Dock icons flashing?! New imac....

I am having my dock icons flash on and off when hovering over them. See the screencast below for example.
I have read the boards and tried a few different things (combo updater).
That doesn't work?
This is a NEW iMac (4 days old).
Before I called tech support I thought I would ask the community.

That is just crazy!
My brain for over 22 years was trained in a windows environment.
I switched to the mac and thought I had gotten rid of all that PC dust in my brain.
This post of mine just proved that I still have a little way to go!
Thanks for the OBVIOUS suggestions.
It worked!
I was trying to make it harder that it really was........

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    Under "Outlook Preferences -> Notifications & Sounds" I have the option selected "Bounce Outlook icon in Dock" for new messages. But the icon doesn't bounce when I get a new email. I'd really like for that to work - is this a known
    issue or a local config issue?

    Please first note that the option only applies when Outlook is not the active application. In addition, it appears that the icon bounces when you first select the Outlook application to open it. If you want the icon to bounce when new mail arrives
    you will need to create a rule for that.
    Since this forum is for general questions and feedback related to Outlook for Windows, if above doesn't applies, I'd recommend you post a new question in the forum for Mac for further assistance:
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    I set a rule to bounce my dock icon when new messages come in. I now have a 2nd account active, but the new messages for this acct. don't activate the bounce rule. How can I get them to do so?
    Nick D.

    How exactly is the rule used to bounce Mail in the Dock defined?
    Could it be that the messages from your second account are being processed by other rules?

  • New IMac 20" Color intensity of the Dock Icons

    I notice that the color intensity of the Dock Icons does not seem to be as intense as that of my wife's 24" IMac. It looks a bit washed out. Any suggestions or is this just the way a 20" is?

    You might want to google this issue (20" imac screen gradient). It received a lot of attention when the current imac range was first released.
    You can use the mac calibrator in either expert or non-expert mode. If you use the non-expert mode, try setting gamma to 2.2. Works for many.

  • Installing Flash Player in new iMac

    I have a new imac.When I download Flash player it goes all the way through.When I hit finished the icon disappears & I dont have the download

    You can check the version installed using below link.
    Also, If you are able to hit finish button that means it is installed. Please check..

  • I am unable to add or remove any icons on my iMac dock.

    Can anyone help me remove and/or remove icons from my iMac?

    You should just be able to drag the two question marks out of the Dock, then run each of the two new programs, which should show their icons in the Dock. (To keep them permanently in the Dock, select Options>Keep in Dock.) Can't do that? Can you say how you've been going about this.
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  • Problems setting up my TC. Have just bought new iMac(OS 10.6.8) and  TC. I set it up. iMac cannot find it. I have tried direct connection with an ethernet cable to Mac or my wireless router but nothing. Just a flashing orange light. Help for a simpleton p

    Problems setting up my TC. Have just bought new iMac(OS 10.6.8) and  TC. I tried to set it up. iMac cannot find it. I have tried direct connection with an ethernet cable to Mac or direct to my wireless router but nothing. Just a flashing orange light. Help for a simpleton please. Have tried reseting TC, but to no avail.

    Just updated from 10.6.7 ---> 10.6.8 and had the same issue. Despite having done a clean install from 10.6 and got everything back off my TC, now Time Machine can't find it!
    Green light is on, ethernet cable conected, network CP says its conected but nothing. Airport Utility can't find it. Hit reset button, Orange flashing light but still no show in Airport Utility.
    But I know its there, as rebooting from 10.6 SL disk shows the backups are still ok?
    Hmm, ideas anyone?

  • Is there a way to open a new tab/window by clicking the Safari dock icon?

    Is there a way to open a new tab or window by clicking the Safari dock icon? Right now, the default behavior seems to be that Safari simply un-minimizes or displays the last window in focus.
    I want to be able to quickly fire up a new tab or window in Safari when it is out of focus, such as when Finder is in focus. The workaround right now is to right-click on the Safari dock icon, and select "New Window", or to allow the last window in focus to appear, and cmd+t or cmd+n. But this is too many steps over the course of a day for a highly frequented task like this.

