DMEE - Foreign Payments - Denmark - bulked debit

Hello together,
Currently I am facing a problem with foreign payment with the DMEE tree: DK_PAYMUL_DOMESTIC
I copied it and use the fromat tree also for Foreign payments.
The problem which occurs right now is, that the output file is not correct.
The bank does not accept bulked debit in foreign payments.
As we want to pay 3 invoices for one vendor we need to have three different LIN and SEQ segments.
Right now it is bulk debited and handled like:
But the bank requires an output file which has for each payment a seperate LIN and SEQ segment:
I alread tried different sortings in the header but none referrs to the required structure.
I thought about pay each invoice seperatly (in IMG and vendor). Thus we can devide it by the sorting via XBLNR or the DOC1R. But as I do the payment run, the file is now incompleted.
Has anyone already faced such a problem?
Thanks in advance.
- Matthias

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    Hello All SAP Gurus!!!
    I am using program RFFOIT_FOR for configuring DME for Foreign payments in Taly.
    But I am getting errors.
    I need to update the UIC code in the DME file.
    Please help.

    Thx for your prompt reply
    I have already applied the note.
    Now I want to populate the table
    I need the list which contains countries and their UIC codes

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    Thx for your prompt reply
    I have already applied the note.
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  • Errors for foreign payments in the APP run

    HI all
    we have created new house bank for foreign payments for foreign vendors. The bank has been created for domestic payments and for foreign payment for the company code.
    The  domestic payment works fine and the international does not work. It can create payments and IDOCS in SAP but once it is received and  it is marked as a DOmestic payment instead of a International payment.
    we have tried to go through house bank config and I cannot find what we are missed out in the config.
    Can some one help me to find out what we have missed out in the config?
    Thnaks in advance
    Best Regards

    Hi Venugopal,
    Please paste the log message here to find out what may be wrong with this issue..What is the error message.
    As a wild guess, Please check your settings in FBZP>Payment Methods in Company code> Check the section Foreign Payments/Foreign Currency payments, whether all are allowed or not for your Payment method of Foreign payment.

  • Payment Program F110 posts outgoing foreign payments to fx adj. a/cs

    When posting an outgoing foreign payment using F110,  the system is posting the foreign exchange gain or loss to the FX-gain and FX-loss account respectively. But it is also offsetting this entry with a posting to the FX balance sheet adjustment account which should not happen. The FX adjustment account is to be used only during the month-end revaluation (F.05). The settings in OBA1 is correctly set to the FX-gain and FX-loss accounts u201C.
    Where else could the problem be? How is the FX Adjustment account being picked up during the payment program.

    Thanks for your reply.
    Yes, we currently run the revaluation program to reverse on the first day of the next month.  There were some manual adjustments posted in June  using FBB1which may be an issue.  Normally, we run the revaluation program with "Balance Sheet Valuation ON" which has up to July created the reversal document also. In the August Revaluation run the reversal document was not created for the unrealised gain /loss.  However, the JUne run ran ok and was reveresd out on July 1st.  The incorrect foreign adjustment payment postings happened in July.

  • TDS on Foreign payment

    Hi All,
    while doing invoice on foreign vendors system deducts tds on Fractions it is effect to my TDS filing in NSDL. how to roundoff TDS on Foreign payments.

    We check that every thing is ok, but we are facing the problem at the of foreign invoices only.

  • Foreign payments indicator

    Hello gurus!
    I need to create one simple report from BKPF table which shows only accounting documents related to foreign payments.
    Which filed in this or some other connected table contains some kind of indicator for foreign/domestic payments.
    PS: I'm working for Croatian company so temporary I can do this by the currency (HRK = domestic / EUR = foreign) but ... this is only temporary solution until we get to EU
    Thanks in advance

    It depends what foreign payments you mean for you:
    - U means foreign currency?
    If it's so u should check which currency is assigned to the company code (T001-WAERS), and so get all payments with a  foreign currency (BKPF-WAERS <> T001-WAERS)
    - U means foreign customer/vendor
    If it's so u should check which country is assigned to the company code (T001-LAND1), and so get all payments with foreign partner (having a different country in the master data, KNA1-LAND1 <> T001-LAND1 or LFA1-LAND1 <> T001-LAND1);
    Just last thing: rember that:
    BKPF-WAERS is document currency
    BKPF-HWAER is company code currency
    So the foreign payment should be a document where those fields are a different value,
    Edited by: max bianchi on May 27, 2008 3:22 PM

