Dreamweaver file icons are not displaying correctly.

I recently uninstalled a trial copy of the Creative Suite CS4 Master Collection and then purchased the Design Premium bundle.
My icons are now all differnet. For example, .asp files display with the "text" document icon.
Is there a way (either mnaually or with a utility) to reset all of the icons to there proper state?
I am running Vista Ultimate.

Open Notepad.
Copy this text into a new document:
c:\windows\system32\cleanmgr.exe /dc /sageset: 1
cd \
cd c:\windows\prefetch
del *.* /q
Save to your desktop as "clean.bat" ( a Windows Batch File)
Double click it. It will open the disk cleanup tool.
You'll notice a whole bunch of other stuff listed that doesn't show up when you normally run the disk cleanup.
Check EVERYTHING. (Don't worry, if these were important files, Windows wouldn't list them as cleanable to save space.)
Close the disk cleanup.
Right click the clean.bat file and choose Edit.
In the first line where it says sageset:, change it to sagerun: then save and close the file.
Double click it again and will run a thorough cleanup of your C:/ drive, including some windows cache files that hold icon preferences for file types.
Reboot when it finishes and see if the icons aren't set right.

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    That happened to me for a short period of time after I updated. It didn't do it with all apps, but it did it with a few here and there. Try a few basic standard troubleshooting steps. Close all apps and reset the iPad.
    In order to close apps, you have to drag the app up from the multitasking display. Double tap the home button and you will see apps lined up going left to right across the screen. Swipe to get to the app that you want to close and then swipe "up" on the app preview thumbnail to close it.
    Reset the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider if it appears on the screen - let go of the buttons. Let the iPad start up.
    You can also try resetting all settings. You will not lose any data, but most of the device settings will have to be entered in the settings app again. Settings>General>Reset>Reset all Settings.
    Hopefully it will be something simple, but don't rule out restoring the iOS software, if nothing else works, but start with this easy stuff first.

  • Permissions are not displaying correctly on Yosemite server

    My file and folder permissions are not displaying correctly on my Yosemite server when viewed from a Yosemite client.
    I have set these permissions from the server app on the server and have added local network groups for the appropriate folders on the share.  When checked from the server's finder, everything looks correct.  The server is setup for both AFP and SMB on file sharing.  I have also tried setting permissions from the server's finder and seemed to make no difference.
    When logged into from local or VPN Yosemite clients using AFP, the permissions do not show anything but postgres user and everyone group.  Even though they should have network groups such as skoogfinancial, skoogmarketing, etc.
    The server does seem to enforce the permissions correctly though a user cannot get into folders he does not have permissions for.
    Therefore, it seems the server is enforcing correctly, but a user may not understand what is going on as the permissions list doesn't list anything meaningful.

    Please read this whole message before doing anything.
    This procedure is a diagnostic test. It’s unlikely to solve your problem. Don’t be disappointed when you find that nothing has changed after you complete it.
    The purpose of this exercise is to determine whether the problem is caused by third-party system modifications that load automatically at startup or login. Disconnect all wired peripherals except those needed for the test, and remove all aftermarket expansion cards. Boot in safe mode* and log in to the account with the problem. The instructions provided by Apple are as follows:
    Be sure your Mac is shut down.
    Press the power button.
    Immediately after you hear the startup tone, hold the Shift key. The Shift key should be held as soon as possible after the startup tone, but not before the tone.
    Release the Shift key when you see the gray Apple icon and the progress indicator (looks like a spinning gear).
    *Note: If FileVault is enabled under OS X 10.7 or later, or if a firmware password is set, you can’t boot in safe mode.
    Safe mode is much slower to boot and run than normal, and some things won’t work at all, including wireless networking on certain Macs.
    The login screen appears even if you usually log in automatically. You must know your login password in order to log in. If you’ve forgotten the password, you will need to reset it before you begin.
    Test while in safe mode. Same problem(s)?
    After testing, reboot as usual (i.e., not in safe mode) and verify that you still have the problem. Post the results of the test.

  • Umlauts are not displayed correctly in different programs

    I live in germany, but my locale is set to "en_US.UTF8" because I like to have everything in english.
    I do not have any problems with umlauts on the machine, but when I connect with sFTP oder Samba to it, the umlauts in files are not displayed correctly.
    Look at this example
    The upper word is how it looks in "ssh putty" (=locally on the machine), the bottom one is from "filezilla" (from my windows host)
    This is my locale
    When I create a file "asd_aöü" locally on the machine (with the help of ssh - putty), it looks fine, but when I connect by samba or filezilla again the umlauts are not displayed correctly.
    Do you understand my problem? What can I do?
    Last edited by cyberius (2011-02-19 10:12:19)

    Did you check the locale settings on your Windows machine?