    I'm glad that helped. Thanks for posting back.
    ... when I save this as an application as "run only", it's relatively quick to run, but there's a delay to load... I assume it's opening Script Editor every time?
    As long as the script is saved as an application -- Run Only or not -- it should definitely not cause the Script Editor to open. You can verify this by closing the Script Editor application altogether prior to clicking on the docked script icon that you saved. You should notice that the Script Editor does not open when the script is run.
    FWIW, I went back and saved a version of the script as a Run Only app, and I didn't notice any difference between it and the original, which was saved without the Run Only option checked. The delay that you're noticing might be accounted for by the fact that the script, because it was saved as an application, will be activated just as any other standalone application would be. This happens prior to Safari being activated. Watch your menu bar when clicking on the docked script icon and you should see the name of the saved script app appear for a split second before Safari gets activated.
    The only time I can think of that you might wish to save the script as a Run Only application would be if you wanted to conceal the script for some reason. If, for example you were publishing the script as a part of an application release and didn't want its contents known, or you didn't want an end user to be able to edit the script, you might select the Save As > Run Only option. To illustrate this, try dragging and dropping a script saved as a Run Only application onto the Script Editor's icon. You should see a warning dialog to this effect:
    *Unable to read the file because the script is not editable (it was saved as run-only).*
    Whereas if you drag a script that was not saved as a Run Only app onto the Script Editor's icon, the script should open in the Editor, and it can be edited.
    I played around with the "stay open" option for saving the script as an application, but it appears I have to close the app and reopen it before I can get it to work a second time.
    The Stay Open option is appropriate for scripts which use an "On Idle" handler, which really wouldn't apply in this case. Check out more on Idle Handlers here and here.
    Is there a faster way to use this multiple times throughout the day?
    One way you might speed up the action would be to save the script +as a script+ by choosing Save As > File Format: script from the Script Editor's File menu. The resulting script can then be activated by assigning a hot key to it using one of several 3rd-party keyboard shortcut programs available on the Internet. (I used Spark, assigned a function key to the script I posted earlier, and found the action to run significantly faster.)
    Good luck.

  • Brand new iMac 27" i3 is flashing blue screen

    My brand new Imac (one-day old) is acting very odd as it slowly flashes a pulsating light blue screen when I try to access Apple Menu (restart/sleep/shutdown) features. No matter what I do it will not turn off. I have since had to do a hard shutdown but now it stops at an error screen upon start-up that tells me to restart!
    I am Mac savvy and this has never happened to me. Prior to this happening, I called Apple Tech Support because I could not use their Mac Migration feature to move my info off of a G4 running 10.4.11. Tech support could not help either as wireless, ethernet and direct Firewire attempts yielded no Migration results. I finally had to pull the hard drive out of the G4 and hooked it up to the new iMac. Everything seemed to transfer except when it was done the contents of what I just copied thru Migration was nowhere to be found. That is when I started experiencing the slow-flash blue screen phenom and is where I am stuck today.
    I am ready to take this thing back. In all my years I have never had a problem like this with an Apple product. Any help or insight will be appreciated.

    Paul has given you good advice in that I would reinstall the OS from the supplied disks to get your computer working properly.
    Then re-install your old programs (only those you really need since they are likely PowerPC, not “universal” Intel programs) from their original disks.
    If you have the user data from the old drive backed up, then hopefully you can restore your user data to the new drive or buy an enclosure and access the old data as needed (which is what I did when originally migrating from a Power Mac G5 to the iMac (late 2009).
    Alternatively, if step ONE is problematic and your machine is defective, you can likely return it to Apple within 14 days (or whatever the law is in your country) for a replacement or refund and purchase a new iMac just released today.  Steps TWO and THREE still apply in this case.

  • I have an external hard drive with my new iMac.  I am trying to load Age of Empires III on the new computer.  I am supposed to drag the icon onto my hard drive icon.  Where is that?

    New iMac and not a computer whiz.  I have a new iMac with an external drive.  I am trying to load an old Mac game on it.  The Age of Empires icon tells me to drag it to the hard drive icon.  Where is that?  I have tried finder and launch pad.  No luck.

    Choose Computer from the Finder's Go menu and find the internal drive.

