Dreamweaver FTP Issues

I've had quite a bit of trouble with my Dreamweaver the last few days. It has issues connecting to my remote server, which is hosted by InMotion hosting. It keeps timing out constantly, but then every once in a while it will work just fine. I don't understand it. I tried using Filezilla and it works just fine, connects perfect. So I contacted my hosting company to see if they might have any idea and they just said everything was good on their end and that I should contact Adobe. They did however say that, after looking at the FTP error log, my dreamweaver was trying to contact unknown directories? He specifically stated that it was trying to upload to a folder called '_mm' in my public_html folder. I cannot find much information on this and I've tried playing with some settings, including passive FTP. I'm using Dreameaver CS5 Version 11.0 Build 4909.

There is an article about the "mm" folder - http://help.adobe.com/en_US/dreamweaver/cs/extend/WS5b3ccc516d4fbf351e63e3d117f53d9310-7ff a.html .  So is the problem that DW cannot create the folder on the remote end?  Or cannot write to the folder?  Uploading to any folder in your public_html folder should not be an issue unless there is a write/permissions issue on the server.

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  • Dreamweaver CS6 FTP Issues

    i have created a site in dreamweaver and as far as i am aware the site works great, i have hosting and webspace with 1and1 and have connected to their servers via ftp, i have to manually upload the site and cannot seem to get the webpages themselves to upload, only the *images* folder and *scripts* upload successfully, i have tried everything i can to resolve this but have had no luck whatso ever, any help would be much appreciated, thanks

    May be you can try steps suggested in the troubleshooting document. Most of the points mentioned there are also applicable on DW CS6.

  • Dreamweaver CS3 (9) maxed CPU slow performance and FTP issues.

    Dreamweaver CS3 (9) maxed CPU slow performance and FTP
    Never mind...I found it.
    Of course I have all the firewall, worm, scanning, phishing
    filtering, full time protect, and everything else turned off when I
    am working on a remote/testing site however I found the Symantec
    antivirus email scan being enabled (doesn't it just interact with
    my email program?) was getting in the way of DW9 ftp operations,
    causing some lagging that was putting DW9 into an unstable mode
    during and immediately after (10 seconds) ftp operations.
    The CPU still spikes to 99% during ftp functions but DW9
    works even though it's likely taxed to the max but when I turn off
    email scan DW9 returned to a functioning state during ftp and
    remote file view. Whatever it takes huh?
    PS: email scanning only never effected DW8.02
    My System Info: properly configured (as in: everything works
    or I fix it) Toshiba - XP pro SP2 – Pentium 4 - 2.3GHz
    – 1.5 GB ram – Intel extreme graphics card 64 MB ram
    – Apache 2.2 server – PHP 5 – MySQL 5 -
    phpMyAdmin – Dreamweaver 8.02 – Interakt Kollection
    3.7.1 – Dreamwweaver 9 - DeVtoolbox – Flash –
    GoLive - Photoshop - ImageReady – Illustrator – Acrobat
    – CuteFTP – Putty SSH - blabla...)

    Thanks for the response. I managed to Google the 'nobody' account and found the explanation.
    As you say, I assumed the 'syslogd' process had to do with system logs. I did check the console and couldn't find anything of particular interest in the logs.
    I'll continue to monitor but if anyone has any further suggestions please post.
    One thing that might also have an impact... my available drive space is now down to less than 5gb (runs anywhere between 1gb and 5gb free depending on what I'm running). I know this causes problems for Parallels as it keeps moaning at me, but would it cause any problems with OSX?
    Thanks again,

  • More CS6 FTP Issues..??

    I see quite a few threads about problems with FTP in CS6, but nothing specific to what I'm seeing.
    I can setup FTP accounts just fine and the test works as expected.  I can upload files and I don't have problems loading the pages like some have talked about (and what looks like a patch was released for).
    What I am seeing, though, is that if I try to upload groups of files at a time it will often upload 1 or 2 and then just stop.  Then if I view Remote and try to refresh it shows "nothing".  So then I have to disconnect and reconnect, and then it shows everything again.  At this point I can generally upload a group of files...but only once.
    It seems like everytime I upload anything I have to switch to remote and disconnect and connect again to upload something after that.
    Also, the syncing is all messed up.  I'm working on a site where I made a change to my Dreamweaver template, and as such lots of files on the site were updated.  Then I went to sync but everything gave me the red error icon showing that it couldn't figure out which one was newer and I had to manually specify that it should upload my local version for everything to the remote server.
    Then, about 10 min later, I made another change to the template.  I went to sync again, but once again, almost all my files were telling me it couldn't figure out which one was newer and I had to manually specify again. 
    What's strange is that some of the files are working fine and don't seem to have an issue...it just knows those need uploaded.  About 90% of my files, though, are forcing me to manually tell it what it to do every time.
    I see in the "what's new" videos that Adobe apparently made some changes to FTP and say it's a lot faster now becuase it allows for multiple connections.  I was very excited to hear that, but now with all the issues I'm having and the other threads I see about problems with FTP in CS6 I'm almost wishing I wouldn't have upgraded.
    Any information on how I can get this working the way it should be would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

