Does anyone have experience with having multiple editors work on the same project from different computers?

Does anyone have experience with having multiple editors work on the same project from different computers?

As much as I hate to admit it, YOU ARE RIGHT!
I will tread lightly on this project.
Thanks for the sanity check,
Ben Rayner
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  • Does anyone have experience with using a Canon Vixia HF M52 Camcorder with Final Cut Express?

    I'm looking to purchase a new camcorder that is compatible with my Mac OS X (10.6.8) that will work well with Final Cut Express 4.0.1  I have downloaded the camcorder support info from Final Cut Express that list many capital camcorders.  I've used Sony tape based camcorders in the past.  I'm looking for High Definition.  I can stick with a tape based camcorder, but thought I would look at the Canon Vixia HF M52 as an alternative, which is listed as compatible.  I would like to download directly from the camera to FCE.  I film in the wilderness, like having an optical zoom of 20 or greater (yes, I use a small tripod). Does anyone have experience with the Canon Vixia?  And if not, but you really like another camcorder that you can recommend, what is it?

    The Vixia HF M52 is an AVCHD camcorder and should work perfectly fine with Final Cut Express 4 (4.0.1).
    The published "camcorder support list" has never been up to date and I would not take it to be a definitive list of compatible camcorders.
    One note, however, the Vixia HF M52 supports a number of different shooting modes.  I suggest sticking with the AVCHD 1920 x 1080i / 60 fps mode for use with FCE.   FCE does not support progressive modes except in 720p25/30 (which the M52 does not seem to shoot anyway); nor does FCE support any 24 fps modes.

  • Photoshop cs6 won't allow me to highlight my existing text layers. Does anyone have experience with this problem?

    Photoshop cs6 won't allow me to highlight my existing text layers. I select the text tool and the text layer I want to edit, hover over text and each time I attempto to edit a new layer is created. Does anyone have experience with this problem?

    Be sure you go to Adobe's Web Site and make sure there are no Updates for CS6
    Remember if you have trouble with a software issue it is the software and not caused by the Mac you are using
    Many users simply don't remember when you upgrade software you normally have to go to 3rd party web sites and update software as well.

  • Does anyone have experience with unzipping a password-encrypted ZipFile??

    Does anyone have experience with unzipping a password-encrypted ZipFile??
    My Zip Class works fine with every unencrypted file, but when I try to open an encrypted one, i get an error Message ("Encrypted ZIP entry not supported")
    Is ist impossible to unzip encrypted ZIPs???

    I've searched around a little bit and THIS IS THE SOLUTION!
    There is a (beta)version of winzip8 that uses a cli (command line interface)
    So, all you have to do is to implement a Runtime.getRuntime().exec(...) in your java program to call winzip8 and pass the zipfile path and the password.
    Here's the URL:

  • Does anyone have experience with Virgin or Boost Mobile?

    I have been with verizon for a long time...I have 4 lines with this service. I have since bought several phones off of craigslist or ebay just so I wouldn't have to be subjected to the tier plan. We use so much data it's crazy. I want the new Samsung Galaxy S4 so bad!!! Grrr! I've even thought about switching to Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile. We pay so much for our phones now and I know of one guy who has boost mobile and loves it. Does anyone have experience with these providers?

    BC's CRM is part of the package, Salesforce is of course more dedicated. That pretty much sum's up these sorts of use cases.

  • Does anyone have experience with migrating applications from iAS6.0 SP2 to SP3? Did it go smoothly or are there problems to be expected?


    I haven't. But, there are lots of changes from each service packs,
    henceforth you may have to stick to what the documentation says to avoid
    the errors that shoots up. Again, the errors depends upon how you have
    coded your application. Please let me know if you have encountered any
    errors and the messages for me to help you.
    Peter Clijsters wrote:
    Does anyone have experience with migrating applications from iAS6.0
    SP2 to SP3? Did it go smoothly or are there problems to be expected?
    Try our New Web Based Forum at
    Includes Access to our Product Knowledge Base!

  • Does anyone have experience with error 504 when trying to download a podcast?

    Does anyone have experience with error 504 when trying to download a podcast?  I've been a subscriber for two years without issue and in the last two days can't download this particular podcast (everything else is working fine - music, other podcasts, etc)

    The album was released on the 27th March this year, so the error occurred almost immediately after it was supposedly available.
    In the manage pre-orders section of my account, it says AVAILABLE but does not give me any choice over whether to download it, just to cancel it. Is this normal?
    iTunes customer services reset my password and tried to download the album themselves, but they also got the 5002 error, so it's been passed off to the engineers. How long does that usually take?
    If anyone has any other suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Does anyone have experience with Iogear GBU 421? My MacPro has no in-built Bluetooth.

    Does anyone have experience with Iogear GBU 421? My MacPro has no in-built Bluetooth.

