rough handling.
    Bob Headrick,  HP Expert
    I am not an employee of HP, I am a volunteer posting here on my own time.
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    If my answer was helpful please click the "Thumbs Up" to say "Thank You"--V

  • HT204135 I recently migrated from a 2 year old MacBook Pro to MacBook Pro Retina and now cannot get my LaserJet 3200 to print. I downloaded drivers from HP Support site but printer just prints a line of gibberish per page, and many pages.

    I recently migrated from MacBook Pro to MacBook Pro retina. Now my macbook will not print to my LaserJet3200 printer. I downloaded the drivers but still only prints a line of gibberish per page, and endless pages, when i send printer a print job. Any recommendations on how to correct this so the printer prints properly again?

    where can I find the "generic PCL driver" you referred to Greg?
    Also, I searched for a LJ 2100 d4river and found these. should I be working with the HP website? or an apple website? my Apple software update is current.
    Find by product 
    How do I find my product name / number?
    5 matches found. Please select one below
    HP LaserJet 2100 Printer series
    HP LaserJet 2100 Printer
    HP LaserJet 2100m Printer
    HP LaserJet 2100se Printer
    HP LaserJet 2100tn Printer
    HP LaserJet 2100xi Printer

  • Print line items on next page if does not fir onto current page

    Hello Experts,
    I have a query related with Smartform.
    For every Line item, I have 4 lines. Means, if there are 4 line itmes in Internal table then it means, on form 16 lines should be printed.
    My Requirement - If any of the Line item does not fin onto a single page then shift the whole line item onto next page. Means, If Line item 1 and 2 are printing on 1st page completely, but line item 3 is not able to print completely on 1st page then shift all the 4 lines of line item 3 onto next page.
    I tried - Put the main table of main area in a Folder and checked the PAGE PROTECTION of that folder. And in the Foder itself, use a command with checked GO TO NEW PAGE. But it is not printing. Form goes into shortdump.
    Please help me to resolve this issue.
    Kuldeep M.

    U try to fix the no of lines per page. If the no of lines in ur table are more than the lines per page then u call the COMMAND 'Go to New Page' and give the Page name.
    data : lv_lines TYPE i,
              lv_lines_per_page TYPE i value 12.    (Try to design the Window height to fit 12 lines or ur wish)
              lv_count TYPE i.
    describe table itab lines lv_lines.
    Now, u loop the itab table and put a condition in the LOOP:
    LOOP AT itab.
      lv_count = lv_count + 1.
    IF lv_count GT lv_lines_per_page.
       clear lv_count.
       create command 'Go to New Page'.             --->In COMMAND put condition lv_count GT 12
    Hope it helps!!

  • HFR - Tried to create a bottom line / border line on EVERY single page

    Currently deal with this issues -
    Trying to make my report in HFR to perfect.
    I have a report created in HFR. It vary, can run from 2, 3, 4 ,5 pages.
    The PROBLEM: at the bottom of each page, there is no line (go across the page) to close that page.
    example: __________________________________________________________
    It looks...not too good now.
    1. Page break : not working
    2. Separeate Grid: Not working
    3. Condition formatting: not working
    What i have to do is manually output the report into excel and re-formatted it.
    Then add the line from excel.
    Is there a way in HRF to help this issues resolve??

    Please select the Grid in FR Report and you will see the Grid properties on your right side, then you can see the check box of "Auto Size"
    If it is selected already then un check it.

  • Since last update anything on the first three lines of a web page if it has a a button to click on to go to another page does not work. use Google Crome for fo

    Loging onto my bank I go to the barclays pege there on the top line is "log in" it used to work when I click on it but has stoped, any button on the first three lines of a web page does not work.
    I now use Google crome but would like to stay with Firefox if this coruption can be sorted.

    Please reload the webpage while bypassing the cache using '''one''' of the following steps:
    *Hold down the ''Shift'' key and click the ''Reload'' button with the left mouse key.
    *Press ''Ctrl'' + ''F5'' or ''Ctrl'' + ''Shift'' + ''R'' (Windows and Linux)
    *Press ''Command'' + ''Shift'' + ''R'' (Mac)
    See if this helps solve the issues you had and please report back to us!

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