Duration of slide show

Like in iPhoto, can I adjust the duration of a slideshow in Keynote to the duration of the chosen soundtrack???

I have never seen this option in Keynote, but you could export your slides as jpegs and then import into iPhoto to set up the slideshow.

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  • I want manual duration for slide show - Remove music?

    I have a slide show of six drop zones from iPhoto albums. I would like to have manual duration, but that choice is grayed out and not selectable. iDVD added the default music uninvited. I was able to set the volumes to minimum on both the title and slide shows but I think I need to get rid of the music completely to get the manual duration. But I can't seem to make that happen. Please help.

    From the Help Menu in iDVD6:
    Setting slideshows to advance manually
    Slideshows in iDVD advance to the next slide automatically, with each picture remaining on the screen for 3 seconds. If your slideshow doesn't have a soundtrack, you can set it to advance manually. Viewers can then click the Next or Forward button on the DVD remote control to advance to the next slide at their own pace.
    To set a slideshow to advance manually:
    1. Double-click the button for your slideshow in the DVD menu to open the slideshow editor.
    2. Choose Manual from the Slide Duration pop-up menu.
    3. Click Settings and select "Display navigation arrows" if you want to display right and left arrows on the screen as a visual reminder to the viewer to click the Next button on the remote control to advance to the next slide.
    4. When you are finished, click the Return button to exit the slideshow editor.
    By sdmacuser at 2007-08-23
    Works exactly the same way with photos shared from your iPhoto library (with the exception it reads "Library" as opposed to "Slideshow" when added to iDVD's entry Menu page).
    Hope this helps but if not come on back.

  • Durations in Slide Shows

    I cannot see how you adjust the duration of each slide in a slide show. The up and down arrows don't seem to work. Is it dependant on the number of slides and the total length of soundtrack? It's stuck on 4 secs all the time. Also the speed on the dessolve doesn't seem to appreciably change when I increase or decrease it. Any hints?

    Great Tip "OT",
    Pref Setter IS indeed a cool utility, I just wish it worked for this particular problem I'm having with iPhoto 5... (Yes I was able to use Pref Setter to change the iPhoto default duration speed -- with no success in the end product -- I'm beginning to think I must have some sort of incompatibility that's unique only to my computer - since it doesn't seem like anyone else is having this problem)... I may just have to revert back to iPhoto 4.0.3, since I can at least get the slides' duration to set AND EXPORT to 1 second AND even LESS... However, I can't get the cool individual transitions and individual slide duration controls that iPhoto 5 offers... I'm going to keep trying and will definitely post - should I come up with a work-around for this unique problem R.

  • Changing Duration of Slide Show Photos In Aperture 3?

    Just made my first slide show in Aperture 3. The program defaults all slide show photos to a display time of 3 sec. How do I change all the slides from 3 sec to something else?

    I played around with templates hoping that would bring forth some hidden "slide duration" controls...but no luck.
    In iPhoto I can change the slide duration for each slide individually.
    For A3...this capability eludes me.
    Anyone figure this out yet?

  • Slide Show: Slide duration - not fixed? PSE 6

    I wish to create a slide show for a presentation. I do not wish to pre determine the duration for which each slide is shown. Ideally I just want to click the mouse - preferably right click for forward and left click for backward (v. v. OK too), without positioning my mouse on an arrow when I want to change a slide. Just like I would do with an old fashioned slide projector. Is this possible?

    bring the focus by clicking the first image by mouse. Then press right/left arrow on kwyboard achieves this. Let me know if you mean something different.

  • Slide show duration in iPhoto

    Is there a way to show the duration of the slide show in iPhoto?
    I have been editing a fairly big slide show, 155 photos, and I now need to exactly match the audio track. Is there a way to vew the total time of the slide show?

    I too have issues with iphoto and the slideshow. I created a slideshow, selected a 7 and a half minute song and chose (fit to music) and the movie it exported was over 11 minutes long. It also was less than 400 megabytes (so obviously a reference movie as it's rougly 1.8 gigs for a bout 9 minutes or so of DV) and when imported into imovie the transistions were not rendered smoothly ( the turned pages became jaggy and the pictures dimmed right before the turn). I have a brand new emac with everything upgraded (OS,imovie,iphotoand quicktime pro) Something isn't playing fair.

