Downloading Photos from PC to iPad2

How do I download photographs from my PC hard disk to the iPad2?  My pictures all went on to the iPod touch just fine, but only a few pictures came through when I set up my new iPad2, and no albums at all.  I tried to drag and drop the file folder containing all of my picture folders (albums) but it would not drop onto iTunes.  Thanks for any help you might have. 

There are instructions for syncing photos to your device on this page - you need to connect and select the iPad on the left-hand side of iTunes, and then on the right-hand side there should be a Photos tab.
If they don't all sync over then try deleting the photo cache from your computer and then re-try the photo sync and see if they then copy over - the location of the cache, and how to delete it, is on this page

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  • How can I download photos from desktop to ipad2

    How can I download photos from desktop to iPad2?

    Not sure what you mean by it seems to have not recognized photos already on iPad 2.
    There are two types of photos on your iPad 2 which are stored and handled completely separate.
    Photos captured by your iPad, photos saved from a received email or from a website, and photos imported from a digital camera or from a digital camera's SD card using the iPad Camera Connection Kit are stored completely separate from photos transferred from your computer to your iPad, which is selected under the Photos tab for your iPad sync preferences with iTunes.
    Photos transferred from your computer are stored in the iPad's Photo Library. If you transfer a single album or folder of photos or multiple albums or folders or photos, all photos transferred from your computer will appear twice on your iPad - once in the Photo Library where all photos transferred from your computer are stored, and once in the photo album or folder selected to be transferred to your iPad. The photos are not duplicated. Photos in the albums or folders include a pointer to the original photos stored in the Photo Library. This way you can view all photos transferred from your computer by selecting Photo Library, or you can view the photos in an album or folder only by selecting the album or folder.

  • Can I download photos from my pc to my ipad2 without using iTunes?

    Can I download photos from my pc to my ipad2 without using iTunes?

    You can with an app like this ....
    WiFi Photo Transfer
    Search the app store for more apps like this one.

  • I am unable to download photos from iPhone 4, SD card and SLR camera to iPad 2 using apple accessories. It worked once and then never again. Any ideas ?

    I am unable to download photos from my iphone4 , SD card , SLR camera to my ipad2 using apple accessories , please help , it has worked once and then never again.

    The only accessory I know of that can be used to transfer photos from a camera or SD card to the iPad, is the Apple Camera Connection Kit.  The kit consists of two adapters.  One has an SD card socket.  The other has a USB connector to connect directly to the camera.
    I do not think you can transfer photos from the iPhone to the iPad unless you first transfer them to a computer.  If you then transfer the photos to an SD card, they must have eight character names plus suffix and be stored in a DCIM folder, just as if they came from a camera.
    One thing you can try is to reboot the iPad.  Hold both the Home and Sleep buttons for several seconds until the Apple logo appears.  Ignore the "Slide to power off" arrow.  The iPad will restart after a couple of minutes.  Rebootting will not hurt anything and sometimes clears up mysterious problems.

  • HT4908 Just purchased iPad 2,want to download photos from MacBook.we have different e-mail address. Does this cause a problem?

    Finding my way around my new ipad2. I have an iCloud account to transfer photos from our MacBook to my iPad. Having problems doing this.

    1. To download Photos from your Macbook to your iPad you use iTunes to sync photos. And to download photos from your iPad2 to your computer you use a USB cable and iPhoto on your Mac.
    2.  For Photostream both devices need to be on the same iCloud Apple ID to allow Photostreaming to work.  Is that what you mean by downloading?  Photostream ismore commonly used to share photos bwteen devices
    iCloud is only supported on newer versions of OSX - what version is your Macbook running?
    What is the exact problem you are having??

  • HT1678 How do I synch/download photos from my iPod classic to my computer, which has a Windows operating system?  Thanks.

