Drawin' a blank here....

I must not be awak yet but I forgot how to get around the "can't make static reference" error when you call interfaces or abstract classes. Im doin these calls when I get the error. How do I do that again?
out.print(testdispatcher.getServletInfo() + "<BR>");
out.print(testdispatcher.getServletContext().getRealPath("") + "<BR>");
out.print(testdispatcher.getServletContext().getServerInfo() + "<BR>");

Don't put that code in a static method.

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  • Script header window getting blank

    Dear All,
    I having using Standard script for quality certificate, In that i am having two pages first and Next. In first page three windows are there Header,Main,Footer and in next page same windows like first page..
    Now if output is of one page then data in Header window is coming correctly. But if Main window is moving to Next page first page header is coming blank. here the problem is that i have used subroutine on field Insp Lot  while executing first page insp lot value is coming blank and for next page it is coming corectly.....How to solve this.

    Main window will extend to another page if data exceeds. The other two windows are not main windows.
    Try to use Top EndTop to get the header in every page
    The TOP...ENDTOP  is used to set the header and BOTTOM...ENDBOTTOM is used to set the  footer texts in the main window respectively.
    These are  displayed on the start and end of every new page in the output.
    To disable these texts enclose empty commands between the commands.
    /: TOP
    /: ENDTOP
    /: BOTTOM
    Check this [Wiki|http://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/x/nAKmB]
    Hope this solves the issue.

  • Why are some of my iBooks blank when I open them on my macbook Air?

    I bought Jim Cramer's book on ibooks today.  I can read it on my phone, and it appears in iBooks on my Macbook Air, but when I open it on my Macbook Air, it's blank.  I then noticed that some of my opther books are also blank here, though not all of them.

    Blue messages are iMessages; green are regular sms.

  • 0PLANT_ATTR - purchasing organization field is blank

    In our R/3 system (ERP), the plant and purchasing org relationships are maintained in trancode ox17.  I can see all the plant/purchase org combinations in table T024W, over 1800 of them.  But when we extract the data into BI, using standard data source 0PLANT_ATTR, the purchasing org column is all blank.
    I see R/3 has another table, T001W, that has plant master data, including purchase org.  But here, purchase org is blank.  Why is it blank here?
    Is the standard extractor selecting purchasing org from the wrong table?  Or do we need to do something different in R/3?

    You can maintain a table using SM30/31 tcodes provided you have the authorization for the same. But I would check with the functional team as to why its not being populaed and have them do that.
    The other option is to work with the functional team and maintain the values directly in BW for the Plant info object, if you absolutely need them. But that would mean that the source and BW are out of sync.
    You could also create a generic datasource on the table that contains the purch org and feed that to the Plant info object to populate the purch org values.

  • App Store Updates screen is blank

    I just upgraded my iphone 3gs to the new ios 6.1, and now my app store updates is not working.  The icon is showing that I have 3 available updates, but when I click on the app store and go to updates tab, the screen is blank.

    Here's what I have tried so far:
    Hit "home" twice and shut down the app store, reopened, no help.
    Changed language to another language then back to English, no help.
    Signed out of iTunes store and back in, no help.
    Hard shut down, then back on, no help.
    The other tabs work, just the updates tab is blank.

  • ADL blank white display AIR 14.0

    Hello guys,
    Im new to AIR development and i downloaded the AIR version 14.0.
    I coded a few screens using Starling & Feathers, when in compiled using amxmlc its working fine but when i use the ADL on my app.xml it displays blank.
    here's my app.xml
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <application xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/14.0" minimumPatchLevel="0">
        <name>Main iOS</name>

    after abusing google i found out i have to add <renderMode>direct</renderMode> inside the initialWindow tag, i added it inside the application tag before

  • Getting blank iviews in General Infromation page.

