Draft/Full Screen view

Still no way to see a page in full screen or wrap to screen mode, huh? Even TextEdit has this feature. Can it be done in Pages 08?

Oh how I wish. PLEASE someone tell us this can be done. I bought iWork '08 because it's nice and beats the likely-higher-priced Office '08 in January, but I sure do miss "draft view"

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  • The HUD Inspector in Full Screen View seems to position at the right margin of the image as a default(?)  If I toggle the button in the top right of the HUD it 'unlocks' and I can drag it to where I prefer -- at the left margin; (for over a decade) my doc

    The HUD Inspector in Full Screen View seems to position at the right margin of the image as a default(?)  If I toggle the button in the top right of the HUD it 'unlocks' and I can drag it to where I prefer -- at the left margin; (for over a decade) my dock has resided at the right margin so all my slider manipulation over countless editing sessions in Aperture has been ingrained to work at the left margin -- but, the vast majority of the time, the HUD overlaps the image I am editing in this 'unlocked' mode. 
    Every occasionally I enter Full Screen View and it positions on the left margin *without* superimposition...(!) My great joy is modulated into aggravation, however, should my tracking cursor drift all the way 'out of bounds' -- to call in the hidden pane of adjacent images sequenced in the library... This dramatically shrinks the Full Screen display and re-locks the HUD; if I toggle the switch to re-xpand the image it re-positions at the right margin!!!!  I SOOoooooo wish I knew how to control the default 'locked' margin of the HUD in Full Screen View...

    Drag it over to the Left. Then lock it there.

  • Transition Problems in Full Screen View

    I've created a Powerpoint presentation on the Bayeux Tapestry which I now want to convert to a PDF document so that I can add multimedia.
    My Powerpoint presentation features photographs of a section the tapestry with each photograph placed on a separate slide. I've used the Powerpoint 'push left' transition to create a panoramic effect which creates the illusion that the tapestry is being scrolled from right to left  as the viewer clicks through the presentation. It all works very well in Powerpoint as the slides butt up against each other in transition without any 'seam' between them.
    I thought I could simply replicate the effect in Acrobat 9 by converting the presentation to PDF and selecting the 'push left' transition from Advance/Document Processing options then launching the document in full screen view. However, I've found that using a push left transition in Acrobat creates wacking great gaps between the pages as they scroll right to left: this absolutely ruins the whole effect.
    As you can probably tell, I'm pretty much a newbie with Acrobat 9 (but not with other Adobe applications) and I can't work out for the life of me how to get around this problem. Is there someting simple that I'm overlooking on the full screen view options or perhaps in the Powerpoint conversion settings or do I have to start adjusting resolutions etc? Or maybe it's just the nature ofthe beast (do hope not)?
    I'd be very grateful for any enlightenment or advice.
    PS: Forgot to mention the Powerpoint was created in default landscape layout and hence so is the PDF.

    Do you have the PDF version to fill the full screen and not leave borders? If you print to PDF (not create PDF), then a margin is added by default (as when you print to paper). The border can be reduced to 0, but that is an extra step with the print. As I recall, the PDF Maker (create PDF) does not include the margins. Thus the whole margin bit may be the issue.

  • Can not watch movies in full screen view?

    Can not watch movies in full screen view movie stops

    Welcome to the Adobe Forums.
    To better assist you with this issue we need to know:
    What is your operating system? (Windows or Mac) (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
    What browser do you use? (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari)

  • IPhoto 11 window won't open, only have full screen view

    After I upgraded, the iphoto window would not come up. The menu bar at the top is active, and I am able to access my photos from Full Screen View. But when I toggle back, and close full screen, everything closes...
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

    Try trash the com.apple.iPhoto.plist file from the HD/Users/ Your Name / library / preferences folder. (Remember you'll need to reset your User options afterwards. These include minor settings like the window colour and so on. Note: If you've moved your library you'll need to point iPhoto at it again.)
    What's the plist file?
    For new users: Every application on your Mac has an accompanying plist file. It records certain User choices. For instance, in your favourite Word Processor it remembers your choice of Default Font, on your Web Browser is remembers things like your choice of Home Page. It even recalls what windows you had open last if your app allows you to pick up from where you left off last. The iPhoto plist file remembers things like the location of the Library, your choice of background colour, whether you are running a Referenced or Managed Library, what preferences you have for autosplitting events and so on. Trashing the plist file forces the app to generate a new one on the next launch, and this restores things to the Factory Defaults. Hence, if you've changed any of these things you'll need to reset them. If you haven't, then no bother. Trashing the plist file is Mac troubleshooting 101.