    My 2010 Mac Pro does have built in bluetooth but I use the IOGear GBU421 instead.  That's because the built in bluetooth on the mac pro suck$ if you are more than about 3 feet from the machine.
    See the descussion: Poor Bluetooth reception and jerky mouse
    It works but you need to get used to its "quirks".  If you sleep your machine like I do the dongle is off because there is no USB power when sleeping for the dongle.  So you need some wired USB device to wake the machine.  In my case I use my wired keyboard.
    When waking up it doesn't always become paired immediately (maybe 30% of the time).  Then you need to flip the mouse switch to get it active.  Interesting enough I don't have that problem with the trackpad.
    Most of the time, in the rear occasions I reboot my machine, the mouse is ready to go.
    Once you get used to the "quirks" it's no big deal.  Hey, for about $9 what do you want?
    By the way I also always keep a wired mouse attached as a backup.

  • Does anyone have problems with iTunes movie rentals freezing in the middle of the movie?

    Does anyone have problems with iTunes movie rentals freezing in the middle of the movie, requiring a force quit, which causes your rental to disappear? This has happened multiple times to me recently. Last time Apple didn't refund my money after reporting the problem. I have been using iTunes for many years but am about to give up.

    Correction: I was refunded for the previous movie freeze.

  • Does anyone have experience with laptop/computer tracking software?

    Hi all,
    I travel a bit for work, and the last software I bought for this purpose turned out to be completely useless.
    The laptop is "located" usually nowhere near where my computer actually is, in fact I can't remember the last time the location was correct. 
    In the past 11 months my laptop was "located" in South Carolina when I was actually in New Orleans, Colorado when I'm in Wisconsin, and Eau Claire, Wisconsin when I'm in Madison, WI. 
    What use is a computer tracking app if it can't get the computer's location right?
    I've heard about Project Prey, or Prey software--does anyone have any experience/feedback with this tracking software?
    BTW, the tracking software I last used is MacPhoneHome--avoid at all costs. 
    Whenever I tried to contact them to try and figure out the issues I'm having, my correspondence was ignored until the fourth or fifth attempt, and when they did respond to me it took weeks for a response, and the response was always a very unhelpful, unsatisfactory answer. 
    And after all the time and frustration (and expense) of dealing with MPH, the software still doesn't work correctly.
    Take care,

    The OS X app is called Find My Mac.  All you need to do to enable it is
              go to System Preferences > iCloud and check Find My Mac.
    You can then track it (and your other registered Apple devices) using
    I highly recommend it.  It has features to disable itself or wipe itself clean if lost or stolen.

  • Does anyone have experience with CS2 installation on a new computer?

    We have just been informed by Adobe that Adobe has "disabled the activation server for CS2 applications "..."because of a technical issue".  I don't believe Adobe.  Further explanation indicates that I can get a version that installs without activation, but the verification is on my existing computer and the disks do not work.  Further, technical support has been discontinued.  I understand that to mean that the version on my present computer can be updated by a new version, but reading between the lines I think by eliminating the disks and substituting a version that can only reside on my present computer eliminates transporting the software from computer to computer.  Also, failure of my present computer could mean that the verification process is lost, and the software is lost.  I'm reluctant to try to sort this out myself because I really don't think I have a complete understanding of what Adobe is doing.  Maybe I'm being too cautious.  Has anyone else had experience with this Adobe problem?  For the attorneys, is this a legal taking?

    The CS2 activations servers were build on old, expiring technology. Rather than buying a bunch of new servers for a very old version of the software, we just disabled the existing hardware.
    You have an incorrect understanding of how things work. Yes, we do have a version of the software that doesn't use activation. But the verification process has nothing to do with your computer, your disks, or anything else of the sort. All you have to do is follow the directions here: Error: Activation Server Unavailable | CS2, Acrobat 7, Audition 3

  • Can TWO Editors Work On The SAME Project Separately ??

    Have Premier CS3 on XP
    We have a heavy edit this week for a film festival.
    Can one editor work on part 1 on one PC machine...and another editor work on part 2 on a mac...and then somehow... be able to transfer the mac timeline over to the PC machine for final work.
    What special gottcha tricks do I need to know???
    We can get both editors to use the same clip names. They will be on different drives...but the same structure...the same directories and filenames exactly on each drive. The Mac version would copy the master clips folder im thinking. Both machines...same raw materials.
    Im just concerned that we may forget to do an important step... and not be able to successfully bring all the edit timeline pieces over so they point correctly.
    Thanks for your critical tips and tricks