    Hi All,
    We have set up Ehp5 for ESS and MSS.ESS in Ehp5 is working fine.Still using old MSS iviews in General Information page and Organizational Chart etc. We are getting blank iview trays in General Information page in MSS.when previewed these iviews separately in PCD , we get blank iviews with no error messages.
    -User id has SAP_ALL authorization.
    - Have checked iview properties..it also seems to be fine.
    -Tried Creating our own webdynpro java page for employee search.It also appears blank.
    -Also OADP configuration is fine since we are able to view Team Calendar(Ehp5) with employees under the manager.
    -Other Webdynpro java  pages in MSS also seems to be blank.
    -Tried  exporting iviews from other working portal system to the required system. As we import it in our portal ,  the working iviews of other portal system also  appear to be blank here.
    We are getting an error called "No property defined with ID sap.xss.tmv.visiblerows" when we run the application General Information  under  sap.com/mss~eepro in SLD.
    No property defined with ID sap.xss.tmv.visiblerows.:
    com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.java.FPMRuntimeException: No property defined with ID sap.xss.tmv.visiblerows.
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.java.MessageManager.raiseException(MessageManager.java:111)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.wd.FPMComponent$FPM.getPropertyValue(FPMComponent.java:1034)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.wd.FPMComponent$FPMProxy.getPropertyValue(FPMComponent.java:1151)
         at com.sap.xss.hr.tmv.vac.VTeamViewerComp.onBeforeOutput(VTeamViewerComp.java:245)
         at com.sap.xss.hr.tmv.vac.wdp.InternalVTeamViewerComp.onBeforeOutput(InternalVTeamViewerComp.java:208)
         at com.sap.xss.hr.tmv.vac.VTeamViewerCompInterface.onBeforeOutput(VTeamViewerCompInterface.java:144)
         at com.sap.xss.hr.tmv.vac.wdp.InternalVTeamViewerCompInterface.onBeforeOutput(InternalVTeamViewerCompInterface.java:136)
         at com.sap.xss.hr.tmv.vac.wdp.InternalVTeamViewerCompInterface$External.onBeforeOutput(InternalVTeamViewerCompInterface.java:212)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.wd.FPMComponent.callOnBeforeOutput(FPMComponent.java:603)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.wd.FPMComponent.doProcessEvent(FPMComponent.java:569)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.wd.FPMComponent.doEventLoop(FPMComponent.java:438)
         at com.sap.pcuigp.xssfpm.wd.FPMComponent.wdDoInit(FPMComponent.java:196)
    Please help.Thanks.
    Edited by: simi123 on Dec 22, 2011 2:12 PM

    Please check it. i hope this [forum|MSS Employee Search-No property defined with ID sap.xss.tmv.visiblerowcount; is related to u
    Vijay K

  • Unable to get key field value in Method

    Dear All,
    I am Trying to implement Notification workflow on BOM Change.
    I am doing it via BADI : BOM_UPDATE
    *        " Declare Variable for Object Key
      DATA :   l_objkey     TYPE sweinstcou-objkey,
               wa_stzu      TYPE stzu.
      LOOP AT delta_stzub INTO wa_stzu.
    *        " Pass Object Key Variable to Business Object
      CONCATENATE wa_stzu-stlty wa_stzu-stlnr INTO l_objkey.
    *        " Function to call Business Event
          objtype    = 'ZBO_BOM_NF'
          objkey     = l_objkey
          event      = 'TR_BOMNF'
          debug_flag = 'X'.
      IF sy-subrc = 0.
        WRITE : /5 'Event is triggered wf started'.
        WRITE : /5 'No Event is triggered Check WF'.
    When i use this value in my method no value is passed
    select single * from mast where stlnr = object-key-stlnr.
    variable object-key-stlnr doesn't bring required val.
    Thanks all,
    Gaurav Sood
    Can you please tell what went wromg here

    Hi Gautam,
    How r u,
    Requirement :
    I want to initiate a WF on BOM Change.
    1.    called FM in BADI to trigger WF when BOM is changed.    ( Working Fine ).
    2.   WF is initiated and reciever has it his SAP inbox                 ( Working Fine ).
    3.    User should be able to Display BOM from WF using CS03
           as per Code
    select single * from mast where stlnr = object-key-stlnr
              SET PARAMETER ID 'MAT' FIELD mast-matnr.
              SET PARAMETER ID 'WRK' FIELD mast-werks.
              SET PARAMETER ID 'CSV' FIELD mast-stlan.
    The Problem here is that value object-key-stlnr is blank here.
    Gaurav Sood
    1     100000003     ZBO_BOM_NF

