Drop Ship the item if stock is not available

We have a requirement where,
A item is about to get expire (No more demand) but organization is having some stock of the item. So Purchase team has stopped procuring the item.
Now, when we receive any order for the specific item, client wants to look at the present stock and ship it if its available. If not, create drop shipment.
Does anyone aware of this functionality where a single item will behave as a stocked item if the stock is available and drop ship item, if stock is not available.
Any help will highly appreciated.

A given item CAN be procured internally or externally.
But that attribute is set when the sales order line is booked.
So you need some kind of a personalization that will look at the available qty of the item being ordered and then set the Source type to External if enough qty is not available.
Hope this helps
Sandeep Gandhi

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    Hi Friends,
                     I have an issue in APO.i have a stock of 360 for material m1.when i tried to create a sales order in r/3 the apo confirming 324 for first time.But when i tried to create another sales order again apo is confirming 324 for second time.Again i tried to create another sales order again APO is confirming 324 which is totally wrong.it has to confirm 0 for that particular order.
                            Ordered quanity        confirmed by apo       available stock
    sales order1        360                             324                          360
    sales order2        360                             324                          360  -
    > (wrong)
    sales order3        360                            324                            360----
    can any help me to sort out this problem.
    Thanks & regards,
    Manoj Kumar thatha

    Strange, Unless you see a blank APO screen.
    Just see the following.
    -The order created is for a BOM item but the check is happening for a component.
    -RBA is active and ATP is confirming the component which is available in plenty at the same/another locaton.
    -If there are substituiton procedures mainatined within RBA and some other product is confirmed.
    -If there is a material determination happening at the order document level and that is getting confirmed because stocks/receipts are available
    -The material is available at an alternate location and a location determindation procedure is maintained in the rule maintenance.
    -Product interchangability is active at global master data level. .and made valid for ATP and is active but may be you have not taken note of it
    i.e you are probably checking for the stock of original product at original locaiton and that is not availalble but by virtue of BOM, or MDIC or Rules based ATP check confirmation is happening.
    Dont see any other reasons.
    Pay special attention to the receipt /requiremens tabs in scope of check. Do you see zero figures there ?
    In that case some combination of business event and check mode is not calling GATP..

  • "the item you selected is not available in the uk"

    I can't access the iTunes store even though I am in the UK. it's a new computer with the latest version of iTunes downloaded and running away fine but this is killing me.
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    Look around.  Others are seeing this as well.
    Be patient, itunes will correct their issue.

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    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Try deleting the problematic file (electing to remove original file if/when prompted) and then re-downloading the file from the iTunes store.
    You can re-download content purchased from the iTunes store (availability varies depending on location) using the purchased option from the Quick Links section in the top right corner of the iTunes homepage in your iTunes application on your computer.

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    Similar experience here but finally succeeded! Here's the summary
    Decided to (finally) update MacBook from SL 10.6.8 to Lion (it can't run ML or Mavericks) so this week purchased from UK Apple store. Received redemption code from Apple via email after couple of days and successfully redeemed this in Apps Store.
    Under Purchases in Apps Store clicked on "download" and nothing happened! Clicking on the app name "OS X Lion" gave the message "The item you've requested is not currently available in the UK Store". Contacted support but got no useful help there.....
    Following day went back to Apps Store and tried again clicking Download - still nothing (apparently - see below) so started thinking upgrade unlikely and £14 wasted.
    A little later noticed new icon in Dock and investigating it said downloading Lion - checked Activity Monitor and indeed my internet connection was being hammered. At a little over 4Gb got an error message saying download could not complete (needless to say not happy) and download icon disappeared!!
    So with nothing to lose reclicked Download in Apps Store and again no obvious activity and this time no new download icon in Dock - decided to check Activity Monitor again (just in case) and again high level of download activity! Maybe, just maybe, I thought and after about 90 minutes the Lion install screen appeared!
    Have now backed up the Installer and successfully installed 10.7.4
    I can't offer any explanation why it finally worked - Apps Store still shows "Download" not "Installed" as I would expect and the item is "..still not available.."!