  • How can I change the background colour when working on a doc in full screen view (pages)?

    Recently I have been working on docs without the distraction of having to see my desktop around my page file by using the full screen view in pages. I do find the contrast to an all black screen too harsh though and it makes my eyes more tired than seeing the clutter of my desktop around the page. Is there any way I can change the background colour?
    Any help much appreciated!

    When you are in Full screen mode move the cursor up to the top to show the Format bar. Then look to the far right. There you'll see Background  and a rectangle. Click on the rectangle and change the colour.
    For information on Pages download the Pages User Guide from your Pages Help menu.

  • How can I create a full-screen view of Keynote slide in Snow Leopard?

    How can I create a full-screen view of my Keynote slides in Snow Leopard?
    I'm going to be importing into ScreenFlow to create a video.
    Thank you!!

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    Do you want static screen captures or motion video of slides as titles, bullet points, and the like are presented?
    Run the Keynote slide presentation in full-screen mode, then...
    Static full-screen captures - use Command+Shift+3.
    Static partial-screen captures - use Command+Shift+4 and use cursor to select the area of the screen to capture.
    If you want motion video as builds occur, why not use Keynote's built-in Share, Export function?
    (I'm on iLife '09.)
    Also understand that the default slide format for Keynote is 1024x768, not full-screen MacBook 1280x800 screen size, so you'll have wide black borders unless you change the default size or crop the finished screen captures.
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  • How can I exit from full-screen View?

    On the View menu, I clicked "Full screen View", but then I couldn't find any way back to normal view. I had to Force-Quit Firefox to escape.
    How do you exit from Full Screen View?
    (I tried Esc, Ctrl-C, and many other key combinations)
    Thanks, PeterR

    Try F11.

  • I have a mac OSX desktop version 10.6.8 and all of a sudden I can't get a full screen view in Safari when I ask for help the response is use the arrows on the top right of the screen ... I don't have them  ... can anyone help?

    I have a mac OSX desktop version 10.6.8 and all of a sudden I can't get a full screen view in Safari when I ask for help the response is use the arrows on the top right of the screen ... I don't have them  ... can anyone help?

    Hi Mary,
    I don't remember those arrows in 10.6, only 10.7 & up!?
    I have 10.6.8, as you do. To make your Safari full screen, make sure you have the left hand side of your safari page moved  all the way to the left.  Then move your cursor to the BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER of the safari page, and simply drag your page towards the lower right hand corner of the screen. NOTE: you will see a series of lines on the bottom right corner of the page, indicating where to place you cursor arrow.
    By wuzradioman here...

  • Photoshop Elements 11 Organizer: Full screen view of lower quality than with PSE 10 and before?!

    Upgrading from PSE 10 to 11, I noticed that when I watch my images with the organizer in PSE 11 in full screen view mode (F11), while the images load faster, they are shown in a lower quality than in PSE 10 or any other version of PSE that I owned before. In PSE 11, after the initial viewing in full screen (in the "fit screen" mode), when I click with the mouse on an image to display the "100%" view, there is a delay and the program says "Loading...", after which the 100% view in the full screen mode appears. When I then click another time with the mouse on the image to get back to "fit screen" mode, I get an image of better quality than during the initial view!
    So it seems like the program first gives a faster, but lower quality view of the image in full screen mode, and only after the user requests a 100% view, it actually loads the image with full detail, which is then preserved when going back to the "fit screen" view. This is a serious issue for me, because I also use PSE organizer to present my pictures to other people, and I don't want to show them some lower quality versions of my images, but the full quality ones, without having to first choose "100% view" and then go back to "fit screen".
    How can I make the PSE 11 organizer give me a full-quality full screen image right away, as this used to be the case in PSE10 and before?
    (I have both versions, PSE 11 and PSE 10, now on the same computer and tested this to confirm that the PSE 11 initial full screen view is of lower quality than the PSE 10 one. Also in PSE 10, there is practically no delay for displaying the "100%" view afterwards, indicating that the image was loaded with full detail right away.)

