Divs moving when zooming in on screen

Hi I am finding that the lower four divs on my homepage design are jumping around if I zoom in and out, only in IE works OK in FF and Chrome.
It was working ok even though the divs are fixed width and floated left. But I must have changed something that has had a knock on effect??
Any suggestions appreciated

There is no way to "zoom" a photo other than for viewing - you can crop it and then thecropped image is saved when you click done and you can print it

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  • Outside container in place, yet contents moving when zooming and in IE.

    Been working on a new page for about a week and have hit a brick wall.
    Placed a div container around my entire contents in hopes to keep them locked at all times, however, this is not the case.
    In Chrome and Firefox, when zooming in and out, you can see the right side shifting. (And is it me, or does the right column look longer than the left by just a hair???
    And in IE, it doesn't even look like my page.  WHY?
    I hope you can see what I'm asking for.  As always, I appreciate your time and assistance.
    Kind regards,

    Hi Nancy,
    I trust your opinion and have always learned something from your advice.
    I've started with what you have given me, however, I'm almost afraid to touch anything as I'm prone to overthinking or complicating the code.
    For example, my current worries are:
    1. Do I have to create div's in order to add spacing between the thumb images and text since it falls under one big <p>?
    2. The design that you provided is clean and sharp and I love it.  But, will I still be able to ultimately have the thumbs populate the larger image in the middle area which will play the Vimeo files?
    I guess that's where things spun out of control with my first go at it.  I just don't want to move forward without checking with you first.
    Here's my current code:  (Thank you again, Nancy.  You are so very helpful and I can't thank you enough.)
    <!doctype html>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <title>HTML5, 3-columns</title>
    <!--[if lt IE 9]><script src="http://html5shiv.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/html5.js"></script><![endif]-->
    box-sizing: border-box;
    -moz-box-sizing: border-box;
    -webkit-box-sizing: border-box;
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;
    body {
    font-family: Segoe, "Segoe UI", "DejaVu Sans", "Trebuchet MS", Verdana, sans-serif;
    font-size: 100%;
    background-color: #275d39;
    color: #FFF;
    #wrapper {
    width: 1000px;
    margin: 0 auto;
    overflow: hidden; /**float containment**/
    section {
    width: 56%;
    float: left;
    /**left and right**/
    aside {
    width: 22%;
    float: left;
    aside img {
    vertical-align: middle;
    border: 5px groove #FFF;
    float: left;
    aside p {
    padding: 6px;
    font-weight: bold;
    min-height: 75px;
    border: 2px solid #CCC;
    border-bottom: none;
    /**add bottom border to last p only**/
    aside p:last-child { border-bottom: 2px solid #CCC}
    /**on mouseover**/
    aside p:hover {
    cursor: pointer;
    background: #e2ae0e;
    color: #275d39;
    footer {
    clear: both;
    padding-top: 45px;
    padding-left: 45px;
    <div id="wrapper">
    <!--left column-->
    <p><img alt="Overview" src="http://www.saintleo.edu/VirtualTour/Images/Overview-thumb.jpg">
    <p><img alt="St. Leo Abbey" src="http://www.saintleo.edu/VirtualTour/Images/St.LeoAbbey-thumb.jpg">
    St. Leo Abbey</p>
    <p><img alt="Athletics" src="http://www.saintleo.edu/VirtualTour/Images/Athletics-thumb.jpg">
    <p><img alt="Student Community Center" src="http://www.saintleo.edu/VirtualTour/Images/StudentCommunityCenter-thumb.jpg">
    Student Community Center</p>
    <p><img alt="School of Education & Social Services" src="http://www.saintleo.edu/VirtualTour/Images/SchoolOfEducation&SocialServices-thumb.jpeg">
    School of Education & Social Services</p>
    <!--middle content area-->
    <img alt="description" src="http://placehold.it/560x375">
    <!--right column-->
    <p><img alt="Freshman Residence Halls" src="http://www.saintleo.edu/VirtualTour/Images/FreshmanResidenceHalls-thumb.jpg">
    Freshman Residence Halls</p>
    <p><img alt="School of Arts & Sciences" src="http://www.saintleo.edu/VirtualTour/Images/SchoolOfArts&Sciences-thumb.jpg">
    School of Arts & Sciences</p>
    <p><img alt="Residence Apartments" src="http://www.saintleo.edu/VirtualTour/Images/ResidenceApartments-thumb.jpg">
    Residence Apartments</p>
    <p><img alt="Student Activities Building" src="http://www.saintleo.edu/VirtualTour/Images/StudentActivitiesBuilding-thumb.jpg">
    Student Activities Building</p>
    <p><img alt="School of Business" src="http://www.saintleo.edu/VirtualTour/Images/SchoolOfBusiness-thumb.jpg">
    School of Business</p>
    <!--begin footer-->
    <footer> Your footer goes here... </footer>
    <!--end wrapper-->