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    What happened was you never accepted these apps into your Mac App Store account.
    Drag & drop the apps in the Trash and use OS X Recovery to install them again. after installing the apps be sure to accept them into your account this time from the Purchases pane of the Mac App Store.
    OS X Recovery -

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    Not sure why I am getting this message anyway. I wasn't trying to buy anything. I just upgraded and then I tried to access the store. I had two purchases that I had previously made from a different computer. I was going to download them to this computer as my iPod is synced to this computer and you can only sync it to one computer. I was able to view my account information and from there I was able to click on the Purchased link. I saw the two items and downloaded them. But I received an error about the second album. It said that I didn't have sufficient privileges. When I checked all the songs had downloaded. Only the booklet was missing. Maybe this has something to do with the issue, I don't know. As far as I know, I purchased everything from the US store. I don't even know how to switch to a different store.
    In any case, I can't access the store because the item I requested is not currently available in the US store. So why don't they just dump me at the home page instead of blocking me completely.

    It is working now. I no longer get the message about the item not being available in the US and I can access the store.

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    ATTENTION!! RECEIVED FRAUDULENT EMAIL PRETENDING TO BE APPLE!! I received an email informing of a purchase made on my account and telling me to change my password if did not purchase the item, which I had not. I have received valid emails from Apple in the past asking letting me know a purchase had been made and asking if I had made the purchase, but the item listed has alway been a purchase that I had made. Since I had received similar emails in the past, I didn't think anything of it. Because I had not purchased the item listed, I immediately clicked on the link in order to change my password, which has been suggested in authentic emails i had received from Apple in the past. The site I was redirected to was exactly the same as the Apple site where you go to change your password. I entered my userID and password and it stated a verification email would be sent, if it was not sent click "resend email." When I did not receive an email, after about 10 seconds I went to the Apple site and followed the SAME EXACT step on pages that were IDENTICAL to the FRAUDULENT website I apparently had just been at. When I clicked "Send verification email," I DID receive an email within seconds, which had a special link that brought me to a page where I could change my password, which I did. I later compared a legitimate email to the FRAUDULENT email and I DID FIND A DIFFERENCE, BUT IT WAS ALMOST UNNOTICEABLE unless you were really, really looking.  I doubt it would be noticed by anyone if not comparing it closely to a real email. THE DIFFERENCE WAS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE AUTHENTIC EMAIL, THERE WERE THREE LINKS THAT COULD BE SELECTED - My Apple ID/Support/Privacy Policy. ON THE FRAUDULENT EMAIL THESE LINKS WERE NOT PRESENT!!! Just today I received an email from Apple stating my password had been changed today. I did not change my password today. When I changed after getting the fake email, I did not think about my SECURITY QUESTIONS!!! If you forget your Apple password, you are able to answer the security questions in place of your ID and you get a confirmation email. Even though I changed my password within a one minute when I did not get a confirmation email with a link to change my password right away and I went dierctly to Apple's site, apparently it was enough time to take all the information on my account - INCLUDING MY DEBIT CARD NUMBER, WHICH HAD BEEN REQUIRED WHEN I INITIALLY SET UP THE ACCOUNT!!! Today I received a call from VISA FRAUD PROTECTION asking about strange activity on my account and stating they were concerned and wanted to ensure I had used the account. I HAD NOT, AND ALL THE MONEY IN MY BANK ACCOUNT HAD BEEN STOLEN!!!!! I am writing this in hopes that many people will see it and NOT FALL VICTIM TO THIS SCAM. Please pay close attention to any emails you supposedly receive from Apple - If the links "MY APPLE ID/SUPPORT/PRIVACY POLICY," PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME IT IS AN AUTHENTIC EMAIL FROM APPLE. I suggest you immediately forward the email to apple, which I didn't do because this happened days ago. Nothing was taken from my money that was already on the Apple account, and nothing had been taken from my checking account. I guess I assumed there had been something wrong with the link in the email directing me to where I could change my password, plus I had gone to the valid Apple website and changed my password for real, and I guess I was thinking that changing my password would prevent someone from being able to acces my account info. PLEASE DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO THIS SCAM AS I DID!!!!