    - Update:
    * Adobe's senior support level has replied to me about this issue as follows:
    "Thank you for contacting Adobe.
    When you press the F11 button, Organizer 11 uses the Bicubic
    interpolation mainly because it is less processor intensive compared to
    Bicubic Sharper, and it helps to create the preview on the fly, rather
    than based on the thumbnail cache.
    When you zoom out from the 100% view, Elements Organizer uses Bicubic
    Sharper. This is because Bicubic Sharper is used for image reduction, so
    if the 100% view is larger than the available screen space, it will need
    to shrink. The Bicubic Sharper images may look more crisp however, Like
    any sharpening algorithm, Bicubic Sharper introduces halos and
    edge-enhancement artifacts. Those halos are typically slight, but any
    further sharpening (which you'll need when preparing an image for print,
    for example) will exaggerate them.This is expected behavior. The
    Organizer isn't great for determining exact quality, I recommend you to
    use Elements Editor for this purpose.
    Thank you,
    Bobby Johnson,
    Adobe Technical Support."
    * My reply on this to Adobe is:
    "Hello Bobby,
    thank you for your reply. Now at least we are talking about the same thing.
    Why I am wondering about the choice to use the "Bicubic" algorithm when pressing F11 in PSE 11 is that all previous versions of PSE that I owned (which spans from PSE 6 to PSE 10) did use the "Bicubic Sharper" algorithm right away when pressing F11. So apparently Adobe didn't worry about processor intensity of this algorithm then, and computers are getting all the time more powerful.
    It is true that in some situations, the "Bicubic Sharper" algorithm may introduce halos and edge-enhancement artifacts, as you write. On the other hand, especially on smaller resolution screens, the results of the "Bicubic Sharper" algorithm may look more crisp and lively, while the ones of the "Bicubic" algorithm may look more flat and lack fine detail. This is not only my personal opinion, but as I have brought up this topic in several forums, I can see that I am not alone here.
    So assuming that the question about preferring "Bicubic Sharper" or "Bicubic" as a default algorithm when pressing F11 is partly a matter of taste, and partly a matter of the hardware the user has available, why can Abobe not give the user an option to choose which one he/she would prefer? For instance, F11 gives full screen view with "Bicubic" applied, and CTRL+F11 with "Bicubic sharper"? Or make this an option in the preferences?
    As I am using the PSE organizer also to present pictures to other people (and I know many people who use it that way too), I would like to show them my pictures as sharp and detail-rich as possible. Therefore, I would highly appreciate an option as described above to be implemented in the PSE 11 organizer via an update. It should be fairly easy from a programming point of view, since both algorithms are already contained in the program anyway."
    * If you support this suggestion of mine as stated above, please also contact Adobe accordingly! The more support requests they get for this, the more likely it is that they will implement this update! You may mention my case number 0184046323 for reference.

  • How to get a true "full screen" view without the edit tools?  The help manual promises such a view.

    How do I get a true "full screen" view in the new version of Iphoto without the edit tools showing?  Weirdly enough, the help manual promises such a "full" view, which was always available in my earlier version of Iphoto.
    Thanks, in advance.

    Click on the Edit button to get into Edit mode. Click on it again to come out of edit mode.

  • How to hide link and full screen view in Safari?

    Hi All,
    I am demonstrating a product on the web i want to hide the link and have a full screen view in safari.

    “hide the link” meaning “hide the address bar”.

  • The Full Screen icon does not appear in Firefox 16.0.2 on Mac OS 10.6.8, and command+shift+F does not close the full screen view.

    I accidentally entered full screen view and was unable to exit. The Firefox Help article at https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-make-firefox-and-websites-go-full-screen?esab=a&s=full+screen+mac&r=0&as=s says I should see a Full Screen View icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Firefox window. That icon not there. I cannot find it. It does not appear in either the full screen or non-full screen views.
    Further, the Help article's advice to exit full screen view by using the keyboard sequence command+shift+F does not work. I had to unplug my iMac and reboot. Firefox then opened in non-full screen view.
    Ideally, hitting the Escape key would cause Firefox to exit full screen view.

    I forgot one detail. This happened while I was having trouble seeing the mouse cursor (I use Apple's Magic Mouse). It had disappeared briefly. I had to drag the cursor out of the Firefox Window for it to reappear. I accidentally entered full screen view while the cursor was not visible.