  • Sliding Panel div Moving when acitvated in Safari

    If you go to my website, in safari, and click on "Resume" on the left side, and then begin to use the sliding panels it becomes very apparent that something is wrong.  Feel free to look at my source code.
    I have a hunch that it may be the iframe, that being said... does anyone know of any jquery solutions to replace iframes? Because that would solve quite a few problems in itself, thanks.

    I forgot to mention that I put some test pages which
    demonstrate the panels outside the table structure.
    just the sliding panels:
    and with a table on top for the header section, divs in the
    middle for the panels, and table on the bottom for the footer
    section. This works but the alignment is all off in IE6,7 but not
    in Safari and a little off in FF. :

  • How do I turn off the alt scroll zoom?  When I'm in Adobe photoshop and illustrator using the pen tool, alt is utilized for another short cut.  I would like to use the alt command for the pen tool instead of zooming into the screen.

    How do I turn off the alt scroll zoom? 
    When I'm in Adobe photoshop and illustrator using the pen tool, alt is utilized for another short cut.  I would like to use the alt command for the pen tool instead of zooming into the screen.

    I tend to select things from left to right and every time I am moving in a downward right diagonal motion during lasso selection I am missing a clear view and I am tending to have a more sloppy selection.  All this does is slow me down since I need to go back and hit those areas again.  The big arrowhead just get's in the way.  The original lasso tool with the thin line and small active point at it's lower left was far better for me.
    I don't like turning the cursors to precise because I like to see the active tool icon where my cursor is and as the icon changes as I hold modifier keys down.  If I am forced to get comfortable with using pricise cursors I guess I will, but man, I've never had to do this in my 15 years of photoshop use...
    I would absolutely LOVE to find a way to get the old lasso icon -- without the arrowhead above it.
    Is there any chance this option could be inlcuded in cursor preferences?  I'd give much thanks, Adobe.

  • How can I change the screen time out when using the notification screen in zoom on the IPhone?

    To clarify, when I am using Zoom and using three fingers to move around on the notification screen.  The screen goes blank even if I am actively moving my fingers across the screen to read the screen.  Why does the notification screen not recognize active movement and go blank after a peiord of time.  I have very limited sight and rely heavly on SIri, text speak, and Zoom.

    Hi BlindmanJay,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    iPhone: About General Settings
    Set the amount of time before iPhone locks
    Choose General > Auto-Lock and choose a time.
    Hope this helps,

  • Good evening every one! recently, i noticed that my macbook pro make a weird sound when i open the screen, it's like there is something keeping the screen from moving correctly.the little noise comes exactly from the left side of the axis.please advice me

    Good evening ! recently, i noticed that my macbook pro make a weird sound when i open the screen, it's like there is something keeping the screen from moving correctly.the little noise comes exactly from the left side of the axis.please advice me what to do
    (i live in morocco and i need to know where i should take ma macbook to get it fixed and if the warranty take this problem in charge)
    thank you in advance
    macbook pro mid2012 i7 (here is my e-mail adress : [email protected])

    You should take it to an Apple store or an AASP (Authorized Apple Service Provider) Carefully inspect the hinge joint and make sure there is no debris that you can see, you can try carefully sliding some sticky tape thru the joint to clear any loose stuff out. But this sounds like there might be more going on here, and the hinge is something that you do not want to fool with.

