Drag-and-drop in J2EE

I need to implement the drag-and-drop feature within the same page on the same web browser using J2EE. What would be the best way to do it?

I'm not sure I completely understand what you are trying to do but if you are trying to create a web based user interface to a J2EE application and the interface must support drag and drop you may want to look at using a Java applet.

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  • What's up when you drag and drop a table into a jsp page?

    Hi All,
    I was wondering what's happen in dragging and drop a table into a jsp page. This question because untill yesterday i had an application up and running, with a table displaying a number of rows of the database, and an action associated with an update into a database.
    The action is managed trough JNDI, defined from Preference-Embedded.......
    It was working.
    Then the machine hosting the db changed IP addres. I went into Webcenter Administration console, I've changed the connection string into the jdbc parameters, by updating the new IP address... but it's not working anymore! The log comes out with a big error, but basically it can't connect at the db!
    So, I think there is somewhere some reference to the old db.....where???

    Yes Shay,
    I got this error:
    JBO-29000: Unexpected exception caught: oracle.jbo.JboException, msg=JBO-29000: Unexpected exception caught: oracle.jbo.JboException, msg=JBO-29000: Unexpected exception caught: oracle.jbo.DMLException, msg=JBO-26061: Error while opening JDBC connection.
    in few hours I'll be able to give you the full stack.
    Message was edited by:
    Hi Shay,
    Thanks a lot..you were right.
    I've located the ba4j on the webcenter server...and I've noticed that it was with the old address.
    I think it's a bug, cause on the local machine (before to deploy) this file comes with the right address.
    So next time, before to redeploy a new application, I think I'm going to fiscally delete the folder from j2ee folder.
    Thanks again for the help!

  • Sql Developer 1.5.1 Drag and drop not working ?

    I've just installed this version and while the cursor changes when I drag a table to the editor, notjhing actuually happens.
    I've changed the default setting (select) to prompt every time, but it makes no difference.
    Is there something I should be setting to get this to work ?
    10g on XP

