DTT3500 Speaker sysem-no digital out

Hello All,
I have had my system for I guuess about 3 or 4 yrs. now. All of a sudden, it seem the decoder portion of the system is not working. When I select SPDIF in Power DVD, there are no sounds from the speakers, and, the Dolby digital light at the bottom of the decoder box, no longer lights up. If i select 4 or 6 speahker setup in Power DVD, all sounds from all speakers do come out. I suspect the the decoder is shot. Any thoughts on this?

Hello, I also have the same problem, do you have solved this problem?

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  • XF-I digital out to DTT3500 WOR

    untill you touch the xf-i software....
    I installed my new xf-i fatality card in one of my computers, hooked up the 4 ring minijack into the flexijack, mentioned in a speaker setup screen that i had 5. speakers on digital out AND IT WORKED JUST FINE..
    I could hear the lady's voice run around me and i was rather supprised at this because this forum is full of how the xf-i doesnt work with the dtt3500.
    Then i started touching buttons in that fancy looking console and that was when it broke and playing every channel on the front speakers.
    I've been messing around with the software for 0 minutes now but i cant get the suround back.
    So is this a software problem afterall and not a problem with the hardware ?
    I'm going to see what happens if i put it in another computer which hasnt been infected by the software yet too see what happens.

    btw it did only come up with 2. speakers when the first wizard showed up.
    I selected those and changed it in the startup console.
    and it broke after i switched audio modus from entertainment to gamingMessage Edited by Conz on 2-24-2005 2:39 AM

  • X-Fi digital out problem with FPS 2000 speak

    I just upgraded my old SB Li've! to X-Fi ExtremeMusic.
    I connected my 4. digital FPS 2000 Cambridge Soundwork speakers to the digital i/o port at the back of the sound card, but I could only hear from front speakers. Nothing from the rear speakers.
    Also when I run the speaker connection wizard, after I pick digital output, the program only allows me to select either headphone or 2. speakers even though I connected to my FPS2000 which is 4. speakers.
    Is it because my orginal mini-plug to DIN converter cable from FPS2000 is a 3-pole only and X-Fi digital out port is 4-pole? If that's the case, is it possible to buy a 4-pole mini-plug to DIN converter cable which works for FPS2000?
    Will this cable http://us.creative.com/products/product.asp?category=3&subcategory=58&product=0375 &nav=systemRequirements

    Actually you are having exactly the same problem as other users with DTT3500 or 5700 speakers. The X-Fi does not support the DIN connection. The digital-out of the X-Fi is the industry standard SPDIF. This means only 2-channels can be sent!
    You should connect your FPS speakers to the analog outs of the soundcard. Quality will be anyway better, as the X-Fi includes modern DACs at 24-bits, which is not the case of the FPS2000 speakers.

  • What is better to use: digital out or 5 channel speaker level out

    Is it better to use digital out on sound card or 5 channel speaker level output?If you could explain it to me...(i'm new so that's why i am asking this)
    Thank you

    First you need to determine what options you have, if you have an amp/decoder
    use digital out because that then frees up the line-outs which you can use for other devices. Quality wise not much difference.

  • Digital out to analog speak

    I have just bought a new Audigy 2 ZS, but I have a question regarding the possible use of the digital out of the card for my Logitech 560 speakers, with some kind og adabter/converter, as I find it to be quite a hassle to crawl under my desk everytime I have to use my headset.
    I have read that I can use an adabter for my Line Out and 2, but that is lovering the sound on the one that the headset is connected to, so I really don't like that option, as that isn't ideal when gaming and using speakers.

    Jutapa wrote
    Hi This may become quite expensi've (thought). You need an adapter to split signal (from output to dig speakers and DAC) so you do not have to swap cables when changing between speakers/headphones, and a DAC to convert signal from digital to analog. DAC must be capable to convert multi channel input into 2 channel stereo output. You find available devices by googling. .jtp
    As I see it, I need a device that will make it possible to get my analog speaker witch has two connectors, that tight now occupies the Line Out and 2 on my soundcard, making it impossible to connect my headset at the same time, unless I find a way to use the Digital output
    I also don't understand why it's not possible to use the many "pins" on the soundcard, for my headset, as I would guess that when you buy a Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum , you get some sort of cable that goes from these "pins" to the front panel? I would really like to be able to use these "pins" to connect my CoolerMaster Stacker I/O Panel http://www.coolermaster.com/index.ph...0+CM%20Stacker
    Message Edited by Blind-Goose on 04-7-2005 02:37 PM

  • I recently used the computer for I player over the TV, but when removing the external speakers the internal speaker appears to have stopped working and when going on to system preferences and sound I am only given the option of digital out put. Help

    I recently used the computer for I player over the TV, but when removing the external speakers the internal speaker appears to have stopped working and when going on to system preferences and sound I am only given the option of digital out put. Help

    Do you see a red light shining in the headphone port?