    I am trying to download photos from my iPod to either an external hard drive or my computer, which has a Windows operating system. The iPod should function like an external hard drive, right?  My photo files/computer/hard drive were damaged. Can I put my photos on the iCloud, and then save on external drive?  Not sure how to o this either.  I lost a few years of baby photos. Thanks for any help!

    iTunes syncing to iPods (that are not iPod touch) mostly goes one way, from computer to iPod.  For photos, at the time you synced the photos to the iPod, there is a setting that you needed to have enabled in iTunes if you later want to recover them from the iPod.  This setting is on the iPod's Photos tab in iTunes (where you set up photo syncing).  There is a checkbox for Include full-resolution photos.
    IF that checkbox was checked, you can Enable disk use on the iPod's Summary tab, and find the full-res photo files in the Photos folder on the iPod.  Otherwise (if setting not checked), when iTunes syncs the photos to the iPod, iTunes converts the images to a very low-resolution version that is optimized to fit the small iPod screen and stores the image data in a single database file (to save storage space).  There may be third-party software that can extract separate photos from that database file, but the resulting photos will look bad blown up to computer screen size.

  • I cannot download photos from my digital camera to Iphoto (version '09). I have been able to successfully do this up to 4 days ago but not yesterday. My camera/device is recognized in the Source List but photos won't download for me to import to library.

    I cannot download photos from my digital camera (via a cable) to Iphoto (version '09). I have been able to do this successfully up til 4 days ago but not yesterday (Dec. 25th). My camera/device is recognized in the Source List, but when it tries to download the photos, all I get are the words "Loading Photos" in the area where the thumbnail pictures usually display. The little "gear" symbol next to the words but it just goes round and round. Nothing ever downloads, and instead of showing me how many pictures there are to import it just says "No photos". So therefore I cannot import the photos to my library since they won't even download.
    I was getting an error message a few days ago that my Iphoto library was getting full, so I emptied my trash in both Iphoto and on my computer. I had this same problem back in October and emptying the trash and getting rid of some photos did help (can I really be using that much storage space for the pictures?). But it didn't help this time.
    Any suggestions as to what to do to solve the problem? I would try taking the SD card out and inserting that into the slot on the computer to see if I could load pictures that way; but the last time I did that, they wouldn't load. Not sure if I lost pics from the disc or not.
    Thank you,

    1. You did not get an error message telling you that your iPhoto library was getting full. You got a message telling you that your HD was getting full, right?
    OS X needs about 10 gigs of hard drive space for normal OS operations - things like virtual memory, temporary files and so on.
    Without this space your Mac will slow down as the OS hunts for space on the disk, files will be fragmented, also slowing things down, apps will crash and the risk of data corruption - that is damage to your files, photos, music - increases exponentially.
    Your first priority is to make more space on that HD. Nothing else can be done until you do.
    Purchase an external HD and move your Photos and Music to it. Both iPhoto and iTunes can run perfectly well with the Library on an external disk.
    Your Library has been damaged from being run on an overfull disk.
    How much free space on it now?

  • How can I download photos from my android to my (2011) mac

    I have an iMac 12,1 running OS X 10.6.8, 4GB memory, processor 2.5 GHz and want to download photos from my G4 Android phone.  I can't find a slot that the mini memory card fits into, and have read that I can connect my phone to a USB port and download photos that way.  But the iMac doesn't seem to know that the phone is hooked up to the port.  Can you help me?  I am new to this older computer, which I purchased from a friend.  THANKS!!

    This is just the way I transfer photos on my phone to my computer.
    I created an email account exclusively for this and sent the photos from my phone to the email account.
    Then it was just a matter of logging into the email account from my computer and downloading the images.

  • How do I download photos from Facebook to iPhoto

    How do I download photos from facebook to iPhoto? Ihave osx and  iPhoto 11 9.2.3.

    Hi Mark...
    Right or control click an image then select:  Add Image to iPhoto Library.

  • HT5172 Glad to have USB capability on my new iMac.  Been in Mac world all of 2 days now.  Question - I downloaded photos from a Centron flash drive and am wondering if flash drives have to be ejected the same as on a PC?  Can't find how to do it.  Thanks.