  • IPhoto 6 Unable to Zoom in Full Screen Mode when using projector

    When in full screen mode in iPhoto 6 I am able to zoom quite nicely but when I attach a projector I lose the slide for zooming. How do I zoom in full screen mode when using a projector?
    Mac Book   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

    Given that the zoom works normally, this is not an iPhoto issue. The problem lies in the interaction between your MacBook and the Projector. You might have more luck posting on the MacBook forum

  • Lightroom 4.4 Map Module blinks "Offline" when moved or zoomed.

    Lightroom 4.4 Map Module blinks "Offline" when moved or zoomed.
    As stated, every time I move the map with the mouse or zoom the map using any method the map blinks into "offline" condition to redraw. This is not only annoying but drastically slows down work flow.
    How can this be stopped?
    Macbook Pro 2010 i7 8GB RAM

    To see what I see, turn off your internet by shutting off your wireless card or disconnecting your ethernet if hard wired. The map will turn into a grey full-earth map and have the note "map is offline."
    Woody 77 may be correct but the problem follows me from location to location and happens when others are getting no problems at all.
    I was wondering if there was some form of optimizing I could do to improve performanc. Perhaps I am having a problem with my airport card.

  • I can't crop/edit a photo in Facebook because when I touch the screen it just zooms the whole screen in and out

    I can't crop/edit a photo in Facebook because when I touch the screen it just zooms the whole screen in and out
    I am trying to update my profile picture and cover photo and Facebook advises to crop the area of the photo you want and select the area you want by dragging the area of photo , but every time I touch the screen it just zooms the whole page in and out and I can't turn it off :-(

    If your email account offers a webmail access, I suggest checking the webmail - log in to your account using the webmail access, and I predict you will see all those "unread" emails there and can dispose of them from there.
    This happens because the iPhone that went bad, when reading those emails, did not remove them from your email provider's servier.

  • Lightroom 5.2 BLURRY When Zooming and Moving

    EDIT: Updating to 5.5 seemed to have fixed this. FINALLY!
    Now when panning around while zoomed in, it no longer pixelates.
    This was not in any previous versions or 5.2 RC. Happens in the develop module.
    1. Everytime I zoom in or out, the image goes BLURRY for a second.
    2. Then when zoomed in and I click and drag, it say's sharp except on the edges that where not in view which get's pixelated, but when I let go of the mouse button, the entire picture goes blurry for 1-5 seconds. Even if I click and drag only 1 pixel over it blurs the entire photo.
    3. It also sometimes does it when  tapping \ to show before and after it goes all blurry and lags before it shows the before.
    4. It does it when  clicking back and forth from one image to another in the photo strip.
    Before it use to be zooming in would look mildly pixelated for a moment, then when clicking and draginng only the edges out of view would look mildly pixeled for a moment. This is driving my nuts I've reinstalled lightroom, deleted the preferencees folder, optimised catalog. Not fixed. It's also slower than it use to be.
    Example. Sometimes the blur is even worse. Click to enlarge

    I solved my own issue.  I saw an article @ http://www.lightroomforums.net/showthread.php?19694-Spot-removal-tool-doesn-t-work-with-Wa com-Intuos-5-in-LR-5 that solved my issue.
    Step 1:
    Walcom Tablet Properties
    Step 2:
    Click on Customize and change the default line graph from this:
    Step 3:
    To this
    Step 4:
    Click OK.
    After that, my spot edit tool stopped freezing in LR 5.2 while i was using my intuos 5 pen.
    Prior to doing this, I also did the procedure listed here:  http://forum.wacom.eu/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=8036
    So it's possible that both need to be done in order for the freezing to stop.  I hope this can help others.