  • Dtt3500 and Audigy Gamer, digital output only 2 channel unless its D

    Ok I recieved a response concerning my last comment but unfortunatly it did not answer my question at all. I have a DTT3500 and a sound blaster Audigy Gamer hooked up with the digital out to the /8 din adapter. I try the advanced 3d demo that came with the Audigy software and I only hear the front 2 channels, no center and no rears. The demo where you move the little icons and sound moves along with it. I have 5. activated in my windows control center along with audioHQ and digital out only is selected. my DTT3500 has 4./5. digital selected along with dolby digital/pcm audio and digital in. I am not getting the effect of multisurround at all. My center works and my rears work because playing music I can use all 5 speakers. When I use the analogue outputs I hear multisurround from the advanced 3d demo but my center doesnt work. The analogue setup sounds better but without a center channel its useless to me. Am I doing something wrong? I am using the adapter and digital DIN, what gives? The only reason I noticed I wasnt getting surround was while playing games nothing comes from behind you even on 5. games. The goldmine demo doesnt even work right, when the bird flys behind you it disappears but there is still sound from the rears. Analogue fixes this without a center but the manual and setup say to use the digital din. Do I just have a setting wrong? I would like to experiance the full capacity of multispeakers in my games.

    With these speakers the connection that I would suggest would be to use the Digital out on the back of the sound card into the DIN Input on the DTT3500's. This will require a converter cable for /8'' Minidin to standard DIN which can be purchased from here:
    You will also need a standard DIN cable (one should have shipped with your DTT3500's).
    This should give you 5. with digital output only enabled on the Audigy.

  • Sound Blaster card 'digital out' into my high-end stereo receiver?

    BSound Blaster card 'digital out' into my high-end stereo receiver?A I want?to interface my iTunes music library?(all tunes in Apple Lossless file format) to my high-end sound system, using an optical (TOSLink)?cable and a "mini TOSLink adapter" that will plug into the 'digital out' jack on the Sound Blaster card in my Windows XP PC. This configuration will take advantage of the high-end DAC's in my Denon receiver.
    I don't care about getting surround sound out of my PC, and I'm not a gamer. I just want hi-fi stereo music from my iTunes library.
    Will this work?Can I expect CD-quality sound?
    Also, would it be worthwhile to upgrade my model SB394 sound card to a hi-fi SB card like X-Fi Xtreme Audio, or is any sound card as good as any other for simply deli'vering the digital data stream to my Denon receiver?

    Jebus wrote:
    well, I have two devices that a combo CD player/Tape decks/radio tuner/amp; one has misc input, the other doesn't. Both are analog devices, both are old things I bought at a yard sale. I got 6 bookshelf speakers that use pairs of stripped wire as the input hooked up in 2 parallel wired sets of 3 to the CD/Tape/Tuner/Amp thing that has a misc input. Anyway, the one without misc input has a 3 disk CD changer, plus it would give me a way to input tape and radio sounds sources into my computer if I just connected it's audio outputs to the internally located Aux In on my soundblaster card in my computer. But I wonder, what considerations do I have to have?
    Firstly, is the Aux In on my board analog or digital? I'm assuming if it doesn't say "digital", it's analog; correct?......
    secondly, and more importantly; the CD/Tape/Tuner/Amp thing is supposed to be used with 8 ohm speakers and do I have to worry about sending too much current to the soundcard?
    specific model of SB card; I'm not sure. It has 2 analog outs, analog in, mic in, digital out and a joystick port; and it came installed on a 200 Dell w/ Win ME
    and please, don't try selling me something; I use old crappy hardware and really do not mind doing so.
    any help will be appreciated, thanks.
    Aux-In is an analog port (4-pin connector/stereo).
    Don't connect powered output (= speaker outputs) into soundcard but, if possible, use some low-power connection like Headphones-Out (or if possible then some line-out port).

  • How do i turn ON digital out port on appleTV

    Just got my new apple tv ( latest version). I have connected hdmi out to the tv and optical out to my old A/V receiver. I have also appropriately made all the assignments on my receiver for optical in. Not getting any sound from digital out of apple tv to my receiver. Want to use my surround speaker set up. Please advise how to turn ON digital out on apple TV.

    Hey gd6784,
    There are several versions of Yahoo Mail and they are each a bit different. Without knowing which version you use, it's difficult to help. I'd suggest you look at the [http://help.yahoo.com/kb/index?page=product&locale=en_US&y=PROD_MAIL_ML Yahoo Mail support documentation] as it will have more detailed information.
    If you search for [http://help.yahoo.com/kb/index?page=answers&startover=y&y=PROD_MAIL_ML&source=answers.landing_search&locale=en_US&question_box=out+of+office "out of office" in their documentation] you'll see different articles that explain how it works and it will tell you which version of Yahoo Mail each article applies to.

  • Audigy ES Digital out probl

    Hi, im trying to hook my Kinyo d565 speakers and decoder up to the digital out on my audigy soundcard.
    Now first off, the decoder has 3 inputs - analogue stero, digital RCA(coaxial), and digital optical.
    i've tried doing everything in audioHQ to get any sound out of my speakers (they work fine when i just use the line out on the sound card and the stereo input on my decoder).
    i've connected the digital out on the soundcard to the optical in on the decoder using a 3.5mm to toslink optical digital cable.
    i have no idea why im not getting any sound at all. is it my cable? - do i need to get a 3.5mm mono to RCA cable?
    any help would be greatly appreciated
    i've tried all the things like selected 2 speaker output, disabling decoding of ac3 etc etc....

