Downloading flash player problems

Im trying to download Adobe Flash Player however wants i allow the activex, it still wont load. comes back with a message the Windows classifies it as an unknown publisher. I had tried disabling my firewall however this did not help. any suggestions?

Download and run the offline installer from

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  • Download Flash Player problem

    Downloaded Adobe Flash Player successfully according to screen. When try to open don't work offers downloading again.  Tried restarting computer no help.

    What is your operating system & version?
    What is your web browser?
    You write that you downloaded Flash Player, but did you also install it?
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  • Problems downloading Flash Player 11

    Over the past week+, I have received a message stating that I needed to download Flash Player 11. Several attempts were "successful," but I still keep receiving the message that I need to download.
    Also, on some attempts, I am told that Internet Explorer needs to be turned off. It is turned off, but the download will not continue and therefore becomes "unsuccessful."
    What am I doing wrong? What's going on?

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    You can download offline installer for Adobe Flash Player from here : n-pars_header

  • Problem downloading Flash Player 10.2

    While using youtube yesterday, I got the message that I need to download Flash Player 10.2 before I can see any movies.
    To download I go to
    Once I click the 'download now' button, it crashes; my computer appearently tries to go back 1 time, after bein kicked again and ending up here:
    res://ieframe.dll/, staller=Flash_Player_10.2_for_Windows_Internet_Explorer&i=McAfee_Security_Scan_Plus&a=Goog le_Toolbar_6.5&os=XP&browser=ie&type=activex
    Can anyone help me?

    While using youtube yesterday, I got the message that I need
    to download Flash Player 10.2 before I can see any movies.
    To download I go to
    Man just go to softpedia and download flash player.. like here:

  • Why Can't I Download Flash Player?

    I have repeatedly tried to download Flash Player after getting pop-up messages from Adobe that tell me I cannot open attachments to emails because I need Flash Player 9.0 or higher.  The messages say to download the latest Flash Player click here.  I follow the instructions to the letter and get a message that the download of Flash Player 10 has successfully been completed.  Then the next time I try to open an email attachment I get the same failure message.  I have also gotten led to an Adobe tutorial entitled Flash Player | 64-bit operating systems which directs me to select the 32-bit Internet Explorer system on my computer by going to Start>Programs.  I followed the download instructions using the 32-bit IE system and the download message says that Flash Player 10.0 has been successful.  But I still cannot open the email attachments and still get the message that I need to download Flash Player 9.0 or higher.  If I go to my complete list of programs on the Install or Remove Programs, I find a listing for several Adobe products such as Acrobat, ReaderX, Digital each of which has a size in bytes.  Flash Player 10 is listed but there is nothing shown in the byte size column.
    My computer is a Hewlett-Packard Pavilion with an Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2220 @ 2.40 GHz  64-bit operating system using Windows Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 2.  The default browser which I use is Internet Explorer 64-bit.
    I'm 80 years old and trying hard to get along with computers.  Please know that any help provided on this frustrating problem will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.  And please make your suggestions in great detail without assuming I know very much. 

    Hi James, Check and make sure the Shockwave Flash Object is Enabled in your IE manage addons.
    In FF, look for the Shockwave Flash plugin and make sure it's Enabled.
    Make sure you are using the 32bit browser and not the 64bit.
    Also check this for IE: (you want this OFF, not on)
    To turn on ActiveX Filtering
    In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, point to Safety, and then click ActiveX Filtering.
    To turn off ActiveX Filtering on a specific website
    In Internet Explorer, click the Filter button in the Address bar, and then click Turn off ActiveX Filtering.
    To turn off ActiveX Filtering on all websites
    In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, point to Safety, and then click ActiveX Filtering.
    I don't have time to check on why Chrome is not working. Make sure your Anti-Virus is not blocking.
    Also when you are trying to Install, all browser windows must be Closed.
    Will check back later, but it's best to start you own topic as Pat suggested and flutie has done.

  • Flash Player problems

    I have problem with flash player
    the games  I play tells me I hav´nt flash player 10 or more I have installed flash 11,1 something but  its dont work..
    and where can I clearing my cache on adope?

    Which browser is giving you the error? Is it IE11?
    Are you saying when you go to Adobe's website and download flash player it gives you an error?
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  • Cannot download Flash Player 11

    When trying to download Flash Player 11 to my Windows 7 32-bit OS, after partially completing the download a error message states 'cannot contact a reliable source.' Whatever source of this error code it is preventing the files from loading.
    Any idea as to what the problem is?

    Download the offline installer from tall_in_a_firewall_proxy_server_environment

  • Why do I have to download flash player,  3-4 times a week?