  • End routine to fill 0PROFIT_CTR

    Hi experts,
    i am uploading data from DSO TO INFO CUBE. where some of the customers are assigned to PROFIT CENTER in ECC which is coming to DSO and INFO CUBE perfectly, but most of the customers are not assigned to PROFIT CENTER but assigned to SALES DISTRICT.
    so whenever the PROFIT CENTER is blank I need to fill the SALES DISTRICT values for the PROFIT CENTER.
    from DSO to CUBE profit center is direct mapping, so i want to write a end routine to fill the values of PROFIT CENTER where PROFIT CENTER is Blank.
    here is the default code in the end routine
          BEGIN OF _ty_s_TG_1,
    *      InfoObject: 0FISCPER Fiscal year / period.
            FISCPER           TYPE /BI0/OIFISCPER,
    *      InfoObject: 0FISCVARNT Fiscal year variant.
            FISCVARNT           TYPE /BI0/OIFISCVARNT,
    *      InfoObject: 0LOC_CURRCY Local currency.
            LOC_CURRCY           TYPE /BI0/OILOC_CURRCY,
    *      InfoObject: 0DOC_CURRCY Document currency.
            DOC_CURRCY           TYPE /BI0/OIDOC_CURRCY,
    *      InfoObject: 0CLEAR_DATE Clearing date.
            CLEAR_DATE           TYPE /BI0/OICLEAR_DATE,
    *      InfoObject: 0AC_DOC_TYP Document type.
            AC_DOC_TYP           TYPE /BI0/OIAC_DOC_TYP,
    *      InfoObject: 0DOC_DATE Document Date.
            DOC_DATE           TYPE /BI0/OIDOC_DATE,
    *      InfoObject: 0POST_KEY Posting key.
            POST_KEY           TYPE /BI0/OIPOST_KEY,
    *      InfoObject: 0COMP_CODE Company code.
            COMP_CODE           TYPE /BI0/OICOMP_CODE,
    *      InfoObject: 0GL_ACCOUNT G/L Account.
            GL_ACCOUNT           TYPE /BI0/OIGL_ACCOUNT,
    *      InfoObject: 0C_CTR_AREA Credit Control Area.
            C_CTR_AREA           TYPE /BI0/OIC_CTR_AREA,
    *      InfoObject: 0DUNN_AREA Dunning Area.
            DUNN_AREA           TYPE /BI0/OIDUNN_AREA,
    *      InfoObject: 0LAST_DUNN Date of last dunning notice.
            LAST_DUNN           TYPE /BI0/OILAST_DUNN,
    *      InfoObject: 0DUNN_BLOCK Dunning block.
            DUNN_BLOCK           TYPE /BI0/OIDUNN_BLOCK,
    *      InfoObject: 0DUNN_LEVEL Dunning level.
            DUNN_LEVEL           TYPE /BI0/OIDUNN_LEVEL,
    *      InfoObject: 0DUNN_KEY Dunning key.
            DUNN_KEY           TYPE /BI0/OIDUNN_KEY,
    *      InfoObject: 0NETDUEDATE Due date for net payment.
            NETDUEDATE           TYPE /BI0/OINETDUEDATE,
    *      InfoObject: 0REASON_CDE Difference Reason for Payments.
            REASON_CDE           TYPE /BI0/OIREASON_CDE,
    *      InfoObject: 0DSCT_DATE1 Due date for cash discount 1.
            DSCT_DATE1           TYPE /BI0/OIDSCT_DATE1,
    *      InfoObject: 0DSCT_DATE2 Due date for cash discount 2.
            DSCT_DATE2           TYPE /BI0/OIDSCT_DATE2,
    *      InfoObject: 0SP_GL_IND Special General Ledger Indicator.
            SP_GL_IND           TYPE /BI0/OISP_GL_IND,
    *      InfoObject: 0BLINE_DATE Baseline Date For Due Date Calculation.
            BLINE_DATE           TYPE /BI0/OIBLINE_DATE,
    *      InfoObject: 0PYMT_METH Payment method.
            PYMT_METH           TYPE /BI0/OIPYMT_METH,