    These articles should help explain what is going on:

  • My MacBook Pro has no audio.  Sounds preferences showing output is Optical digital-out port.  How do I change this to built-in speakers?

    My MacBook Pro has no audio.  Sounds preferences showing output is Optical digital-out port.  How do I change this to built-in speakers?

    I experienced this same problem yesterday on my MacBook Pro,  still searching for a solution, several other posts here indicate people have been experiencing this since at lease 2007.  I have  yet to find a clear solution. 
    It appears that occasionally inserting headphone causes this, it turns on the Optical digital-out port feature (red light glows inside the headphone port) and takes away the internal speakers option.   Restarting did not restore it, but for some reason after sitting asleep overnight the sound started working again and the internal speaker option return in the Sound - Output Window, and the Optical Digital-out option went away. 
    Here is another post with some ideas on this 

  • X-Fi Gamer Digital Out + Microp

    Iam interested to buy the X-Fi Xtreme Gamer (NOT the Fatalty one). I wanna use the Digital Out at the FlexiJack connector, because i got a SPDIF In at my soundsystem.
    Can I still use the microphon with the front connectors at my pc-case, 'cause with using the FlexiJack, it's the only possible way to use a mic. And what about the headphones? Can I put my headphone into the front connector and switch the output in the Vista 64bit drivers?

    Go to speaker/headphone(left most icon in entertaiment mode)>THX setting....here select Creative 5. headphone and u will see the picture on the right change...reassign the speaker by using assignment button...

  • No digital out on Audigy 2 va

    I upgraded from an Audigy to 2 and I'm trying to use some Boston Accoustics BA7500G digital speakers. I normally would tick the box "Digital out" on the speaker settings on my A and set 4/4. as the setup and I would have 4 speaker sound. However with the A2 I *DO NO GET* that "digital out" tick box, where it would be on the speaker config window is instead a blank area. Any ideas? I also did a fresh install of WinXP in a spare partition and using the drivers from the A2 CD I get the same result.

    I am having a similar problem with no output to my BA7500Gs, however, I am using the SB Li've! 24-bit card that DOES have the tick box for digital out only. If you speaker set is from an old Gateway system, we may be suffering from a cable problem since according to Jeremy-CL in the posting "Creative Labs<SPAN class=navbar_sep>: Speaker Systems<SPAN class=navbar_sep>:<SPAN class=navbar_text>Re: Boston Acoustics + Sound Blaster + Windows XP = no sound?", Gateway sort of rigged the sound card to work with the digital BA7500G speakers. I have opened a separate post <SPAN>BA7500G + Sound Blaster Li've! 24-bit + Windows 2k = no sound in effort to find a resolution. Will provide one if found.

  • Audigy 2 Value digital out not work

    I'm trying to use the digital out on my audigy 2 value card using my onkyo system (6. with a receiver). at first i tried using a stereo /8" male to /8" male cord with one end using a /8" to rca adapter and hooking that up to my coax input on my receiver. using that, i was only able to get 2.0 sound (no sub signal). I have my receiver set to 'direct' input so it receives whatever PCM or DD signal is sent. I tried both mp3's and dvds and nothing gives more than 2.0. I called tech support and was told i needed to use a mono cable. i went to radio shack and got a /8" mono (male) to phono (female) adapter and hooked it up to one end of a phono (male) to phono (male) cord and plugged them into the respecti've places on my soundcard and receiver (coax). Still only 2.0. I did the speaker test in speaker settings and it confirms only 2.0 because all i hear is "front left" and "front right". what's wrong? I'm about to go nuts on this.

    alright, i read the knowledge base articles and saw that the tests won't output more than left and right, but still, it's not working for my dvd's. i have my receiver set to "direct". is that right? i'm using windows media player for the dvd playback, should i try something else? do i have to install an AC3 codec? do i have to enable something in media player? anything please

  • Audigy 2 ZS - Headphones work, Digital Out does not

    Just install an Audigy 2 ZS. Bought a miniplug-RCA plug adaptor to connect it to my digital coax cable into my Onkyo receiver. Headphones show that sound it working. Onkyo shows no PCM signal received. I know it works because my last computer used the same amp and same cable. Is there something in the software I'm doing wrong? I'm tried switching the frequency rate, the digital out only, 2 speaker and 4 speaker settings. What am I doing wrong?

    One thing to consider is that the digital out on the back of the Audigy 2 ZS is not an actual SPDIF out. It uses the DIN interface which is similar in form, but has a different rating on the voltage of the connection. Most receivers will still work with it, but some will not. This is most likely why it is not showing PCM on the receiver. If you have the platinum dri've, there is a true SPDIF on it but we cannot guarantee that it will work with a receiver using the DIN on the Audigy 2 ZS.
    You know, I am located just down the highway from your college of choice. It happens to be the heart of "Orange Country" but still is cool to see someone who is a fan of the "other school" on the forums.

Maybe you are looking for

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