  • Image display control scrolling does not work properly when zoomed in

    I am using a ROI on an image in the image display control. When zooming into the image to fine-adjust the positioning of the ROI, the image scrolling does not work properly. As far as I understand, the image should scroll automatically when the ROI is leaving the visible area. However, the scrolling behaviour seems to depend on the origin of the Labview panel, not the origin of the image display control, which might require to move the ROI way out of the visible area before the scrolling takes place. In other words: the coordinate system of the image display control is shifted with respect to the true visible image area, depending on where you place it on the front panel. As a consequence, when clicking on a ROI which is in the visible area, but is outside of what Labview thinks is the visible area, it might immediately jump to the left border of the image, making the positioning of the ROI really difficult.
    Has anyone noticed this behaviour, and what would be a reliable solution to avoid this? 

    no, I am not talking about the tools palette. Just place an image control with some image in it on a new VI front panel. Then, use the rectangle from the tools and select a ROI in the image. If you zoom in (using the magnification glass), and then grab the ROI and move it around, the image scroll with the ROI. So far, so good. If you now place the image control elsewhere on the panel, or add new control above it, resize the panel, etc. , this scrolling when moving the ROI will not work correctly if the origin (0,0) of the panel is far away from the image control.
    I have attached a VI for simplicity (although there is hardly any code in it).
    If you make a ROI and try to move it down, you will notice that scrolling starts if you move the mouse out to about 10cms below the image (depens on your screen, of course). After that, if you click on the ROI, the scroll bars and ROI might jump up to the upper end of the image. Imagine how annoying this is if you try to finely adjust the ROI position. 
    I think it is a bug in the implementation of the image display control.
    scrolling.vi ‏818 KB

  • Text Moves When Zooming/Printing

    Hi everyone,
    My wife is going to school for graphic design and is having a huge problem with InDesign. When placing text in very precise locations, the text moves when she zooms in/out significantly. Even when it shows the text being in the perfect location at 100% (although it is not perfect when zooming in or out), it will be moved when the file is exported as a PDF or printed. Needless to say this is causing major problems for her. We have already reset the program preferences with no luck. She is using the Design Premium CS5.5 version of InDesign on a MacBook Pro with OSX Lion.
    As a side note, I tried the same tasks on my Windows 7 PC with Design Standard CS5 with no problems. We compared the program settings and made sure there were no differences but it still happened on her Mac. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Hi everyone,
    I'm really sorry for the delay. I took screenshots at each zoom where the type shifted. Here are the screenshots:
    The reason that I don't believe it is simply monitor inconsistencies is due to the fact that whether I align the type at 4000% or 100%, the print still doesn't match the on-screen display. If I align at 100%, the print is still off by the same amount as these screenshots. Thanks again for your help.

  • Any solution to pixelated images when zooming?

    Wondering if there is a solution to prevent pdf images on transparent background from pixelating when zoomed in.
    This is a screen capture. There are two knife images. The large white knife is a pdf on a transparent background saved at 108 ppi in photoshop, it is part of a object state/slide show (saved as vector obviously since type is sharp) that fades in. Doesn't seem to matter what size/dimensions I use, it still gets blurry when you pinch and zoom.
    See here:
    The smaller black knife image at top left is also a pdf on transparent background, saved at 108 ppi in photoshop. It is not an object state,etc.
    The knife images look fine at full screen on the iPad, but once you pinch and zoom, both images loose focus and become blurry.
    Any solution to this? The images need to be pdf (or png - which I understand will not scale at all), because they are on transparent backgrounds.

    Hi gemmie,
    Update to latest firefox 15.0 , your system details said you have 14.0.1(because 14.0.1 it is unsupported)
    then :
    try to [https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/troubleshoot-extensions-themes-to-fix-problems#w_turn-off-hardware-acceleration Turn off hardware acceleration] in Firefox and "disable the hardware acceleration" in the Flash Player too :
    also try to [http://kb.mozillazine.org/Flash#Disabling_Protected_Mode_in_Flash_11.3 Disabling Protected Mode in Flash] (the link is for 11.3, do the same for 11.4), see the same in "Last resort" in the next link from adobe forum http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1018071?tstart=0
    If you still have crashes you must [https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/flash-113-crashes#w_step-2-install-flash-10-3 Install Flash 10.3] but first uninstall your current version with [https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/flash-113-crashes#w_step-1-uninstall-flash adobe uninstaller program] .
    It is not so easy, but not so difficult to, you can do it. If you need any help here we are.
    thank you

  • How do I stabilize shimmering fine lines when zooming or panning?