    *      InfoObject: 0PMNT_BLOCK Payment block key.
            PMNT_BLOCK           TYPE /BI0/OIPMNT_BLOCK,
    *      InfoObject: 0PMNTTRMS Terms of Payment Key.
            PMNTTRMS           TYPE /BI0/OIPMNTTRMS,
    *      InfoObject: 0CHRT_ACCTS Chart of accounts.
            CHRT_ACCTS           TYPE /BI0/OICHRT_ACCTS,
    *      InfoObject: 0ACCT_TYPE Account type.
            ACCT_TYPE           TYPE /BI0/OIACCT_TYPE,
    *      InfoObject: 0COUNTRY Country Key.
            COUNTRY           TYPE /BI0/OICOUNTRY,
    *      InfoObject: 0DEBITOR Customer Number.
            DEBITOR           TYPE /BI0/OIDEBITOR,
    *      InfoObject: 0FI_DOCSTAT Item Status.
            FI_DOCSTAT           TYPE /BI0/OIFI_DOCSTAT,
    *      InfoObject: 0FI_SUBSID Account Number of the Branch.
            FI_SUBSID           TYPE /BI0/OIFI_SUBSID,
    *      InfoObject: 0PSTNG_DATE Posting date in the document.
            PSTNG_DATE           TYPE /BI0/OIPSTNG_DATE,
    *      InfoObject: 0DEB_CRE_LC Amount in Local Currency with +/- Signs.
            DEB_CRE_LC           TYPE /BI0/OIDEB_CRE_LC,
    *      InfoObject: 0DISC_BASE Amount eligible for cash discount in docum
    *ent currency.
            DISC_BASE           TYPE /BI0/OIDISC_BASE,
    *      InfoObject: 0DSC_AMT_LC Cash discount amount in local currency.
            DSC_AMT_LC           TYPE /BI0/OIDSC_AMT_LC,
    *      InfoObject: 0DEB_CRE_DC Foreign currency amount with signs (+/-).
            DEB_CRE_DC           TYPE /BI0/OIDEB_CRE_DC,
    *      InfoObject: 0DSC_AMT_DC Cash discount amount in document currency
            DSC_AMT_DC           TYPE /BI0/OIDSC_AMT_DC,
    *      InfoObject: 0CREDIT_DC Credit amount in foreign currency.
            CREDIT_DC           TYPE /BI0/OICREDIT_DC,
    *      InfoObject: 0CREDIT_LC Credit amount in local currency.
            CREDIT_LC           TYPE /BI0/OICREDIT_LC,
    *      InfoObject: 0DEBIT_DC Debit amount in foreign currency.
            DEBIT_DC           TYPE /BI0/OIDEBIT_DC,
    *      InfoObject: 0DEBIT_LC Debit amount in local currency.
            DEBIT_LC           TYPE /BI0/OIDEBIT_LC,
    *      InfoObject: 0NETTAKEN Net period used.
            NETTAKEN           TYPE /BI0/OINETTAKEN,
    *      InfoObject: 0INT_CALC_1 Interest Calculation Numerator Days 1 (Ag
            INT_CALC_1           TYPE /BI0/OIINT_CALC_1,
    *      InfoObject: 0INT_CALC_2 Interest calculation numerator days 2 (ag
            INT_CALC_2           TYPE /BI0/OIINT_CALC_2,
    *      InfoObject: 0INT_CALC_N Interest Calculation Numerator Net (Agree
            INT_CALC_N           TYPE /BI0/OIINT_CALC_N,
    *      InfoObject: 0INT_CALCT1 Interest Calculation Numerator Days 1 (Re
            INT_CALCT1           TYPE /BI0/OIINT_CALCT1,
    *      InfoObject: 0INT_CALCT2 Interest Calculation Numerator Days 2 (Re
            INT_CALCT2           TYPE /BI0/OIINT_CALCT2,
    *      InfoObject: 0INT_CALCTN Interest Calculation Numerator Net (Reali
            INT_CALCTN           TYPE /BI0/OIINT_CALCTN,
    *      InfoObject: ZPART_FUN Partner Function.
            /BIC/ZPART_FUN           TYPE /BIC/OIZPART_FUN,
