Duplicating an iWeb site

When I am editing an iWeb site, there are times when I would like to duplicate the site so that I can work on the copy without losing the original l if I don't like what I've done to the copy. Is there a safe and (relatively easy) way of doing this?
Alan Cox.

Just click on your domain.sites file and then go to File and click Duplicate and you have your copy to work on.

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  • Lost iWeb Site .... need to import current site!

    My iWeb site info was lost after a destroyed computer incident.
    I didn't know about the domain file that should be backed up ... I do now... but I am left with a .Mac web site that I can't edit or import.
    What should I do?
    Are there products that can import the site? Maybe I can continue using a different editor?
    Is there a way to add new pages to my site ... to at least link to a new site? Or is my current site now frozen in time?
    Thanks for any advice

    Ok to rant now and then; we all have at one time or another!
    Maybe this will help: understand that iWeb doesn't operate like other web apps, in the sense that it does not write html as it creates. It takes the data you place in it and then converts all of it into html when you click the Publish button. In other words, iWeb does the Save As for you when it generates the html necessary for the web.
    I save frequently as I work in iWeb. If you have spent hours working with the application and you have created a substantial portion of a site, it is a very good idea to stop, make a duplicate copy of the Domain file, and place it in it's own folder, in another location. There is a free automator application available here which makes this process very quick and easy.
    Get used to backing up that Domain file frequently. While it doesn't happen that often, there are posts in the forums about the inability to even save your work after hours of labor in the app. If you have duplicated your Domain file incrementally as you work, you will avoid the perils of this situation.

  • Move iWeb site from iBook to iMac

    I've created an iWeb site on my iBook and would like to transfer it to iWeb on my iMac...How do iDo this?

    Your site on your iBook lives in a file called 'Domain', found in your Home folder Library:
    Library/Application Support/iWeb/Domain
    Duplicate this Domain file (Command+D) and transfer it to your iMac; placing it on a usb flash drive is a popular method as you can just double-click on the file after mounting the drive and iWeb, in either machine, will open it and you can access, edit, and publish changes to your site. You could use an external hard drive also. Remember to rename the file 'Domain' from 'Domain copy' after duplicating it.
    Hope this helps out.

  • My iWeb site can no longer be found by browsers

    I have had an iWeb site which has been live for about a month. It has been working perfectly. I have updated several times without any issue. It still appears to be working well within iWeb. I can make changes and publish changes.
    I have my own domain name hosted on mobileme
    When I now search the internet using any browser, it says
    Can't open the page http://www.dhsem.com.au/ because the server where this page is located isn't responding.
    I have checked my .mac account and everything seems to be fully functional. Why has my site suddenly disappeared off the internet?
    I have tried removing the com.apple.iWeb.plist file from Library/Preferences, rebooting the computer, republishing the entire site, all to no avail.
    The site is still sitting in iDisk/Web/Sites.
    Everything looks normal from the iWeb side of things. For some reason, no browser can find the server (The IP address of the server is:
    Would appreciate any help

    You don't need to get your domain name registrar to do this - you should easily be able to do it yourself.
    Firstly, ensure that your domain name is entered into the Personal Domain name setting of your MobileMe account.
    Go to your domain name registrar and then set up CNAME forwarding if they provide this and forward your domain name to web.me.com - this is all you need do - you don't need to fiddle with nameservers or anything else like that.
    If they don't provide CNAME forwarding then you can use web forwarding instead.

  • How do i add a personal domain to my iWeb site?

    I created a website using iWeb and logged on to mobile me to activate the personal domain I bought. It's asking me to:
    Add Personal Domain
    Before your iWeb site can be viewed at your personal domain, you must complete the following steps:
    Go to your registrar's website. Define web.me.com as the "www" CNAME (alias) for your domain.
    If you need help creating a CNAME, contact your registrar.
    Return to this page and click Done.
    Your registrar can take up to 48 hours to update your domain.
    Can someone explain where or who my registrat is? I bought my domain through GoDaddy.com. Are they my registrar?

