Do the iOS 7 IWork Apps Come with the iPhone 5C?

Apple made the iWork apps (Pages, Numbers & Keynote) AirDrop, iPhoto, iMovie, iMessage and Compass free for iOS 7 phones activated after 1Sep13. Is that for the iPhone 5C as well as the 5S?

Thanks. Are AirDrop, iPhoto, iMovie, iMessage and Compass free with the 5C, as they are with the 5S?

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    What ios 8 version comes with the new iphone 6

    If it was produced before the release of 8.3, it doesn't have 8.3. We can't know when it was produced. So you'll learn the version the buy it, no other way

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    Howard-31 wrote:
    I'm just curious of what games/apps come with the ipad? I'm thinking about getting one for my mother.
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    Basic stuff like Mail, Safari, YouTube, Photos, iBooks, iPod etc. No games.
    Downloading free and cheap apps is easy and is how you customize it for your own use. I don't know what the typical iPad is, but there are people with over 100 apps. I've got a bunch of news stuff, weather, sports, book apps, and some other things. Probably 40 apps give or take.
    I think the basic iPad is described here:

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    Try connecting the phone to the computer in "data storage" or "data transfer" mode, then open the memory card folder in Windows Explorer, and search the sounds there. If you can't see them, go to "Tools>Folder Options>View>Files and Folders>Hidden files and folders" and select "Show hidden files and folders". But I think that it would be a lot easyer just to remove them from the playlist manualy.
    Crossing bridges far ahead of the crowd.

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    As long as the printer is accurately described as being compatible with OS 9.1/9.2, if it needs to have software (such as drivers) installed that software should either be included (usual) or downloadable from the net(usually from the manufacyrer's website).
    Not all non-Apple printers need drivers installed. Some, such as many Postscript ones that connect via ethernet, are quite comfortable using the LaserWriter 8 printware that's part of OS 9. Some of those, though, may need to have a model-specific PPD (Postscript Printer Description) installed, a small document that informs the printware of the capabilities of the printer.

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    internet, email, sending/receiving pics, facebook, twitter, etc are using part of the basic 2 gig allowance for data.
    many folks use wi-fi at home/work/any place with wi-fi & that isn't using any of the data.

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    Because it is a Microsoft product. it must be purchased separately.

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    FaceTime comes with the 4G iPod. Nothing extra to purchase. The Messages App comes with iOS 5 and nothing extra to purchase.

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    I want buy a new magic trackpad and I wonder does it come with the new "Force Touch" that has been recently introduced to a new MacBook? 

    According to the article, there is no stand-alone trackpad with that new feature available at this time:
    It makes some sense to imagine Apple will introduce support for Force Touch inside future versions of its $69 Magic Trackpad at some point. It is also likely Force Touch will be rolled out in future iOS devices.
    And, according to the store page, they are still selling the regular trackpad (no mention of a new one): ce6fa1d54bdea066635028c206a143a27ea39de2…

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    Let’s verify the following:
    Whether you use the picture  library web part or Image Viewer web part or Picture Library Slideshow Web Part.
    I think you should custom the web part to stretch images to fit into your web part. There is no OOTB method to achieve it.
    Whether the home tab is your library name.
    To remove the Home tab, edit the web part->Appearance->”Chrome” choose none.
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    Lisa Chen
    Lisa Chen
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    If you order on-line it will ship with Lion.
    Local retail stores vary according to their inventory, more than likely the have Lion ready MBP.  Call and ask.

  • Does the Helena Beats demo come with the non-app store version of Logic Pro?

    Thanks in Advance

    Yeah, I have the project since I got the App Store download - there are some Logic synths, Ultrabeat and EXS24 tracks and also some audio tracks of bounced synth plug-ins or external instruments, so you can tinker with it to a reasonable degree. What I meant was that I haven't heard the released, mastered version of the song, which ought to sound better - its always interesting to look at other people's work, though.
    There are a lot of vocal tracks, so I guess all the audio files for those make the project the size that it is. As I suggested before, a large enough memory stick should do, as long as the Apple Store staff are OK with it.

  • HT204266 Mg iPhone Message app disappeared. I thought this app comes with the phone and can't be deletede, removed. What happened?  How can it be reinstated?

    My messages app badge disappeared? How can it be reinstated please?

    HonestGabe wrote:
    I have heard of people accidentally putting applications in the fabled 12th page and being unable to locate them afterwards.  Usually, a simple hard reset will correct such a glitch.  This glitch is common to those who have an extensive amount of applications.  Do you have many apps?  To verify whether the application is misplaced or actually removed, do a quick spotlight search for the Messages application.  If spotlight can still find it, then it is certainly on your phone. 
    For the record, there is no such thing as a 12th page. The iPhone can have 11 pages of apps/folders displayed. You can have as many apps as you have memory space for, though. Anything that can't be placed on a home screen can be accessed by searching.
    There is also no such thing as a "hard reset". There is a reset (press and hold the Home and power buttons until the silver apple appears). This is the equivalent of rebootig a computer. It will NOT affect icon placement. Restoring the phone as new (wiping it back to factory settings) will restore the original icon placement but is the equivalent of using a nucluear bomb to swat a fly. It is possible to reset the screen layout without loosing any data by going to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Home Screen Layout.

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    I have purchased Photoshop CC that comes with Lightroom 5. I already have Lightroom 5.1 installed and wondering do I need to install the Lightroom that comes with Photoshop CC 2014?  Thanks

    johnhawk666 wrote:
    As  you bought the CC plan of Photoshop plus Lightroom, you should uninstall your standalone copy of Lr as it may interfere with the correct working of the CC version, and install the CC version.
    I don't think that's true at the moment; the CC version of LR5 is identical to the stand-alone version, and it will interwork with Photoshop in the same way.
    However, when LR6 is released then that comes free with CC but not with the stand-alone version.  So you might want to follow johnhawk666's advice when LR6 is released, if you haven't done it by then, or you won't get the upgrade to LR6.
    By the way, uninstalling your existing LR5, then installing the CC version (via the CC app) shouldn't alter anything - your settings, catalog etc should be picked up by the new installation.  However, a wise person would back everything up first anyway, just in case!

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