    Why do I have to download flash player, 3-4 times a week to play my games?

    Flash Player Help | Installation problems | Mac OS
    Flash Player Help | Installation problems | Windows

  • I can not download flash player on my Mac

    I have a Mac with OS 10.9.5 and Safari 7.1. Since some time I am not able to upgrade or download flash player on my Mac (latest version from the Adobe download center. Every time I try Safari gets stuck at step 2 of 3 (initialization) and keeps refreshing the page. To start fresh, I tried to uninstall flash player by downloading the uninstall .dmg offered at the flash player help page on the adobe website - even that one I can't download; if I click on it, it only refreshes the page and nothing else happens. So I uninstalled it "by hand", but I am not sure that I removed absolutely everything... Not sure if that matters. Apparently a plugin called SpeedTao is used by the Adobe website. Could there be a problem with that? I can not do anything to enable / disable / reset etc SpeedTao; Internet plugins are allowed and I have allowed adobe to use SpeedTao when it asks me for it.
    I saw that someone else posted a similar question, but it remained unanswered; I could not find an answer...

    Hi leronica,
    The Flash Player download page does not use the SpeedTao Download Manager.  This must've been installed on your system at some other time.  If you suspect SpeedTao is interfering with the Flash Player installation, and don't require SpeedTao on your system, you can remove it using a utility such as AppCleaner, or delete 'all' SpeedTao files (/Applications/, ~/Library/Preferences/net.speedtao.mas.SpeedTao.plist, ~/Library/Application Support/SpeedTao).  Removing just from /Applications doesn't completely remove it and Safari will still list it in the Plug-ins (I verified this before posting my response).  If you require, or don't want to remove, SpeedTao, you can try using the full installer, posted at the bottom of this page, Installation problems | Flash Player | Mac.

  • Downloading Flash Player plays advertisement -- and installs a virus?

    I've had this problem 3 times consecutively trying to restore my system after it was destroyed by what seems to be a virus.  It took that many tries before I realized the in-your-face advertisement and problem process are coming from Adobe itself.
    The apparently viral process runs as SVCHOST and uses the RasMan (remote access manager) service, apparently to transmit the contents of your hard drive to someone across the internet.  It takes 99% of CPU, 1/2 Gig of memory, a lot of disk activity, and high transmit volume with low receive volume over the network.  Unplug the network, and the SVCHOST falls to about 35% CPU with more intermittent disk activity.  Plug the network back in, and it climbs back to 99% with high disk activity, and high transmit volume.  It seems clear that it's copying the hard drive out to the network.  Before I realized that, I thought it might be an internal process and just let it run to get it over with.  It just got worse, finally running the machine out of memory and making it almost too slow to terminate the SVCHOST.  When I finally did terminate it, the machine returned to normal.
    I restored my system to a known clean state from a disk image.  I've done that 5 times now.  The first thing I do on booting the restored system is wait and check for that process -- it's not there.  Next, I update Firefox, then wait again.  No problem, as long as you don't click on the Update Flash Player link.  Then you click on that link, and immediately there's a pop-up and it plays audio saying "You've won a free Xbox", or else some other advertisement -- it's not always the same -- and also opens a tab to a site outside of both Firefox and Adobe.  Some advertising site.  So, I first thought I'd been spoofed by a false advertisement and unwittingly clicked on a malicious ad banner.  Restored the system again, and next time went directly to Adobe.  Clicked the link to download Flash Player, and... immediately, a similar ad popup and tab appeared, and it played a "congratulations!  .... you've won ____" audio clip.
    Right after each incident where the ad appeared, the computer began bogging down with disk activity and high CPU consumption by that SVCHOST process, and apparently copying out the hard drive to the internet (high network transmit activity).
    I never even got around to downloading and installing the player.  The trouble started right after that ad popping up.
    So, Adobe has sold out.  Not only is Flash responsible for most viruses transmitted, now just to get the player Adobe itself is shoving an obnoxious ad in our faces which installs a trojan.  A Malwarebytes scan before the Adobe-shoved ad came up clear.  Another scan after the Adobe-shoved ad detected a trojan and attempted to remove it, but it just comes back every time you restart the machine, and copies your business machine's hard drive out to the network.
    So, Adobe, who has obtained copies of my business's intellectual property (I'm a software developer) and financial records, as well as sensitive data such as accounts and passwords?
    Incidentally, this came at the moment when I was transitioning from developing native applications for desktop and mobile platforms.  It was my intention to transition to using Adobe Flex for most work in the next few years at least.  I had the Flash Builder on two of my systems, and was starting to work with it.
    But this incident, combined with numerous past incidents that have made me absolutely hate both Flash and Adobe, was the final straw.  I have deleted all Adobe products from all of my systems, and will not be using Adobe Flash or Flex or any other Adobe products for development or anything else.  Now I understand why Steve Jobs also dumped Adobe -- it's nothing but a viral company!  Adobe itself is like a virus.
    Thanks for wasting a day on a holiday weekend trying to restore my system just so I can resolve a minor customer issue.  Thanks, gals.  Hope you enjoy the millions you get from that advertisement, but in my case it caused me to return to native development for all platforms instead of using Flash, Air, Flex, or any of the other viral stuff you use to invade 99% of all systems on the planet and then shove ads and more spyware on us.
    I've also uninstalled Photoshop.  (The uninstallation took 45 minutes.)  I can just use GIMP, it's good enough now.  Adobe = BANNED, because all that Adobe stands for anymore is VIRAL.
    Thanks again