    Are they my registrar?
    And to answer the next question : godaddy iweb cname
    And here's the shortcut to the GoDaddy Help page :
    It's also discussed daily in the MobileMe forum : godaddy cname

  • Is there a free loan calculator that I can put on my iweb site

    Does anyone know of a free loan calculator that I can embed in my iweb site? I need a simple interest loan calculator where you can choose different terms, rates & amount financed.

    777 Development group has something similar, contact them:

  • I had a drive failure and lost the iWeb file along with other things.   I did manage to save a lot of user file documents but I don't see or   recognize the my iWeb site file. It was on a 15" G4 Titanium pb. I'm trying to find a way, using version 2.0.4

    I had a drive failure and lost the iWeb file along with other things. 
    I did manage to save a lot of user file documents but I don't see or 
    recognize the iWeb site file. It was on a 15" G4 Titanium pb.
    I'm trying to find a way, using version 2.0.4 of iWeb on a different 
    pb to recover the file into the iWeb app or a way to download the site into iWeb.
    There are 6 pages of images and text, and it 
    would be a task for me to recreate the whole thing again. I did 
    download the site but I don't know how or if I can get iWeb to see it and open it.
    Does anyone have any knowledge about this? The link to my site:
    Any suggestions will be most appreciated.
    dan auerbach
    [email protected]

    Unfortunately iWeb cannot read or import previously published files, only generate them.  You'll have to recreate your site from scratch.
    However, Chapter 2.3 on the iWeb FAQ.org site has tips on using some of the existing files, image, audio, video, etc., from the published site in the recreation of the site.

  • How do I stop my iWeb site folder name from showing in the URL?

    I have looked through the forum but cannot find exactly what I need.
    I am sure there is a way to stop this from happening but I do not want my iWeb site name to show in the URL. Anyone else had this problem that can spread some light on the situation?
    Here is how it is showing:
    I want to to just be www.ilovehopetown.com and then the page name.
    Any help will be appreciated.

    What happens if I leave Site name blank?
    Try it and see.
    If you are using iWeb 09, the right forum to ask things in is here:
    Two options you could try are naming your site the same as the default folder used by your sever (e.g. public_http or whatever) or forwarding www.myname.com to www.myname.com/sitename

  • How to edit the same iWeb site on 2 different Macs?

    How can I edit the same iWeb site on 2 different Macs? I know we create a folder with the files, but when copying that to Mac2, iWeb on Mac2 doesn't see that folder - I can't see what the linkage is between the app's interface and the folder of site files....

    The answer is Domain.sites (extension hidden by default). You'll find this on the Mac you used to create the site at Users/YourUserName/Library/Application Support/iWeb. Copy that file to removable media and drag it to the same location on the other Mac. Launch iWeb and you'll see the site structure in the Site Organizer.
    Once you keep the Domain package in sync between the two machines everything will work smoothly no matter which you use. There's a neat tip here which may help in this respect, but you use whatever strategy you prefer:
    [ Visit here for iWeb Tips, Tricks and Hacks ]

  • How do I upload iWeb-site without using 'Flie Publish' feature?

    Due to corporate firewall restrictions I cannot use iDisk, Sync or iWeb to connect to .mac, which presented a problem when I wanted to Publish my iWeb site.
    I have uploaded the site [via webdav, with Transmit] to the Sites folder of my iDisk, but I can't find my site when I enter my .mac URL into my browser (http://web.mac.com/myusername or http://homepage.mac.com/myusername).
    Theoretically, is this the right way to upload to iDisk without using iWeb? Is there anything else I need to do to link my URL to the files in iDisk/Sites?
    Thanks in advance, Lee.

    Ok, my member name is leepaulvickers.
    I've tried
    but just get the 'we can't find the HomePage you've requested' 404 error.
    BTW I've used Transmit to upload to my iDisk in the past, such as files and photos with no problems. I assumed there would be no trouble with iWeb's files...

  • How can I transfer JUST ONE IWeb site to another computer?