  • In elements 11, I would like to know more about slide shows. Specificly individual slide duration.

    In elements 11, I would like to know more about slide shows. Specificly individual slide duration.

    There are two ways to address Still Image Duration. One is global, and applied before Import. One would determine the approximate Duration desired, go to Edit>Preferences>General>Still Duration. Then, all Stills Imported will have that Duration (as will Titles, and New Items, like Black Video).
    Once that general Duration has been set, one can still, and on an Image by Image basis, click + drag on the Still Image's Head, or Tail, to adjust the Duration. When doing that, I like to have the Info Panel open and visible, to see exactly what Duration I have changed to.
    Good luck,
    PS - I think that you will love Steve's book.

  • Slide Show Parameters - Duration of Still

    Hi Gang
    Just need a jump start to resetting the length of time for Video in the Browser. I'd like this new parameter, (5 Seconds), to be used for all Stills/Photos inserted on the timeline.
    It's for a simple slide show

    I still fairly new to FCE, but if you go to preferences there is a tab for all imported Photo's/Still, and you can specify the default duration of these.

  • Final cut pro crashing with slide show photos

    I am working with a large slide show - a few movie clips, but mostly still images from Aperture.  The photos were shot wtih a Nikon D300 in Raw, not that I think that matters much at all.
    Becasue this is a slide show I am working wth short durations for the images - usually 3:14.  Most of the transitions are simply cross dissolve, but some are more complex.
    I am getting again and again crashes - or the spinning color circle going to oblivion and requiring a Force Quit. 
    Either can happen when adding new material, moving arround existing material, or trying to reset durations, add text, different transitions, or working wth the Ken Burns options.  Sometimes it also happens when resizing the time line zoom level.   This marvelous feature seems the most consistent way of trashing the application so I tend to leave it alone.
    I may be able to work for an hour or only a few minutes.  Sometimes deleting and re-adding an image seems to help, but that may not be true - most of the time it's just simply random.   The system has 14 Gig Ram and I am using iCleanMemory now to see how much is in play.  A crash / freeze may occur with a lot or a little - usually looks like I have about 8.9 Gig in play for normal use of Final Cut and no clear change when it crashes / freezes.
    Clearly the images are compatible - they are from Aperture and there is no consistency in always the same image being the issue.  
    Below is the first part of the error report dump. 
    Hoping someone has an idea for how to overcome this.
    Appreciate the thoughts.
    Cheers -
    Process:         Final Cut Pro [1012]
    Path:            /Applications/Final Cut Pro.app/Contents/MacOS/Final Cut Pro
    Identifier:      com.apple.FinalCut
    Version:         10.0 (179114)
    Build Info:      ProEditor-179110400~1
    App Item ID:     424389933
    App External ID: 3491984
    Code Type:       X86-64 (Native)
    Parent Process:  launchd [202]
    Date/Time:       2011-08-17 17:57:45.775 -0600
    OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.7.1 (11B26)
    Report Version:  9
    Interval Since Last Report:          50891 sec
    Crashes Since Last Report:           1
    Per-App Interval Since Last Report:  2401 sec
    Per-App Crashes Since Last Report:   1
    Anonymous UUID:                      D1C2721F-974C-4845-BFD9-2EA572309772
    Crashed Thread:  17  CVDisplayLink
    Exception Type:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS)
    Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x000000010371ed40
    VM Regions Near 0x10371ed40:
        IOKit                  00000001036ff000-0000000103700000 [    4K] rw-/rw- SM=ALI 
    --> MALLOC_TINY            0000000103700000-0000000103800000 [ 1024K] rw-/rwx SM=COW 
        MALLOC_SMALL           0000000103800000-0000000103885000 [  532K] rw-/rwx SM=ZER 
    Application Specific Information:
    objc[1012]: garbage collection is OFF

    Well, I filmed many of those videos in HDV (the 2x2 wall, the 5x5 wall and some of the 10x10 wall). Plus I converted the whole project to HDV because it is the way I displayed it (thru camera to Plasma TV's) and I wanted the HD space to work with and since part of my videos were HDV I figured that would be best.
    Of course the DV footage is not so good quality, but when made very small for that big screen it looks fine I think. Yeah the AIC codec is great but it takes 4 times as much room, but you think that would work better hey?
    I just don't want Final Cut crashing like that. I don't care if it can't play it back in real time or it takes 10 seconds to display 1 frame.
    I have not used motion....would it work for what I did. Remember I used over 100 discreet video streams I had. I don't want to replicate the same layer...you get the drift.
    Did you see it in youtubes HD? What did you think of the quality?