    Thanks for the reply.  I forgot to include:
    -- Windows XP SP3 (32-bit) running on a 1.9 MHz Turion X2, with 2G memory
    -- Already-installed Flash version was 10.x, I think 10.1, but hadn't been updated for months since it was a restored backup.
    -- Firefox 3.6.13, just updated to 3.6.18   (yes, I've tried 4.0, it was slow and annoying, so I went back)
    -- Other software on the machine: Microsoft Office, development tools (Visual Studio, Eclipse with Andriod and RIM plugins, BlackBerry JDE, Sun Java SDK, Firefox, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Adobe Reader, Adobe AIR, Adobe Shockwave, Flash Builder, and a few old trusted versions of minor utilities such as WinZip, DivX, Grep, etc.)
    -- Only changes for several months were:  Installed Flash Builder, updated Firefox, tried to update Flash Player
    I only reacted this way because I've lost SO MUCH time and also data, adding up no doubt to YEARS of time, primarily because the platforms of two companies (Microsoft and Adobe) are like warm, moist, undressed flesh wounds that just invite every kind of infection to enter and flourish.  It's not just their prevalence, it's their design.  For example, why can a Flash program insert native code into a SVCHOST, when it's nearly impossible to figure out what's running in the SVCHOST, what it's doing, where it came from, and how to kill it permanently?  That just creates conditions favorable to malware.
    Anyway, after restoring my system to a snapshot of a known clean state, I first selected Check for Updates in Firefox, it downloaded it update.  Then I unplugged from the net before letting it restart and install, and it did its thing.  Then I plugged back in and went directly to, selected Flash Player under Downloads, clicked Download Now, and then up popped the advertisement right after the click.
    Previously, I let Firefox finish its update still plugged in -- it took me to their site, where a banner appeared saying Flash needed to be updated.  I clicked that, and a similar ad popped up (for a different product, and using a different URL, but the same type of thing -- an instant audio message and a new tab plus a small pop-up.)
    So it seems clear that Adobe has decided to make some extra millions by forcing everyone who downloads Flash Player (at least from a Windows machine last night and this morning) to hear "Congratulations!  You've just won an imaginary Xbox 360 in compensation for letting our ad partners copy your hard drive and pay us money at your expense -- you thought Adobe would just give you a Player for free?!  If you're further stupid enough to try to claim your imaginary prize, just enter more personal information, as well as the address and phone number of your girlfriend, because what Flash is all about is invading the home, popping up and penetrating the market by force, never really taking NO for an answer -- we'll just starve her and keep asking until she says Yes."
    Ruthless advertising is just completely out of control on the internet.  When you show up on the site of a major company and get hit with an obnoxious scam pop-up ad that's just like something you'd get from making the mistake of visiting some unknown website -- you know, the kind that escape the borders of the window and say you've just won a million dollars, and that are usually followed by a phony "virus scanner" taking over your machine any moment -- then internet ethics have been completely overrun by the glut for advertising money and collecting valuable information from users.
    Can't BELIEVE I got a pop-up ad and spyware from trying to download Flash Player directly from Adobe's site, what is this company coming to?  I don't remember the details exactly, but there was some other instance -- with Reader, I think -- where they were bundling spyware with it, and doing it in a way that you would not realize it would be installed, and then it was hard to get rid of completely.  There was a big row about it, and I remember having to restore my system multiple times there too, to ensure no contamination.  That's why I'd gone back to an earlier version of Reader, but now I've deleted all Adobe software completely.  It is the most unethical of all the big technology companies, no-one is more ruthless or viral than Adobe.
    You've got plenty of money, you're rolling in money, and you resort to stuff that crooks use to make their start-up capital?

