Does using a program like fan control damage my mbp?

I heard good things about this program so I downloaded it and it cools off the machine wonderfully. However, I was wondering if it caused damage to the machine as the fans are running at about 3 times what they ran before? Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks.

I would hazard a guess that if it did have anything to do with the failure of the hardware in any way, the manufacturer would void your warranty. Any repair needed would be chargeable.
Mac OS X, Boot Camp and the EFI firmware all have system settings created by the manufacturer. Using a program which alters their recommended settings or changes the behaviour of hardware devices within the machine, goes against the terms of the warranty.
I would ask Apple about Fan Control and get them to confirm that any damage which may be caused (or may not be caused) by a third party program willl not void your warranty.
In some respects, it's like overclocking a PC. Whilst it may be more beneficial to the system and provide better performance, the maufacturer of the computer can not be expected to repair something which has been damaged by the end user 'tweaking' settings to get better performance.
In the case of Fan Control, I have not used it so can not refer to the licence terms, the liability of possible damage done to the machine by using this program will either be at the end users own responsibility or the manufacturer of the software. This should be checked prior to installing and using the program.
I would suggest any program which alters the running of the machine will invalidate your warranty in the event of hardware failure.

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    Water + electronics do not mix.  Something was damaged insode, and the logic board may be corroding as is.
    Take it to a Genius Bar for an evaluation and repair estimate.
    This is accidental damage and not covered by warranty.

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    Hi Stephen,
    There are some issues with the upload to ftp via Muse, which the engineering team is aware of and those will be fixed in a future build of Muse. At this point the work around would be to export the html from Muse and then upload via some third party ftp client like filezilla.
    I will recommend that you keep an eye on our release notes page to get more updates on it - Release notes | Adobe Muse CC
    - Abhishek Maurya

  • 10.9.4: Graphical errors when using OSX functions like Mission Control, Spotlight

    Device: MBP 15" Retina 2.3 GHz Intel i7
    OSX: 10.9.4
    Monitor: 27" Thunderbolt Display
    Issue: When using OSX functions like Mission Control (Expose) and spotlight, I frequently get graphical errors that remain on the desktop unless I reset the computer. I can resolve the issue by adding a new desktop and dragging my windows over.
    This happens almost every day.

    You have installed all these non-Apple system modifications:
    Kernel Extensions: ?
      [loaded] at.obdev.nke.LittleSnitch (4052 - SDK 10.8) Support
      [loaded] com.nvidia.CUDA (1.1.0) Support
      [loaded] com.promise.driver.stex (5.2.7 - SDK 10.9) Support
      [not loaded] com.silabs.driver.CP210xVCPDriver (3.0.0d1) Support
      [not loaded] com.silabs.driver.CP210xVCPDriver64 (3.0.0d1) Support
      [not loaded] com.wacom.kext.pentablet (5.2.6) Support
      [not loaded] com.wacom.kext.wacomtablet (6.3.8 - SDK 10.9) Support
    Litlle snitch has been a bad actor for some users.
    You do not have any CUDA Hardware, so the CUDA Driver is not needed.
    I do not know what siLabs driver thinks it may be driving.
    You left the door open:
    Gatekeeper: ?

  • Questions about controlling fans.. using programs like smcFan Controll

    I am in Brazil and the high of the day is like in the 80's so my temps on my MacBook Pro jump to 150 F, I was wondering if I should use a program to increase my fan speed. For some reason even if the temps jump to 150 (F) my Mac doesn't up my fan speed. Is that normal? Should I use some program, such as smcFan Control to up my RPM's on the fans?
    Thanks for the responses!

    Yes, from anecdotal reports here that seems to be true, but it's not much sooner — just a little.
    But it isn't the operating system that makes the difference; it's that the hardware itself is tuned a little differently. From the fact that your machine was able to run OS X 10.5.8, I was able to tell that it wasn't one of the newer machines. It may be that the threshold of danger from overheating with the i5 and i7 processors is a bit lower than the 105°C/221°F for your Core 2 Duo; I don't know for sure.

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    If you buy a Canadian iTunes cards and will have a Canadian mailing address you can use to set up a new account in the iTunes Store there, yes. Note that you will not be allowed to use the Canadian iTunes Store once  you return to the US, though any content you purchased will still work.

  • Access servers using FTP programs like Cyberduck, Coda, etc

    Hi there, I posted this question elsewhere, but I'm not sure whether it was the right spot so I thought I'd start a new discussion.
    I'm having issues with accessing the server's that my two websites are on.
    I've been using Cyberduck for FTP'ing for a while now but this week I bought a new laptop with Mountain Lion on it. One of my websites I use iWeb and the other is through Wordpress, both of which I can access the server (and transfer files) using Cyberduck.
    The first time I updated my site it worked. The next day however it didn't -  and hasn't since. Now I can't access the server at all. The messages I get, depending on the program, are usually variations on "server not responding" "connection timeout" "connection refused" "connection closed" and on and on it goes.
    I have tried using Cyberduck, Coda, Folklift and Transmitter but to no avail.
    I tried a little App called 'ftpd-enable' but nothing.
    I've tried all the different commands - like the one for Terminal above -  nothing.
    Rebooted the computer - nothing.
    Double checked all the server login details - nothing.
    Shouted and screamed - high blood pressure.
    I hope someone may be able to help me!