  • Want an option to having a REAL full-screen view when in writing mode in Word (as there was in 2003)

    For the present Word version (365) I have not found a way to be able to use the entire/total/really full screen estate when using writing mode in Word. (Perhaps there is a way, not discovered by me yet?) But what I want both in Word 365 and foremost in the
    next iteration of Word, is the option to choose - when in writing/editing mode - the entire screen real estate, with NO columns on each side of the screen and with NO Ribbon or other stuff on top and nothing at the bottom of the screen either. 
    This must be possible to establish as an option?! 
    The Word 2003 had such a feature, but it (completely?) disappeared as an option from 2007 and later, as far as I can see, and this lack of being able to choose using a totally blank screen, from bezel to bezel, with no other things than what you write on
    it, is for me and many other writers, who often also use a machine with a rather small screen, a significant missing feature! 
    As I see it, the real estate that is "given away" to give space to the two vertical columns (to give a for me the unnessary and unwanted "impression/illusion" of having to deal with a sheet of paper placed on the middle of the screen),
    this real estate should instead be used as a typing "place". In other words: Many writers and others would really like to be able to use ALL the screen from left to right and from top to bottom to be filled with letters and words! 
    Can and will this technically be done? So that we again (as in 2003) can be given the option to choose (real) full-screen view? 
    I would really like to get some positive feedback from developers and decision makers in the Word developer team at Microsoft about the possibility of re-establishing this now seemingly missing option. 

    Thank you for your feedback.
    As far as I know, this is currently not available in Office 2013. We are sorry that at this time we are not able to edit documents in a full screen mode that "with NO columns on each side of the screen and with NO Ribbon or other stuff on top and
    nothing at the bottom of the screen either. "
    We have passed this information to the product group for consideration for a future product or update.
    Please be assured that our developers strive to capture Microsoft users' ideas and are working hard to create a more powerful and easy-to-use product.
    Thanks for your understanding.
    Ethan Hua
    TechNet Community Support
    It's recommended to download and install
    Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT), which is developed by Microsoft Support teams. Once the tool is installed, you can run it at any time to scan for hundreds of known issues in Office

  • 7.4 changed my full screen view of videos

    I updated to iTunes 7.4 this morning after realizing most of the new features are useless to me who has no iPod or iPhone, but I did see mention of full screen support (and couldn't remember if that was new or not.)
    I played a couple of videos going from command-0 to command-3 and then command-F and back again, getting inconsistent results (ending up with command-F giving me a small video view in an entirely black background.
    Not only that, the thumbnail for one of my videos, changed from its former image to a solid green screen, (although the video still plays when clicked on.)
    I went back to my daughter's PC with iTunes and noted that I have complete control of the same videos from the command-0 setting all the way to command-F (full screen view) and back and forth without weirdness.
    Anyone else note similar quirks with 7.4 full screen support?

    Well, I have solved part of my problem - in Preferences>Playback, I changed "Play movies and TV shows" and "Play music videos" to "in a separate window" and the sizing issue seems to have settled down. Command-F seems to have a toggle action.
    Choosing Command-0, command-1, command-2, command-3 steps up from smallest size to "fit to screen" size and then command-F takes you to full screen mode. but hitting command-F again then takes you back to "double size (command-2) although the menu shows View>Fit to screen command-3 as selected. Weird.
    Choosing one of the other selections, say double size (command-2) repeatedly just sets that size on the first attempt and then on later repeats of command-2 it just flashed the "View" menu item without toggling to another size (and continues to display View>Double size command-2 as it should.
    So the remaining question I guess is how to get my thumbnail view back from the green screen. How is that image selected anyway? It doesn't appear to be the first frame of the video necessarily.
    And here I am back later editing this after reading the iTunes Help stuff. I fixed this by control-clicking on the frame I liked and then selecting "Set Poster Frame" from the dropdown.
    So overall, not much to complain about other than the weirdness with video sizing and command-F
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    Does anyone know how I can make my pc and mac talk to each other...share folders etc? Is it even possible to share my USB portable hard-drive on my mac so the pc can see it? Any help would be most appreciate it, i'm useless at these types of things!

  • Shuffling genre using cover flow not possible

    Hi, Using iTunes to play music over the home stereo became so much nicer with cover flow, however, you cannot shuffle, for example by genre, when using cover flow. Using list view I selected the genre and shuffle, then switched to cover flow, and it