    Should work OK, as long as you're using the same media source for both platforms/projects. In other words, you need to be working with something like DV AVIs or QT DV MOVs with both. One platform will suffer because it's not as tuned to work with the other platform's media, but it's doable. You could capture the same media to each platforms native media (DV AVI on PC, QT DV MOV on Mac), but relinking once you transfer from Mac to PC will be a nightmare. If you're working with something like P2 MXF, though, this will be a breeze--just point to the proper directory and everything will be fine. This is a major benefit of PPro's native handling of such media, IMO.
    You could also copy the media over, wholesale, from Mac to PC--I think this is what you're saying now that I'm reading your post again. I'm guessing that in this case, both machines would NOT be working with the same material originally, correct? Just note that you may have file system incompatibilities going from Mac to PC. Mac uses the HFS file system, whereas your PC is probably using NTFS. FAT32 is common to both systems (can be read/written on each) but you're limited in supported file sizes to less than 4GB. If you've got an HFS-formatted external drive you'd be moving to the PC, I recommend
    HFS Explorer. It will allow you to mount and extract data from your HFS-formatted disc on the PC. There is also MacDrive, which is more tightly integrated with PC (disks show up as native filesystems in Explorer) but it's not free. Time might be an issue, though, and MacDrive might be the better option. There is a free limited trial, I believe.
    Beyond that, just import the Mac-generated project into the PC-generated project, and relink your files. BE SURE TO DO THIS ON A COPY OF YOUR PC PROJECT, just in case the unthinkable happens. From there, the projects should be successfully merged, and you can proceed with final assembly. I would suggest keeping your additional timeline items to a minimum in the Mac project (ie. audio, graphics, titles, etc) just to eliminate possible transfer headaches. I really don't think you'll face an issue, but it could wreck your day if something goes haywire.
    Finally, and most importantly, test this out if you value your sanity. This is not something you want to simply "hope" works without any sort of field trial. This should work perfectly well, but I assume to responsibility if it does not!
    Good luck...

  • Does anyone have experience with warranty service on "white box" lens purchases?

    I am considering the purchase of a 24-105 L series lens.  Amazon lists that lens in the $800+ price range for what some call a "white box" version that is apparently taken from a full frame camera kit and sold separately.  I am curious to know if anyone has had any experience with Canon warranty service on such purchases. 
    I can buy the lens used in my local market for under $700.  If the additional amount I would pay provides a warranty, I may consider buying the lens new in a white box to have the warranty protection in the event any adjustments are needed to the lens during the warranty period.  Some posts I have read on the internet give the impression that auto-focus adjustments are sometimes needed and the 60D I own does not have AF micro-adjustment capability so my only recourse for adjustments would be to have the lens serviced.

    I would call Canon to get a definitive answer.
    However, If you are in the U.S., you need to make sure that the lens has has a U.S. warranty card. As long as the lens has the warranty card, I think Canon should accept it for service.
    As a kit lens, it's packaged just like a non-kit lens withouth the printed box, but once you open it, the inside packaging appears to be the same.  Again, I would make sure that that "white-box" lens has not been opened and that all of the registration/warranty cards are for the U.S.---especially if the seller is an Amazon "partner."

  • Does anyone have experience with Signatec High-Speed Digitizers​?

     I just purchased the PX14400 and I have a few questions for anyone that may have some experience with these.

    Hi ryder_2010,
    Hopefully someone on here has experience with that board and can help out. I wanted to also suggest posting on the Instrument Control board since users on there may have more experience with third-party devices and the related software (such as IVI drivers), assuming LabVIEW or CVI can be used to control this device. Best of luck!
    Daniel S.
    National Instruments

  • Does anyone have experience with MacKeeper?

    Has anyone done the interactive 'cleaning' that comes after contacting MacKeeper?  If so, has anything unusual happened afterward?  Do I have any reason to not trust them?

    The Apple Store's corrective action, if they were to take any, would be to erase your Mac, reinstall its operating system, and declare it fixed. You can certainly do that yourself.
    One recovery procedure follows. Other procedures exist, but this one is likely to require the least amount of your time and interaction. It is exactly what I do with similarly affected systems, it is what an Apple Store would recommend, and it has the advantage of being completely supported by Apple's support documentation.
    If you have a backup that you created prior to using MacKeeper, now is the time to use it. For Time Machine, boot OS X Recovery, and at the Mac OS X Utilities screen, choose Restore from Time Machine Backup. Choose a date preceding the installation or use of the subject program.
    If you do not have a backup that predates the use of the software responsible for corruption, create one now. To do that read Mac Basics: Time Machine backs up your Mac.
    The recovery procedure will require that you erase the Mac using OS X Recovery, and then create a new user whose contents will be empty. You will then be able to use Setup Assistant to migrate your essential documents including photos, music, work products and other essential files.
    When doing so, select only your previous User account and do not select "Applications", "Computer and Network Settings" or "Other files and folders". De-select those choices.
    Subsequent to using Setup Assistant, you will need to reinstall the essential software you may require, once again remembering to install software only from their original sources, and omitting all non-essential software.
    "Non-essential software" is a broad category that includes but is not limited to third party "cleaning", "maintenance", and "anti-virus" products.
    To erase and install Mavericks read: OS X Mavericks: Erase and reinstall OS X
    To migrate your essential documents read: OS X: How to migrate data from another Mac using Mavericks and follow the procedure under Time Machine or other disk migration.

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