  • How to arrange photos in Aperture slide shows to the beat of the  music?

    Is there anyone that knows how to arrange photos to the beat of the music in Aperture slide shows? I have tried to do a search for this topic, looked at "help" and still can get things to work properly. The "beat of music" command seems to be grayed out. Is there a bug in the software? Any help would be appreciated.

    I have been following this thread with great interest. I have tried to do this in Aperture as well. Jumping ahead just a bit to what might be David's next issue, once we figure out why the option is not available to him.
    For me once the music has been added the " Align slide to the beat" is available. However it doesn't seem to do anything.
    I have accomplished this in iMovie and Final Cut Express. In both of these programs you have to actually mark the beats for things to work. You mark the beats and the software sets the play duration to match. This is pretty easy in iMovie. I am hoping for a similar or better interface in Aperture 3. How is this accomplished in Aperture?

  • How do I change the duration of slides?

    I'm using PE11 and am making a picture slide show video.
    I'm attempting to edit the duration of my slides, but when I slide them manually on the screen (via split track) they all end up different lengths - some a perfect 5 seconds, others 1 second.  Is there a way to manually change these with typing in a number so that they're all consistent, rather than using the SLIDER ?

    Welcome to the forum.
    The best way to set a constant Duration for Imported Still Images, is to do so, BEFORE you do the Import. Go to Edit>Preferences>General>Still Duration, and set it there. It might be easiest to just Delete the Imported Stills, and re-Import w/ desired Duration set.
    Otherwise, in Timeline View Mode/Expert Mode, you can first open the Info Panel, and then click+drag on the Head, or Tail of each Still, watching the Duration on the Info Panel, while dragging.
    Good luck,

  • New to iMovie - Slide Show project

    I've been lurking in the iMovie discussions for a couple of months now, and I'm trying to absorb the knowledge of the community. I'm also working my way through "The Missing Manual" which is invaluable. I have two projects in mind, so I'm starting two threads to ask for advice.
    First is my "Slide Show" project. I have around two thousand jpeg pictures from my daughter's wedding, and I'd like to put together a DVD of the wedding. This sounds fairly straightforward to me, but I'd like your advice on my plan.
    The project starts with an outline on paper of the structure of the project - starting with David Pogue's "22 Shots for Your Wedding Video" from the Missing Manual.
    Question 1: I'm thinking of a 20 to 30 minute show, with each slide on screen for 3 to 4 seconds, and a simple cross dissolve between most pictures - maybe a Ken Burns Effect thrown in as a transition between sections, say between the church and the reception. Is this a reasonable length and plan?
    Question 2: I'm thinking of using a series of approximately one-minute music clips for the sound. Many years ago, in a different forum, I read a comment that the sound track was more difficult than the video, so I was thinking of putting the music together first, and laying the pictures over it. I'm planning to use Amadeus II to build the audio track, with fades from song to song. Then maybe just import the 20 or 30-minute sound track into iMovie and fit the video by adjusting each picture's duration. Is this a reasonable plan? Would I be better off to feed iMovie smaller chunks at a time?
    Question 3: With no disrespect to iPhoto, I've grown up using Graphic Converter and so I plan to use it to shuffle through the 2000 pictures, sort and select those I want to use, and then crop them to 720 x 528 (or 1.364:1) for use without the Ken Burns effect. I realize that part of the elegance of iMovie is it's integration with the i-Suite, but is there any other downside to this plan?
    Question 4: I also understand that I do not want to let iMovie render my stills, but to let iDVD do it. To do this, I would just quit my project without letting iMovie render it, and then open it in iDVD, correct?
    Sorry for the length of this post - I've been thinking a lot about this project, but it's time to start doing rather than just thinking!
    iMac G5 Mac OS X (10.4.6) iBook G3 (10.3.5); Beige G3 266 DT (9.2.2)