  • How to download 'Flash Player' on MacBook Air?

    how to download 'Flash Player' on MacBook Air?

    Try this alternative:
    It includes the actual installer (so it's a lot larger) whereas the other installer downloads the install data once it starts running, which may be where your problem lies.

  • I can't download flash player on my MacBook!!

    I'm trying to download flash player on my Mac but when following the instructions of 'locate the Adobe Reader Installer file, named like “AdobeReaderInstaller[xxx].dmg”. and double click' nothing happens! An icon is added to my home screen but no matter what I do i can't get it to install like it says it should! Help please!!

    Im not too sure!! This is what the page I'm wanting to use but can't as I haven't got what ever I need says! I have now tried both of those links and the same problems are occurring. I do what I am instructed to do but when double clicking the download folder for it, the screen I know i need to continue appears but then goes before anything loads. Not sure if you are following what i mean so second picture is what help page says to do and i cannot get to step 2.

  • When did these flash player problems begin?

    So, I had a computer running Win98 and IE6, which worked
    great until Flash Player 8 autodownloaded about 4 months ago,
    causing the beginning of an extreme headache. Several
    communications with Adobe support (they eventually stopped
    responding) over several weeks went nowhere None of the fixes
    suggested by them, nor the ones here worked. Countless manhours led
    me to think it was time to bite the bullet, buy a new computer. So,
    as of two months ago I have a new computer running XP and IE6 with
    SP2. I didn't know it until today, when I started having crashes,
    but I have Flash Player When i go to Adobe's Test page,
    both Shockwave and Player windows show the animations (and no
    On certain pages, which I believe have flash content, I get
    the "IE has experienced a problem and must close" message. It
    specifically mentions the flash.ocx file as the offender. It is
    repeatable when visiting certain pages.
    So, before I jump into the abyss of attempting to fix this, I
    am wondering when these types of problems began. I have been using
    Windows and IE since 1998 with no trouble until this year. I hoped
    moving to a new computer would solve my Flash compatibility
    problems. Could the root problem be new types of spyware, etc that
    change something in the registry? Some of the fixes suggested by
    Adobe were regarding keys changed in the registry. Unfortunately
    those fixes didn't work (in Win98).
    Finally, does anyone know if attempting to fix flash player
    under XP is any easier than 98? Also, I will admit I may have
    visited some sites recently that downloaded some adware, etc. Any
    suggestions on cleaning that may solve the flash player problem? I
    know this post is all over the map - I don't know where to begin...
    Thanks in advance, Don

    Which browser is giving you the error? Is it IE11?
    Are you saying when you go to Adobe's website and download flash player it gives you an error?
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  • Cannot download Flash Player on Macbook Air

    I just got a new Macbook Air. Trying to download Flash Player in order to watch youtube. I have allowed internet downloads in System Preferences. It starts downloading and stops at 50% of the download. Then it asks me to close browser windows which are already closed. It just stops here at 50%. What is wrong? I have checked help on both Adobe and Apple. I have followed instructions accurately. Would appreciate any help on this. Thanks.

    Try this alternative:
    It includes the actual installer (so it's a lot larger) whereas the other installer downloads the install data once it starts running, which may be where your problem lies.

  • The video downloading is extremely slow after downloading Flash Player Active X (IE) and FP Plug-in

    I have Windows 7 on a 64-bit operating system, and have Firefox 19 and Internet Explorer 8. I tried installing Flash Player 11.6.602.171 from the Adobe Website and got an error message right at 47% download "can not contact reliable source." I also tried uninstalling whatever Flash Player I had, but I continued to get the same error message at 47% "can not contact reliable source." Finally, following the advice found in the link below under "Program Bar Hangs During Download," I downloaded Flash Player ActiveX (internet explorer) and Flash Player Plug-In (all other browsers). It appeared that both downloads were successful and I verified that the installation was complete in the link below under "Verify that installation is complete." It says I have Flash Player 11.6.602.171. My issue now is that whenever I watch videos that use Flash Player, the downloading of videos is extremely slow.  For example, a 45 second youtube video might take 30 minutes to watch. I have tried everything (from General Info, Download Issues, Installation Issues, Post-Installation Issues) in this Adobe installation problem page but the problem has not improved. Can someone please help me? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    First, I went on this link under Progress Bar Hangs During Download n-pars_header
    and then I downloaded Flash Player directly by clicking the links provided Flash Player for ActiveX (IE) and then Flash Player Plug-In (All browsers).  After my installations were complete, I tried watching any youtube videos or videos on and the loading of videos was extremely slow.

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