  • Vendor Foreign Payment

    Hi Gurus,
    I need some clarity in Vendor Foreign Payment.
    We booked vendor invoice for $100 @ Rs.45
    In our books we made payment of $100 that time rate is Rs 46, system automatically took Rs 1 to exchange rate fluctuation
    Now when bank made the payment from our account, it debited our account with 47. In bank reco, we have to clear 47 with 46 amount in outgoing account, now how should system react in this case.
    Please tell me what is the correct process.
    Thank you

    Unfortunately, there is no clearing mechanism in this case.
    The difference between 46 (your payment through F110) and 47 (uploading bank statement FF_5) cannot be cleared. However, you can post the document by crediting the Bank Main account and debiting the bank sub account. Then post a manual Journal to the amount of difference Rs.1 and then clear the sub-account.
    If you find any other better way, please update the thread.

  • Foreign payments

    When entering an invoice using transaction MIRO, we are getting the error "check whether data is required for foreign payments".  Any idea what is causing this message?    If we enter a CBI (central bank indicator) the invoice will post but this was not needed for 4.5.   The vendor, plant are in the same country (Spain).
    This works in 4.5 and the CBI is not required.  

    Hi Sandra
    Can you please check whether the OSS note 519945 is relevant for you.
    assign points, if useful
    S Jayaram

  • I am sachin ,purchase iPad mini but I have problem with apple Id .because I don't have credit card for payment .i have debit card so pl help me

    I am sachin ,purchase iPad mini but I have problem with apple Id .because I don't have credit card for payment .i have debit card so pl help me

    As far as I know debit cards aren't accepted as a valid payment method. There are instructions on this page for how to create an account without giving a credit card number :
    Depending upon what country that you in you might be able to buy iTunes gift cards from Apple or other stores (supermarkets, electronics stores etc) and use those to buy items - but they aren't available in all countries, and they are country-specific (they can only be used in their country of issue

  • Foreign payment thru APP

    Hi Gurus
    How to make foreign payment thru APP,
    what is Stadard documents type for ASSet Accounting
    what is the steps for prapare Business Bluprints
    pls urgent
    thanks in advance

    "what is the steps for prapare Business Bluprints"
    1. Sit down
    2. Write Business Blueprint
    3. Shout: 'I am ready' - when finished
    4. Go out to drink some beers...

  • F110 Payment Run: Direct Debit collection file

    Hi FI Gurus,
    Currently, our Direct Debit Collection file is being created via Transaction F110 during Payment Run. Basically, the Direct Debit file is being uploaded in AL11 after the Payment Run Transaction F110.
    Please be informed that in the Printout / Data Medium tab of the F110, two programs are present:
    (2) RFFOEDI1
    Now, my requirement is to add the u201CPayers Nameu201D after every line item in the file.
    With these, I have some questions:
    (1) Can the Payers Name be added in the file thru configuration?
    (2) How do I do this via Conguration?
    Thank you very much!
    Best regards.

    Hi Brando,
    File is generated via payment program format which is in turn linked through Payment method in country.
    The same can be done via user exit in the function modules of the existing format or through DMEE.
    The first thing can be done using ABAP help, while the second ne is user friendly.
    DMEE steps are follows:
    (a)     Creating a new payment medium format: Use T Code DMEE to make necessary changes in your existing format. There you can add a new field.
    (b)     Assigning the newly created payment medium format to the payment method: In the Payment method for Country, instead of using Classic payment medium program, use "Payment medium workbench". Assign the new format here.
    (c)     Variant for payment medium format
    (d)     Assign selection variant

  • Following payment verification my debit card is no longer being accepted?

    Hi all,
    I am being asked to verify my iTunes store payment method, for some years I have been using my direct debit card without any problem but now the iTunes automated verification system is stating that the card cannot be accepted and that I should use a different "credit" card?
    I have verified via my bank that there is no reason from their side why the card payment should be rejected and there are sufficient funds available.
    Any help would be most appreciated.