    OK, for the powers that be, if they ever use these forums, here is what I get when trying to drag and drop a table onto an empty worksheet.
    Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" oracle.classloader.util.AnnotatedNoClassD
    Missing class: org.antlr.stringtemplate.CommonGroupLoader
    Dependent class: oracle.dbtools.raptor.controls.DnDDropGenerator
    Loader: main:11.0
    Code-Source: /C:/Program Files/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper/extensions/
    Configuration: system property C:\Program Files\sqldeveloper\sqldevelo
    The missing class is not available from any code-source or loader in the system.
    at oracle.classloader.PolicyClassLoader.handleClassNotFound (PolicyClass
    Loader.java:2176) [/C:/Program%20Files/sqldeveloper/j2ee/home/lib/pcl.jar, by su
    [email protected]]
    at oracle.classloader.PolicyClassLoader.internalLoadClass (PolicyClassLo
    ader.java:1729) [/C:/Program%20Files/sqldeveloper/j2ee/home/lib/pcl.jar, by sun.
    [email protected]]
    at oracle.classloader.PolicyClassLoader.access$000 (PolicyClassLoader.ja
    va:143) [/C:/Program%20Files/sqldeveloper/j2ee/home/lib/pcl.jar, by sun.misc.Lau
    [email protected]]
    at oracle.classloader.PolicyClassLoader$LoadClassAction.run (PolicyClass
    Loader.java:331) [/C:/Program%20Files/sqldeveloper/j2ee/home/lib/pcl.jar, by sun
    [email protected]]
    at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged (Native method) [unknown,
    by unknown]
    at oracle.classloader.PolicyClassLoader.loadClass (PolicyClassLoader.jav
    a:1688) [/C:/Program%20Files/sqldeveloper/j2ee/home/lib/pcl.jar, by sun.misc.Lau
    [email protected]]
    at oracle.classloader.PolicyClassLoader.loadClass (PolicyClassLoader.jav
    a:1670) [/C:/Program%20Files/sqldeveloper/j2ee/home/lib/pcl.jar, by sun.misc.Lau
    [email protected]]
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClassInternal (ClassLoader.java:319) [jre b
    ootstrap, by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at oracle.dbtools.raptor.controls.DnDDropGenerator.loadTemplates (DnDDro
    pGenerator.java:620) [/C:/Program Files/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper/extensions/ora
    cle.sqldeveloper.jar (from system property C:\Program Files\sqldeveloper\sqldeve
    loper\extensions\oracle.sqldeveloper.jar), by main:11.0]
    at oracle.dbtools.raptor.controls.DnDDropGenerator.generate (DnDDropGene
    rator.java:521) [/C:/Program Files/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper/extensions/oracle.s
    qldeveloper.jar (from system property C:\Program Files\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper
    \extensions\oracle.sqldeveloper.jar), by main:11.0]
    at oracle.dbtools.raptor.controls.RaptorDnD.nodeDrop (RaptorDnD.java:197
    ) [/C:/Program Files/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper/extensions/oracle.sqldeveloper.ja
    r (from system property C:\Program Files\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\extensions\or
    acle.sqldeveloper.jar), by main:11.0]
    at oracle.dbtools.raptor.controls.RaptorDnD.drop (RaptorDnD.java:160) [/
    C:/Program Files/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper/extensions/oracle.sqldeveloper.jar (f
    rom system property C:\Program Files\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\extensions\oracle
    .sqldeveloper.jar), by main:11.0]
    at oracle.dbtools.raptor.controls.RaptorDnD.drop (RaptorDnD.java:141) [/
    C:/Program Files/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper/extensions/oracle.sqldeveloper.jar (f
    rom system property C:\Program Files\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\extensions\oracle
    .sqldeveloper.jar), by main:11.0]
    at java.awt.dnd.DropTarget.drop (DropTarget.java:430) [jre bootstrap, by
    at sun.awt.dnd.SunDropTargetContextPeer.processDropMessage (SunDropTarge
    tContextPeer.java:500) [jre bootstrap, by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at sun.awt.dnd.SunDropTargetContextPeer.access$800 (SunDropTargetContext
    Peer.java:53) [jre bootstrap, by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at sun.awt.dnd.SunDropTargetContextPeer$EventDispatcher.dispatchDropEven
    t (SunDropTargetContextPeer.java:812) [jre bootstrap, by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at sun.awt.dnd.SunDropTargetContextPeer$EventDispatcher.dispatchEvent (S
    unDropTargetContextPeer.java:736) [jre bootstrap, by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at sun.awt.dnd.SunDropTargetEvent.dispatch (SunDropTargetEvent.java:29)
    [jre bootstrap, by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at java.awt.Component.dispatchEventImpl (Component.java:3842) [jre boots
    trap, by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at java.awt.Container.dispatchEventImpl (Container.java:2024) [jre boots
    trap, by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at java.awt.Component.dispatchEvent (Component.java:3819) [jre bootstrap
    , by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.retargetMouseEvent (Container.java:421
    2) [jre bootstrap, by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.processDropTargetEvent (Container.java
    :3963) [jre bootstrap, by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.dispatchEvent (Container.java:3817) [j
    re bootstrap, by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at java.awt.Container.dispatchEventImpl (Container.java:2010) [jre boots
    trap, by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at java.awt.Window.dispatchEventImpl (Window.java:1791) [jre bootstrap,
    by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at java.awt.Component.dispatchEvent (Component.java:3819) [jre bootstrap
    , by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent (EventQueue.java:463) [jre bootstra
    p, by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForHierarchy (EventDispatchT
    hread.java:242) [jre bootstrap, by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy (EventDispatchThr
    ead.java:163) [jre bootstrap, by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents (EventDispatchThread.java:157
    ) [jre bootstrap, by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents (EventDispatchThread.java:149
    ) [jre bootstrap, by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.run (EventDispatchThread.java:110) [jre
    bootstrap, by jre.bootstrap:1.5.0_12]

  • I want to Sync my iPhone 4 to iTunes however I get an error message from iTunes each time I connect the phone to the PC saying that I should restore to factory settings. Frustrating because it's already annoying enough that I can't drag and drop mp3's!!!

    I have never been so frustrated before in my life with any phone. I find it obnoxious as it is that I cannot simply drag and drop files (especially MP3's) straight from my PC directly into my phone, which I have been used to doing up until now. Everyone who convinced me to get the iPhone has instructed me that my frustration can be fixed by downloading iTunes and syncing it all up via that program (which I have never used before). So, I downloaded the program successfully, however when I connect the iPhone 4 to the PC and iTunes is open, I get an error message that 'iTunes cannot read the content of the iPhone "iPhone" and that I should go to the Preferences tab of the iPhone and select 'restore' to restore this phone to factory settings. First of all, I don't understand why I need to do that. I have already downloaded apps and other important things in the 2 days that I have the phone. I am also scared that it will erase my contacts. This is such a headache. Music is very imporatant to me, but I am getting so frustrated that I don't have freedom over the phone which I thought was supposed to be one of the best out there. I would really appreciate help in this matter. I am sure the phone is great but I am on the verge of taking it back and getting something else.