    *      InfoObject: ZAC_CLERK Accounting Clerk.
            /BIC/ZAC_CLERK           TYPE /BIC/OIZAC_CLERK,
    *      InfoObject: 0PROFIT_CTR Profit Center.
            PROFIT_CTR           TYPE /BI0/OIPROFIT_CTR,
    *      InfoObject: 0SALES_DIST Sales District.
            SALES_DIST           TYPE /BI0/OISALES_DIST,
    *      InfoObject: 0SALES_OFF Sales Office.
            SALES_OFF           TYPE /BI0/OISALES_OFF,
    *      InfoObject: 0SALES_GRP Sales group.
            SALES_GRP           TYPE /BI0/OISALES_GRP,
    *      InfoObject: 0RATING Rating.
            RATING           TYPE /BI0/OIRATING,
    *      InfoObject: 0CO_AREA Controlling area.
            CO_AREA           TYPE /BI0/OICO_AREA,
    *      InfoObject: ZAM_INSUR Amount Insured.
            /BIC/ZAM_INSUR           TYPE /BIC/OIZAM_INSUR,
    *      InfoObject: 0CURRENCY Currency key.
            CURRENCY           TYPE /BI0/OICURRENCY,
    *      InfoObject: 0CRED_LIMIT Customer's Credit Limit.
            CRED_LIMIT           TYPE /BI0/OICRED_LIMIT,
    *      InfoObject: 0RISK_CATEG Credit Management: Risk Class for New Cus
            RISK_CATEG           TYPE /BI0/OIRISK_CATEG,
    *      InfoObject: 0CLR_DOC_NO Clearing Document Number.
            CLR_DOC_NO           TYPE /BI0/OICLR_DOC_NO,
    *      InfoObject: 0REF_DOC_NO Reference document number.
            REF_DOC_NO           TYPE /BI0/OIREF_DOC_NO,
    *      InfoObject: 0INV_DOC_NO Invoice Number.
            INV_DOC_NO           TYPE /BI0/OIINV_DOC_NO,
    *      InfoObject: 0DOC_NUMBER Sales document.
            DOC_NUMBER           TYPE /BI0/OIDOC_NUMBER,
    *      Field: RECORD.
            RECORD           TYPE RSARECORD,
          END   OF _ty_s_TG_1.
          _ty_t_TG_1        TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF _ty_s_TG_1
                            WITH NON-UNIQUE DEFAULT KEY.
    *$*$ begin of global - insert your declaration only below this line  *-*
    ... "insert your code here
    *$*$ end of global - insert your declaration only before this line   *-*
              source_segid             type rstran_segid
              source_record            type sytabix
              record_new               type sytabix.
              request                  type rsrequest
              datapackid               type rsdatapid
              monitor                  type rstr_ty_t_monitors
              RESULT_PACKAGE              type _ty_t_TG_1
              i_th_fields_outbound         TYPE rstran_t_field_inv
              i_r_selset_outbound          TYPE REF TO cl_rsmds_set
              i_is_main_selection          TYPE rs_bool
              i_r_selset_outbound_complete TYPE REF TO cl_rsmds_set
              i_r_universe_inbound         TYPE REF TO cl_rsmds_universe
              c_th_fields_inbound          TYPE rstran_t_field_inv
              c_r_selset_inbound           TYPE REF TO cl_rsmds_set
              c_exact                      TYPE rs_bool.
    ENDCLASS.                    "routine DEFINITION
    Pleae provide me the end routine code.
    Edited by: venugopal vadlamudi on Sep 7, 2010 1:14 PM
    Edited by: venugopal vadlamudi on Sep 7, 2010 1:15 PM