    I am new to making IWeb sites and am now making them for
    other people. I have about 10 sites in my IWeb folder and need to
    be able to give a person's site to them.
    I need to be able to transfer JUST ONE site to another computer.
    Right now, I am only able to transfer ALL the sites I have made to
    another mac and then, it wipes out all their sites! How can I prevent
    the ultimate wipe out of all their iweb sites yet give them JUST ONE
    of mine?
    thank you in advance,
    Beth http://www.yourzensite.com

    First, read Wyodor's post about changing the publishing settings HERE.
    You can create the extra folders in Home Folder/Library/Application Support/iWeb or, as I do, in a folder named iWeb in the Home folder.
    Create a folder for each website, give it a suitable name and paste the Domain.sites2 file with all the websites into each.
    Open each one in turn, double click the Domain.sites2 file to launch it in iWeb, delete all the sites except the one whose name is the same as the folder name, save and quit.
    Now you can launch any site individually in iWeb and sent a copy of the appropriate folder to the client.

  • How do you hyperlink a rollover to another page from within your iweb site?

    Ive made a bunch of rollovers for my iweb navigation bar. If youve created a rollover you know you have to link the images to a image hosting site. here as you would just normally drag and drop a image from your desk top. Because of the way iweb works, if you are using images from a image hosting sit, you can no longer adjust the characteristics of the images i.e. colors, size, and in this case the hyperlink. More specifically you cant change the hyperlink to a page within the iweb site.
    So the problem im trying to figure out is how to link the rollover to a page within my iweb site.
    now you can actually change the hyperlink of the rollover. however you must do this by adjusting the html within the snippet of the rollover. The problem i found is that iweb doesnt creat sub domains for each page. a entire iweb site with multible pages uses only one domain which is the homepage. so i cant just type a subdomain of another page into the snippet hyperlink because the subdomain doesnt exist.
    here is the link to my site. youll notice i did figure out a work around with the "contact us" button but its a huge pain in the butt. i had to create a new domain and a new site then attach the referal index.html to that new domain. todo this for every single button is very difficult.
    so i guess the bigger question is, is there a easier way to do this?
    perhaps if there was a way to create a subdomains like springgardenranch.tk/contactus withing iweb for each page. but i dont even know if thats possible.
    thanks for you help.

    Because of the way iweb works, if you are using images from a image hosting sit, you can no longer adjust the characteristics of the images i.e. colors, size, and in this case the hyperlink.
    Then use  your own images. Then you can create them the way you want.
    Here's how I do it :
    And here's the menu in an iWeb page :
    And here you can learn how to do it. Follow the links to the How-To pages.
    You may have to learn HTML. CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, DOM and how iweb creates its webpages.

  • How do I fix an error "4652747.png" when publishing my iWeb site to iMac?

    Every time I try to publish my iWeb site to .Mac I get an error message that says there's an error in " ...files/ca4652747.png." I know this is an image file, but when i search for it on my hard drive it shows a blank image. I've tried deleting the file from the hard drive but when I re-publish, a second file "c00ff001c.png" on a different web page shows the same error. I can't figure out how to fix these errors. It publishes to a folder, or so it says, but i don't know how to check that. I am supposed to publish the entire site at the end of this week and have all the work done but can't get past this point. Can anyone help me? I'm a new mac user and this is my first shot at web design, so I've probably missed something obvious, but would appreciate any help.

    k, try this:
    backup your domain file! delete the one in the folder BUT HAVE A COPY OF IT SOMEWHERE ELSE. Then open iWeb, create something save it and publish it!
    now go to your backuped file,make one more backup!!!!
    move one of the backuped files into the Users/username/bblablabla folder and open iWeb. try publish all and see if it works!

  • How do I block the download option on photos in my iWeb site?

    I am an artist and have posted lots of photos of my art in my iWeb site.  I am dismayed to see a download link show up when I click on the photos in my live site!  How do I block the download option on my photos?

    see this recent thread:

  • HT201528 I bought a new iMac.  How can I move my iWeb site from my old computer to my new one.  iWeb is installed on my new iMac.

    I bought a new iMac.  How can I move my iWeb site from my old computer to my new one.  iWeb is installed on my new iMac.

    iWeb stores the data in a Domain.sites2 file whose default location is shown here...
    Move this to your new Mac.
    See this page for info about using iWeb with OSX 10.7 & 8...

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