  • New iMac with 10.6.2 - but when tried to install Flash MX 2004  pgm crashes

    First, perhaps there's a list somewhere of pgms that won't run under snow leopard?
    We just got a new iMac 21.5" with 10.6.2
    Trying to migrate pgms we had on our old G4 - like Flash MX 2004. After a clean install - it keeps crashing. Console log shows:
    1/8/10 7:56:40 PM [0x0-0x28028].com.macromedia.flash.7[318] Authentication Service: Started
    1/8/10 7:56:41 PM ReportCrash[325] Saved crash report for Flash[324] version ??? (???) to /Users/mahlenius/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Flash_2010-01-08-195640Jude.crash
    1/8/10 7:56:41 PM ReportCrash[325] Saved crash report for Flash[326] version ??? (???) to /Users/mahlenius/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Flash_2010-01-08-195641Jude.crash
    1/8/10 7:56:41 PM [0x0-0x28028].com.macromedia.flash.7[318] translate: MACHRCV_PORTCHANGED - invalid pointer, rcv buffer not swapped
    It would seem that I probably will have to spend a lot more $ just to get pgms to run on this new system.
    Any clues on getting this to run?

    Flash MX 2004 is quite ancient. Latest shows it's viable for OS X 10.3. For compatibility info, start with

  • Thin black horizontal lines on 24" iMac screen/transparent dock icons

    I have a 24" 3.06 GHz iMac (purchased in August 2008) and noticed after about a half hour of running basic programs (Mail, iTunes, Firefox) I start to get horizontal lines near the top and bottom of my screen. Then if I watch a full screen video I can see my dock icons look almost transparent through the video. I took my iMac into the Apple store last month and told them about it and they kept it for 3 days and ran their "tests" and stressed the computer out to get it to do it for them but they couldn't replicate the problem. They suggested that it might be my cordless phone is too close to the screen and the frequency of the cordless phone could be causing the problem but I tried moving the phone and it still does it. When the display is off for hours and I turn it back on the lines are not there, but once I have it on for a half hour they come back and don't go away until I power off or sleep the display. I've attached a few pics of what I'm experiencing. Thank you very much.

    Since the Apple Store folks could not replicate the problem, you may want to consider a cause that is part of your particular environment.
    For example, if you use a power strip (surge suppressor), what else is connected to the same power strip? Is it possible that you may have too many power-hungry devices connected to the same single wall outlet, and the iMac is not getting sufficient power? Or maybe it's some electrical interference with another device on the same circuit? As a test, try disconnecting everything else, and see if the problem recurs, or connect the iMac directly to a wall outlet by itself to see if the problem recurs.
    Try moving the iMac to a different location in your home and running it to see if the problem recurs.

  • OSX: FF running, but no windows open - clicking on the dock icon should open a new window.

    Running OSX 10.5.8, FF3.6.10. If I close all FF windows, but leave FF running, I should be able to open a new FF window by clicking the dock icon. This doesn't work - it just brings FF to the front, but no windows open. Any ideas how I can fix this?

    Is an external display connected and turned off? If not, open Mission Control. Do you see the window(s) in any other spaces?

  • How to force safari to open a new window when dock icon is clicked

    If Safari is already running on my MacBook Yosemite, and I click on the Safari icon in the dock, the Safari window is brought forward.  The behavior  I want is whenever I click the safari icon on the dock, is that a new safari browser window is opened.  I don't see this option in preferences (or any keyboard  mouse combination) that would make the dock icon open a new browser window.    (an option is available for new windows if you click on a hyperlink, but not if you click on the dock icon) .
    p.s. And I don't want to first  have to place focus on the current running safari and then click File New...too many steps when all I want is a new browser window
    Thanks in advance

    Hi css,
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities!
    I understand that you would like to click on Safari in your Dock and have it open a new Safari Window. As you said in your post, clicking on Safari in the Dock brings the Safari window forward. There are a couple of possibilities to help resolve this situation. You can control-click (right click if enabled) on Safari in your Dock which will give you the option to open a new window. You can also click and hold on Safari, otherwise known as Press, to display these same options.
    Mac OS X: Additional features of the Dock - Apple Support
    Mouse clicks and key combinations for the Dock
    Reveals contextual menu for item. Menu choices vary per application or file. When used on Dock separator, it reveals Dock preferences. There you can turn magnification and hiding on or off, change the position of the Dock on screen, and change the minimization effect. Choose Dock Preferences to see more options.
    Reveals contextual menu for item. Menu choices vary per application or file.

  • I am buying a new IMac. which is better, the 1TB Flash Drive or the 3TB fusion drive

    I am looking to purchase a new IMac. Trying to figure out the best solution for storage. Considering the 1TB falsh drive plus using an external hard drive for additional storage. Alternatively I can get the fusion drive with 3tb hard drive and 128mg flash. Anyone have an opinion which is better

    Go with the flash and use usb3 or thunderbolt for storage. Google flash vs fusion and you'll get plenty of articles to help with your decision.

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