Does anyone know when the "new" iPad will be available in South Africa?

I'm not really sure where this should be posted. I know that there are two releases of the new iPad scheduled, one on the 16th of March, and one at the end of the month. But SA isn't on either of those lists. There is a huge demand for and support of Apple products in South Africa. I own the iPad 2, but now that I've seen what the new pad is capable of, I can't wait to upgrade!

All anyone on here knows is what Apple has published...only thing to do is wait for a release announcement.

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  • Does anyone know when a new iPad will be out or iPad mini. Thanks

    Does anyone know when a new iPad will be out or iPad mini. Thanks

    The new iPad Air and iPad mini with retina display came out just two months ago in November.
    No other iPads have been announced.

  • Does anyone know when the eBay app will be available in the UK?

    As far as I am aware this is available for the US customers but not in the UK so I was wondering if anyone knew anything. I have had a look on the internet but no joy?
    Thanks. Matt

    It appears on the App store when I open it on my iPhone. Haven't tried installing it as the reviews are rather unflattering at this point, but at least it looks like it should be installable...

  • Does anyone know when the new ipod touch will be in stores?

    does anyone know when the new ipod touch will be in stores?

    No one here knows, no, and will not until either Apple makes an announcement or people actually see them appearing.

  • Does anyone know if the new ipad air has a usb port. This is the only downside to the ipad to me? My samsung galaxy tab has 2. 1 being a micro usb. Great for connecting to the tv.     Thanks, greenlady5.

    Does anyone know if the new ipad sir, not yet available will have a usb port? This is the only thing that is prevented me from purchasing so far. Doesn't make sense when you can connect to tv.

    The standard external connection and charge port on all recently-announced (October 2014) models in the US is the Lightning connector, introduced with the iPad 4 in Sept 2012. -doesnt-change/
    This includes iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2 with Retina display and iPad mini 3.
    NOTE: The original iPad (2010), iPad 2 (2011), iPad 3 (early 2012) came with a 30-pin connector, also common to original iPhones and iPods.
    Additional adapters are available to connect TV's, cameras, SD memory cards, and similar devices, from many sources, including the Apple Store online. (Adapters are still available for the older iDevices using the 30-pin connector as well)
    Some common Lightning adapters available from Apple online:
    Lightning to USB camera connector with a 'standard' USB cable.
    Lightning to HDMI adapter (requires an HDMI cable as well as this adapter)
    Lightning to micro-USB connector

  • Does anyone know when the iphone 5 will be out?

    does anyone know when the iphone 5 will be out?

    Sorry for the practical joke, but really, there are dozens if not hundreds of threads asking this question and the answer is always the same: No one knows exactly, and that's the way Apple wants it. Apple hasn't even announced that there is going to be an iPhone 5; it's all speculation and rumor for now.
    My best guess is that you'll see a new iPhone at the same time iOS 5 is released, which should be late September or early October. (Or not... Apple will only say, "Fall 2011 – nothing more specific.) But it might not be an iPhone 5; it could be a slightly modified iPhone 4, or nothing at all.

  • Does anyone know when the next upadate will be?

    does anyone know when the next upadate will be?

    No. Only Apple knows that. We are just users like you.

  • Does anyone know when the new update comes out?

    does anyone know when the 4.1 update will come out?

    So, any developers out there who have used that beta update yet? That's what I'll be interested to hear, when the developers start talking!
    Personally, I have no trouble with my phone. I live in a cruddy reception area of AT&T anyway and constantly dropped calls in certain areas on my 3GS. With the 4, there is one spot in a dip on the road that I travel on every day where there is no AT&T service. It doesn't matter which phone you use, you're not getting any service; however, there have been times that I have been talking and reached that spot where my 3GS dropped every time and the 4 doesn't drop. That tells me that there's been some sort of improvement with this new design. I can't wait to see what happened with the bars displayed issue, too, as mine can go all over the place even sitting in one spot in my house.

  • Does any one know when the IPhone 5 will be avalible in South Africa

    Does any one know when the IPhone 5 will be avalible in South Africa

    All anyone on here knows is what Apple has published...only thing to do is wait for a release announcement.

  • When the new iPad will be available in israel ?

    when the new ipad wiill be available in israel ?

    Apple hasn't released this information yet, and until they do nobody here could do more than make a guess (which is not permitted in this forum).

  • Does anyone know if the new pre will support goodlink

    my company only allows blackberry or goodlink access to the e-mail servers. does anyone know if the pre will suppor this ? and what general timeframe will the pre be available
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    That is going to be up to Good themselves to make their software work with the new webOS and the Palm Pre as far as I know, the company has not made any statements that they are going to make that work.
    Post relates to: Centro (Sprint)

  • Does anyone know if the new iPad fits the Powersupport screen protector for the iPad 2? And if so, where can I get it installed?

    Hey, I was just wondering because I am purchasing my New iPad on Sunday! So excited! But I want to order a screen protector before I go and purchase it. I heard you could get screen protectors installed at Best Buy, but I'm not sure!! Please help!     

    I just got the powersupport crystal fil for the iPad2 and installed it on my new iPad (3rd gen). It fits perfectly and so far it doesn't affect anything (proximity, portrait/landscape rotation). in my opinion it's the best screen protector for the iPhone so naturally I thought i'd give it a go on the iPad (no adhesive, easy install, great quality etc). One note though, I'm not sure if the anti-glare one would work well on the new iPad with the retina display. I know the iPhone 4 uses a different one than the 3GS. Oh and Best Buy doesn't sell the powersupport.

  • Hi there does anyone know when the iphone 5 will be released unlocked?

    I am thinking about buying the new iphone 5, but he so expensive in my country and i wanted to know when he will be selled unlocked worldwide in the USA.
    Can anyone help me with this question?

    No one can help you with your question.  We're users here.  Apple has NOT announced when the iPhone 5 unlocked wil be available in the US

  • Anyone know when the Samsung VR will be available for sale.

    Just trying to find out a the date

    hi  & 
    The Samsung Gear VR is available for pre-order online now  with a release date of August 10, 2015

  • Does anyone know when the new ipod touch will be comming out?

    please let me know if you know !!

    Since all of us here are only end users like yourself, we wouldn't know of any such information and its against the terms of use of these forums to speculate. Sorry.

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