    Hey joshuafromisr,
    If you resintall iTunes, it should fix the issue. The following document will go over how to remove iTunes fully and then reinstall. Depending on what version of Windows you're running you'll either follow the directions here:
    Removing and Reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows XP
    or here:
    Removing and reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista or Windows 7

  • When I drag and drop an icon from the address bar to the desktop is does creat the shortcut but will not display the website icon, only the firefox icon, how can I display website icons?

    When I drag and drop a website icon from the Forefox address bar to the desk top, the short cut is created but the icon that appears is the firefox Icon. I want to disply the icon from the website that the short cut refers to. I have checked all I can think of in my computer to no avail.

    You have to assign the favicon yourself to the desktop shortcut (right-click the shortcut: Properties) after you have dragged the link to the desktop.
    You can usually find the favicon in Tools >Page Info > Media and save the icon there.
    Otherwise use the main domain of the website and add favicon.ico (e.g. mozilla.com/favicon.ico ) to display the favicon in a tab and save that image to a folder.

  • Is there any way of dragging and dropping an iCal event showing in week view across to a date in the left sidebar monthly calendar?

    Hi, Im not a frequent forum poster, as most of my questions can be found already answered on them!
    This is a question Ive had for a long time and it amazes me that no-one else seems to ask it. I check at each OS upgrade but its never there...
    Is there any way of dragging and dropping an iCal event showing in week view across to a date in the left sidebar monthly calendar?
    I was able to do this years ago in MS Outlook, and utilized it all the time when I needed to push things back, now I have to open the event and select an new date in the drop-down calendar for each & every event I want to move to a new month at the end of the month.
    If its definitely not possible, how to you ask apple to consider including it - it doesnt seem like a particularly difficult task.

    Is there any way of dragging and dropping an iCal event showing in week view across to a date in the left sidebar monthly calendar?
    No, but you can use cut/paste. Cut (⌘X) the event, then click on the week where you want to move the event, and Paste (⌘V).
    If you have a suggestion for Apple to change that method use: Apple - Mac OS X - Feedback.

  • Why does not drag and drop work?!

    I am trying to implent a drag and drop from a table to an icon representing a trash.
    The drop handler fails in converting the selected rows to a list:
    [email protected] javax.el.ELException: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.util.List
    Could you help me to understand why? Below are the details.
    This is the af:table:
    <af:table var="row" rowBandingInterval="0" id="t1"
    verticalGridVisible="false" fetchSize="-1"
    autoHeightRows="6" width="190"
    <af:column sortable="true" headerText="Entry" id="c1"
    <af:outputText value="#{row.Description}" id="ot1"/>
    <af:dragSource actions="MOVE" defaultAction="MOVE"
    This is the drop area:
    <af:image source="Images/empty_trash_32.png" id="i2">
    <af:dropTarget dropListener="#{backingBeanScope.DropHandlerBean.dropHandler}"
    <af:dataFlavor flavorClass="org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.model.RowKeySet"
    This is the failing listener listener (the failing point is bold):
    public DnDAction dropHandler(DropEvent dropEvent) {
    DnDAction dnda = DnDAction.NONE;
    if (dropEvent.getProposedAction() == DnDAction.MOVE) { // delete
    RichTable table = (RichTable)dropEvent.getDragComponent();
    //determine the rows that are dragged over
    Transferable t = dropEvent.getTransferable();
    //when looking for data, use the same discriminator as defined
    //on the drag source
    DataFlavor<RowKeySet> df =
    DataFlavor.getDataFlavor(RowKeySet.class, "delete");
    RowKeySet rks = t.getData(df);
    if (rks == null) {
    return DnDAction.NONE;
    Iterator iter = rks.iterator();
    while (iter.hasNext()) {
    //get next selected row key
    System.out.println(rks.toArray().length); // the number of selected rows is ok
    List key = (List)iter.next(); // here gives: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.util.List
    //make row current so we can access it
    //the table model represents its row by the ADF binding class,
    //which is JUCtrlHierNodeBinding
    JUCtrlHierNodeBinding rowBinding =
    Row row = (Row)rowBinding.getRow();
    //delete row;
    //activate animation
    dnda = DnDAction.MOVE;
    return dnda;

    I did try, I obtained this:
    Why NullPointerException?
    I don't know if this helps, but consider that the collection model comes from a ViewObject built on three EOs with many fields, although the table only shows one column.
    This is the Iterator in my pageDef:
    <table IterBinding="MyView1Iterator" id="MyView1">
    <Item Value="Cod1"/>
    <Item Value="Cod2"/>
    <Item Value="Cod3"/>
    <Item Value="Cod4"/>
    <Item Value="Description"/>
    <Item Value="Cod5"/>
    Any idea?
    I will see the Key content with the debugger.

