Due date calculation for the credit memo with invoice reference.

When we create the credit memo with reference to invoice, the due date for the credit memo is getting copied from Invoice. In this case if the invoice is due on 31.12.2008 and the credit memo is created on 10.09.2009, then the credit memo due date is appearing as 31.12.2008. It should be 10.09.2009 as per the setting in VOFA billing type customisation in "Credit Memo w/vldt".
I would like to know how to customise the below requirement.
If the reference invoice is due after the credit memo creation, the the credit memo should due as per the invoice date.
If the invoice due is past & then the credit memo due date should be Immediate i.e. Due Immediately.
Thanks in advance for help.

I doubt there is such option. From the past projects I do remember that we made a change in the form to print the document date as 'Due Date' for credit memos. Credit memos were paid at once when they were processed and I think that payment term was copied from the original invoice, which made their due date far in future.

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  • Due  date  calculation  in the  credit  memo

    I  need  to  have  the  same  due  date  in  the  credit  memo  as  in  original  invoice...
    Is  there  any  setting  for  this?
    Thanks and  best  regards

    I doubt there is such option. From the past projects I do remember that we made a change in the form to print the document date as 'Due Date' for credit memos. Credit memos were paid at once when they were processed and I think that payment term was copied from the original invoice, which made their due date far in future.

  • The Credit Memo & Original Invoice do not have the same net due date.

    The issue is that for returns of goods from the customer, the credit memo that gets created does not have the same net due date as the original invoice.  To accomplish this, in the credit memo, the indicator "V" must be entered in the credit memo field BSEG-REBZG "Invoice Ref".  This will make the credit memo due based on the payment terms. In the OSS message 50388, SAP identifies a user exit in SDVFX008 which will fill field BSEG-REBZG with the value "V".  Doing this should automatically make the credit memo for returns due the same date as the original invoice.SAP says to do the following:
    The function module called by SDVFX008 is EXIT_SAPLV60B_008
    Make the ABAP coding in include program ZXVVFU08.
    Populate field ACCIT-REBZG with "V"
    Despite doing this , we couldnt get the same net due date as the credit memo & Original invoice.
    Can anyone help? POINTS WILL BE GIVEN.

    Hi Anitha,
    Does the value 'V' gets paopulated?.
    I mean to ask whether the program goes into the user exit logic?.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you.
    Karun M

  • Correspondance for the credit memo combined with invoice

    Hi All,
    I have to create the printout for the credit memos. But also need to show the corresponding invoice details.
    Which is the best correspondance type, I should use, as I can see only the separtae one for credit  memo and separate one for invoice.

    When you create print outs, it is always on customised layout as per the requirements of the customer. In this form, it is possible to print the details of both your credit memo and the invoice associated with it. So you have to finalise the layout the credit memo with your business user and then inform the logic to the developer to print all those fields. He will enable the coding for the same. You can test and release it.
    For a credit memo, you have to find out the credit memo request from the VBFA table and then using this credit memo request you can find out the invoice number again from VBFA table. This number can be printed in the form in the desired place.
    Hope it helps you

  • Due date in A/R Credit Memo

    do you know if there is a way to update the Due Date in A/R Credit Memo
    according to the customer's Payment Terms
    (right now Due Date = Posting Date)
    thank you,

    Hello Friend,
    Use Date function for installed SQL and  made FMS
    Manvendra Singh NIranjan
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  • Why need to link credit memo with invoice

    Hi, gurus,
    I received an AP invoice valued $2222 and then received a credit memo valued $222 about 1 week later.
    Now I need to make payment.
    I was told it's good to link credit memo with invoice by entering invoice number in the field "invoice reference" when creating credit memo. But I'm not sure why it's better because system will pick up both items anyway when i entered $ 2000 using f-53 to make outgoing payment.
    The only reason i can think of is this link will guarantee that credit memo has the same terms of payment with invoice.
    Is there any other good reasons? Any help will be appreciated.

    We need to link credit memo with invoice against for two obvious reasons
    1.. Future tracking of all credit memo i-e if we gave excess credits to vendor then it was against which invoice. This will create linkage and tracking of credit memo with invoice that will be shown in FBL1N .
    2..At the end of specific time period ,month or quarter ,its a normal practise to reconcile vendor balance as per SAP ledger to that of vendor's own book. At that time you will need credit memo track also that against which invoice was the credit given.
    This all can be achived after posting credit memo with refrence to invoice number. Audit perpective should also be kept in mind. Hope this will help you

  • R12: Create on-account Credit Memo with invoicing and accounting rules

    In R12.1.2: when using the AR_INVOICE_API_PUB it seems to be impossible to create a on-account Credit Memo with invoicing and accounting rules. The next errors are returned by the API:
    Do not include an invoicing rule if the transaction type's class is Debit Memo or Credit Memo.
    Do not enter an invoicing or accounting rule for on-account credit memos
    Please advice how to create on-account Credit Memo with invoicing and accounting rules using an API.
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    We will use the AR_CREDIT_MEMO_API_PUB api.

  • How to determine the credit memo and invoice in table RBKP?

    Hi all,
    I want to specific the credit Memo and invoice in the table RBKP using MIRO.
    Does any body know that any field can be specific that ?

    The Field  XRECH - Invoice will be populated with an "x" if it is an invoice else will be blank if it is a credit memo in the  table RBKP.

