Drives Burn, but won't read newly burned disk

I've got two sony super drives, they are burning seemingly ok, but when I eject the disk and put it back in the computer tells me I've inserted a blank disk.
I can see the data burned into the disk, so I know there's something on the disk, but what's going on with my drives? It's both drives, so that leads me to believe that it's a software issue, not a bad drive.

I have posted on another section, but here are my comments repeated.
My dual disk drive fails to read some of my backup DVDs, which is a irritating. I have used a DVD cleaner, by the way. They were burnt on the machine originally and have been read in the past by both drives. I fitted 2 drives for just this sort of eventuality – and to do 2 backups at the same time, so I don't believe it is drive failure. I can restart the machine and occasionally they will read, but often not. I reduced the speed of burn from x16 down to x12 to see if it made a difference, but that is fairly inconcusive. The disks are stored 2-up in individual crystal cases, so scratching from sleeves shouldn't be a problem.
The disks fortunately CAN be read on my wife's old iMac, so I can network the data across.
Interestingly, some of the DVDs used are unbranded (plain white for printing), but some are 'Imation' brand. I would note that 'Tesco' (supermarket brand) DVD+R disks appear to be satisfactory at recalling data, for the time being.
The conclusion I draw is that it is down to the quality of the disks that are used. Don't necessarily go for bargain spindles of unbranded disks for valuable backups, although I cannot definitely say that branded ('Imation' in my case) disks will guarantee your backup security.
Judging by the lack of input on this message board on this subject, this may not be a widespread problem, but I would be interested to know if there is a definitive fix out there or if anyone can comment.
MacPro Mac OS X (10.4.11)

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    I too was plagued by the SuperDrive problems back in August. I had 6 (yes...six) MacBooks before I gave up and returned the last one for my money back.
    Well, I just re-purchased a new Core 2 Duo Macbook with optomistic hesitation. And I am happy to report - I have a completely functional system now. I think Apple is quietly listening - even if they don't admit it.
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    I have a two year old G5 mac that suddenly won't read or burn CD's but the DVD burner/read is working fine. It just spits out CD's. The drive is a Sony DVD RW-DW U12A; revision AADB.
    I just got ilife 08 (worked fine on DVD) but have a CD of iwork 08 that I can't use! Help!!

    Based on past user reports/problems with the Sony drive, when problems such as yours occur, it's time for a new drive. DVD and CD are separate lens', so one can fail while the other continues to function. The Sony drive has been prone to problems, and early failures (based on posts in these forums, and others).
    You may attempt cleaning, as it is possible that the CD lens is blocked by dust, or dirty. But, when commercial discs/install discs can't be read, it doesn't bode well for the drive.
    Comparing the cost of a quality cleaning kit, and the cost of a new 18x Pioneer DVR-112 ($30), you may just opt for the Pioneer.
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    If you opt for the Pioneer, the drive has native support in Tiger, though it needs Patchburn for iApp's support (all drives, other than Apple OEM, require such):

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    because of one stupid replicator, who as a problem to take a burned DVD-9 master, we had to pack out our old DLT-Tape (which was dead), bought a new one, which writes faster than anything else which I have previously seen (Quantum DLT V 4) - but won´t read the data on the just written tapes.
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    i have the ultra scsi converter fr1sx and i make a dlt with the quantum 4000, but when i need reed the tape with dvd studio pro, don´t read it and appear a error message.
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    imac g5 20"   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   dlt quantum 4000, ultra scsi converter fr1sx

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    GRRRR! This just started. I can burn blank DVDs in my drive (NEC ND-3550A - 1 yr. old), but when I put the burned DVD right back in, it's not recognized!!!!
    I have made sure the finder preference and system preferences are right. The DVD drive shows up under the profiler. Permissions have been repaired. Using same media I have been using all along (without any problems).
    I have tried other DVD videos & Data DVDs that I have burned on this machine (which used to work) - but now they don't.
    Commercial DVD's & burned CDs WORK fine!
    But the DVD Laser Lens Cleaner DVD- (that used to work) DOESN'T WORK anymore either.
    Every DVD that I put in the drive, pops up a message that the DVD is blank. The DVD player app. does NOT open.
    The DVD's that I tried work fine on my Powerbook.
    Ideas? Suggestions?

    I assume that you have restarted the machine since this problem started?
    Might be time to reinstall your OS? That is, assuming it reads the install DVD/CD......
    Archive and Install may be enough to patch things up- or, try updating to 10.3.9 (your profile says 10.3.8)
    G4AGP(450)Sawtooth, 2ghz PowerLogix, 2gbRAM, 300gbSATA+160gbATA, ATI Radeon 9800   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   Pioneer DVR-109, ExtHD 160gb x2, 23"Cinema Display, Ratoc USB2.0, Nikon Coolscan

  • CD's won't burn BUT can be read

    DVD's burn/read just fine. CD's read with no problem but CD's will not burn...this has been going on for a few months...

