Downloaded the latest version. There is a bar (app bar?) with stuff I never use. Tried to hide it, according to instructions. Nothing happens. Also, the "go back" arrow has disappeared.

I am trying to like this. I do not. Top bar has "Firefox" in orange and the web location. Next bar is this app bar with stuff like facebook and youtube and celebrity and "word of the day" crap. How do I get rid of this? Where is the go-back arrow? And yes, how can I get back to my old version (which I didn't like either, but needed for one specific site.)?

When you export your movie from iMovie, are you choosing H.264? That is the only compression method supported by this miDVD. Youc an give this a try first:
Use Share > Export to Quicktime > Movie to Quicktime Movie > choose Options and then make your choices in Settings, etc (you can choose whatever size your video is - mine was 720 HD at that time):
If that does not work, I'd suggest going to their support site as they claim to be able to burn to DVD.... I just checked their site and here is their list of supported file types:

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