    Adobe is working on a variety of FTP issues, and is making available a patch. You can contact the Dreamweaver team directly to get a copy of the patch: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4541472#4541472.

  • Dreamweaver ftp won't connect to host for one one site

    have spent over 3 hours on this, and double checked
    everything, even with ISP to make sure my host address is correct.
    I can connect to the host address via other programs and ftp
    I have the same settings in dreamweaver, but it won't
    I can connect to other sites with this same dreamweaver, and
    can create NEW connections too, but not to this one site that I can
    connect to with everything else, but dreamweaver.
    The is dreamweaver MX,
    Can anyone help?

    Adobe provides a test FTP server for these purposes. You can read about it here -
    http://helpx.adobe.com/dreamweaver/kb/troubleshoot-ftp-issues-dreamweaver-cs5.html#main_Ve rify_FTP_access
    Try setting up a connection to that server and see if you can connect.

  • How to login and download content using the Dreamweaver FTP

    Hi ya,
    I'm fairly new to Dreamweaver, and currently working my way through tutorials.
    I have be given details for my company website and told to login via the Dreamweaver FTP and download all the files for Dreamweaver from there.
    The details I have been given are:
    IP Address
    User Name
    I have been looking in Dreamweaver as to where to type in this info. (Guessing its somewhere in the 'Manage Sites' tab), but can't seem to find the correct place to login.
    All the tutorials I find seem to be about how to upload through the FTP not download.
    How do I go about using the FTP details given to download the Dreamweaver content to manage my website?

    Which version of Dreaamweaveer?
    http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Dreamweaver/10.0_Using/WSBE25912D-A9DE-4ba1-9F85-4C692F5C14ADa .html
    http://help.adobe.com/en_US/dreamweaver/cs/using/WSee8adad8a8c1990b-6cb1a36e1266d204f20-80 00.html#WS269BF2C1-74ED-4797-9D9D-6EC283FE7645a

  • I'm suddenly having problems uploading my site with Dreamweaver FTP?

    I've been using CS6 for a couple of years and suddenly I'm having trouble uploading my site using Dreamweaver FTP?

    Maybe your host did something on the remote server side.  Have you contacted them?
    Do you have enough available server space?
    Can you upload files with a 3rd party FTP client like Filezilla?

  • Dreamweaver CS6 issues

    When I upload my website to my host:  Charter Business, I can see the files on the site but the website won't display.   I get http forbidden 403 error.   After reading information on adobe websites, it looks like there is a fix for FTP issues and permissions.   I tried to install update 12.0.2 and it says successful.  After a reboot, I checked my version and it still says 12.0 build 5861.  I tried the update twice.   Not sure if this will fix my issue but very frustrated the update won't work. Finally have my website completed but it won't open.  I am running Windows 7, 64 bit OS.  I would appreciate any help!

  • MySQL to DreamWeaver connectivity issue specific to Stored Procedures

    Hi there,
    I have a MySQL to DreamWeaver connectivity issue specific to
    Stored Procedures.
    The driver I am currently using is
    Although basic row and column tree is exposed in Adobe
    DreamWeaver 8's Application Pallette, my stored procedure is not.
    My serverside technology is Coldfusion(MX7).
    My environment is:
    Server: MS Windows 2003 (Small Business Server) using IIS.
    Client: MS Window XP-Pro.
    According to the driver documentation
    mysql-connector-java-5.1.5-bin.jar appears to be capable of
    handling stored procedures:
    http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/connector-j-useagenotes-basic.html#connector-j-exam ples-stored-procedure
    I could be wrong but the evidence suggests that support for
    this feature is not available from Adobe.
    I have already invested a certain amount of time in this
    sub-project. I would, therefore, be most grateful to anyone who can
    provide me with a solution to this.