  • Credit note with invoice reference are not concatenate in F110

    When I create a credit note with invoice reference by VA01, the fields payment term,  Baseline date for due date calculation, Assignment and Payment method are copied correctly from invoice to credit note, but in FI document the field invoice ref.  'BSEG-REBZG' is not filled. So when I run the transaction F110 Automathic Payment (for Italy) the invoice is rigthly payed but the credit not is included into Exceptions with the note 'No pymt possible because items with a credit bal.still exist'. If I put in the field 'BSEG-REBZG'  the reference to  the invoice, the one and credit note are concatenated and I have a rigth parzial payment.
    There is a way to have this link when I post the Fi document by vf01-vf02 without putting it manually using FB03?
    Thank you in advance

    please refer thi link reconciliation in 2005
    i would suggest you to upgrade your version, as reconciliation is very easy in higher versions
    please refer sap note no 1051038.
    Edited by: Mohammed Riyaz on Apr 24, 2009 4:01 PM

  • Debit memo with invoice reference

    Hi dear all,
    Please help me with the following situation. I am creating a billing document - Debit memo- with reference to an other docuemnt - Invoice. However, in the accounting document the nvoice reference is not filled and all the data are not copied - terms of payment and baseline date.
    This isn't the case for the Credit memo, when I create a Billing docuemnt - Credit memo- with reference, the invoice reference in the accounting document is filled and all the data are copied - terms of payment and baseline date.
    Please help me with advice how can I activate the invoice reference to be copied also for Debit memo.
    Thank you,

    V will populate the fields from the Customer master data, but I want to populate from the original document that our Debit memo is created with reference to.
    Thanks a lot for your answer.

  • Recurring document - FBD1 with incorrect due-date calculation for AP

    Hi Gurus,
    in our ECC 6.0 system we are creating with F.14 FI-documents (SAPF120) based on recurring documents (created with FBD1) for various purposes (e.g. Recurring entries for IC-business).
    Therefore it's important that the system provides in the final processing of the recurring documents the correct net-due-date in the AP-document based on the document date and the payment term included in the AP-masterdata (LFB1-ZTERM).
    The processed FI-document contains the correct payment term but the calculated net-due-date with regards to the document date (BKPF-BLDAT) isn't correct. A Dummy-Update of the FI-document with FB02 on field BSEG-ZTERM provides finally the correct net due date but this a not recommended solution.
    Any ideas how to solve that issue???
    Thanks for replies.
    BR, Bernd

    Hi Vishnu,
    the defined payment term is
    fix day: 15
    additional month: 1.
    Default for baseline date is posting date
    Therefore the expectation is that net due date is calculated for posting date
    e.g. : 01.02.2012 to 15.03.2012.
    The line item after processing in FI-document shows :
    Posting Date : 01.02.2012
    Bline Date:   01.02.2012
    Days/percent: 35
    Net due date: 07.03.2012 (dd.mm.yyyy)
    That's wrong according to my understanding of the payment term definition.
    BR, Bernd

  • How to change Net Due Date in case of Credit Memo..

    Hi Experts,
    In our system currently when we create credit memo using tcode FB75 system makes the invoive due immediately.
    We wanted to make this net due date dependent on payment terms given by us. Please let me know how can I achieve this..
    Please let me know if there is any user exit there or the configration path to achieve this...

    This is a standard SAP functionality. Usually a credit memo is referenced to an invoice and if you don't have a reference to an invoice SAP would consider that credit memo as due immediatly.
    If you have an invoice to be referenced to this credit memo enter the invoice number in the invoice reference field in FB75 > payment tab and then enter the payment term. If you don't have an invoice reference enter V  in the invoice reference field and then the payment term, system will calculate net due date based on payment term.

  • Credit memo with value date

    Hello Gurus,
        for field " Credit memo with value date" in billing document,  field VALDT (fixed value date) in the credit memo request is filled with the payment deadline baseline date of the base billing document. where is that payment deadline baseline date of the base billing document ?
    Many thanks,
    Frank Zhang

       That pament date is the date of line item comes due for payment. Billing date+Pament terms= Due date.
    This field is helpful for the following scenario,
    You have sent an invoice on 01.08.08 and the pament due date is one month. Due on 01.09.08. This is calculated from the pament term. Now the customer rejected some ofthe material and sending you back as sales returns. Now you are creating a credit note on 04.08.08 and post it to accounting. If the due date of the original invoice is not taken for consdered then you are paying the customer who has not yet pay you for the original invoice.To avoid this, the pament due date is taken from the original invoice if you mark VALDT field.

  • Standard Invoice and a Credit Memo with the same amount

    I have a AP standard invoice with an amount of 100 € and the credit memo with -100 €.
    The standard invoice and the credit memo have the same Supplier and distribution, and the status are Validated and Accounted is Yes.
    How I can match this credit memo to that invoice?
    If I try to create a payment with this invoice and credit memo, I get an error because I can not make a payment to zero.
    I do with a suspense account? How I can do it?
    Thanks in advance!

    Enter a zero amount payment and select both documents.

  • Value date in the credit memo.

    Please explain the Use of the Value Date determination of the credit memo and How Does it help in payment Reconcillation
    Also There is a Indicator in the RV document type: Credit Memo W/Value Date
    What is the consequence of flagging the same.
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