    Hi there! @mflores23 thanks for posting your concerns. I’m sorry to hear you are unable to refill your GoPhone plan.
    We accept major cards such as:
    Any debit card showing the Visa/MasterCard logo
    Diner's Club
    American Express
    You can also purchase a refill card at any AT&T store or at one of over 200,000 authorized locations including:
    Best Buy
    To locate your nearest store please go to and select Store Locations & Appointments on the upper right of the site. From there you can enter your zip code and find your nearest store address, hours of operation and phone number.
    Hope this helps!

  • Payment run for debit balances

    Hey Folks:
    How to block the invoice payments for vendors who has debit balances more than payments.
    Debit balance > invoice amount.
    Can someone please throw the light on  the configuration I need to perform in Vendor Master and Payment Run config.
    Appreciate your time.

    This is not pertaining to specific vendor. I want to generalize this rule. Rule being: Any vendor with debit balance should not get a check for invoices before it clears off debit balance.
    I am trying to see on what basis F110 is picking up the invoices keeping aside the standard SAP (Standard SAP will not allow to cut the check if the vendor has debit balance).
    So, I am actually thinking in terms of grouping key, which is actually grouping before it gets picked up by F110.
    Please throw some light into this.

  • TDS on foreign payments

    Hi All
    The scenario is given below:
    1. Down payment of EUR 1000 done to a foreign vendor in Jan07 and TDS is deducted (say 22.44EUR inclusive of surcharge and ed cess.Amount in local curr-Rs 1122).Exchange rate on date of trans is-Rs50
                       Vendor ..........Dr         1000EUR    (Rs 50000)
                             To Tds Payable         22EUR    (Rs1100)
                             To Ecess Pay        0.44EUR    (Rs22)
                             To Bank             977.56EUR    (Rs48878)
    2.J1INCHLN done for remittance challan on 05/02/07 when the exc rate is Rs 45 per Eur maintained in the exc rate table.Because of this entry passed is:
    --TDS Payable ............Dr 1100
    --TDS Ecess payable...Dr    22
                To TDS Clearing A/c 1010
                To exc rate gain A/c   112
    3.Then bank challan updated and payment made to income tax authority for 1010.
    4.Now invoice comes in the next month say20/02/2007 for EUR 2000 when the exc rate was Rs60
    5       FB60 - Exp A/c ...............Dr 2000EUR    (Rs 120000)
                              To Vendor..........1955EUR     (Rs 117307)
                              To TDS Pay.........  44EUR     (Rs2640)
                              To ECess pay.....0.88EUR     (Rs53)
    6  Down payment clearing done -F-54  on 20/02/2007
                       Vendor.......................Dr 977.56EUR    (Rs48878)
                       Tds Payable................Dr 22EUR          (Rs1100)
                       Ecess Pay.................Dr 0.44EUR        (Rs22)
                                  To Vendor ...............1000EUR    (Rs 50000)
    7 Now when we do J1INCHLN for this vendor.The foll entry is coming:
                                          Amt in Doc curr(INR)               Amt in local curr(INR)
    --TDS Payable ............  Dr  1320                                         1540  (=2640-1100)
    --TDS Ecess payable...  Dr     26.40                                         31  (=53-22)
                To TDS Clearing A/c.......... 1346.40                         1346.40
                To exc rate gain A/c..............   0                               224.60
    There is a problem because of the exc rate conversion.
    We have deposited what was there is TDS clearing acct(Total-Rs10101346.40 =Rs 2356.40) where as we have deducted(Rs 11222693-Rs1122=Rs 2693 as per point 1, 5 & 6).Even the TDS certficate shows amt of Rs2693 as paid and deducted.There is a discrepancy.
    Kindly let me know the reason and what should be done to correct the same.
    Points will be rewarded for help.
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Rakesh,
    The liability towards TDS is the amount you have deducted in INR.You have to  calcuate TDS based on INR_value and pay as such.
    Here you have deducted Rs.2693 and have paid Rs.2356.40.The balance[ Excess deducted ] being 336.60[2693-2356.40] should be paid to the IT dept.
    Pass the following entries and close the account as under::
    1st entry: Dr::TDS clearing>336.60:::Cr:IT payable>336.60.[ The clearing now balanced]
    The next entry  > Dr::IT payable>336.60:::Cr--->. Bank:336.60 [upon actual payment]
    This resolves the problem in full.

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