    hi experts,
    i have written the end routine
    but while doing DTP from DSO to CUBE it is giving following error.
    Characteristic value '1000 ' of characteristic 0PROFIT_CTR is not ALPHA -converted.
    0PROFIT_CTR info object is ALPHA Converted while 0SALES_DISTRICT is not.
    pl provide me the solution
    Edited by: venugopal vadlamudi on Sep 7, 2010 2:55 PM

  • Report ora 9i problem

    I have the problem on my report. I generated the report with 3 user parameters:
    char_niin (initial value=ammotest),
    char_job (initial value= shipment),
    char_types (initial value= W).
    Here is my SQL query:
    Select * from table
    where (ri =:char_ri1 or :char_ri1 is null)
    and (job =:char_job or :char_job is null)
    and (types =:char_types or :char_types is null)
    and I also test this code:
    Select * from table
    where (ri =:char_ri1)
    and (job =:char_job)
    and (types =:char_types)
    No record set had been returned when I ran the report. (note: the record set should return because I did test it in Toad. and it returns about 400 records.)
    Please help.

    Thank you so much for your help, this solusion work for my report, but then when I ran this report using form, it appeared blank:
    Here is my code:
    listid          PARAMLIST;
    listname     VARCHAR2(20) := 'TRANS_PARAMS';
    repid          REPORT_OBJECT;
    reptx          VARCHAR2(100);
    Report_Svr VARCHAR2(20);
    Report_Status VARCHAR2(80);
    -- delete parameter list if it currently exits.
    listid := GET_PARAMETER_LIST(listname);
    IF NOT ID_NULL(listid) THEN
    END IF;
    -- Create parameter list
         listid := CREATE_PARAMETER_LIST(listname);
    -- Add parameters list
         -- Run report     
         repid := FIND_REPORT_OBJECT('R_transaction');          
         Report_Svr := 'reportserver';
         reptx := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT(repid,listid);          
         Report_Status := REPORT_OBJECT_STATUS(reptx);
         Report_Status := REPORT_OBJECT_STATUS(reptx);
    IF Report_Status = 'FINISHED' then
         WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT('http://www.test.com:8888/reports/rwservlet/getjobid' || substr(reptx, length(Report_Svr) + 2, length(reptx)) || '?server=' || Report_Svr,'_blank');
    END IF;
    The parameter names in form is the same as in the parameter names in reports. But when I passed these 3 values to the report, it did not return the record set. What did I do wrong? Is it in my report or Is it in my form?
    pls help,
    Thank you to all of you,

  • How to call a dynamic URL on 'button press' event, in MVC-based BSP

    My requirement is as below:
    On selecting a row in table view, and pressing a button, I need to open a browser.
    The Browser URL depends on the row selected.
    The key field from table view, is added at the end of the URL string.
    Shortly, I can say that, I am getting a value on row selection & want to pass it to button event.
    In Views Section, there are 2 tags- (1)table view & (2)button.
    Right now, I have put the code for getting the key field, in DO_HANDLE_DATA method.
    In Button's OnClientClick method, I have called the Javascript to open the browser.
    If I now write the code to concatenate the key field value to form the dynamic URL in 'OnClick' method,
    it will be called only after the browser is opened.
    (as OnClick event is executed only after OnClientClick event is executed)
    Could anyone please tell me what event (and in which tag) can be used to solve this.
    Is there any event which is triggered, as soon as the row is selected, &  before the button press event is triggered ?
    Would really appreciate responses made to this query.
    Nisha Vengal.

    Hi Nisha,
    The crux of your issue here is that you want to call the event triggered with onClick before calling the event triggered on onClientClick. This can be achieved by the following code in the function called on the onClientClick.
    function fn_button()
    Here, fn_button is the javascript function called on button click, and b_row_selection is the event triggered on the onClick event of row selection.
    Try this out and let us know if it works for you.