    No need for alarm. There are several folks a day posting like threads. Most folks know these phishing attempts for what they are and merely delete with prejudice.
    To the bottom line... if you wish - and I am sure Apple will take notice - you should FORWARD the email to [email protected] and delete.

  • Item category customizing issue(The item category 'SRTT' is not permitted

    Hi guys:
    I got a material product, the caterory of the product is created by myself.
    I trid to add the product to my service order item, but the error message said ,"
    <b>The item category 'SRTT' is not permitted for product 'BO_3000000018'.
    Message no. CRM_ORDERADM_I507
    The item category SRTT is not allowed in Customizing for item category determination of the specified transaction type, or in the item category group of the product BO_3000000018.
    System Response
    The system does not allow the item to be processed further.
    u can display the specified input options. Place the cursor in the document on the field Item category and choose F4 = input options</b>
    I tried many item category but the same error kept jumping out.
    does anybody know the solution? thanks!
    best regards

    Hi Eric
    You nay have to set the item category determination properly.
    Fileds are you chould have an entry which should be something like this
    Trans type -
    Item cat group---The item cat that has to appear in your doc.
    for example:
    TA -
    Standard Group-----TAN
    The Item category group field is in the one you have given in your material master.
    Hope this helps you.

  • Error message: The item category 'ZTPS' is not permitted for product '134'

    Hi experts,
    When I try to create a sales order in CRM, I find the error: "The item category 'ZTPS' is not permitted for product '134'".
    how can I solve this problem?
    thank you for helping me,

    I tried to perform the "define item category determination" activity, but the problem is that the possible entries for "Item category groups" and "Item usage" are different in the two systems:
    for example in R/3 I find some entries with Item Category group = LEIH (returnable packaging),
    when i try to insert this Item category group in CRM i press f4 to see possible entries but Ican't find the value LEIH.
    how is it possible?

  • TS1702 Hi I bought Final Cut Pro X to my old macbook but the week later I bought a new bacbook pro and wonder how to download the final cut program to my new mac.I find the item in iTunes, but not in apple store.I find Final c in fins, but iTunes  can't d

    Hi I bought Final Cut Pro X to my old macbook but the week later I bought a new bacbook pro and wonder how to download the final cut program to my new mac.I find the item in iTunes, but not in apple store.I find Final c in fins, but iTunes  can't download

    Use the Mac App Store application and go to the purchased tab, which you'll find at the top of the Mac App Store window.

  • No exact match was found. Click the item(s) that did not resolve for more options. You can also use Select button to choose External Data.

    I have SharePoint Online 2013 environment, i have created a external content type from wcf service. I want to use this as External Data column in document library. When i look for values in content type it populates and when i click any values and adds and
    then click saves it shows the below error
    No exact match was found. Click the item(s) that
    did not resolve for more options. You can also use Select button to choose External Data
    No Matching Items
    Please help on this.

    I don't understand the question exactly, could you restate it.  Sorry mate, I might just be braindead.
    But, as far as the issue, it is by design.  the column is a lookup columns which essentially ties to the external data.  if that data is removed, the column on your simple list becomes invalid and any edits of the simple list item will require
    it to be changed.
    are you wanting to make the ECT read only?  that's simple enough.  you can pop open SPD and edit the ECT, then remove the C/E/D operations (create/update/delete).  That will not, however make it read-only in any other systems that access that
    external data, as I assume its not just SP or else it wouldn't be external
    Christopher Webb | MCM: SharePoint 2010 | MCSM: SharePoint Charter | MCT | http://christophermichaelwebb.com

  • Automatic PR if stock is not available

    Hi dudes
    i want automatically to PR to be generated if the material is not available in availability check. The material is a trading good (HAWA). should this be done as processing similar way as individual purchase order or any other option is there. when i am trying to change tan to tab.. it is saying item category TAB is not defined for this item

    Hi Venkatesh
    the entry for Or type + Itm cat grp + --- + -
    = TAN and here manual itm cat as TAB i have defined. Even then the error is coming.
    is there any other process where if stock is not available automatic PR is created.

