Does Firefox change the installation date in control panel when they upgrade?

I installed Mozilla Firefox in early September. 6 weeks later I noticed the installation date for Firefox in control panel had changed from September to October (appeared as if it had been uninstalled and reinstalled). I uninstalled it, and reinstalled it, and I noted the date of installation, October 18. I kept an eye on it. November 5, I checked the control panel, I noted the installation date had changed again, to November 1. Now my dates may be off a day, but is it normal for Firefox to change the installation date when upgrading, and even more disturbing, is it possible to do it without the user knowing it's being done? And remotely?

Each time you update any program, you install it. The installation date in Control Panel will therefore update accordingly. This happens when the installer runs on your system: there's no remote interference involved.
By default, Firefox updates automatically. The setting is found under Options - Advanced - Update. If you click the Show Update History button there, you'll no doubt find Firefox was updated on November 1st.
* [[Advanced settings for accessibility, browsing, system defaults, network, updates, and encryption]]

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    cor-el, thanks for responding. As it turns out the machine was compromised, probably due to the Java upgade from 6.x to the supposedly current 7.x version. I suspect one of the 'always open' tabs in my profile was aimed at a site that had been compromised to exploit the java vulnerability that has not apparently been fixed yet.
    After removing Java, a current Panda AV scan detected three bad jar files. Further testing with MSCONFIG found a file in startup that did not belong, turns out to be a new exploit with very little coverage on virustotal (neither Panda nor McAfee detected it as malware) but as soon as it was taken out of the startup, Firefox started working perfectly.
    Firefox was the parakeet in the cave, tipping over to let me know something was wrong.
    The machine is in quarantine until a much more complete analysis is done. We may still rebuild it to be certain.
    I'm giving you a 'solved' on this because the windows safe mode boot pointed the way to determining the problem.

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    System Preferences>Energy Saver 

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    You can use this page to provide feedback to Mozilla. <br />

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    It still chops off the top of the personas :( I think I'll uninstall v8 and go back to v3 Firefox, those were the glory days! haha

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    If more than 1 device is using the same Apple ID this issue can happen using FaceTime.

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    Does this make more sense?

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    How often does Firefox Sync back-up data? I see there is no preference selection allowing you to change the pre-set frequency (whatever that interval may be).

    However, the sync action only triggers every 60-minute and there is no user-configurable option provided. Although one can put a Sync icon onto the toolbar for easier access, it is still far from practical needs.
    To unlock this limitation, do the following:
    1) Type “about:config” at the address bar
    2) Search for “services.sync.syncInterval”
    3) Change the value from 3600000 (milliseconds = 3600 seconds = 60 minutes) to any value (in millisecond) of your choice
    4) Close and restart Firefox
    The Sync action will now trigger at the interval you just set.

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    Hi Michelle,
    Goto SPRO->Project system->Dates->Scheduling->Specify Parameters for Network Scheduling, Here you can control the workforce planning dates.
    Hope this is useful...

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    Hi there,
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    that it wasn't and then thought it was the DEP control and found out that it wasn't this either. I'm only seem to be getting this message when installing FileDirector Component Service Version 3 on a few of our workstations which is an add-on that allows file
    integration with Office and is part of FileDirector WinClient Version 3.
    Your help would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks,
    P.S. I know of a way to bypass this message but would ideally not like to have the feature turned on and for the message not to be appear for non WHQL certified program installations in order to make non WHQL certified program installations in the future much
    easier, more simpler and straightforward to carry out. I was redirected by a moderator off the Microsoft Community Forum.

    You can try following options to disable this prompt, but we don't recommend you to do so since this feature helps you to protect your computer.
    Option 1: Run command as admin:
    bcdedit -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
    bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON
    Restart your computer to apply changes.
    Option 2: Disable in GPO:
    1.Type gpedit.msc in the Run dialog and press Enter.
    2.In the Group Policy Editor, navigate to User Configuration → Administrative Templates → System → Driver Installation.
    3.Double-click on Code signing for device drivers in the right-side pane as shown above.
    4.In the windows that opens, choose Enabled. In the Options, choose Ignore as shown. Then click on the OK button to save the settings.
    Restart your computer to apply changes.
    Kate Li
    TechNet Community Support
    Unmarked as Answer based on OP's request.
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    here is an complete list, i installed only essential software:
    windows 7 64bit
    newest graphic board drivers (pc1: ati, pc2: nvidia)
    newest audio drivers (xfi and asus sound sonar)
    newest chipset drivers (intel x58 INFallOS_9.1.2.1007PV)
    newest intel storage controll drivers (STORallOS_9.6.0.1014PV)
    logitech setpoint 6.15 64bit
    all windows updates
    Teamspeak 2+3
    Video Player (PC1: MPC classic, PC2: VLC)
    Audio player (PC1: winamp lite, PC2: aimp)
    foxit pdf reader
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    Is it possible to retrieve/manipulate those stored form data?

    I thought I'd tried that, as tried lots of other things like encoding URL, but obviously not as this works.
    Thanks for the quick reply.
    We also have an issue with the people results not being able to be refined by Department or Job Title now we have connected the SP2010 farm to use the service applications from a SP2013 farm.
    Any ideas on this?  I've started a new thread as its unrelated though:

  • How does one change the font size for folders and/or file lists in the Bookmarks Library?

    How does one change the font size for folders and/or file lists in the '''Bookmarks''' Library?
    Since the upgrade to version 9.0.1 of Firefox, the Bookmarks feature changes are confusing me. They seem to be confusing themselves as well. The list of bookmarks has changed. The font size is so small that my aging eyes cannot read it without fogging the screen with my breath. Some folders are out of alphabetical order (where I know they were previously good), and some are missing altogether (folders to which I frequently add references).
    As for missing or deranged files or folders, was there something that I should have done or now need to do to recover those after the upgrade (or before)?
    With regard to font size,
    1. there is no “Edit Bookmarks” or like option to edit the list in this version
    2. the “zoom” option in the “view” list of functions is greyed out when in “Show All Bookmarks” window
    3. expanding the browser window has no effect on font size
    4. “Preferences” settings for font size has no effect in that window either, including advanced settings
    5. “Help” offers none that I can find.
    Can any of you Help?!?

    Maybe this extension helps:
    *Theme Font & Size Changer:

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    Dear All,
    This is with reference to the Purchase Order Document tax part, the document has been defined with the approval procedure and document series followed as annual series. The document series is linked to the period indicator as I am using the monthly series for the A/R & A/P Invoice.
    Now some Purchase Order was generated in the last month i.e. 30 NOV 07 which has gone for approval. These document are approved in the current month (Dec 07) & user are trying to add the records it displays the message as "Date deviates from permissible range [Purchase Order - Posting Date]  [Message 173-11]" as the period indicator is changed to Dec 07 in document numbering.
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    In this situation what can be done as the same case will again happen for the next month.
    Pls. provide the solution / work around for this problem.
    Yogesh Jadav

    hi yogesh,
    Cancel/Close the created purchase order.
    First you should change docduedate in posting period upto december 2007/end of fiscal year,by following the below path.
    (Administration->sytem intialization-> general settings--> posting period tab)
    Create a new purchase order.
    Send it for approval,authorizer can change date as required,
    once the posting date changes,tax code get refreshed,authorizer
    need to select tax code once again.
    <b>Tax code normally get refreshed when you change posting date it's normal
    system behaviour.</b>
    After authorizer does above changes,he can approve purchase order.
    Once purchase order is approved,orginator can add it as purchase order in draft stauts.
    <b>After approval we can not do any changes in purchase order.</b>
    Hope my solution will solve the problem.
    With regards,

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