    Thanks for your reply.
    I've been in contact with the server administrator and everything works from his end - all the login details appear to be correct and he can easily access the server.
    I've tried deleting the bookmarks and opening a brand new connection but no change.
    Perhaps I should clarify: After stuffing around a bit more, it seems I can sort-of access the server. I seem to be able to login but once I do what happens is if I try to upload or download a file, it goes through the following process:
    Opening FTP
    Authenticating as 'my username'
    FTP connection opened
    Gaining permission of 'file name'
    Listing directory
    Then I get the message: Network Error: Download failed. Connection refused. And that's it!
    I notice also that if I create a new folder, it eventually creates the folder but then the folder has a red minus sign on it - like a no access graphic.
    By the way, Firewall is off.

  • MSI Z97-G45 Smart fan control Bios v2.0 vs Bios v2.3

    I have an MSI Z97-G45 Gaming motherboard in my new setup with 4ghz i7 4790k and 16gb of ram and so on that i bought a few weeks ago. At first the motherboard had v2.0 Bios and everything worked just fine but as i like maximum compatability and other fixes i upgraded the bios to the latest one v2.3.
    In my setup i use the bios smart fan control for both system and CPU fan, i set it at a curve where the fans instantly will rise the fan speed when doing tests like Prime95 and Aida64. When doing the tests the fan rised from idle 800rpm to neded fanspeed for the correct cooling for my CPU and reached maximum 1500rpm in a matter of seconds to keep the CPU cool. This worked perfectly with Bios v2.0 but after i upgraded the bios to v2.3 the smart fan control changed fanspeed extremely slowly, it took almost 50sec for the fan to speed up from 800rpm to 1500rpm when stressing the CPU at 100%. When i stoped the stress test the fans slowed down to idle 800rpm very fast with bios v2.0 but with bios 2.3 i took a looong time to slow down to idle speed again from 1500rpm.
    Because of the slow changing fanspeed in bios v2.3 i downgraded to v2.0 again and then my fans works just as i want them to do.
    What is the reason for this problem/change in bios v2.3 and will this be fixed in future versions? Is this a known problem with newest bios?
    When people will buy this MB and it has v2.3 from factory the smart fan control will not work properly and buyers will not know how good it can acctually be. I think the Smart fan control in v2.0 is super great 

    reflash this bios .241:
    then retest

  • Enabling system fan control on lenovo s30

    Hi there, i am familiar with the BIOS setup for fan control, except, i do not know how to load a "user profile" vs factory default. Does S30 even support user fan control, my d20 would allow me to select several presets, however, the s30 bios only allows two options one of them being user preset? How do i load this preset (i want the fans running at higher rpm for additional cooling). Any insight is appreciated.

    There are a few differences in the fan control design between 20 series and 30 series.  In 20 series, you're correct that there were a couple of selectable presets available.  For 30 series, we took a different approach where the fan speed control was set to a standard profile for all users.  We did, however, have the ability for our BIOS team to create unique fan tables that would be meant for specific customer environments.  The only way to use one of these custom tables would be to work directly with our BIOS team as each table would need to be manually created.  So custom tables are not supported for general field use.  
    We chose that route on 30 series because a very large majority of our customers never changed the default fan settings (the thermals on 20 series were so good they rarely had a reason to do so).  
    Is there a specific reason you want to change the fan control, or is this just a tinkering-type question?

  • Lenovo S10-3 Fan Control (Linux) and overheating

    Good day to everyone.
    Let me describe the situation. My Lenovo S10-3 is always hot (even in idle) and uses internal fan very often. It irritates very much because fan is noisy (service found no problem).
    Sensors: acpi-tz ~60C, core ~50C (idle).
    But even fan is disabled (connector is pulled out from motherboard) temperature becomes not much higher --- approx 65-70C.
    Now, the question: is there any way to override BIOS fan control values? (e.g. 55C="Fan on" to 60C="Fan On")
    For the S10 series there is program named "Fan Control", but it doesn't work on S10-3 and this program is for MS Windows only. Can anyone give comprehensive ansver/guide how to control fan speed (or on/off temperature values) using native linux tools or special program? It might be very useful for others who experiences the same problem. Thanks.