  • IPhone 5c keeps turning on passcode lock without doing anything!  We don't want to have to plug it on and wipe it again (all since iOS 7.1 update)

    Basically my sister updated her iPhone 5c to iOS 7.1, before this she has a passcode on it,
    She then took the passcode off, after the 7.1 update. Yesterday it randomly put a passcode back on so she tried the ones she had used before and the usual 1,2,3,4,, 0000 ect. But nothing worked, so aft being locked out for 2 hours she had to plug it into the computer and wipe it,
    So after setting the phone back up with no passcode, this morning it happened again, we have tried the usual numbers again, and tried resetting it (so turning it off and on, and holding the lock and home screens to reset) now there is no point blanking her phone again if it's just going to happen again later, and I have had to surrender my iPhone to her temporarily (which I have never had a passcode on, and hasn't had any issues)!
    What can we do, beyond traveling an hour to take it back to apple!

    The passcode is coming from the backup file. She must not have removed it as was thought. You will either have to restore the phone as new, or restore to a backup file before the passcode was added. By the way, is this an employer provided phone? If it is, the passcode requirement may be a policy they've implemented.

  • Save text in a PO during creation

    Hi All,
    I need to save text in PO during PO creation. I am using the BADI ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST method:PROCESS_ITEM. My EBELN is blank here. I do have other required fields like text id, text name to use in SAVE_TEXT.
    Text needs to be saved before the PO is saved.. User can edit the text. So BADI during PO save is not an option.
    How do i save the text in my PO header during creation and during the line item is entered?
    Do have any other procedure to add the text in the text editor?
    This is my code:
    Please suggest, if we have any alternate procedure to show the text in PO.
    METHOD if_ex_me_process_po_cust~process_item.
       DATA :  ls_mepoitem TYPE mepoitem,
                ls_mepoaccount TYPE purchase_order_accountings,
                ls_mepoacc TYPE purchase_order_accounting,
                ls_mepoaccountdata TYPE mepoaccounting,
                ls_mepoheader TYPE REF TO if_purchase_order_mm,
                ls_mepoheaderdata TYPE mepoheader.
        DATA: gt_lines TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF tline,
              gwa_line TYPE tline,
              g_tdname TYPE thead-tdname,
              g_poname TYPE thead-tdname.
        DATA: header TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF thead,
              wa_header TYPE thead.
        DATA: lines TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF tline.
        CONSTANTS : gc_z056(4) TYPE c VALUE 'Z056',
                    gc_f06(4) TYPE c VALUE 'F06',
                    gc_ekko(4) TYPE c VALUE 'EKKO'.
        ls_mepoheader = im_item->get_header( ).
        ls_mepoheaderdata = ls_mepoheader->get_data( ).
        ls_mepoitem = im_item->get_data( ).  "Table
        ls_mepoaccount =  im_item->get_accountings( ).   "Table
        LOOP AT ls_mepoaccount INTO ls_mepoacc.
          CLEAR ls_mepoaccountdata.
    * Get the newly updated PO item data
          CALL METHOD ls_mepoacc-accounting->get_data
              re_data = ls_mepoaccountdata.
        IF ls_mepoheaderdata-bstyp = 'F' AND ls_mepoitem-knttp = 'M'
        AND ls_mepoitem-matnr <> ' ' AND
        ( ( ls_mepoheaderdata-bsart = 'UB' OR ls_mepoheaderdata-bsart = 'NB' ) AND ls_mepoheaderdata-lifnr <> ' ' ).
          REFRESH gt_lines.
          g_tdname = ls_mepoaccountdata-vbeln.
              id                      = gc_z056
              language                = sy-langu
              name                    = g_tdname
              object                  = 'VBBK'
              lines                   = gt_lines
              id                      = 1
              language                = 2
              name                    = 3
              not_found               = 4
              object                  = 5
              reference_check         = 6
              wrong_access_to_archive = 7
              OTHERS                  = 8.
          IF sy-subrc IS INITIAL.
            DELETE gt_lines WHERE tdline = space.
    *      g_poname = ls_mepoitem-ebeln.   *"ls_mepoitem-ebeln is blank here*
          wa_header-tdobject = gc_ekko.
          wa_header-tdname   = g_poname.
          wa_header-tdid     = gc_f06.
          APPEND wa_header TO header.
              client                = sy-mandt
              header                = header
              insert                = 'X'
              savemode_direct       = 'X'
              lines                 = gt_lines
             id                    = 1
             language              = 2
             name                  = 3
             object                = 4
             OTHERS                = 5
          IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    **         WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
    *      ENDIF.
    Edited by: senthil kumar on Jun 11, 2009 3:02 PM