  • Room Template's icons are not displaying

    In Collaboration->collaboration content->Administration of Room part Templates,
    The Room Template's icons are not displaying.
    All icons are avilable in the folder
    i checked in both IE 6.0 and Netscape.
    Please give some Hints about this.

    i solved the problem.The root directory was changed.So i corrected.The path is as follows

  • Search for member activities - points are not displayed correctly

    Hi experts,
    I have a question concerning the search for member activities. I personalized my result list and added the field points (STRUCT.Product_ID), but there the amount of the points is always displayed as zero. When going into the details of the member activity I can see that there are points booked.
    Can anyone tell me why the points in the result list are not displayed correctly?
    Thanks and best regards

    Sometimes threads are deleted if they violate the Rules of Engagement.  If that happens, you'll lose points that were allocated to you.  Othertimes, if you broke the rules, then it's possible that points that had been awarded could have been removed - but you should check your emails (of your registered address) to verify this.  I'd guess, it's more likely you'd responded to a post that broke the rules.
    Really important
    1. Don't reply to posts that break the rules - you risk losing any points awarded and you risk wasting your time responding (which is probably more valuable). 
    2. Don't ignore rejection emails or other communications from moderators.  They are followed up, and, if warnings are ignored, then accounts will be deleted.  Recently, one poor soul's account was deleted, and they'd accrued over a 1000 points... they'd been copy and pasting from other sites and ignored moderator warnings.

  • Entity Descriptions are not displayed correctly in Combo box dropdown list

    In Web Analysis, Entity Descriptions are not displayed correctly in Combo box dropdown list when entity descriptions from HFM contains a dot(.)
    'Entity A. LTD' becomes 'LTD'
    'Entity B Inc.' becomes blank
    It seems that everything before the dot is not displayed when opening the combobox.
    It looks like it is acting like the option to show short description for entities in HR where the parent-child relation is not shown. This behaviour I don't expect for descriptions. And in my opinion is not an option in Web Analysis.
    Does anybody knows the sollution or have seen this issue before?

    This is a known issue with combo box list of values.
    Please follow this workaround:
    - Remove ComboboxLOV on Deptno
    - Create an updateable transient attribute(Say Dname) of type String
    - Define combobox lov with following values:
    List Data Source: DeptView1
    List Attribute: Dname
    List Return Values:
    Dname - Dname
    Deptno - Deptno
    UI Hints: Display Attribute - Dname
    - Edit Dname(transient attribute) and provide following groovy expression
    oracle.jbo.Key key = new oracle.jbo.Key(Deptno);
    return DeptView1.findByKey(key, 1)[0].getAttribute("Dname");- Now, you are done and observe that Dname combo box lov shows Description even on selection and change in this combo box sets the Deptno value

  • Thumbnails are not displayed correctly in Firefox, but displayed correctly in Safari and G. Chrome

    Firefox display problems regarding this customers site:
    Thumbnails are not displayed correctly in Firefox - only a tiny bit of the picture is visible, incorrect scale (displayed correctly in Safari and Google Chrome).
    Can I do anything to make it work in Firefox, too?
    Kind regards,

    This article might help you-

  • The Forms are not displaying correctly

    the Forms are not displaying correctly. Editing mode and printing mode are missing contents of notes/text field (Additional Notes, Background or Need, Project Summary). Second issue is when viewing/printing a Project Profile - Short Form, the text fields
    are shrink, they are not displayed full high to show all the text. It was working with IE9, IE10, but now IE10 and IE11 dont work.

    tested with Google Chrome and that seems to work the best in terms of viewing and printing the forms.
    Then you could try spoofing Google Chrome using a User-Agent string override and Document mode Edge.  Or open  IECompatData.xml  to see if you should have Compatibility View enabling Microsoft's list.  Or report your problem symptom and
    desired override here:
    Robert Aldwinckle

  • With IE UIX buttons are not displayed correctly

    Hello there,
    We have developed an application using UIX. While browsing application using Internet Explorer I noticed that many of the buttons are not displayed correctly. Only some part of the button is displayed. Same thing happens while displaying some of the page logos and stuff. Did anyone have same problem? What's solution?