    Figured out the 'stored proceedure' problem. I had two 'Connection' folders, one of which was a sub-folder, that pointed to the same database but with slightly different configuration details. Removed the 'wrong' folder and all seems to be sorted.

  • Dreamweaver FTP not synchronizing

    I have found recently that my dreamweaver Ftp does not seem
    to be synchronising properly. At least thats what I think it is.
    For instance
    sometimes when I upload a page to make changes to a page
    already on the remote server, the changes do not show. However If I
    delete the page on the server and then upload the page with changes
    it shows the changes. This happens now and again. does anyone know
    why this maybe and how I couls remedy it?

    in addition to "bemdesign": My various opinions expressed to this much discussed subject, show that I prefer Filezilla. For each task in whatever area we search for the experts, we do not charge a "jack of all trades".
    So I prefer to upload my files and sometimes for the opposite way, for a necessary download from my server, with a program which works "outside" of the DW.
    Therefore I am using filezilla, it simply looks easier for me to keep track of all operations precisely and generate or reflect easily the desired tree structure. Here is the link to get it and where you can read informations about how it works:
    http://filezilla-project.org/ and
    Of course, you also need all the access data to reach your server.
    Here I'll quote a hint from Nancy O. for DW applications:
    Try toggling Passive and/or Secure FTP on/off.
    Your web host might have changed upload requirements to improve security.
    Another thing to check is your Anti-virus and Firewall settings. If they are too restrictive, DW may not have permission to connect to the remote server.

  • CS3 Dreamweaver FTP errors

    connection: CS3 Dreamweaver>MacPro(10.4.10)>Airport
    Extreme>SBCmodem>Yahoo Web hosting
    Since upgrading to intel mac w/ CS3, I am constantly getting
    FTP errors. All client accounts are set to passive. Usually it
    takes 2 or 3 attempts to connect to server. On one client account
    that is set up for Contribute, I get error messages at the end of
    an 11.9MB podcast upload saying the file was skipped–so I end
    up using fetch to upload the file.
    Most of the accounts are legacy and never had a problem
    ftp'ing to server w/ G4 rig.

    Here is the message I get when my upload completes. The
    status bar goes to 100% so it appears that the upload is complete,
    but not to be.
    Started: 11/5/07 8:22 AM
    Operation timed out. Cancelling...
    podcasts:broadcast162.mp3 - error occurred
    Connected to ...
    podcasts:broadcast162.mp3 - skipped
    File activity incomplete. 1 file(s) or folder(s) were not
    Files skipped: 1
    Files with errors: 1
    Finished: 11/5/07 8:30 AM
    If I then look at the remote directory, I see the following
    file: "broadcast162.mp3.new" and the file size is correct, 11.9MB.
    So then I resort to using Fetch to upload. Adobe, please fix
    Dreamweaver FTP!

  • DREAMWEAVER CS4 - FTP issues

    I loaded Snow Leopard onto a new imac last week.
    Since loading SL I have not been about to access remote ftp's using Dreamweaver which I have used for years I now get 'permission errors', 'password incorrect' etc.
    I also have an older mac here running Tiger and CS3 - no issue accessing ftp's.
    The problem I think is Snow leopard interfering with Dreamweaver.
    Does anyone have any suggestions other than removing SL and reinstalling Panther.

    Hi midnight in oz;
    I think there is something wrong with the data you have provided for us.
    It is impossible to install Snow Leopard on a G5 iMac as listed in your profile.
    Also if your iMac is new one, you will not be able install Panther on it.
    Could you please provide us with the correct information so that we might be able to help you?
    Message was edited by: Allan Eckert

  • Dreamweaver 8 check in/FTP issues

    I am one of the senior members on a team of numerous users,
    who utilize the Dreamweaver Check-In/Check-Out functionality.
    Often, we senior members will delegate simple text changes on a
    page, to a lower lever team member, that does not have FTP rights
    or Check-In/Check-Out rights.
    After they have completed the change, they then send an
    upload request. Unfortunately, when we attempt to check in the
    file, it will often revert back to it's original state prior to the
    change being made.
    Has anyone else experienced this issue after updating to DW8?
    Is there a workaround or solution? We didn't have this specific
    issue with Dreamweaver MX2004.