    I haven't used this method myself, but when I look at method PROCESS_ITEM, the import parameter IM_ITEM  is of type (REF TO) IF_PURCHASE_ORDER_ITEM_MM. This has interface method IF_LONGTEXTS_MM~SET_TEXT (description: set long text per text id). This sounds like a good method to use.

  • BAPI for GR for Outbound delivery

    Hi Gurus,
       I need to create a Goods Receipt against an Outbound Delivery ( movement type "101" ) using the BAPI BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE
    user is using MIGO transaction for the same. There he will choose the GOODS RECEIPT for OUTBOUND DELIVERY and enters the delivery number. The movement type "101" is used.
    I tried passing gm_code = 01 and mvt_type = 101 and mvt indicator as u2018Bu201D , but  Iu2019m getting an error message  'ENTER PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER'.
    I donu2019t have PO number . I just have shipment number from which I have found open outbound deliveries and now I need to do GR for each of the Outbound delivery.
    Please let me know if Iu2019m passing the right gm_code and mvt indicator to the BAPI or if Iu2019m missing any parameters. Iu2019m passing the following parameters to the BAPI ?
    Delivery. No. , delivery item, Doc. Date , Posting Date , ref document num , Quantity, Storage Location, External qty, External qty unit, matnr, werks .
    Your help is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for replying. I went through the entire BAPI documentation but did not found anything related to GR for outbound deliveries.
    I searched some older posts in sdn related to this problem but almost all are unanswered question.
    I'm passing gm_code = 01 , mvt_type = 101 and have tried all movement indicator like 'B' , 'F' and blank.
    here is what I'm passing in my Bapi.Please let me know if I'm missing something or if I'm passing something incorrectly.
    gm_header-pstng_date = sy-datum.
          gm_header-doc_date   = sy-datum.
          gm_header-ref_doc_no =  wa_lips-vbeln. "The Outbound delivery Number
          gm_code-gm_code      = '01'.
         MOVE '101'              TO     gm_item-move_type.
          gm_item-material             = wa_lips-matnr . "Material Number from the Delivery.
          gm_item-plant                = wa_lips-werks . "Receiving Site.
          gm_item-stge_loc             = wa_lips-lgort. "Receiving Storage Location.
          gm_item-entry_qnt            = wa_lips-lfimg.
         gm_item-entry_uom           = wa_lips-vrkme.
          gm_item-ENTRY_UOM_ISO        = wa_lips-vrkme.
          gm_item-mvt_ind              = 'B ' .
          gm_item-deliv_numb           = wa_lips-vbeln.
          gm_item-deliv_item           = wa_lips-posnr.
          gm_item-DELIV_NUMB_TO_SEARCH = wa_lips-vbeln.  "delivery number
          gm_item-DELIV_ITEM_TO_SEARCH = wa_lips-posnr. "delivery item
    if I donot pass any value in mvt indicator the error I'm getting is 'Update control of movement type is incorrect (entry 101 X X)'
    if I pass 'B' in mvt indicator error is 'Material document data and PO data do not match (Plant)'
    if i pass 'F' , erro ris 'Order  not found or not permitted for goods movement'.
    Please help me. This is kind of critical issue. or please suggest if I can do GR for outbound delv in any other way.

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    ok everyone, I am drawing a blank here, and I have 130 or so songs on my Nano but on my itunes on my cpu the library shows 0...and I cant figure out how to get the songs back to my library.
    Can anyone help.

    can u tell me how without purchasing copypod.net
    i dont need to spend anymore money
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