  • Why some times delivery  will created through vl10c even sale order stock is not available?

    why some times delivery  will created through vl10c in batchmode even sale order stock is not available?

    the correct english name is : Replenishment leadtime
    Check with Replenishment lead time - Supply Chain Management (SCM) - SCN Wiki

  • Windows "Easy Connect" does not reply with the password / "Easy Connect is not Available"

    I have posted a related question some time ago, which was eventually resolved. However, after some time a problem with Easy Connect (used for MSRA) came back:
    Whenever I arrive at the point in setting up a MSRA session where Easy Connect is needed, I get the reply: "Easy Connect is not Available". Here is an example of the problem:
    Start MSRA
    --> as expected, a window with "invite someone to help you" and " Help some who has invited you" appears
    Select "invite someone to help you"
    --> as expected, a window with "Who do you want to get help from" appears 
    Select "Invite someone to help you"
    --> as expected, a windows with "How do you want to invite your trusted helper?" appears
    Select "Use Easy Connect"
    --> as expected, the temporary "Create invitation window / checking network capabilities" window appears
    Next, I would expect this windows to close a new window to provide me with the Easy Connect password. However, instead I get the window "Easy Connect is not available".
    I cannot continue. (I have screenshots so can repost with them if that would clarity my question)
    Any suggestion how to resolve would be appreciated.
    (Please do not reply with the 3 suggestions from the FAQ (both computers must run windows 7 / Access to internet is limited / your router does not support Easy Connect - doesn't help)
    More background information and things I have tried:
    The "Easy Connect is not available" window offers the "Tell me more about how to fix this problem" which I have tried, but those suggestions do not help
    If I use the other MSRA option: "Help someone who has invited you" (this would be my typical use case), followed by "help someone new" and than select "Use Easy Connect", I also get the "Easy Connect is not available"
    window instead of the expected option to enter the Easy Connect password. I believe this is that same problem.
    This happed with both the 32 as well as the 64 MSRA versions
    I'm using Window 7 Ultimate, 64 bit with all the latest updates
    This desktop PC is wired to the internet via an Edimax gigabit switch, a Dlink DIR-855 wireless router and a fiber modem in bridge mode
    The W7 desktop has a single active network connection only
    I'm using Windows Firewall and Windows Security Essentials
    Disabling the firewall on the PC did not help
    Network discovery is enabled in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings (that’s UPnP – right?)
    The Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool does not seem to be available anymore from MSFT sites
    Restarting "Peer Name Resolution Protocol" did not help
    Restarting "Peer Networking Identity Manager Properties" did not help
    Starting up with a "Clean Boot" (disabled all non-Microsoft services using MSConfig) did not help
    I would also be interested to understand how I can check on the status of the "Easy Connect" service. Is this a service hosted somewhere, or??

    Dear Andy,
    Thanks a lot for your reply. Let me answer your questions:
    Q: Could you use the other methods: save this invitation as a file and use e-mail to send invitation?
    A: yes, that way I can establish a MSRA connection
    Q: Have you disable other network connections, including disable all virtual network card?
    A: if I check with ‘Device Manager/Network Adapters’ (or Control Panel/Network and Internet/Network Connections) I see two network adapters (my Asus motherboard has two network connectors). Both are available, but only one is used. I have
    disabled one. Unfortunately, this does not solve the problem. I will leave it disable for now.
    Q: To find detailed information about this issue, please locate to event view and find the logs about remote assistance.
    A: I have to admit that the Event Viewer is unfamiliar territory for me. So, I’m not sure where and what to look for. However, as suggested, I found "Event Viewer (local)/Applications and Services Logs/Microsoft/Windows/Remote assistance/Operational".
    Each time, I attempt to use MSRA/Easy Connect, it seems two entries are added. As I cannot seem to upload files with this post, here are just the two entries:
    “Diagnosis Repro Attempt resulted in a failure.”
    “Remote Assistance troubleshooting has confirmed the problem: Remote Assistance Easy Connect isn't available.”
    If you need more details, please suggest what to forward or check. I'm eager to find a solution!

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