    Been in the iMac world now all of 2 days.  I'm glad to have USB capability.  I downloaded photos from a Centron flash drive and now need to remove the flash drive.  Do you eject flash drives on iMacs as we did on PC's?  Can't find an answer in the support area.  Thanks...

    Yes. All external drives regardless of how they are connected must be ejected before they can be unplugged.

  • When I download photos from a flash drive,everything is fine and they show in Events and Pictures, but when I click on the individual pic I get an error message saying that it cannot locate the JPG. Any thoughts?

    When I download photos from a flash drive,everything is fine and they show in Events and Pictures, but when I click on the individual pic I get an error message saying that it cannot locate the JPG. Any thoughts?

    It sounds like your iPhoto Advanced preferences are set to not copy photos during import, i.e. a Referenced library:
    Check your Advanced preferences to see if that's the case. If it is the best solution would be to select the checkbox to copy the photos and reimport the photos from the flash drive.  Then check the new import. It it was OK you can delete the previous event with the "missing" photos.

  • Problem downloading photos from iPhone to iPhoto on MacBook

    I can't download photos from my iPhone 5 to iPhoto anymore. It comes up with an error message that says 'The following file could not be imported. (The file is in an unrecognized format.)' My software is up to date. The photos were taken on my iPhone, however there are also some photos that I have saved from other people who sent them as a text message. How can I save my photos please without loosing them? I have tried to save one image only, not all of them, and nothing work. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

    As a Test:
    Hold down the option (or alt) key and launch iPhoto. From the resulting menu select 'Create Library'
    Import a few pics into this new, blank library. Is the Problem repeated there?
    Post back with the result.

  • I am having problems downloading photos from my camera to iphoto 11

    I am unable to download photos from my sony cybershot DSC-W170 and my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30 to iphoto11. The problem started when the colour wheel started spinning when iphoto opened after I switched on either camera and the programme became unresponsive. Subsequently when ever I then tried to open iphoto the colour wheel span and iphoto didn't respond, force quit the only way out.
    After this happened the first time I rebuilt my library from timemachine (not the quickest process with around 9000 images), iphoto then opened okay and I could view libraries again.
    I then downloaded the images directly from the camera sd card to my desktop and tried to drag the images into iphoto one at a time this worked but as soon as i tried to import the whole roll, the colour wheel popped up and iphoto became unresponseive again but I could view my libraries at least.
    I then read about deleting the library cache which I did and restarted my mac (imac core duo 2ghz, running 10.6.8) I then tried to download from the sony cybershot again and I here am back at the start, with the colour wheel and iphoto not responding, I have just force quit and I can't open iphoto. Help!

    What exactly happens when you try to sync?
    Was the iPod previous synced to another iTunes library/computer?
    Have you successfully synced from this iTunes library/computer before?
    If so have you done anything like update iTunes on the computer since it last successfully synced?
    Do the songs play in iTunes?          
    Does any media now sync to the iPod?
    Do you have the right boxes checked to sync?
    iTunes: Syncing media content to iOS devices and iPod       
    Try syncing using the manual method                
    Managing content manually on iPhone, iPad, and iPod

  • Downloading photos from safari to the iPod touch.

    Is there a way to download photos from the web onto the iPod touch?

    No but next month Apple will allow third party apps

  • Downloading photos from email to iphoto

    I have downloaded photos from an email in gmail (all .jpg) and they are in finder (actually in the iphoto file) and will open in preview, but I cannot transfer to iphoto library. I am using iphoto 6.06, OS 10.4.1. I get the message: unreadable files, the files could not be imported.

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions.
    iPhoto is a database, and like any db, data must be imported into it. So putting it in the iPhoto Library Folder is not the way to do it. You should never do anything in there - there are no user serviceable parts there.
    iPhoto will not import pics in the active iPhoto Library Folder as a sensible precaution against duplication.
    So, move the file to the desktop and import from there.

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