    Hi Brad Newton-
    I assume you have tied different brands and speeds of disks?
    It is possible for the CD burning portion of the drive to fail while the DVD part works as planned. Sounds like a bad optical drive.
    You can have it replaced under warranty or AppleCare, replace it yourself and/or get an external burner.

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    I recently had my Hard Drive changed in my HP and the CD/DVD drive was working fine...then about a month ago the door won't open and it stopped reading every cd/dvd i put won't read blanks or movies or audio cds/dvds...I also have a yellow question marke by PCI Device...CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME?

    do you have the win 7 cd handy, try to boot into the discs and see whether that works, this will tell you whether that is software or hardware problem. Such failures do occur, due to ageing of laser. 
    Jin Li
    May this year, be the year of 'DO'!
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    do you have the win 7 cd handy, try to boot into the discs and see whether that works, this will tell you whether that is software or hardware problem. Such failures do occur, due to ageing of laser. 
    Jin Li
    May this year, be the year of 'DO'!
    I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft

  • TouchSmart 300 Dvd Player won't read or burn DVD

    My dvd player is not working correctly.  I am able read and burn CDs, but the player won't read or write DVDs.  I have a touchsmart 300 running Windows 7.  I was trying to burn some home movies in WMA format.  Movie Maker recognizes a blank DVD, and attempts to burn the DVD, but once it finishes, the disk is blank.  I then tried to just burn a MPG file using another software program and it failed at the validation stage.  Finally, I put a dvd movie in the drive and it wont recognize the disk.  These functions used to work fine.  The computer is only 15 months old, of course I only had a one year warranty.
    Is there anyway this could be related to software or is it a hardware problem?

    First, try the automated fixit from Microsoft on the link below.
    Windows 7
    If it still isn't working, try the following.
    Next, from the Start Menu, open the Control Panel and click on Device Manager.  Next click to open DVD/CD-ROM Drives.  Right click the drive and select uninstall.  Do not delete drivers if asked.  When the device has uninstalled click on the 'Scan for Hardware Changes' icon ( usually just below Help on the toolbar ).  Let windows reinstall the drive and see if it now works.
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    my superdrive just died... today i was burning dvds... and it was stuck while verfifying, so I force quit... now it can't read any disc...
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    Hi Kid Calculator-
    You can try resetting the SMU and the PRAM but you should also consider the possibility that the drive no longer works.
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        I'm switching from Windows to iOS. But my new iMac won't allow me to transfer my Windows files on my Clickfree HD425 over to the iMac. It initialy didn't even recognize my hard drive during set up, so I manually went through Finder where it recognized the Clickfree drive. But my files wouldn't appear. I can't go back to my original Windows computer because the hard drive crashed, and that's why I bought this new iMac in the first place. What should I do? As a Mac newbie who was reluctant to exit the Windows world, I don't want my original babystep into the iOS world soured by my first experience.

    Hi Rick, & a warm welcome!
    In Disk Utility on the Mac, what Format does it say the drive is?

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    But this shows up in the log:
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    Start formatting
    Formatting as Standard DVD"
    How do I make that DVD formatable?

  • Burned CD won't read in MBP Superdrive

    When I was discharged from the hospital recently, they gave me a disc with all of my x-rays.  Unfortunately, the disc won't read in my MBP.  It inserts just fine, spins for a second, but never actually mounts on the desktop.  When I eject the disc, I see the cd mount image briefly appear on the desktop before the disc pops out.
    Anyone have any clues on how I can get this disc to mount without pulling out my crusty windows laptop?  Thanks.

    Lalato wrote:
    Now to find those x-rays!
    Usually, medical imaging uses the DICOM format. You need a DICOM viewer, eg
    Escape Medical Viewer

  • Bootcamp won't read windows installer disk

    hey guys, I have a macbook pro, I just downloaded windows 7 from microsoft, I burned a dvd with the files and I partitioned my disk, but i can't install the windows because bootcamp won't read the disk. I get  the following message: the installer disk cannot be found. Insert your windows installer disk and wait a few minutes ti be recognized...
    What is wrong?

    If it's an .iso, you need to open it in Disk Utility, then burn it from there. If you just put a bunch of files onto optical media, then it won't boot. You need to use something like Roxio Toast to burn a bootable disk from files. It knows what needs to be added and how the files should be arranged.
    I've found that with Windows stuff, I'm better off using a Windows utilitiy that understands Windows booting. I use CDBurner XP. It works great and is free.

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