    I just completed an HD video that was exported in Standard Definition (SD) using Apple ProRes 422 codec. The video came out fine except when the clip of a JPG image zooms in or out using the zoom motion controls. The fine detail "shimmers" or "flutters", especially when zooming at a point when the image is nearly all the way zoomed out. (the fine detail is the smallest, then.) This is not a typical de-interlace problem where the whole image is highly erratic. The disturbance only happens on the fine detail in the JPG; the thicker lines are not affected. I applied a de-interlace filter and then separately applied a de-flicker filter. Neither of these filters had any effect. I was told by a highly regarded technician at our local access station who I would evaluate as an expert in FCP that this shimmering affect for fine detail was normal, especially in SD. HD, he said, will greatly reduce but will not eliminate it.
    Does others have thoughts about this and possible solutions? Thank you

    The flickering is an artifact of the two field structure of interlaced video. It is a result of very thin (often horizontal) elements that exist on one scanline as is common in text or titling. This can also be the case in images with great deal of detail with high contrast as well as when when you are engaged in pan/zoom moves on stills.
    As the alternate fields play, the flashing element is essentially being turned on/off. The basic strategy is to get the element to exist over two scanlines so it is refreshed every time the field plays or to reduce the amount of contrast so the difference between ON and OFF is not noticeable.
    Before you start any of these steps listed below, make sure you are viewing your material on an appropriate monitor. If you are working in an NTSC/PAL interlaced format (eg DV) you need an external TV monitor - not a computer screen. Without the appropriate device, you are playing blind.
    Things to try (In increasing order of image degradation)
    • (in FCP) field order>none
    • (in FCP or Photoshop) reduce whites by 10% - reduces overly bright areas
    • (in FCP) flicker filter - minimum
    • (in Photoshop) motion blur>vertical> .2 - .5 pixels - blurs vertically only
    • (In FCP or Photoshop) Gaussian blur> .2 - .5 pixels -blurs both horizontally as well as vertically
    • (in FCP or Photoshop) deinterlace - throws away half the image and is generally not appropriate on scanned images
    Remember: Unless you are viewing your work in the appropriate external NTSC/PAL monitor, you are playing blind. The computer monitor only shows you a proxy image.
    One final thought, if you have slowed your material significantly, and have not used some sort of frame blending/optical flow processing, you may be simply duplicating frames to create the additional material to pad the playback. The flashing you see is the result of this.
    good luck.

  • Moving desktop icons with Yoga screen rotation and Windows 8

    I have a Yoga 11s.  I have a bunch of desktop icon shortcuts and folders on my desktop as I rarely use the Windows 8 "tiles."  Unfortunately, when using the Yoga as a tablet, whenever the screen rotates, all my desktop shortcuts and folders move around.  Is there any way to get them to stay in place in Windows 8?  I realize that when one rotates the tablet around that the icons have to move around to accommodate the screen rotation, but when I rotate the screen back to the horizontal position, they don't return to the position they were in.

    I did get a potential solution over on a Windows 8 forum.  Unfortunately the solution doesn't stop the migration of the icons.  It only restores them to their original position with a few mouse clicks.  I have yet to find a solution that keeps the icons from moving in the first place.
    I downloaded a program called Iconoid. When you first run the program, a little windows pops up.  You click on the positions tab, then put the dot in the selection that says "use relative positions for all resolutions."  You then hit the "save icon positions (relative)" button and now the program remembers where all of your icons are.
    When you rotate the screen and all your icons get messed up, you open Iconoid (in systray for me), go to that same "positions" tab, then hit the "restore icon positions now."  That moves all the icons back to where they were.  You just have to make sure that if you change your icons on your desktop a lot, that you hit that "save icon positions (relative) button once in a while so the program gets updated icon positions.

Maybe you are looking for