  • Did my first back up today using external hard drive and time machine now i can't drag and drop

    Hi, i did my first back up today using time machine it all went onto my external hard drive fine. Now i cant drag and drop anyhting. I assume ive cahnged some settings in time machine but cant figure it out what to do can some one help ?

    Brandbasher wrote:
    Thanks Pondini but i have closed time machine, removed external hard drive.
    Did you eject it first?
    Now i cant drag and drop anything on my desk top, or mail or any other application. Ive tried moving folders, documents none of it works. Even moving around documents within a folder, it wont let me chnage the position of files.
    That shouldn't be related to Time Machine (especially if the backups aren't mounted).
    What happens when you try those things?  Do you get any messages?  Anything you can post a screenshot of?
    Have you tried a Restart?
    Does it happen in another user account?  (If you don't have one, create one via System Prefs > Users & Groups.)

  • Drag and Drop (re-order) Thumbnails in Organizer

    I am using Photoshop Elements version 5.0.2
    I would like to re-order pictures in an order that will make sense for me in my business. I suppose I can go through each pix and change the time on them, so I can then sort by time stamp.
    Is there an easier way to do this? I was hopeful that I could drag and drop them in Thumbnail view - but I cannot.
    Thank you,

    >Is there anyway to delete the photos in the main well, without losing them from my collection?
    As I understand the design, the main well is intended to be all the photos that you are managing with Photoshop Elements.
    Collections are used to display a specific group of those photos in your chosen sequence for any given activity.
    I suspect that since you are using a consumer product such as Photoshop Elements for your business purpose, you may need to make some compromises like having a default (the main photo well) display sequence which you see first when starting PSE that is not what you would choose.
    This is not bad if PSE does what you want - just additional steps to switch to the Collection view and also to maintain (drag and drop) the sequencing of the collection when you add additional photo files to a Collection.

  • Problems with ListViews Drag and Drop

    I'm surprised that there isn't an Active X control that can do this more
    easily? Would
    be curious to find out if there is - although we aren't really embracing the
    use of
    them within Forte because it locks you into the Microsoft arena.
    ---------------------- Forwarded by Peggy Lynn Adrian/AM/LLY on 02/03/98 01:33
    PM ---------------------------
    "Stokesbary, Michael" <[email protected]> on 02/03/98 12:19:52 PM
    Please respond to "Stokesbary, Michael" <[email protected]>
    To: "'[email protected]'" <[email protected]>
    Subject: Problems with ListViews Drag and Drop
    I am just curious as to other people's experiences with the ListView
    widget when elements in it are set to be draggable. In particular, I am
    currently trying to design an interface that looks a lot like Windows
    Explorer where a TreeView resides on the left side of the window and a
    ListView resides on the right side. Upon double clicking on the
    ListView, if the current node that was clicked on was a folder, then the
    TreeView expands this folder and the contents are then displayed in the
    ListView, otherwise, it was a file and it is brought up in Microsoft
    Word. All this works great if I don't have the elements in the ListView
    widget set to be draggable. If they are set to be draggable, then I am
    finding that the DoubleClick event seems to get registered twice along
    with the ObjectDrop event. This is not good because if I double click
    and the current node is a folder, then it will expand this folder in the
    TreeView, display the contents in the ListView, grab the node that is
    now displayed where that node used to be displayed and run the events
    for that as well. What this means, is that if this is a file, then Word
    is just launched and no big deal. Unfortunately, if this happens to be
    another directory, then the previous directory is dropped into this
    current directory and a recursive copy gets performed, giving me one
    heck of a deep directory tree for that folder.
    Has anybody else seen this, or am I the only lucky one to experience.
    If need be, I do have this exported in a .pex file if anybody needs to
    look at it more closely.
    Thanks in advance.
    Michael Stokesbary
    Software Engineer
    GTE Government Systems Corporation
    tel: (650) 966-2975
    e-mail: [email protected]

    here is the required code....
    private static class TreeDragGestureListener implements DragGestureListener {
         public void dragGestureRecognized(DragGestureEvent dragGestureEvent) {
         // Can only drag leafs
         JTree tree = (JTree) dragGestureEvent.getComponent();
         TreePath path = tree.getSelectionPath();
         if (path == null) {
              // Nothing selected, nothing to drag
              System.out.println("Nothing selected - beep");
         } else {
              DefaultMutableTreeNode selection = (DefaultMutableTreeNode) path
              if (selection.isLeaf()) {
              TransferableTreeNode node = new TransferableTreeNode(
                   node, new MyDragSourceListener());
              } else {
              System.out.println("Not a leaf - beep");

  • An mp3 file on my computer will not import to itunes by either the drag-and-drop or the Add File to Library method.  Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.  My OS is Windows 7.