    Hi Joe
    Q1: About 300 to 600 slides sounds OK when there is a line in the story and
    some nice music also will make it easier to appreciate.
    Q2: I would import the 300 to 600 photos I need and work with them. Putting in
    the Music first is the way I think animatours usually do it. I would at least.
    Q3: I would Create a new folder "Photos" and with GraphicConverter™ convert
    them to high quality jpegs and into the new folder. I wouldn't do anything about
    size but let iMovie do it's job. If some photos showes up flickerings premiary
    in thin lines. (You need to connect Your miniDV camera to Your Mac and to
    a TV-set to be able to judg final quality). Then I would manually open each of
    them in PhotShop and add a little "Gaussian blurr" to them.
    Of course crop to right size first.
    I-sight - I have no experience of it - sorry.
    Q4: I do it another way.
    a) Close iMovie
    b) find the project icon/folder
    c) Ctrl-click on it and Show package.
    d) in this there are a folder -> Shared Movies -> iDVD
    e) in this there is a QT movie nnnnnnn.mov
    - You can test this with QT-player to see that it is OK -
    START A NEW iDVD project - so that old material will not interfere.
    f) drop this into an open theme in iDVD (just inside the edge of the
        window) and save it as a desktop image
    (if iDVD prior HD/5 You have to add a hack to make this possibly
    named HPfurz and install it)
    Test this with Apple DVD-player - OK then burn it with iDVD
    or Toast if You have and don’t want to re-code the movie.
    (in iDVD 5 You can drop Your iMovie project icon directly into a theme window)
    Yours Bengt W

  • Timing of text box will not appear.  My text boxes stop working on slide 5 and they will not work for the remainder of the slide show.

    Timing of text box not working.  I get the first few slides to work and then on slide 5 my text boxes will not appear.  And they do not appear for the rest of the slide show.   Help anyone.

    Text caption is timed to appear at 2 seconds, but you have a click box at 0sec. Its duration is very short, which means that I cannot see if there is a pause. I suspect this click box is pausing at the end of its timeline, which is at 0.3secs and the Text caption at 2 seconds will not appear before the user has clicked on that click box. The timeline is the core of Captivate, learn at least how to read it.
    Tiny Timeline Tidbits - Captivate blog
    If you want the green text caption 'Click on...' to appear right at the beginning of the slide, you have to check its Timing accordion: set it to start at 0 secs instead of 2 secs and extend its duration to the 'rest of the slide'.
    I don't know what is in the Group. That group and the HIghlight box will disappear at 3 seconds. Or maybe the action that is triggered by the Clickbox is different from 'Continue'?

  • Can I make different slide shows play without having to go to menu each time

    I put multiple slide shows in the same file and are trying to figure out how to make them play on a continuous loop vs. having to click on each one at the main menu screen

    I put multiple slide shows in the same file
    By file I assume you mean iDVD project, correct?
    Are these slideshows QT movies created from iPhoto or iMovie?  If so put them all in an iDVD slideshow as shown below:
    You can call that particular slideshow "Play All" or something similar.  Set the Slide duration to anything except manual.  Do not use any type of transition.
    Then, while in the Map mode, select the slideshow and use the Advanced ➙ Loop Slideshow menu option.

  • In IMovie 11 9.04 my background music loses time when I transfer it to the slide show.  How do I correct that?

    I have a slide show project which runs about 7:10 minutes.  I want to use background music that consists of 2 songs.  The first song is 3:11 minutes and the second song is 4:51 minutes.  Even when I add transitions and more images, the second song loses duration the moment I transfer it to the slide show.  HOw do I adjust that?
    Thank you.

    thirais wrote:
    …  Files were created by soncy camcorder.
    no Sony camcorder records in mp2.
    years ago, there were DVDcorders ... encoding in mp2,, but wrapped into .vob - this can not be fixed with Perian
    ... sorry for being so ... stubborn, but my assumption is, your wrong diagnosis 'mp2' leads to an unnecessary, obsolete and painstaking long workflow. again, no camcorder on the market records in mp2 (as long as I stand corrected! )
    so, what Sony model, please?
    I guess, there's a much more conveniant way importing your videos  ...

Maybe you are looking for

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