    Hi Andy,
    sometimes half of button is displayed and sometimes the whole button image is distorted. if you refresh the page, it becomes perfectly fine. sometimes nothing is displayed but if you put mouse at the place where there should be a button, you would know that there is a button...
    it happens with random buttons...
    i haven't seen this problem in mozilla. its quite frequent in IE.
    our customer is very annoyed by this problem :(

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    I am really disappointed. So, is there any solution?
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    On MacBook Pro
    On iPad 1

    I am woundering if anyone can suggest any solution? Thank you.

  • My Social Media Icon are not displaying within FireFox

    My Social Media Icon are not displaying within FireFox. And all other browser your able to view Icons - For some reason is now displaying in FireFox.
    Can someone help me with this issue? I have alot of clients that view our website using firefox browser.
    Domain Name: ForemostFitness.com

    Do you use any extensions that block ads? That occurs to me because the service you're using for social icons (addthis) has "ad" in its name and perhaps they are getting filtered that way.
    To determine whether an extension is a likely culprit, you could disable that one temporarily, or you could disable them all by testing the page in Firefox's Safe Mode. That's a standard diagnostic tool to deactivate extensions and some advanced features of Firefox. More info: [[Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode]].
    You can restart Firefox in Safe Mode using
    Help > Restart with Add-ons Disabled ''(Flash and other plugins still run)''
    In the dialog, click "Start in Safe Mode" (''not'' Reset)
    Any difference?

  • Helppages are not displayed correctly

    I want to display html files which are generated (docbook). When I view the pages with a browser, they look good, but inside my application they look different:
    all text is centered, the images have the wrong size and some background colours are wrong.
    Is it possible that there are some problems with the stylesheets? The background colours are set with stylesheets, but the size of the images and the text position not.
    Has anybody an idea?

    I solved all formatting problemswhich appeared in my project.
    The javahelp browser has some problems with stylesheets. I had stylesheet-definitions like these:
    text-align: justify
    color: #fff
    While Internet Explorer displays the page correctly, in the javahelp browser the text is centered and the color is different. So you have to set the text-align to "left" if you want it to be "left" and all colors have to be in the form #ffffff (2 digits per color).
    Another strange thing: My html-files contained images with only one size-parameter (width="200") because they were generated automatically and the original file (xml-file) contained a scaling factor in the image-tag (scale="50"). While Internet Explorer adjusts the height of the image fitting to the given width, the javahelp browser displays the image with the correct width but always with a height of 10 pixels. After I deleted the scale-tag in the xml-file, the images were displayed correctly (because they already had the correct size and didn't have to be stretched).

  • I have two add-ons that are enabled AND working but they are their icons are not displaying.

    I have Firebug and Adblock-Plus on my Firefox browser that are not displaying their normal shortcut buttons next to the search bar of Firefox. They were displaying fine yesterday, now today they are not displaying at all. They are installed and enabled. There were no changes on my end (user end), that could explain this occurrence. No new addons installed. No new plugins. Any help would be grateful.

    I have Firebug and am on Ubuntu at present, so my options may differ slightly from Windows, and over time the Firebug options probably have changed.
    If you reset the toolbars to default settings by resetting localstore.rdf you may need to make some changes to recreate whatever you had before.
    I may display a full Firebug toolbar with keyboard key F12. That toolbar includes several display options from clicking the firebug icon. I also have Firebug showing as an option from
    * Tools -> WebDeveloper -> Firebug.
    If I use the customise toolbars option; for example from right clicking an empty space on a toolbar; the palette of icons includes one for Firebug that I may place where I like. If you try to create a custom toolbar remember it needs to be populated, if it has nothing on it it will not display.
    Presumably you are able to use Firebug, it is just an icon that you are missing ? is that correct ?

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    Just now, I installed LabVIEW 2012 f3 (32-bit, English) and checked for the issue. But the font(NI7SEG) was not shown properly in VI either.
    - Both of Korea and English version of LabVIEW 2012 on Win 7 Korea OS shows wrong results. It is same on 64-bit OS.
    - LabVIEW 2010 but on same PC shows correct fonts.
    Is there a limit of number of fonts in LabVIEW? There are more than 100 fonts are shown in the "Selection Font" dialog and I can divide them into 3 groups by sequential order. I find that all fonts in the 3rd group are not applied correctly.
    (1st group)
    Arial Unicode MS...
    Bookshelf Symbol 3....
    Windings 3
    (2nd group)
    @Arial Unicode MS...
    (3rd group)
    Licida Console... 

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