    Have you resolved this? I am running into the same problem
    & it's a huge mess for us right now
    I had turned Check In/Out on because another person was going
    to start working on the site. I had never used Check In/Out before
    but I thought it would be intuitive. Definitely my bad on that.
    Later, I set up the other person's site definition. She isn't
    authorized to upload files, so only has access to the local view on
    a shared drive. This meant I wasn't able to turn Check In/Out on
    for her, but I didn't think much about it. My bad again, I guess.
    She edited a couple of files.
    I attempted to put the files she edited. They were
    overwritten with the old version.
    I guessed this was because of Check In/Out, so I turned it
    off in my site profile. I think I checked in or cancelled checkout
    of all of the files that had checkmark or lock icons, but not 100%
    When I tried to put the files, I got the error message: "[my
    name] is currently working on real/default.asp. (Please enable
    CheckIn/Out in the Site Definition dialog box to avoid overwriting
    changes made by other users.) Do you want to upload the file
    So I turned Check In/Out back on in my site profile, using
    the same name, "Marsha". I tried to check in the file both from the
    menu and by right clicking on the file name, but the option is
    grayed out. When I try to put the file again. I get the same error
    message, even though I am the person it says is working on the
    file. When I say yes, I get another error message: "default.asp has
    changed on the testing server since your last get or put operation.
    Putting it may overwrite changes to the file. Do you want to put
    the file anyway?" I too think this may be because of something the
    server administrator does that updates the last modified date of
    the file even though the file has not been edited, and unrelated to
    this issue, but I don't know.
    I said yes to put the file, but got the error message: "File
    activity incomplete. 1 file(s) or folder(s) were not completed."
    The message in the log is:
    Started: 10/6/2006 10:54 AM
    real\default.asp - error occurred - An error occurred -
    cannot put default.asp. Access is denied.
    File activity incomplete. 1 file(s) or folder(s) were not
    Files with errors: 1
    Finished: 10/6/2006 10:54 AM
    I have two questions:
    1. Can anyone help get me out of this mess so I can put edits
    to these pages again?
    2. Is there a book that does a good job of explaining how to
    use the site management features of Dreamweaver such as Check
    In/Out, configuring and using local/test/remote server set-ups,
    etc. I am totally confused about why a file is locked when you
    check it in, when/whether I should unlock it, and really about just
    about everything about Check In/Out. The book I have doesn't
    address it at all, and the online documentation of this just isn't
    working for me.

  • Dreamweaver CS6 ftp issue

    I have for years used Dreamweaver as my primary WYSIWYG design app at work. Recently I installed CS6 at my home as a 30 day trial and I am very interested in a subscription to the new Creative Cloud.
    Everything installs fine and I am able to set up a ftps on port 990. I am also able to do this for multiple ftp connections. After a few days of working fine and transferring multiple files the program can no longer make connection with the host. There are a few blogs about this and the recommend only switching sites while in local view of the site, but I have tried the install 3 times on a clean system and always the same result even after only setting up one ftp connection.
    I would be interested in herring from other people experiencing this issue.

    After a few days of working fine and transferring multiple files the program can no longer make connection with the host.
    Maybe your host server is having a bad day.  Are you sure it's not down? 
    Nancy O.

  • Dreamweaver CS3 FTP Issue on Mac

    Background Info
    My Mac laptop which I had been using perfectly fine for over a year with connecting via FTP in Dreamweaver headed off to the shop last week for an unrelated power issue. In its absence, I purchased a Mac Mini to continue with my design work. I used the migration assitant to replicate the exact settings of my laptop on my new desktop from a backup of the laptop.  The fixed laptop was returned to me yesterday.
    I went to upload some site changes I had made from my laptop and up pops the FTP error that there is no respnse from server (http://img.skitch.com/20090810-8muhscacixyxkuidwkc2yiimba.jpg). I tried again with the same result and just thought perhaps that sites server was down or similar. I moved on to another site and I get the same error, and with the third site, I decided it was an obvious pattern. I then decide to try uploading the files with the desktop that I had purchased, and it uploads without a hitch.
    So any thoughts on why things would work as usual for the new desktop, but never connect (the FTP log is empty) on the laptop sitting right next to it?
    Thanks for your help!

    Thanks Samantha for posting back a soution - I'm sure it will be helpful to others in the future  :-)
    Adobe® Community Expert : Dreamweaver
    Unique CSS Templates | Tutorials | SEO Articles

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