    The heatsink is not connected to the surface of CPU and GPU and this is why you said that disabling the fan doesn't make any difference in the temperature. There are two pieces of thermal pad on the CPU and GPU.They are actually unusable. Remove them. Put thermal paste on the surface of CPU and GPU and heatsink and then put a piece of copper on CPU and GPU. This will make connection between heatsink and surface of CPU. This will make the fan usefull . Do this at your own risk (There is no risk. But use suitable pieces of copper is very important.) Using google will help you find about this issue

  • Extended fan control v.1.2

    Can anyone tell me why this version of fan control does not detect sensors on the GPU despite having an apparent facility to do so? The temp for the GPU always reads zero degrees, which suggests it's not picking it up. As my macbook pro overheats when the capture window is open and working, I presume a lot of the heat is being generated by the GPU, so it would be useful to monitor and fan-control it.

    Not all MBP models are supported. You'd better check with the maker of EFC:
    But he'll probably tell you to get the source code and do the necessary modifications yourself.

  • Clueless as to whether I can do this or not in a program like Numbers

    Before I begin - my disclaimer...
    I have very little training in this area, and am completely clueless whether this can even be done.
    I am trying to consider whether we will be able to create our own charting system in a medical clinic.  In beginning to play with the idea - the first thing that I need to find out would be does a database program like numbers have the ability to create full sentences from information in a give data field?  From there it becomes can you create a workflow that would take data from selected fields in a data base to populate a completed paragraph.
    e.g. - based solely on how I would envision something like this to work (this is not based on anything concrete that I've seen in the past).
    Data/Value in Cell A2 (from some sheet), would automatically populate the dot phrase in a partially pre-populated sentence.  So that if that data in the previous mentioned Cell A2 was "considerable pain" (let's say from a pop-up cell)... then... the following would be completed via automation.
    The patient reported on intake today <value of A2:from some sheet> in the area of chief complaint.
    So that maybe on another sheet the Sentence would read - "The patient reported on intake today considerable pain in the area of chief complaint."
    Below is a sample from a form I've created that we use as a digital new patient intake form.  I'd like to know if we can create something along the lines of the above mentioned to create the paragraph following the screen capture below.  For illustration purpose, I've italicized the text in the full sentences with the data taken from each field of the chart.  Those fields in blue from the chart are cells whose format is pop-up.  The green text is data typed/dictation into the given cell.
    The patient reported on intake today that the symptoms began while bending over to scratch an itch on her ankle.  The initial presentation was reported as immediate, with no changes since onset.  There have since been changes in the patient's breathing, with an increase in symptoms with coughing, and straining.
    Again - I have no formal training in this other than creating the above mentioned chart.
    Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi L.T.D.,
    To only answer the question you asked, the answer is yes you can do those specific tasks you mentioned.
    My example:
    Since you don't want the sentence if A2 is blank you would modify this formula to something like this:
    =IF(ISBLANK(A2),"","the patient reports "&A2&" that won't leave.")
    I don't see a problem if all you are looking to do is to translate your form or forms into a report. I could even see several different forms reporting to one sheet that tracks their history. It may require a lot of maintenance if there are an increasing number of forms reporting.
    Sometimes merged cells create difficulty in Numbers. A mix of popups and checkboxes may complicate things.
    I think the previous advice may turn out to be the best, though. You are asking,"If I head this way am I headed to Japan?" I am saying "Yes". They are saying, "You will need a boat!"

  • Is smc fan control compatible with leopard and intel imac?

    Hi Does anybody know if smc fan control is compatible with the new alu imac and leopard?
    Thank you

    i use it all the time when i do video editing or when i boot up vista and play call of duty 4.....great application ,,,i highly recommend it to keep your mac cooled off.....

  • My Macbook Pro shuts down when using design programs

    I bought the macbook pro about 3 months ago. The shut down screen appeared and asked me to shut down the computer several times when I am using design programs (like photoshop, illustrator cs2 and macromedia flash 8...) since i bought computer. I can't do anything except forcing the computer to shut down, and it's not good for the computer if i have to do this often. The computer is fairly new, and it really upsets me with this problem.

    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    It sounds like what you are getting is a kernel panic. Read my FAQ* on the issue:
    While uncommon, it is not unheard of. There are many possible reasons.
    * Links to my pages may give me compensation.

  • How do I uninstall Fan Control?

    I installed fan control on my MBP w/ Retina and changed my mind on it. I read the other posts but when in the library folder I couldn't find such files. I deleted the support files that I found in my "all documents" folder. I still have the fan control panel in my settings app. Can anyone tell me how to uninstall it completely and if needed reset It to Apples settings. Thanks for your time!

    Use Finder - Go menu - Go to Folder & type in /Library/PreferencePanes   incuding the initial /
    It's normal for the one in your Home folder to be empty.
    >>just ctrl/right click on the item in System Preferences & choose Remove.
    That should also remove it, without needing to use Finder.

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