    I purchased an mp3 from a private website on my laptop.  The itunes library i sync ipod to is on my desktop, so i copied the mp3 onto a flash drive and then into my desktop in the Downloads folder and Desktop folder as well as the itunes music folder, 3 places.  I opened itunes on the desktop and read the instructions for importing music that's already in my computer.  Neither the drag-and-drop or the Add File to Library method works.  I've tried both ways over and over.  Cannot figure out what the problem is.  I do note that the name of the mp3 file doesn't show the .mp3 extension, it appears as simply it's title, Eating Healthy, without any extension at all.  Could the filename be the problem, or do you have any other idea what I'm doing wrong?  My OS is Windows 7, using IE9.  Thanks.
    ADDENDUM AFTER READING ANOTHER DISCUSSION HERE:  I have now tried right clicking the song in Windows Explorer and choosing Open With, clicking itunes.  The mp3 plays in itunes but does not add to the library.

    I don't have a Recently Added playlist.  However, I discovered that the file I had named Eating Healthy was given the name You Can Enjoy Eating Healthy when it copied to iTunes.  I'm guessing iTunes pulled the full name of the piece from the internet.  Upshot--the mp3 did transfer to iTunes on all 3 tries, but I was looking in my alphabetized list under E, not Y, so I didn't see it there.  Thanks for your help. 

  • Using drag and drop property in forms.

    Hi all,
    I want to use drag and drop property in a form during
    runtime.I am using oracle 7.3.I don't want to call any
    another application.
    Is there any way?
    Thx in advance.

    Mona ! First tell your problem in brief ..Actually what you want
    on runtime ...would you like to fetching the data from one item
    to another or change the position of any item or
    pushbutton ...or what..give detail ...obviously i can help you..
    there are many commands like set_item_property ,
    get_item_property but right now i could not understand your
    prob ..tell me in brief..
    You can ask me at [email protected]..

  • Select All in a table does not work for Drag and Drop

    Hi. I am using Jdeveloper but have also reproduced in
    I am trying to implement drag and drop rows from one table to another. Everything works fine except when I do a Select All (ctrl-A) in a table, the table visually looks like all rows are selected, but when I try to click on one of the selected rows to drag to the other table, only the row I click on is dragged.
    I tried setting Range Size -1, fetch mode to FETCH_ALL, content delivery to "immediate" but nothing works.
    I even have reproduced not using a view object but just a List of beans with only 5 or 10 beans showing in the table.
    Does anyone know how to get Select All to work for a Drag Source?

    OK, thanks for looking into that. I also submitted this service request, which includes a simple sample app to demonstrate the problem:
    SR #3-2387481211: ADF Drag and Drop does not work for rows in table using Select All
    Thanks again for the reply.

  • Working in Logic 9, how do I use a drum loop WITH ITS PRESET EFFECTS? I can drag and drop the loop but it plays dry in timeline. thanks

    Working in Logic 9, how do I use a drum loop WITH ITS PRESET EFFECTS? I can drag and drop the loop but it plays dry in timeline. thanks

    Here's the short-cut solution:
    Green Apple tracks are MIDI files (so to speak). If you drag one from the loop browser (Capitol C Orchestral hit, as you mentioned in this exable) directly into the arrange page it creates the MIDI file and the instrument to play it back on.
    HOWEVER.If you create and audio track first, THEN drag the green Apple loop onto that track, the loop will get "bounced" with the reverb in tact and you'll have the exact sound that you heard in the preview.
    Make sense?

  • Drag and drop podcasts do not show up under "podcasts" heading

    When I manually drag and drop a downloaded podcast into my Ipod, these do not show up in ITunes under the "podcasts" category. When I look at the Ipod display, it show the podcast is actually on the device, even though ITunes does not show it. I can not browse through the ITunes listings to find the missing podcasts since the only other category available in the left-hand menu is "music" and this does not show podcast as an option for genre. How can I display and delete podcasts after I have listened to them? Hows can I see what is actually on my Ipod using ITunes.

    Only episodes downloaded with iTunes will go into podcast section even if genre is set to podcast. Doesn't matter if it is singles episode download or using subscription.
    Episodes downloaded with browser will go into music section. Depending on tag info they can then be found using genre, artist, or album search.
    Somebody, awhile ago, found the difference in files using a hex editor. They were successful in moving the direct download file to the podcast section.

Maybe you are looking for